April 20, 1998

Lining Up Energy

One day while conducting a spiritual practitioner session with a beautiful friend of mine, I had a vision about her. She has given me permission to share what I saw in the vision.

I could see her, three weeks in the future, walking into a situation we had been discussing throughout her session. She appeared to me as the light being she is, as we all are. We had been working on lining up the energy for this situation for almost an hour before I saw the vision. What I saw was so beautiful, I sat and cried with joy for ten minutes.

As she walked into this place, she brought the light of her being there powerfully. Her energy was so connected and aligned, she effectively aligned the energy of everyone else there as well. When she walked in, the energy was frenetic and chaotic. By the time she was ten feet into the room, the lines of energy moving out from her in all directions were perfectly straight and aligned. The chaotic energy shifted away. People who thought they had business there suddenly discovered they were needed elsewhere instead, as their energy was not aligned with her connected energy


Some of the people who had been displaying frenetic energy were soothed. They were able to align with my client's more connected energy. I even noticed some people who weren't a part of the scene when she arrived were suddenly drawn to this place by the lovely energy she brought.

The vision impacted my life. I saw the power of one connected being moving into a situation which otherwise would have been chaotic. Just one connected being, who had taken the time to align her energy, changed everything. I also appreciated more the value of my sessions with people to further align their energy. I now have a visual image of the impact of my work.

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