September 5, 1996,

also October 3, 1996 and June 11, 1998

Mystical Relationships

When I began my relationship with David, I was working purely in consciousness. I was praying and dreaming of my perfect mate, but I was not seeking him on the physical level. I was doing prayer treatments, writing scripts, and following my bliss in other areas of my life. I manifested a loving relationship with him without ever leaving the den of my home. Here's the story from the point of view of my consciousness.

My first relationship vision occurred in 1996 while I was at an annual retreat in Big Sky, Montana. I saw myself as an initiate in the priesthood in ancient Egypt. Since I had seen a vision of this same life several months before, I was at ease seeing this vision. The prior vision is called The Eagle and the Hawk. It appears in the previous chapter.

In this new vision, we were asked to do an initiation exercise with a partner. We were given a map of a maze to memorize. It was an easy task, which surprised us, because few of the tasks they gave us were ever easy. We memorized the map, knowing clearly where the dangerous places to avoid were, and discovered which way to go at each turn. We were confident that, wherever they placed us within the maze, we would recognize our position and know how to get out.

What happened next did surprise us. When we were taken to the maze, we were blindfolded. But when the blindfolds were removed, we discovered the maze was deep underground in a pyramid. Darkness surrounded us. We were unable to get any visual clues at all as to where we were located in the maze. We knew, from looking at the map, that blundering around into the dangerous traps could be fatal. It was very frightening. It was clearly impossible to find our way out of the maze, since we were unable to recognize where we had entered.

At first we panicked. We settled down quickly, though, realizing we could hurt ourselves by taking action from the place of fear. We talked quietly and decided the only solution we could think of was to sit down right where we were on the cold, stone floor in the hallway. We began to pray and meditate for a solution from a higher perspective about our dilemma, since the physical perspective was so forbidding.

Then the miracle occurred. As we prayed, we started to see the light emanating from our partner. The light grew and grew. We were able to see more and more clearly. Soon, we could easily tell where we were in the maze. Having discovered the light within me and within my partner, the way was clear and the path was easy. We danced joyously out of the maze into the delighted arms of our teachers. They confirmed we had discovered the secret of mystical relationships.

As we were gracefully exiting the pyramid, I knew the way very clearly. I was amazed. I heard a booming, "James Earl Jones" style voice say, "Partnership is inevitable!"

A powerful feeling came over me, "It is done." My partner is here already. I don't know who he is or where he is, but it is done. I can relax and know that all is well, for my prayers have been answered.

I was aware I had been shown the key to a successful, mystical relationship. In times of fear and darkness, stop right where I am. Don't take action from a place of fear and lack. Sink down into a place of stillness, and pray and meditate for a higher solution. I must take the time to remember the truth, both of myself and my beloved. If I intend to see the ever-present light, I will know the way is clear and the path is always easy. We memorized the map long ago. We know the way home. We have only to relax and to begin right where we are.

Ernest Holmes said, "More light will be given, as we use that which we have." In our relationships, using the light we have been given means seeing the light in each other and in ourselves. As we choose to see the light, more light is given. Our capacity to live in the light together grows.

Well, the rest is history. When I came home from the Retreat a few days later, I received a message from my friend David on the Internet. He said he missed me while I was away, and he wanted to know if he could please call and talk to me instead of always writing emails. We connected over the phone, and quickly began to make plans to meet a month later at a workshop in New York.

My mystical vision intervened once again in our human plans. A week and a half before our scheduled meeting, I awoke at three o'clock in the morning, having seen another powerful vision. In this image, I was standing in a hallway with my Higher Self. At the far end of the hall was a glorious, beautiful quilt, framed, hung, and lit so it stood out brilliantly in all its complexity and loveliness. It took my breath away. After drinking in the majesty of it for several long moments, I said, "It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. What is it?"

She said the quilt is the image of my relationship with David, which she sees from her perspective. It is perfect, perfectly beautiful, and ever changing. Every little piece fits into the design as a perfect match. But, she added a word of instruction, "Sometimes, you have to step back to a higher perspective in order to see the order in the chaos. When you have your nose right up against it, the beauty and perfection cannot always be seen."

It was funny what happened next. After having the vision, I got out of bed to write an email to David about what I had seen. I had my Internet dialer set to automatically check my messages every three hours. As I was sitting there writing to him about my vision, my dialer went to work, collecting my messages. There was a message from U.S. Airways giving me discount flight information. The first city on the list was Albany, the closest airport to David, and the price was only $79 round-trip.

I laughed and said, "Well, how much clearer could it be? I'm supposed to go!" Right there, in the middle of the night, I booked a ticket to Albany for the next day. Then, I wrote to David about coming to see him a week early. David scrambled to rearrange his whole schedule in 24 hours, including closing his business early on a Saturday, something he had never done before. We had an amazing reunion of souls at the Albany airport the next day.

The third vision instructing me about mystical relationships happened almost a year into our marriage. This one had no pictures or images. In fact, it was just five words, a quiet statement in the middle of a meditation. The sentence I heard was, "Thank you for the quilt."

Suddenly, I was flooded with a delicious feeling of gratitude from the Universe for our getting out here in this world of contrast and mixing it up together. In doing so, we are creating the cosmic art, the perfect patterns, the glorious sparkles of infinite life expressing itself which I saw within the quilt.

It was a simple enough statement, "Thank you for the quilt." It would mean little to anyone but me, but I had seen the quilt. I knew its awesome beauty and the joy of its perfection. I suddenly understood the appreciation to be very much on both sides. We appreciate life and the joy of living, and the Universe appreciates us for living at all. A teacher once told me much the same thing when I asked about another vision I had seen, where I was flooded with an incredible sense of love. He said, "As joyous as you were to receive the gift of grace, the Angelic realm was even more joyous for you to receive it from them."

The Universe was telling me It is as grateful to David and to me for living in this beautiful relationship as we are grateful to have it. The universe is as thankful to us for living, as we are to live. I know this is true, not only for David and me, but for all of us who choose to live together in love.

These three visions, taken together, form the basis for what I now practice in my relationships. I assume all my relationships are intrinsically perfect for me, not just my relationship with David. If, in any moment, I perceive a flaw or fault in a loved one, I know the problem lies in my perception, not within an error of my loved one. My job, then, is to stop and relax, right where I am. I remember to pray and meditate, until I see the light growing in them strongly. My recognition of the truth of their Being, reminds me of the truth of my own. We are light beings, playing together, creating an eternal quilt of infinite beauty and joy. I reach the place in consciousness through my prayers, so I trust Spirit to be in action in my relationships always. The next time I see the person in question, I know exactly what to say to clear things up. Sometimes my perception has cleared so completely I know there has never been a problem except in my own mind. My appreciation and joy at the recognition of the light in my friend guides the way to a higher understanding.

From the Thank You for the Quilt vision, I have a sense of how deeply we are loved. I know that all my interactions with everyone in my life are divinely inspired. I know that Spirit rejoices in my loving, whoever I am focused on loving right now. It doesn't really matter if it is David, one of my beautiful cats, my Mom, a friend, or a stranger in the street. Love is what matters. The gratitude of the Universe is ours as a result.

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