January 1, 1999


While sitting with my friend Rev. Maria Shamaya Clemente, who was helping me edit some of this material, I saw a vision of galloping horses. They were wild, free, and beautiful. A great herd of horses - white, brown, black, gray, palomino, and paint - were thundering across a beautiful rolling meadow toward the horizon. They were pointed, focused, and clear on their destination. The horses were amazingly fit, strong, and muscular, delighting in the streaming energy of the herd as they ran. At the edge of the herd was one young colt, running and keeping up easily. This particular colt was so fresh and free and wanting to be independent. She kept bucking and kicking friskily. She was endearingly awkward in her youthful energy.

I felt I was the young colt. In my inexperience in writing, I moved into the preparation of this book advised by Rev. Maria, who appeared in the vision as one of the mature horses. The herd knew the destination, and my job was to keep up and flow with the momentum of the energy in motion. I had to accept and allow my own sense of insecurity about the project as youthful bucking and kicking in the flow, with an inevitable, beautiful conclusion awaiting.

My feeling about the vision is the destination and most of the energy for this project comes from the spiritual plane. I have worked on this material with many, many spirit guides and energies lined up to assist me in its unfolding.

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