May 1996

The Eagle and the Hawk

I was a young priest initiate in an Egyptian mystery school. We were undergoing many trials as part of our training, some of them very dangerous, and all of them difficult. After this one experience, I awoke lying on a slab of stone. A familiar presence, a woman in my present lifetime, appeared as a male healer in the vision. He was standing over me wearing the mask of a hawk, tending my injuries. I had a broken collarbone. A much taller man approached, wearing an enormous eagle mask. This was a very important person, seemingly much too important to notice me as an individual. He spoke only to the healer as he looked at me impersonally. "This is one who will survive," he said. I was tremendously relieved to hear it, as I wanted to live. Still, I knew from his tone that some of my fellow students had not survived. I grieved for them.

This vision was important to me at the time because I was working to clarify my beliefs regarding martyrdom. In many traditions, mystics are often expected to be martyrs as well. As simple as this message was, it reassured me martyrdom is not my path. It is possible for me to come forward as a mystic in safety - I will survive! I am very grateful.

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