June 1994

Safety at the Center

I saw an infinity symbol, like the figure 8, with one loop above the earth and one loop below, superimposed over the surface of the earth. I understood the symbol to mean that the loop above the earth was my aura, the light I am in this incarnation. The lower loop symbolized the rest of me which is always nonphysical. My physical body was suspended in the air on the upper right edge of the top loop. I was wearing a bushel basket over my head, because I was trying to hide the light I am. When I was "out there", ungrounded, floating at the edge of my aura, I was an easy target. People could see my light shining in spite of the basket, and took pot shots at me. I was criticized for my light and for my connection to Spirit.

What I've come to know is that it is not safe to live in light and try to hide it. The only safe place is grounded squarely in the center of my aura. When I am centered, radiantly showing the light I am to all those around me, then people who are not in harmony cannot enter into the radius of the light. As my light continues to grow, the radius continues to expand, until my world is safe, lovely, delightful, and fun. All I experience is contained within the light of my own being. Everywhere I go, there I am. The light cast before, above, below, and around me always prepares the way for me.

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