January 7, 2000

Fully Equipped

I saw the back parking lot of a strip mall. On this particular morning, I could see a few cars in the parking lot, but no people were around. Tall trees wrapped around the back corner of the lot, making an L-shaped forested area around the back.

I saw a fuzzy yellow baby bird in the grass close to the corner on the left. This was not your ordinary baby bird. It was a foot high, and had a kind of fierceness to its look of concentration.

To the left of the baby bird, I saw a mature bird, huge and very powerful. It was at least three feet tall, also bright yellow, as bright as a canary, with white and black bars on its wings. I was aware it was a hawk, although it sure didn't look like any hawk I'd ever seen before. I assumed it was the baby's mother. It was calling encouragement to the baby bird, but was not close enough to touch it.

Then the baby bird began to unfurl its wings. I was startled, because in spite of its immature appearance, it had real, large, fully feathered wings. The bird got up its courage and lifted off the ground and flew to the lowest branch, maybe ten feet high in the nearest tree. It teetered and squawked a bit, and then began stretching its wings again. The wings were so beautiful, such a bright yellow, highlighted by the sun from where I was watching.

Then I realized another fully grown hawk, up higher in the trees on the right, was also calling to the baby to fly. The baby grew in stature and confidence as I watched. It easily flew again, much higher and farther this time, up into the tree with the third hawk. The mother bird then flew up to join the two of them in the tree. It was clear the three would soon fly free of the parking lot.

In my interpretation of the vision, I am the baby bird. I believe myself to be immature, but in truth, I am fully equipped to soar. I have had awesome teachers, like Abraham-Hicks who is there on the ground with me, encouraging me to the sky. The one in the tree already, I see as Ernest Holmes who continues to show me the way to break my flight into smaller, more manageable steps.

I am free to fly! This is already heaven on earth. There is nothing I have to do to make it be perfect, it is already perfect. I just have to trust and fly free, by relaxing into well-being, remembering all is well. For I am the beloved, loved always by God. I believe the same is true for all of us.

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