Alaska Wellbeing Cruise, July 4-9, 2004, on the Oosterdam with 750 other Abraham fans!  Notes from the Abraham-Hicks Workshops – 15 hours of them, taken by Connee Chandler.







1.      There is never any reason for a desire to be old and stale, when you ask it is given.  But the frequencies have to match.

2.      All the stuff you ever asked for is held in vibrational escrow for you!

3.      You are God force in physical bodies on the leading edge of thought.

4.      Remember, your work is to get into synch with wellbeing.

5.      What is coming next is about your vibration of now.  There are many wonderful things in your past and present you can think about.

6.      It’s a much simpler process to give your attention to something else than you think.

7.      Just evaluate the things you think about by how they feel and choose the ones that feel good.

8.      Your emotions are guidance that will never let you down.  You can trust your guidance system.  Let it become the only thing you are listening to.

9.      Your work is to sift through the contrast, and selfishly conclude your preferences, here and now.

10.  Moving incrementally is more comfortable and sustaining than quantum leaps.  Death is a quantum leap.

11.  Find the relief anger brings you if you feel hopeless, but if you go back to depression again, you have missed the point.  Anger is like Yuma.  It is still far from where you want to go, but it’s half way!

12.  Don’t think, feel your way through this.  What you have lined up is sometimes looks different than you think it should.

13.  Esther says cruise ships give her a whole new meaning to swooning!

14.   Relax where you are and savor what is coming.  Look for more to appreciate where you are.  Go from rampage of appreciation to rampage of appreciation, that’s all you need to do.

15.  You will ALWAYS be slightly dissatisfied with where you are.  The best place to be is “I’m mostly satisfied and reaching for more.”

16.  Q:  What makes a Stradivarius?  Why can’t we have more?  Abraham:  The same reason you don’t grow new teeth.  No one thinks they can!

17.  Say “won’t it be nice when it happens” rather than ask “Why are there no Geniuses anymore?”

18.  If you are a teacher, don’t do what you do to test law of Attraction or try to prove it.  That path is uncomfortable for many reasons.  If you are having an improving life, that’s the example you are wanting to set.  No one is living a perfect life from every perspective.

19.  Audiences love it when someone digs themselves into a hole and then digs themselves out. 

20.  But no matter what you are living, you are perfect now.  Don’t use anything as an excuse to call yourself wrong in some way.

21.  Anytime you stop and take score, you are having a vibrational setback.  Cultivate optimism and anticipation.  It is much better not to take score.

22.  Feel good in the vision, and under those conditions, it must come.

23.  If it feels bad, it isn’t serving you.

24.  When a present thing is getting your negative attention, it’s worth discovering the emotion that surrounds it and working up the emotional scale, whether it is physical or financial or a relationship.

25.  Ask yourself, “How will I make this an emotional journey?”  We want you to realize it’s an emotional journey not about the action.

26.  With action journeys on this, you don’t know where to go.  Every time you have taken an action journey, there has been a dead end.  You are spinning here.  You keep saying, “I want to be in a different place, but I’m not.”  An emotional journey only takes minutes from frustration to hopefulness, to feel a little less stuck.

27.  It would not matter what bodily condition you had if you could relax and release resistance.  All disease, all illness would life from you in a moment of release.

28.  99%, more than 99% of your body is feeling good.  Say to yourself, “I’m usually stable and healthy.  Even with this, the majority of my body is doing well.  Give the feeling good parts your attention.  Don’t push against what’s broken; focus on the 99% that feels good.

29.  Being hopeful about healing is still focused on what needs to be fixed.  Say:  “It’s a non-issue on my journey, this piddly little thing.”

30.  The clearer you get, the more cumbersome the trees seem.  Even Esther dreamed she lost her license two nights before coming here. 

31.  The Sculptor doesn’t throw down a lump of clay and declare it finished.  He is going to mold it and get better and better at it.  You are not different from that!

32.  The reason you never get it wrong is that you never get it done.

33.  Source energy, nonphysically focused, is always envisioning on our behalf. 

34.  Learn not to reach so far ahead that it feels bad.  Some of you like drama and adventure.  It’s sort of painful, small steps are more sustainable. 

35.  When you have moved even a little on the emotional scale, say, “I chose this and while it is not bliss, it feels better and I am in creative control!”

