July 25, 1999
Pool of Paradox

I've been playing with a developing vision about the "Sacred Pools of Evensong." One of the pools is called the "Pool of Paradox." Imagine the following as a guided meditation.

You start out in a very long hallway, with doors on either side. The third door on the right is the door to the Pool of Paradox. As you enter, you discover you are in a small anteroom, like the ones they have connected to the restrooms in the fanciest hotels.

In this small room, no pool is in evidence. There is a sofa and a little desk with a desk chair. Above the desk is an oval mirror.

You walk over to the mirror, and discover, as you look in, your image is more youthful, vital, and glowing. It feels really good to see your reflection here.

You look around again, expecting somehow to see a pool appear. As you turn back to the mirror, you suddenly realize the impossible exists here. It is a vertical pool! This is still water, not flowing! A paradox indeed, but compelling and beautiful to gaze into.

Then you discover a small card with instructions beside the mirror. It says, "If you like, you may extend your hands, palms upward into the pool." You intuitively feel it is very safe to do so.

As you extend your hands, it feels warm and lovely. You relax there for a moment. Then you feel another set of hands, unseen through the water's surface, gently rest upon your hands. Immediately, you feel the hands convey to you a wave of knowing. These hands have the gift of omniscience, and it is coming through to you. Suddenly, any paradox you may think of is resolved into a higher knowing. Any question you ask is answered.

Feel free to stay here as long as you like. It is a sacred space of love and wisdom.

When you are full of broader perspective, simply back away. You will find a lovely thick towel on the back of the desk chair to dry your hands. Go through the doorway, back into the hallway, and back to your present time and space, knowing you may return here at any moment you like.

One day, as I was meditating on this sacred pool, I had a powerful experience. I loved the feeling of my hands being covered by the hands of the "knowing one" and I wanted to see who was sending me this amazing grace.

I took a deep breath, and thrust my head into the water. I could see perfectly, discovering quickly I could even breathe in the water. I was looking into the eyes of a beautiful angel, a vision of incredible joy and lightness of being. I sensed she is my Higher Self, the majesty of all I AM in the eternal nature of life. I wanted to experience life on the other side of the mirror. So I backed out, and gathering all of my courage, I did a somersault into the pool! At once I was enveloped in pure white loving energy. All was calm, all was Oneness. I couldn't see my Higher Self. I wanted to play with her, to dance, to celebrate, to rejoice.

As I called out to play, I was shown the empty anteroom. The implication was clear. The time to play is while I am in my physical body. We came here, to dance, to sing, to enjoy the love all around us.

I understood more clearly than ever before,

the purpose of life is JOY.

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