September 28, 2000

Evensong Portal

David and I had been watching the Sydney Olympics every day for a week before I saw this vision. We had marveled at the capacity of several weightlifters to break world records by lifting over 1030 pounds in two lifts.

I saw myself lifting a bar with a tree hung on each end. It was incredibly heavy, and I carried it for a distance. Although I was struggling, somehow I felt it was necessary for me to carry it.

Finally I could carry it no longer, and I dropped it. The trees landed back on the earth and instantly rooted. The bar above me and the trees became a door frame, and a door filled with light opened before me. As I walked through, I realized it was the door to Evensong, the home of my dreams.

The message I received from this vision is that I have still been carrying the heavy weight of thinking I must create Evensong through my own action. I keep thinking I have dropped it, but the Universe is letting me know I am still struggling.

The Truth is that Evensong already exists. I must simply drop the heavy load of limiting beliefs I have been carrying. As I do, the door to Evensong opens. It is filled with ease, grace and light. Love is here, prosperity is here, joy is here.

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