June 22, 1999

Parallel Realities

I see some of my best visions while walking in a beautiful park near my home. One day while I was walking, I heard the words, "David and I have been called to live in a sacred space." Then I heard and saw snippets of the story I will someday be writing about how it occurred, after it happens.

What I saw during that time explained to me how spiritual teachers can say, "Don't worry, there is enough of everything for everyone who can dream it. Enough land, enough beaches, enough money."

First, David and I were invited to visit a yacht. We've seen yachts like this one before, admiring them when we've walked through marinas. It was long and sleek, a mysterious looking white vessel. The windows were tinted so we could not see inside. I remembered how the tourist boat captain in Boca Raton said one of those was owned by an Arabian prince. It actually had a freshwater swimming pool inside it.

I had high expectations of the yacht as we were on our way there. I knew it would be a whole new experience. But I had no idea how unique the experience would be.

We were shown aboard the vessel by a crew member. He opened the door for us. As we stepped into the cool dim interior, he shut the door behind us. What happened next was shocking. He pulled aside a curtain, and we stepped into a whole new world. We were on another dock now, on an island, a paradise, a Garden of Eden place. The boat was there, but it was moored beside us, we were no longer on it. It was like walking into an Escher drawing, where everything leads somewhere it physically cannot go.

The scene shifted. We were walking through the door of a run-down farmhouse on a dusty road. As we got inside the door, closing it behind us, the time changed. The farm house became a charming new cottage, and the world outside it was transformed. We walked out the back door. We were in a misty forest of a different time. I walked the trails of these woods, aware that they were the domain of the ancient of days. I knew the trails were kept by the fay people. It was clear to me what an honor it was to share this gift of the land with them.

This vision gave me access to a way of imagining for myself what I have read from other teachers regarding parallel realities. I believe we create our own reality through our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, whenever we significantly change our vibration, our reality shifts commensurately. The reality track we were on previously becomes no longer relevant. I have even heard, when we change where we stand now, our whole past changes as well. The place where we are now becomes the logical outcome of a whole different track, like skipping from one railroad track to another in the station. It is as if, then, we were always on the new track. We have the momentum of a life always lived on the new track.

Seeing the yacht and the farmhouse as portals to different realities was explosive to my thoughts about life. What if at any moment we could shift our vibration significantly, and find ourselves walking through a doorway into a totally different life? What if, in this new life, we then automatically absorbed the memories and experiences of this logical lifetime, losing the memories of our previous life, and literally being born again into a whole new experience? Perhaps we could even bring along all of the people we know and love in this new life. Clearly, some of them will travel with us, like David coming on the yacht with me. But perhaps some will disappear from the memory banks of this life as we skip tracks.

It's a wonderful exercise in imagination for me. What portal do I want to walk through? How do the people there live, act, love? Where do I fit in, and what would I do in a new world? Who would I know there? How would my life unfold?

Perhaps this is just fantasy, and not a reflection of actual reality. But it gives me permission to imagine life more creatively, completely unbounded by time or space. That, in and of itself, is a gift of great value.

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