April 20, 1996

Thought Balls





I was with a number of other light beings, playing outside in a beautiful meadow. We were tossing around beach balls of light, forming and shaping them in our hands. We weren't very good at it yet, and sometimes the light just dribbled away before we could toss the ball along. Then we would all laugh merrily, share advice on technique, and grab more light to reshape into a ball. One of the "fairies of the universe," an even more beautiful light being than the rest, was there to provide guidance and loving support.

At one point, my friend, who was sitting with me while I slid into this very altered state of consciousness said something about a house. Then SLAM, this huge building just appeared on the scene. I was clear his word had created the house, in a place where before only a meadow existed.

I see this vision as a metaphor for deliberate creation on the physical plane. We create by shaping energy. This energy is the energy of human thought and feeling, symbolized by the radiant light energy I saw in the story.






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