June 14, 1996

The Picnic Path

 I had an incredible vision during a meditation. I saw myself climbing up a mountain on an almost impossibly steep vertical slope. I thought I was doing it all myself, but there was actually a whole group of nonphysical beings holding me up. Their energy and love propelled me along. Using a rope to get to the top of a rise, I discovered, just over the hill, a beautiful well-worn path. It had incredible vistas and places to have picnics. Now I can allow my nonphysical friends to support me in my joy instead of in my struggle. What relief I feel to know the road is already well traveled and safe.

This vision was also very helpful in my spiritual development. I suddenly realized I had been making it hard for myself, going it alone so much. It was, and is, possible for me to find teachers and fellow companions along the road. We can even have a picnic with all of this.

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