36.  Stop comparing yourself to anyone else for appropriateness.  Compare only how you are feeling in this moment to how you want to feel.

37.  Learn to say yes and control how you want to focus instead of trying to control circumstances and conditions. 

38.  Stop comparing yourself to what others are wanting and doing.

39.  It’s always been an emotional journey.  Why not allow the Universe to treat you extremely well?  For most people, their habit of expectation is struggle in proportion to wellbeing.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

40.  There is no price to be paid; you are already in the worthy category.  Milk it for all it is worth when something appears that you thought about before.  Remember thinking, “I wanted to be here, and here I am!”  Bask in it!

41.  Talking about freedom from oppression sets people back decades.  Rename Independence Day “The Day of Allowing.”  Independence applies FROM – it’s more like Resistance Day.

42.  There isn’t one of you who doesn’t have wonderful things you can focus on!  You can put your attention where you want to.

43.  “I want so much to feel good” has to be your priority.

44.  As you put your attention on what you want, the whole Universe moves.

45.  Move away from action that hurts to the idea of an emotional journey. 

46.  So you feel agony, so what!  There’s no shame in it!

47.  Magellan doesn’t say, “I refuse to guide you until you tell me how you got here!”  There is NO judgment about where you are.  Is it wrong?  No.  It’s just how I feel right now.  So you are in Yuma today.  What cares?  Make it an emotional journey only.

48.  If you are blaming yourself, quit it.  Blaming someone else is better!  Blame the doctors.  They don’t understand the physical body!  They don’t understand vibration!  I don’t want their labels!  They are too busy; they draw assumptions that aren’t correct.  Wouldn’t it be nice if medical professionals understood Law of Attraction?  I’m angry at this VERDICT they have given me that my feet will never be well!

49.  Abraham:  Do you still feel hopeless?  Guest:  NO!

50.   The emotional journey is everything.  The doctors don’t get the emotional journey.  If you take the emotional journey, you’ll get new feet!

51.  Say to yourself, “Ok, I’ve asked for a whole lot and the Universe is on it!  I’m lucky and allowing, good things flow to me!” 

52.  A deliberate creator is one who flows with the subtle aspects.  Genius creators like you want to specify what they want.

53.  Be as specific as you can be while still feeling good.

54.  [To loan officer who wants to make tons of money…]  Look at current list of loans, pick out your favorites.  The ones who were nice to work with, easy to qualify, profitable.  Mull over the best of the best, keeping their names and faces in your mind.  Remember to beat the drum of that.  Extract what you most love to be in alignment with and keep it active in your vibration.

55.  Most still look at the whole, rather than focusing just on the part they want to attract more of.

56.  Q:  I want to help my native country.  Should I run for President?  Abraham:  NO!!!  You have much more potential to help standing back, noticing events, letting your rockets of desire shoot up, and then making every effort to line up your energy with solutions.  You will do more lying in your bed fantasizing wellbeing than beating the drum of the problems.  You need to be close enough to launch the specific rocket of desire, but your work is to believe your own dream.  Any dream can come true.  But you have to not care who gets the credit, the President will take credit.

57.  Q:  I am a man, and I want to have a baby.  Is that possible?  Abraham:  If you have the ability to desire it, and get into vibrational harmony with it, it is possible.  This is a law that is absolute, but you have to really, really want it, and believe that it is possible.  How far are you willing to go?  You are an unlimited being.  That’s our story and we are sticking to it!

58.  You are continually launching amendments to your desires on lots of subjects.  And as soon as you do, Source energy is actualizing around them.  You think a thought and then the thought thinks.  Those thoughts are gaining momentum.  They are about you; energy is flowing to them through you.  The more they call through you, the more you need to get into vibrational harmony with them.

59.  There is momentum there.  It becomes increasingly important to stay up to speed with what you’ve created.  When your desire is moving faster, you have no choice but to practice the art of allowing!

60.  The answer is not to stop wanting, the answer is to get into alignment with what you want. We want you all to realize that many people had revivals as they talked to Abraham today, they didn’t need a brain hemorrhage in order to shift.  We want you to make the move earlier and on purpose!  Look for miracles after you feel the emotional shift.

61.  You don’t need courage to do something that feels better.  Courage is what you need when you don’t understand the Laws of the Universe.  It’s not courageous; it’s just smart to selfishly want to feel good.  Get in synch with wellbeing, and you don’t need courage.

