November 12, 1998


My visions of Evensong came one after another. I saw it as a place people go. Everyone who goes there has a different experience, but for each, it brings a feeling of coming home. Evensong includes peace, joy, and laughter.

I saw the possibility of an Evensong service in Religious Science churches. Its purpose is to give participants the opportunity to Practice the Presence of God together every week in powerful ways. I saw a service including prayer, meditation, music, and chanting. I felt hearts opening to the beauty of candlelight, incense, and flowers. I loved seeing the mystical connection of each person to God encouraged through Religious Science. I sensed creating a ritual would support people in going within themselves to find Spirit.

As I basked in the energy of this vision, I asked what I needed to do to make it happen. I heard instructions to breathe more deeply and drink more water. The message was that a vision this big needed life continually breathed into it, and lots of water to keep it flowing.

Almost daily since then, my vision of Evensong has expanded. I have seen a monastery devoted to love and prayer. I have seen Evensong as a series of books, workshops, and mediations, a shop, a home, a farm, even a cruise ship. Parts of the vision are realized already. I offered a series of Evensong workshops in December of 1998. The church I attend, the Celebration Center of Religious Science, under Rev. Hilary Taylor, began a weekly Sunday night Evensong service in June of 1999. David and I began a weekly guided meditation on the Internet called Evensong Online in September of 1999.

By April of 1999, I realized the word Evensong to me is the most clear and beautiful vibration I know. Evensong to me is another beautiful word for God. To have an Evensong experience is to feel myself living in the heart of God, surrounded in love. I believe it may be possible for people to experience the feeling of coming home through the energy of Evensong. I suspect some carry it with them everywhere they go from there. Bringing Evensong to the world in many ways is my life's work.

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