July 29, 1998

The Joy of the Journey

 I had a very powerful, very simple vision in meditation. I imagined a garden I often use in the guided visualizations I lead for others. I saw myself standing at the garden gate. Then I thought of the pool in the middle of the garden, and there I was, at the pool. Then I thought of the other side of the pool, and there I was, at the other side. Then I thought of the gate and I found myself back there again.

I had demonstrated instant manifestation and translocation. Hurrah! No, wait a minute, not hurrah... I missed the brilliant flowers lining the path. I missed the experience of luxuriating in the water. I missed the loving people who sometimes travel the path with me.

As I contemplated this vision, I realized instant manifestation may not be why we came here to this lovely planet. There is joy in the journey. Beauty awaits us at every turn of the path. Time and space give us the opportunity to sense, to touch, to love, to appreciate, to feel grateful, to laugh, and to play.

I came out of the meditation with a powerful sense of the rightness of creation. I saw how All That Is has created an amazingly wonderful game for us to play while we are here. This vision gave me a powerful touchstone for appreciating the unfoldment of my creations, rather than wanting to skip directly to the results. I learned how to enjoy the trip and how to be easy about all of this experience.

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