62.  If the processes aren’t working, then it is because the process is designed for someone who is higher up on the emotional scale than you are on this particular subject.  Book of Positive Aspects doesn’t work well for people who feel powerless.  If the process doesn’t make you feel better, it isn’t working.

63.  We want you to not judge where you are for a little time!  Just say to yourself, “I’m clearly not offering what I thought I was offering, because it isn’t happening.”  And then you choose to shift your emotional set point.

64.  Abraham being sarcastic:  This emotional set point process is too hard.  This is much too much work!  Get a big bottle full of alcohol and try to get a brain hemorrhage so you can write your goal on a wall under a mural of butterflies!

65.  When you get angry as a knee jerk reaction, it doesn’t work.  When you feel powerless, anger on purpose is like reaching for air.  Choosing it on purpose gives you the benefit of regaining your power.  Say, “I choose to feel here!  I feel better for my anger!  Ahhhhhhh, I feel the relief of my effort.”  And you will see evidence of your shift showing up.  Anger by default isn’t empowering.  Anger on purpose is.

66.  Relax and begin allowing the avalanche of wellbeing to come in as you deliberately create a vibrational alliance with wellbeing.

67.  Find a reason to feel good now.

68.  When you do that, you are taking your power.


70.  Enjoy a little bit of contrast – call it variety, options, possibilities.  Adventure is fun when there is no risk factor.  Once you know how to check the box of wellbeing, there is no risk.

71.  Being a deliberate creator, sometimes you start questioning yourself as if you did something wrong when you judge something as having gone wrong.  That torturous speculation causes you to feel alignment with having done something wrong, and things go from bad to worse.

72.  Your decision to put down your pet was not right or wrong.  But you didn’t line up your energy before you did it.  You split your energy about whether you should do it or not, and all your thoughts expand.  If you shift your focus of attention, you break your connection with it.  And then it does not continue to be a part of your experience.

73.  Beasts don’t worry about dying.  They worry less about everything than humans do!

74.  Beasts don’t focus as specifically as humans do, and they are better at allowing.  The energy they focus, they do allow.  Humans focus more specifically, but tend to allow less.  Beasts teach that they expect wellbeing to flow.  They don’t see death as the enemy or push against it.  As you finally get this, the last resistance you have will disappear.

75.  It’s a rare one of you who doesn’t push against death.  If you fear loved ones dying, you are still seeing death as separation.  That means you are not fully convinced that there is no separation.  BUT, Abraham is really, really DEAD.  Yet, here we are, still conversing subtly!  There is NO separation.

76.  Bring yourself back into alignment now, and you won’t ever have to go there again.

77.  Q:  I feel I had a big setback.  Abraham:  Don’t ever think in terms of setback!  Just start now and look forward. 

78.  Abraham referred to a previous questioner who talked about a major financial loss.  And said that this is what they told him, “You are still the vibrational being you always were.  You never lose that legacy!  It’s still held in escrow for you.  Your job is to allow it still.  Nothing has been lost.  You will regain ALL that and even more.  And now, from the contrast, you have stronger reason to focus.

79.  We want you not to condemn yourself for where you are for any reason.  Just say, “I can feel the power of my new focus and it is good!”

80.  Ask yourself, “now what?”  Check the box of the ones you choose.  Just ask for something and KNOW it is going to happen.  Check the boxes with full expectation.

81.  You check the box that says “yes please!”  But then you also tend to check the box that says, “You’re probably not coming!”

82.  At the top of the form it says, “NO LIMIT PER PERSON!” 

83.  More please, yes, please and that and that and that!

84.  Schizophrenia is huge energy flow and lots of resistance.  When the discrepancy gets too big, another personality appears that is less resistant.

85.  In Alzheimer’s, it’s a not focusing.  It’s lack of powerful focused energy plus thoughts about unwillingness to go.  Their loving Inner Being helps them spend more time in nonphysical while physical.  Alzheimer’s is a gentle gradual withdrawal, where each re-emergence has less focus in the physical.  As you have less focus, you have less resistance.

86.  Every night, you re-emerge into nonphysical, where you have a vibrational experience that few can put into words or be conscious of.  The dreamscape is a conscious experience in the physical, which is different.

