January 5, 1998

The Falling Car


As this vision began, I saw myself in the back seat of a car which was careening out of control down a steep mountain road. The driver of the car was a man I barely knew, accompanied by another man I didn't know. I was gripping the seat tightly, frightened to think the car was about to crash or run off the road. As we came around a sharp corner, we slid off the road to the left. Then we plunged over the edge. The car began to fall in slow motion. I was sitting in the back seat, calmly watching the mountain go by as we headed toward the ground. Finally, I spoke up and said, "This can't be right. I intended joyous survival." The car slowed down, halted about a foot off the ground, and came to a normal, horizontal position. I unbuckled my seat belt, opened the door, and stepped down. I turned to open the door for the men in front of me. When I looked in the window, they both appeared to be unconscious. The door was locked. I backed away then. As I did, the car crashed with an explosion and burst into flames. I was knocked clear by the blast, and found myself sitting on the ground, unhurt but confused. A person rushed toward me to assist me.

I learned a lot from this vision. I was not choosing my friends and activities wisely. I was allowing the desires of others to control the direction my life. I was still not making clear decisions regarding my intentions. While I was able to pull things out at the last minute, through some miracle, I was really making it extra hard on myself. I resolved to be clearer on where I intended to go, as I established my life style and pursued my life work.

The other lesson here, I think, is that if other people are on a self-destructive track, nothing I do will make a big difference. Much like the message of The Path, in Chapter One, this vision reminded me to be conscious of where my assistance was well placed, and where I was simply getting caught up in the problems of others. Spirit has endless ways to show me the same messages over again until I pay attention.

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