September 1997

What it Means to be Married

A few weeks prior to my marriage to my third husband, David Gordon, I went into meditation with some friends. I had a powerful vision of my second husband, Cliff Fischer, who had made his transition to the nonphysical almost three years previously. Cliff took me on a tour of my marriage to him, showing me from broader perspective how we had been perfect soul mates for each other. He had taught me to love, to trust, to be gentle and kinder in relationship. He taught me to imagine my dreams, and to plan for a better future. He brought me abundant prosperity and showed me how to relax into it.

Then Cliff took his tour even further. He took me back to my first marriage, which ended in divorce. He showed me how the pain and difficulties of those years had taught me so much. He showed me how I had learned I couldn't live though someone else's aspirations and desires. He reminded me never to give up my dreams for someone else's. Cliff showed me how, in his own way, my first husband had been my soul mate in pain as much as he, Cliff, had been my soul mate in love. Then, Cliff showed me how David, was to be my soul mate in joy. The thrill of this vision continues to inspire our relationship.

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