87.  Esther is trying to convince Jerry that they should be “happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, DEAD!"  There’s no reason to see any moments of decline, except that your culture gives it so much airtime.

88.  To be with someone with schizophrenia, remember that no one else’s experience is your responsibility.  Everyone creates their own experience.  You get to decide how much you want to co-create with them, just as you get to decide what you want to do on this cruise. 

89.  Remember positive moments with him, I heard him be insightful, I saw a glorious smile, he gave me a lovely kiss on the cheek.  Lock on to the positive aspects of each individual.

90.  Let your sole focus point be matches you want to things which you like. 

91.  The trouble is that you inadvertently check all the boxes, and then try to get them to uncheck them!  You have the power to choose from every situation.

92.  Make your own choice sheet of life options, one for each subject.  Mate, children, job, traffic in the city.  Check only those boxes you want checked and get those things activated in your vibration.

93.  Bless the surge of religious fervor that is going on.  Love people getting excited about their options list.  This is a magnificent arena, so many want so much.  You don’t have to decide for them.  Every single being can have their own experience and Source will answer it.  Don’t damn that one; there is not a limited pile of answered prayers.

94.  In co-creating with a group of others, you could be the only one who knows this.  Just check the boxes on your partners that serve you best.  One with vision can carry a whole troop that does not understand. 

95.  But you can’t let their not figuring it out mess up your vibration.

96.  Q:  He makes me feel guilty…  Abraham:  Tell yourself, “My feelings aren’t up for grabs.  I’ve decided how I’m going to feel.”  That’s what genius creators always do!

97.  It’s not about having it all smooth, then there are no new ideas.  When there are no new ideas, there’s not much exhilaration.  You need new data.  You just want to be in a great place to deal with the data.  A plate spinning act is great fun!

98.  So much of what you have deliberately allowed is already here!  And yet this is still the platform for launching more stuff.  Each moment is incomplete.  We want you to have a constant awareness of how you are molding the energy.

99.  We’re wanting to soothe you by saying, “I never get it done.”  So you can be joyous in your incompleteness.

100.    There is more good stuff, more good stuff, more good stuff!

101.    Most people don’t allow themselves to really be free until their parents die.

102.    That’s when you learn you have direct access to the vortex yourself.  Up until then, you look to the mother of all vortexes, your mother!

103.    It takes time to adjust to this new life experience of having no parents.  Esther was surprised by the impact of her Daddy’s death, even though she hadn’t been looking to him for support for years.

104.    Esther used to say she was home sick, going home made her sick.  That’s because when you go back, it reactivates the old vibrations.

105.    We want you to have conscious awareness of your primary relationship with Source energy.  Care more about that than about any person.  Because everyone else will croak for sure and let you down!

106.    How you feel is most important.  You have to get to the place where you care how you feel first, and everything else, reality means diddly squat!  If you keep looking at the judgments of others, it splits your energy.  Keep looking for what feels better to you.

107.    When your mother died, you took more of a hit than you want to acknowledge.  You don’t want to talk about it, but it is nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s just where you are.  It’s ok to say, “This vibration SUCKS!”  We know that you are thinking, “I know better than this on many levels.” 

108.    Having someone who loves you and thinks of you often feels good.  You feel the stream of wellbeing through their attention.  It’s soothing and lovely.  But while it is good to be adored, you can’t care about being adored.

109.    How you feel is everything.

110.    To feel bad would be impossible without separation from Source.  Your emotions let you know about the only thing that matters, your connection to Source.

111.    I know I am the leading edge extension of Source energy.  I know I am a vibrational being.  I feel the fluxuations in my energy by what I attend to.  I know I can deliberately manifest.  All of me is living this moment!

112.    Accept that you are electrical beings. 

113.    You keep looking for peak experiences, but you aren’t noticing that you are having them in every moment.  “Oh, I’ve got a good idea!  That was the best orgasm!  That fragrance is exquisite.  That’s interesting…”

114.    All of those statements are about the fuller part of you listening and interacting with you. 

115.    Relax and say, “I’m here!  I have the tools, I’m reclaiming my power.”

116.    Use anger deliberately, and you are there.  It returns you to creative control.  Don’t demand ecstasy all at once.

117.    Esther had ecstasy when the glacier calved.  She’d been thinking about it since they scheduled the cruise.  She wanted there to be a spectacular event to let you know you are deliberate creators, where you rendezvous with something marvelous and say “YES!!!  The juncture is complete.”

