June 18,1997

Gimpy Goose

I had a wonderful experience with a gimpy goose in my favorite local park. He was a gosling, young, unable to fly, and limping badly. All of the flock had crossed the big mowed field across from the pond. They were feeding happily in the deep edge vegetation by the shady woods. This last gosling was having trouble walking across the stubbly mowed field. It was taking him much longer than the others to get to the good food. He was alone.

I felt myself loving the lone goose, even though the healthy geese had, by hissing and flapping, blocked my entry from the trail I first wanted to travel. As I walked another trail, I kept wondering why it was so much easier to love the gimpy goose. I finally realized the endearing sensation I felt was my Higher Self's presence. I started focusing more intensely on the gimpy goose. At first, it felt bad, as I was thinking he was hurting and lonely. I suddenly realized it was just my thoughts about the goose making me feel bad. I started doing positive "what ifs" about the gimpy goose to manage my feelings. What if he managed to live until his wings grew in strong and then discovered, instead of hobbling, he could soar? What if all the extra work of compensating for the gimpy leg made him strong and he found he was the strongest flyer of the geese? What if this strength meant he could frequently take his turn leading the flock in the air, thereby making it easier for the weaker geese to rest in his current? What if the limp was just an injury rather than a permanent problem, and he quickly healed, becoming a strong and healthy goose? What if the determination required to keep going under trying circumstances made him a wise goose in consciousness, and he turned into the goose flock shaman? What if he is the first goose to re-emerge into the nonphysical from this flock, and all the other young geese, being tuned into pure positive energy, can feel the exhilaration and joy and wisdom conveyed from this goose's transition? What if this goose is a cranky, gimpy goose in this lifetime, lonely and upset, but re-emerges early to quickly return in a strong healthy goose body again? What if other geese, observing this cranky goose, make a more conscious decision from the contrast to be happy ducky geese?

Suddenly, I was soaring with joy. My Higher Self was showing me how to use the Law of Attraction and the subsequent painful feelings of looking at the gimpy goose to tune my consciousness to the extraordinary value of every single life. Once I was reconnected to Source, I could see how the life experience of this goose could be just fine for him, whether it was a triumph or a disappointing experience, in my opinion. My opinions may actually only rarely reflect the true experience of another being. Once again, I realized the value of nonjudgment concerning the lives of others.

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