January 7, 2000

Welcome to Evensong

One day, I was playing with my PhotoShop graphics design program. For over a year, I had been hearing the words "Welcome to Evensong" in my head. Since Evensong is a powerful vision for me, I created a beautiful oval framed "Welcome to Evensong" sign. Then I made another sign saying,

"Love, always, God."

In that moment, I suddenly understood. God does love us, all of us, always. In the light of this knowing, I realized the many times I had heard the words "Welcome to Evensong" in my head, I was hearing the still small voice of Spirit. I'd been very aware of those words. When we created the Sunday night Evensong service at church, our minister, Rev. Hilary Taylor, asked me if there were something special I would like her to add to the welcome message. I asked her to please start with the words "Welcome to Evensong." It seemed very important to me for her to say those particular words.

I've personally been feeling all year as if I had to create something, like the church service, to represent Evensong in the world. Then, I could say to people, "Welcome to Evensong." But the truth is, God has been saying "Welcome to Evensong" to me. Just to me. It is not something I have to do, not a heaven on earth I have to figure out how to create. Evensong is something already created, heaven on earth is here now, and I am welcome to it.


We are all welcome to it.

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