118.    Again and again and again!

119.    Jerry said first, "let’s keep our eye on that pinnacle there.  Esther said to Abraham, “Could that one go?”  And Abraham said, “Give it ten minutes.”  And 8 minutes later, it fell!  All of you lined it up.

120.    Unfortunately, your life is so good, feeling good is normal, so you don’t have a profound awareness that that feel good is nonphysical flowing through you.

121.    Esther is a good example of someone who knows how to quiet her mind and let it flow.  It’s a gift.  It’s also the disservice she provides you, because you compare yourself to her.

122.    It is too bulky and awkward for Esther to hear Abraham for guidance, really.  She has to quiet her mind, and get prepared.  By then, the truck would have run over her!

123.    Your connection is much more intimate than that.  Your feelings are right there.  You have constant affirmation that you are worthy if you tune into it.  Say, “I can feel that, I have that!”  It can be immediate.

124.    Esther says, “Give me a signal by twitching something I can’t twitch.”

125.    When you meditate, say, “I’d like a physical sensation regarding Source energy in my body.

126.    You are so much this already, but you don’t know that you are consciously.

127.    Looking for a sign contains a component of disbelief.  The signs are endless.  Just pronounce yourself connected and you will see them.

128.    Watch your animals; they do a great job of channeling their higher self.  They are not self-conscious; they don’t work hard at being socially acceptable. 

129.    Ask yourself, How does this feel?  How does this feel?  How does this feel?

130.    You did not begin your creating at birth.  You are an eternal offerer of vibrations.  It was your vibrations in motion that resulted in your birth!

131.    Focus on your self-awareness in keeping with your SELF-awareness.  From nonphysical you had more general intentions.  “I want to have a good time!”  You weren’t all that picky.

132.    We love it when you get it that every place is the perfect place!

133.    Lock on to appreciating, that’s the easiest alignment.  And if you are aware of your connection, you are more likely to remain in alignment and enjoy every situation.

134.    Trust that you are worthy and that things are working about beautifully for you.  Bring the control in your life to the emotional level. 

135.    You have endless helpers if you let the Universe do it!

136.    Q:  What about irrational fears?  Abraham:  That describes ALL of them!

137.    If you are feeling fear, you have chosen a focus on something that disallows your energy. It is a fabulous and well earned symbol of your resistance.

138.    A fear is the signal of a thought that doesn’t serve me, over which I have creative control.

139.    There are other vibrational physical realities.  Each is a culmination of thoughts set in motion.  Your current realities are prepaving your future realities.  Someone vibrationally up to speed can catch a glimpse of the future now.  That’s what déjà vu is.

140.    You are all an illusion anyway!  All is energy in motion.  You see it as real because you have vibrational interpreters in your senses.

141.    The reality you all agree on is boring old stuff.  You leading edge creators are creating what’s next and next and next!

142.    You can tap into the reality that is coming, but not everyone can see it.

143.    You all came forth from the same energy stream, creating a magnificent whole.  You are the vortex of expansion.  Don’t fall back into old thought.  Consciously allow Source to flow through you now.  It doesn’t get any better than this, when you let us flow through you in your now.

144.    Enjoy what you like, don’t put attention on what you don’t like.  That’s the recipe for thriving!

145.    Noticing what you don’t like turns it in.  Select what you pay attention to by how it feels.  You get it, then you observe it.  And then you get it, and then you observe it.  And then you get it, and then you observe it!    Then you say it to others and it increases still.  WE WISH YOU WOULDN’T!

146.    Your partner could know nothing of this and if you didn’t notice what you didn’t like, your relationship could thrive!

147.    You are only feeling stuck because you keep looking at the same thing. 

148.    It is your constant, eternal endeavor.  You are always exposed to new contrast, which creates new desire.

149.    Q:  My son is in jail.  I don’t want to be around his anger and violence.  Abraham:   We would not encourage you to stay where it feels bad.  But even if you move away, your thoughts go there.  Try to train your thoughts to a better feeling place.

150.    Knee jerk anger escalates; it is a defense mechanism for coping with disempowerment.  Unless he chooses it deliberately, he doesn’t regain his power.  When it is deliberately chosen, it doesn’t make things worse and worse.  But if you aren’t choosing it, you have to deal with repercussions and nothing improves.

