I believe each one of us has a special gift we have been given. These gifts allow us to experience greater love and to personally "know" something of God through our experiences of love. God is both transcendent and immanent, meaning God exists everywhere and always outside of us, and also within us. I believe more and more of us are allowing ourselves to become conscious of our divine gifts within, and to express them. We are allowing God's love to flow into the world through us. We are becoming more awake, more aware of the mystical nature of the Universe, seeing the divine everywhere we look.

This book is a record of my personal experiences of expanded awareness, through my gift of seeing visions. This is the truth of life as best I understand it, today. My understanding has been evolving for the 12 years represented by the visions in this book. I expect I will understand more tomorrow.

My intention in offering A Gift of Vision freely on the Internet as well as in print is to uplift those who are attracted here to a mystical vibration. Mystical means connected to Spirit. If you don't find this material uplifting, please follow your bliss to other material that makes you feel happy and connected. I cannot tell anyone what is true. Each of us has the power of discernment within us. I encourage all to learn to use it and pursue wholeheartedly only what resonates as true for them.

My fondest desire is to influence others to be more open to their own gifts of connection to Spirit, uniquely expressed in each individual. These gifts might be inner vision, or inner hearing, or feeling the Presence, or many other manifestations of Grace in their lives.

In using our gifts, we create a more perfect piece to be assembled in the nonphysical world into the structure of an evolving, ever more glorious, Universe. I see it as a mosaic, fitting together more exquisitely with each utilized gift. All gifts add love to the whole. Each of us is responsible only for expressing our own.

I intend for this book to be about sharing my love and connection with my readers. I invite the angels to amplify the love I am offering and sustain it when my attention is turned elsewhere. I know the angels' love can take the narrow stream of love I am allowing individually through my personal perspective, and turn it into a broad, deep, and glorious river of sparkling light. I invite this transformation now.

Feel free to drink deeply of this flowing river of love, or just stick a toe in to see if the temperature is right. May the way here be clear and the path easy for everyone who desires this experience


I send my blessings to the world. May all sentient beings experience increasing love and connection to Spirit. May all find their own perfect path home. Rest here for awhile, or look somewhere else entirely. I celebrate our diversity. I believe as each person becomes individually more joyful, the planet becomes more joyful. I know this book has already accomplished its work, for sharing it in this way brings me joy.

Connee Chandler

Spring 2000

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