June 25, 1995

The Need for Battle is an Illusion

At about 3:00 o’clock one morning, while I was visiting a friend in Denver, I woke up feeling like someone was holding me by the shoulders and shaking my body roughly. I was surprised I was not at all afraid, even though I was sleeping in a house I did not know well. An extremely loud voice was saying to me, " The need for battle is an illusion. THE NEED FOR BATTLE IS AN ILLUSION! Write this down. The need for battle is an illusion. Give it up. It will never serve you. The need for battle is an illusion!"

I sat up and turned on the light. I was alone in the room. My friend was still asleep down the hall. I felt as if I had been confronted by my Higher Self, a being of great love, one who was quite exasperated with me for being so dense for so long.

This vision provided a wonderful lesson for me. I needed it badly at the time, as I was then embroiled in a no-win battle. Now, anytime I find myself brandishing a sword, I eventually remember, "The need for battle is an illusion." I take a deep breath, get in touch with my feelings as best I can, and search for a higher perspective, a thought which feels better. Often, just the memory of this vision is enough. I relax. I remember who I am. I remember who the other person is. I smile at the memory of my nonphysical teacher being so frustrated with my total inability to grasp a lesson so elementary.

I honor the possibility of battle being an important component in the spiritual development of other people. For me, I need to remember "The need for battle is an illusion." Some of us apparently come into this life with the intention to be warriors, even spiritual warriors. I, personally, am guided to the path of peace.

The catch phrase I made up which helps me remember to handle illusions with greater peace is: "I trust that God always takes me by the shortest route from where I am to where I most want to be, given my current vibration. The shortest route does not always go through the nicest neighborhood."

Obstacles are always opportunities in disguise. When I find myself in a bad neighborhood, I try to remember to give thanks for the shortcut. I focus again on what my clear, pure intention is, knowing I am moving toward it through this experience.

I am not really suggesting my Higher Self actually gets frustrated. I know my Higher Self to be endlessly patient and loving. This vision illustrates how my Higher Self tells me stories and shows me visions I can understand clearly. These stories, when delivered to me as lessons or messages, really get my attention. The frustration of a teacher, whose student doesn't grasp the basics of step one in a twenty-step process, was definitely part of my experience in the past. Years ago, before the World Wide Web was implemented, I taught seminars on Internet and online database searching. Many, many complex steps full of command language were required to do what today can be done with an easy menu or a simple Web search. This vision gave me a powerful understanding of how much I have yet to learn.

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