151.    If we were speaking to him, we would say, ‘While you are not where you choose to be, you are in the place you have created.  What you are living is a byproduct of your thoughts.  While you are living in confinement, you can still practice freedom based thoughts to feel better.

152.    Speaking to you, we would say, “you decide what you wish to feel.  Train yourself into thinking thoughts that feel better.”  Parents feel some level of responsibility for their children.  You need to soothe your sense of discomfort.  Say things like, “This really doesn’t matter very much.  It’s not a statement about his value or mine.  It’s just a place where 2 people are standing right now.  It’s just a part of the path along the way.”  Make peace with the idea of it.

153.    You wake up in the morning and the first thing you say to yourself is, “My son is in jail!”  Find a way to relax and speak more softly about it.  Right now, it’s a big part of your vibration and lots of things are influenced by it.  You need to make it not more significant than what you had for lunch today.  Focus on something else that replaces thinking about this.

154.    Play it down in your energy.  So it is not so big, maybe for one, two even three weeks.  Then play with the emotional scale on it.

155.    You will find yourself thinking of him in a different framework.  You will create a new personality called your son with whom you interact.  Make a list of wonder experience you had with him early on.  Rebuild your vibrational relationship with him.

156.    Don’t do it so you will have a more positive influence on HIM, do it so you will have more stability in your point of attraction. You don’t have power of influence in your disconnection.

157.    As you feel better, you will have power of influence.  But that’s not the criteria for doing this! 

158.    People will say to us, “Abraham, you not only teach selfishness, you teach delusion – that a mother can manufacture a better feeling personality for her son.”

159.    But your happiness depends on what you think, not on what your son does.  Your happiness depends only on YOUR focus.

160.    He’s going to figure it out in his own way.  He has teachers even in jail.  You cannot intercede.  You must accept that everyone is receiving their point of attraction, even in jail.

161.    Change your conversation.  You are saying things like, “All my children are in Florida, except for the one who is IN JAIL!”

162.    Q:  I felt awful at the magic show…   Abraham:  So let’s dissect it and see if we can hold you there longer?

163.    That’s like tasting yucky stuff and going back to the buffet to find it just to make sure you get more bad stuff in your mouth!

164.    Instead, say, “Can I find something that feels better?”  So much better a strategy than trying to identify what feels bad.

165.    Reach for relief, reach for relief, reach for relief!

166.    Physical experience has gotten so distorted.  You think, “I have to figure it out so I don’t do it again.”  But by your attention to it, you immediately bring it back again!

167.    The old criteria was “What’s wrong?”  The new one is “I think I’m looking toward something that will make me feel good here.”

168.    You have to care so much about how you feel that you let it guide your experience.

169.    Your power is NOW to align or not.

170.    Feeling good is the art of aligning, is the art of allowing.

171.     You think observation of what is going on in the moment is mandatory, NO!  Just because it is happening does not mean you must give it your attention.

172.    Soon all kinds of things, gunshots, accidents will happen in your vicinity, and you won’t even notice.  You’ll be in such alignment that you will tune them out.

173.    Vibrationally, you will no longer observe it.

174.    Stop trying to compare yourself to someone else.  You don’t know their desire or what caused their vibration.  Where you are and where you can be next is the point. 

175.    We love it when someone moves from unworthiness to hopefulness 1000 times more than someone living in ecstasy.  Movement is revolutionary – that’s the only thing that matters.

176.    Comparisons don’t work.  You can’t know, can’t guide yourself by anything external.  It makes you lose your place and direction.

177.    The only criteria that matters is your feelings in response to your thoughts.

178.    We love it when you are uplifted by someone else.  But they are not really that interested in you.  And even if they are, they are not vibrating for you, so it isn’t really going to matter. 

179.    Don’t give a rip about how anyone else feels about anything!

180.    Choose selfishly the thought that feels good and Law of Attraction will reflect that outwardly in your life.  You will be free to go anywhere.  You will be a stable one who is feels good under any and all conditions. 

181.    You will never hear from us that you need to be in ecstasy to teach. 

182.    There is benefit from teachers at every level.  The angry teacher who models, “I have the power to move!” is a good example.

