September 5, 1995

White Soup

I saw a vision of white soup - infinite, eternal, warm, fluid energy. It encompassed God, all I am and All That Is. It encompassed simply everything: beauty, light, love, power, peace, joy, life, freedom, wonder, glory, and absolute bliss. Every paradox resolved itself into Oneness. There were no contradictions, no conditions, and a "no-thingness" so profound that it's hard for me to describe. I saw it. I felt it. I was there, if you can be in no place. I remember thinking "I should thank God for the beauty of this vision." But when I looked around, there was nothing outside of me to thank. There was just the One. By seeing this vision, I had a much clearer understanding that all is truly well.

My Truths, my visions, are ultimately all I can know for certain. I believe the truth of another. His visions are all he can know. As we each see through the eyes of our experiences, we see we are all God expressing. All of our highest visions are truth at the frequency where we are currently vibrating. However, the view keeps changing as we move higher.

The day I saw this vision was one of the most extraordinary days of my life. I arose at sunrise on a beautiful September morning to glorious streaming rays of sunlight in the mountains of Montana. I went to shower and get dressed. Ten minutes later, I was surprise to discover the clouds had come down over the mountain. The sun was completely obscured. It seemed like night was falling again. A little while later, it cleared up completely. I drove into Yellowstone with warm sunshine under brilliant blue skies. As I approached the Continental Divide, the clouds rolled in again, and marble sized hail began to fall. Three inches of white stuff later, I felt as if the seasons had flipped.

As I traveled down the mountain, the hail turned to rain, and thunder boomed. After dinner, the sun peaked through. I saw a huge double rainbow, spanning the whole sky. By bedtime, a full moon came out, in a clear sky. Still later, another thunderstorm began, with lightning flashing like daylight in the darkness. I saw day and night change many times, seasons shift, and the weather show me its many faces. I was not surprised when I had a powerful vision at the close of this amazing day.

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