August 1 1997

The Crystal Matrix

I saw an extraordinary vision of a crystal matrix surrounding the earth. The fabric of the network was growing from the light generated by the spiritual work of millions of people, focused on joy. First one light would turn on, and then it would spread rapidly across the globe in every direction. Finally, the entire earth was surrounded by a perfect, glistening matrix of light. I somehow knew this was actually, currently, happening.

I was inspired to a whole series of "what ifs" regarding this vision, based on many of the ideas I was studying around the time of the vision.

What if there is going to be a polar magnetic shift in the next ten to fifteen years which will reverse the earth's magnetics? What if it is possible there is a connection between the earth's low magnetics occurring simultaneously with a comparatively high earth frequency? What if human compassion could somehow be important in the balancing of the earth's energy, as Gregg Braden teaches in his Zero Point book? What if there really is significance to the idea that human DNA is tuned to the earth and entrains light?

What if it is possible, as Flo Aeveia Magdalena says in I Remember Union, to "create and hold a field," allowing a stasis point to be established briefly? What if such a field would allow the earth to be held in balance during a global earth change crisis? What if such a field could be, not just the work of two women, but of hundreds of thousands or even millions of minds, coming together telepathically to ground the earth for the critical hours during the shift?

What if it is possible to imagine a worldwide net that is based on the human spirit and the One Mind? What if there could be a day when the sun rose in the east, then set in the west, then rose again in the west and set in the east? Is it possible we could not only survive such a day, but also see how to deliberately create a scenario in which most would survive it and be transformed? What if we could imagine a humanly created web of love cradling the earth? The web would create a proper pulse for the earth during the time of transition so it takes place in peace, without the 300 m.p.h. winds and other catastrophic earth changes which have been predicted. What if it is even possible to transcend our limited perception of mind as only including the human mind, in order to cooperate with the dolphins, the whales, the trees, and the rocks? I had a vision of a child going to a beach to call in the dolphins and confer with them, shortly before I saw this one.

What if we could love and appreciate those who would think that all this was utter insanity? What if love and appreciation for earth's population could include the incredible diversity and talent inherent in the beings who have currently come forth from the nonphysical to speak to us through channels and visions? What if we can create enough genuine love to hold a space for the entire earth to turn back on itself in perfect balance and harmony? What if this is not about "saving the world" but about creating and evolving a whole new kind of life force on a whole new kind of planet?

What if we can do miracles with energy if we don't need the credit for them? What if all that is necessary to hold the world together is a few focused visionaries who do not let conditions get in the way of seeing their dreams come true in their imaginations?

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