183.    So for now, just say, “I may be fatter than I want to be, or have less money than I want to have, but it’s not the end of the world.  I do not have to be in bondage to this.  Maybe someday I’ll change.  But for right now, I can feel good anyway.”

184.    Reality doesn’t mean ANYTHING!  It’s just a temporary byproduct of a vibration.

185.    You are living magnificent lives.  Planet earth is a magnificent platform of continued wellbeing.

186.    When not one thing needs to change in order for you to feel good, then you are FREE!

187.    We want you to be obnoxious rebels and be joyful, even if they disapprove of your behavior.

188.    Guest:  I want more money.  Abraham:  That’s done.  Guest:  I want to further refine my creations.  Abraham:  That’s done, what else?  Guest:  I feel squelched about…  Abraham:  Don’t do that.  Stop thinking that!  Guest:  I feel guilty about Jesus.  Abraham:  That has nothing to do with you.  Guest:  I want to see whales…  Abraham:  That’s done. 

189.    Abraham:  You don’t appreciate our infinite intelligence sarcasm?  We weren’t kidding one bit about any of that.  When you ask, it is given!  You say, “More money please, I want clarity about this” and we say, SO BE IT!

190.    We know it isn’t always the case that you are allowing enough to get it, but it is done when you ask.

191.    When you order room service, you ask for something and expect it to be delivered.  You know someone is scurrying around and you hear them say, “It will be a little while, and we will do our best.”  You trust that it is coming.  There is a Room Service Delay in all manifestation.

192.    But you can trust someone is on it!  When you foster that expectation, you will let in more of what you’ve asked for.  Watch for it; listen for what you’ve asked for.  Open the door on a regular basis.

193.    Guest:  I want to open the door for someone else…  Abraham:  never do that!  You are clubbing them over the head.

194.    Aren’t you proud of yourselves?

195.    Don’t try to teach your dying mother what you know – it’s too much at the last minute.  Help her relax and worry not about her.  When you die, you’ll no longer be disconnected.  Say, “I know you’re going to love it when you get there.    I know you got it right.”  Remind her she deserves wellbeing and help her bridge her expectation of good.

196.    Guest:  Will you come to London please?  Abraham:  YES!

197.    Abraham:  Oh, you mean Jerry & Esther?  You’ll have to ask them, but we’ll come right away.  We’ll help you with your mother.

198.    Guest:  Where will Abraham be when Esther is no longer?  Abraham:  The same place we were before Esther… EVERYWHERE!

199.    Esther is not only a wonderful translator.  She chooses powerful words because she didn’t start with biases and opinions.  She just wanted to live happily ever after, and the tenacious desire of her beloved summoned Abraham.  Esther was the open vessel that allowed Jerry’s questions to be answered.  She had a good grasp of English and was willing to allow new thoughts without contradicting them with her own.  Jerry recognized her value, and continued asking and listening.  Esther built a new language to activate vibrations.  She is a remarkable bridge, but not the only bridge.  Several of you are spring boarding into your own connection.  There will always be someone in vibrational harmony to receive this.  It is more leading edge than it has ever been.  Abraham is the perfect response to where you askers are.  And there will always be someone to fulfill every request, eternally!

200.    Source energy is ready, willing and wanting to assist you.  You are invincible creators!  There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. 

201.    Feel worthy and have expectation of good things to come.

202.    When you can bring yourself into a “loving of you” place where you are, then you allow the best of all things to flow to you.

203.    Spend less time noticing where you are and the things that are missing.  Look to the future with expectation.  Close the gap between where you are and where the good time is.  You are on the brink of a good time all the time!

204.    Every moment is the culmination of ALL your launched intentions. 

205.    When you are on the cruise ship and your cell phone is packed away, it feels like extra good things happen. 

206.    Good things can be, in fact ARE, already happening in each moment.  Everything you ever intended culminates in this NOW moment, every moment.

207.    Every morning, think of the cruise you are taking today!  Read the program on your bed and identify the specifics of what you’d like to reap from this day. 

208.    Your nonphysical staff is on it, every moment of your life, and beyond!

209.    Your potential is still 1000s of times what you are experiencing here!

210.    We are happy to help you remember who you really are.

211.    Guest:  After we die, do we still know each other?  Abraham:  Not only do you know each other, you KNOW each other!  In nonphysical, vibration is beyond words, it’s intimate.  In nonphysical, you become One with another.  Your awareness of who you are is blended with others.  Separation is no longer evident.  You are not clumps!

