June 8, 1998

Our Caretakers

I was praying with a couple of friends. I began a prayer for one who was pregnant. She wanted to find the perfect pediatrician for her son. In my prayer, I imagined his new divine life in all the fullness of his being. I saw a picture of him surrounded by a loving, supportive team, including his thrilled parents, other family members, many friends, and health care professionals. I felt delighted to see this group of individuals available to support this baby. I then declared aloud, "I can feel him calling his caretakers to him!"

My shift to an altered state of higher consciousness occurred instantly. My eyes began to tear. I said excitedly, "I feel an angel here." And then, powerfully, "There are angels here!"

I felt as if a huge light, like a searchlight or a lighthouse beacon, had suddenly been turned on in the room in front of me. I said, "I see an angel." An enormous presence filled the room. Another friend, sitting beside me on the sofa also began to tear up. She murmured, "I see him, too!"

This vision gave me an awesome sense once again of how powerfully we are loved and cared for by God. When we call the angels, they appear instantly. My sense was the baby called the angel from his space of love. I just picked up on the consciousness of the child. I could feel his active communion with his angel guardian. I was clear the perfect pediatrician was at hand for him.

I know, from this vision and several others recorded in this book, we each have angelic, nonphysical companions. We could even say we have a staff of thousands. I believe they love to be called to assist us in our lives. Since we have free will, the angels only come to help when we invite them to be a part of our experience. I sense they love to be a conscious part of our lives.

Angels also love to love and to be loved. The easiest way I know to contact an angel is to sit quietly and breathe for a minute into my heart space. I focus on the feelings of gratitude I have for the many blessings already in my life. I can feel my heart open as I appreciate and give thanks. Then, I imagine a beautiful angel before me, and send love into my angel's heart. I relax and open myself to receive the love of my angel in return. Many times, I have felt waves of love while doing this process.

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