November 16, 1998

The Imaginers

I learned this powerful lesson from my teacher, Abraham-Hicks. As we are able to sustain only 68 seconds of pure thought, we launch a creation in mind. The thought then has the power within it to manifest in the physical world. After the launch, the creative thought is now out in the Universal Mind where it is independently pulsing and thinking. The new thought has life and the Law of Attraction applies to it on its own. Although I might never again be in vibrational harmony with what I wanted, other people could be, and they would be able to benefit from the energy pulsing in my creation.

At first, this idea sounded to me like a threat. I had better straighten up my vibration or I wouldn't get what I want. But Abraham doesn't threaten. What if, instead, it is a promise?

What if we could imagine a world where wonderful things are happening, are built, are discovered, and are established? What if we could release them with joy, knowing these creations are pulsing out there, and we personally need never do anything about them again unless we are inspired and want to think about them?

What if we could imagine a world where people are kind, where people feel safe to look into the eyes of strangers and bless them as they pass each other on the street? What if we could imagine a world where the vibration of love in human minds grows until it creates a telepathic signal as strong as CNN's television signal? What if we were to take the time and opportunity to telepathically transmit love and light to everything on our minds today? We could send love to the morning rush hour about to begin this morning, to the expansion of the rain forests, to the beauty of our national parks. We could bless the wonder of the transportation system of the world, the development, marketing, and broad availability of cures for diseases, the value and infrastructure of the Internet, the caring, feeding, nurturing, and mind-expanding education of the children of the world. We could remember to see love wrapping around every person who today is wanting more love, from homeless people to young men in prison, to the mothers and fathers of sick children.

What if we could imagine a world where the leaders showed clarity, statesmanship, and joy, where people caught their enthusiasm and optimism and looked up to them? What if the light in one life was transmitted telepathically and lit up thousands of other lives, just because it can? Envision for a moment a world where one person who began to imagine could be the catalyst for millions of improvements in the quality of life for all people. Where just a few people aligning energy could see so clearly what could be, then others fall more easily into the aligned energy of their own dreams, creating a whole new reality. What if the newly aligned others begin to make these things happen in the physical world, while the imaginers go on to dream yet another dream of beauty, grace, and peace?

What if there was a world where money flows easily along this river of love the imaginers are creating? What if everywhere the imaginers looked and blessed with their love, then money, peace, health, joy, and light flowed naturally? What if anyone who relaxes for even a moment begins to tap into this newly imagined river of human thought, so it grows every day and begins to gather momentum? What if this river of thought begins to create pockets in the world where it's the dominant stream of thought? What if these islands of thought are paradises according to the Law of Attraction? What if people who are in close vibrational harmony to these thoughts, no matter where they are, find these islands - physically, virtually, or telepathically? What if any person who relaxes even for a moment, finds herself healthier, happier, wealthier, more joyous, and in better relationships, because the vibration of well-being becomes ever more dominant as more human thought is in alignment with it?

What if the loving touch of a connected person, whether it be through a handshake, a hug, a friendly smile, or a silent blessing in the street, is all it takes to jump start someone's vibration to a whole new frequency if they are wanting? What if, in imagining beauty, grace, peace, joy, and laughter in the world, the imaginers relaxed into their own natural state of well-being, and the endless nonphysical stream of love began showering them with everything they ever wanted? What if they were totally nonresistant when it comes to imagining comfort, beauty, ease, and joy in the world generally, and in the process, the Universe could slide in all those good things now that the receptive nature of the person was open much more of the time?

What if in our blessing of each other through our communities, our churches, our circles of light, and our prayers, we are already well on the way to expanding this river of love to the flood level? What if there are no levies or sandbags which can stem this flow?

What if *we* are the imaginers?

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