August 20, 1999

Computer System Vision

I saw a person working on creating a worldwide computer system. She was infusing her love into her vision of the system. She felt tremendous appreciation for all the components, hardware and software, as they came into being. She delighted in imagining the ease and order her system would bring into the work lives of all of those who touched it.

Then I saw the result. I saw a man in a completely different part of the world sit down at his computer, logging into her system. I saw him change as he connected. Suddenly, all the tension ran out of his shoulders, down his back, and grounded into the earth through his chair. I could see him sit up straighter and see more clearly. I saw him feel more confidence as his heart opened in love. I saw him relax and breathe more deeply.

Next, I saw him go home from work. He greeted his mate and his family with greater love. They looked surprised, delighted, and wondering to find him so relaxed and loving towards them. I saw their smiles and heard their laughter around the dinner table, as each felt the love and sense of belonging he brought in with him when he came home.

Then each of those family members went out into the world, touching their friends, school mates, and co-workers with their new sense of relief, ease, and love. Wave after wave of love spread across the world, all because one connected woman was channeling her love into a computer system she was designing.

This vision gave me a tremendous understanding of the impact each of us has on the world. One connected being changes everything. As she allowed her love to express, every person who touched the system she created was touched by her love. As they allowed the loving energy to flow into them, they relaxed and became more connected themselves. All of a sudden, they had access to the knowing she had. Life is supposed to be more relaxed and easy. As they allowed themselves to relax, their impact on their own surroundings became more connected and powerful. They, in turn, touched the lives of many others, who touched the lives of many more.

All we have to do is bring love to where we are. The nature of love, and the Law of Attraction, takes care of all the rest. Each one of us has a unique gift to offer right where we are. We give our gift by bringing our love into whatever we do. Many other people will be touched if we begin by touching just one other.

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