September 29, 2000

The Switchbox

In this vision, I was alone, walking through a very large and luxurious complex, perhaps upscale apartments or a hotel made up of all suites. The hallways were spacious, covered with deep pile carpeting. The decorators had done a beautiful job. The hall was well appointed with elegant wallpaper, beveled glass mirrors and ornate side tables with gorgeous, live flower arrangements. I was a visitor there. I didnít know exactly where I was going.

I walked out a door heading towards an inner courtyard, where I could see a lovely garden. I was in a covered walkway that ran between two sections of the building. Suddenly the sprinkler system on the ceiling of the walkway went off, and I was sprayed by cold water. Ten feet ahead, the dry garden was available to me. But I thought, "This must be a mistake! I have to figure out how to turn it off!"

I saw a white painted wood door, about 4í by 4í, in the side of one of the stucco walls. The door had a small white handle, which I pulled, and it opened. Inside was a huge switchbox with hundreds of switches. Each one was composed of two parts: on top, a little silver lever with three settings Ė up, down and middle Ė and below, a black, plastic, lined toggle that went back and forth. So it looked to me at first glance that there were six possible settings for each of the hundreds of switches. Each of the switches had a tiny label, like fountain 7 or security gate 2.

I was still standing there getting drenched, while I looked at this switchbox. If I leaned in close enough, I could get my eyes out of the water and see the little labels. But that close I could only see one or two labels at a time. I tried to step back to get greater perspective, but then I was in the veil of water, unable to read any of the labels at all.

I had no idea which of the switches controlled the sprinklers, or even if the control was in this particular switchbox. I felt increasingly frustrated. It was very tempting to flip a few switches at random to see if it would help, but my common sense prevailed and I didnít do it. I finally gave up, closed the box and ran for the sunshine in the garden to dry off.

As I contemplated this vision, I had to remember the one from the day before regarding putting down the heavy burden of creating Evensong. The experience of creating my own reality isnít supposed to be a weighty, uncomfortable experience. There should be joy, sunshine and luxury in it.

This vision showed that I was stuck in the observation phase, where I was observing something I didnít want to experience and judging it as wrong. Instead of taking the simple action of walking straight toward the sunlight, I decided I had to fix the rain. I was working totally blind. I did not have the perspective, knowledge or ability to fix what I was judging as wrong. Yet I was tempted to mess with things I didnít understand in trying to get myself out of the fix I found myself in.


The pattern of life is complex. From the nonphysical perspective, it is exquisitely beautiful, like a quilt pattern, ever changing, ever fluid, ever flowing and always perfect. A friend of mine, Ilana Goldman, once phrased it this way, "It is not our job to create the manifestation. It is our job to create the vibration, and then the Fairies of the Universe create the manifestation."

So, in my vision, I had no way of knowing the reason for the sprinklers going off in the covered walkway. It may have been a mistake. But more likely, they were flushing the system, testing a new system, or perhaps releasing water in preparation for scrubbing the walkway. Perhaps they had notified all the residents the night before to avoid that door because they were going to set off the sprinklers. Perhaps it all was controlled from another switch box entirely. Surely there were engineering people with much greater knowledge than I had to control the switches and fix a mistake if there was one.

All the time, I could have just scooted out of the drenching cold man-made rain into the pleasant garden. It was entirely my choice to get wet and irritable!

The Universe is a complex, beautiful place of Oneness and Light. It is all God. I just donít know the reasons for the orchestration of the whole. I can only see a small portion of the picture at one time. I believe I am here to allow a glorious life to manifest for me. I may be able to help others who are inviting assistance to step into an equally beautiful life. When I fixate on my judgments and feel as if I must change something that isnít my problem, thinking that is a "mistake," Iím very likely to get pelted.

I marveled at the similarity of the message of this vision, and The Path in Chapter 1 of this book. The Universe has been remarkably consistent in its messages to me over the years. May I be able to let go of my desire to fix things and follow its kindly advice. As I create a life that works beautifully, I am in so much more powerful a position to help others who want the same thing.

My whole life, I have wanted to love better. Unconditional love is not filled with judgment or jumping to conclusions. Love, as I understand it now, allows what is, and continually seeks to see God in All That Is. My vision of a world as beautiful as my life may inspire me to an action of joy, rather than an action stemming from a desire to fix a problem. My vision may also inspire others to change their individual worlds. Either way, the vibration of the whole is raised, and I contribute to a better world through my unconditional love


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