October 1996

The Monolith

The instruction I received setting up the meditation was: "You've had a statue of yourself created by a famous sculptor. You are now going to see how you have been depicted by this sculptor." I went into the cavernous room alone and approached this huge thing, covered by a cloth, in the center of the room. As I approached it, the feeling of chaotic energy was overwhelming. I pulled the cover off, and faced an enormous granite monolith. It had many polished facets jutting in different directions. On each smooth facet was a series of hieroglyphs, going from left to right in rows. I was horrified, both at the obviously inhuman appearance of the statue, and also by the unpleasantly strong energy emanating from it. It was all I could do not to run. I felt safe in trusting the meditation process, however, so I continued.

The next instruction was to "become" the statue. I turned into the thing itself. As I did, I could feel the energy shift. Suddenly, I fell into total, infinite peace. The absolute chaos was replaced by the deepest feeling of calm I have ever experienced. Resting in the center, I felt fully surrounded by love and silence. In fact, I felt like I was love, peace and calm. It was like being in the eye of the hurricane. I experienced a serene, completely tranquil moment in eternity. I began to understand the statue. I was experiencing the "I Am" at the center of my being. Each line on every facet was an experience of life all occurring simultaneously. No wonder the feeling of all of them occurring together was totally overwhelming.

My life as Connee Chandler is just one of those lines of symbols, on one of the many facets of my being. My true life is the eternal center of calm. My true being is the endless love, infinite peace, and glorious understanding existing always and beyond always at the center of it all. I am Spirit incarnate in this life, and I am All Spirit at my core, incarnate in every life. Each life is my life and each being is my being. The ultimate "I am that I am" is as much the life of every other being as it is Connee.

Monolith means consisting of a single stone. The statue was a single stone. Yet, upon the stone were many facets, with many lines on each individual facet. The many were completely contained in the One and yet each individual. All energy was present and yet simultaneously all peace. Paradoxes resolved in the wholeness of this image for me.

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