212.    You become less clumps in a physical environment like this one, too.

213.    We don’t encourage children to come to the workshops because they are not as satisfied to listen to each other.  Tell them that they are connected; the adults need it so much more!

214.    Abraham reaches hundreds of thousands of people, and the majority participates from a distance via tapes.  Vibrational alignment happens on all levels anyway.

215.    Wherever you are is a perfect place to tweak your vibration and ask for more.

216.    You say, “When I get over there, I can’t wait for the convergence.”  We want you to say, “The convergence is NOW! The convergence is NOW! The convergence is NOW!”

217.    Joy is everything.

218.    Everyone is worthy.  Give yourself permission to like yourself right now as best you can.

219.    Say, “I feel a bit better now.  Why?  Because I reached for a thought that felt better.  Why?  Because I like this feeling better.  Why?  Because…”  That is your work.  Your work is to LET the Universe deliver your stuff.  To bring yourself back into alignment.  To love yourself enough to let that which you call God to flow through you!

220.    Follow your bliss from depression to anger.  Follow your bliss from frustration to overwhelment.  Each step, know you are on your trail and feel relief.

221.    Through the clarity of your example, you will radiate your splendor to others.

222.    When they ask about it, say, “I just got really selfish and started to car about how I felt!”

223.    Say, “I am a worthy vortex.  I pay attention to how I feel.  The more blessings I allow, the more blessed I feel.  The more I love, the more love flows through me.”

224.    It’s infinitely more fun to co-create.  Esther loves having others experience good things together.  A laugh is more fun with a group to share it.

225.    Clarify what you are wanting and practice the vibration until it is the next logical step.  When you get there, you will find no one, no matter how loud, will divert you.

226.    Guest:  How do you be allowing rather than do allowing?  Abraham:  Action is FUN!  If you align your vibration first before taking action, it makes life a lot easier.  Action is a delicious part of the experience.  Take inspired action after visualizing and doing rampages of appreciation.  Do more fun things like this that make you feel better naturally!

227.    One time Esther had a lot of airplane reservations to make and she couldn’t bring herself to do it, even though Jerry kept reminding her.  Finally, just as she was going to bed one night, she had an overwhelming inspiration to call.  She connected with a delightful, efficient person, and in less time than it usually took her to make one reservation, she had made them all, and the lady had upgraded them to first class on every trip.

228.    You are continually launching intentions that culminate in inspired action.

229.    You worry about missing the boat – there is always another!  There is always another!

230.    In any moment, there are not fewer than 20 things ready to pop on all you want.

231.    You just follow the inspiration.  Think about it, you said, “This feels like a good idea…”  and then all these other things happened!

232.    Never take action unless it feels like a good idea.

233.    But you think, “If I only did what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t do MOST of it!

234.    So, do what you need to do to keep on an even footing.  But as you do, get a bead on the emotional scale. 

235.    So you have been on a cruise, and you don’t want to go back to work.  It does not compare in your mind with what you have been doing, and you feel bondage.  You say, “I’m not going to work!”  And you see how that feels.  You notice it doesn’t feel so good.  But if you say, “Eventually, I could come to that, and it would be ok.  But for today, if I say I’m not going to work, I feel constriction.”  You remember that you want the dollars, and people are counting on you.  At that point, “I will go to work” feels like resignation, but resignation is a relief. 

236.    On the way to work, it erupts again, “I want to do what I want to do!!!”  And you think then, “Well, but there are good things about work.  I like the people and the dollars and the opportunity to learn new skills…”  And you talk yourself right back into alignment.  It takes the sting out of going back to work.  And suddenly you feel all right about doing it. 

237.    With that much alignment, work will be vibrationally different today.  You will feel clearer, your work will be noticed, you may be recognized in ways you never have been before.  You moved from dreading to resigned to willing to proud of your performance.  You are tuned in, tapped in, turned on.  Surprises are everywhere. 

238.    Every day is full of rendezvous with Source.  The framework is unimportant.  All kinds of people allow their wellbeing in all kinds of ways.  Let the wellbeing flow right where you are!

239.    Death is the ultimate quantum leap.  But we adore it when you find your connection while you are still here.

240.    To let something go, activate something else.  Activate worthiness.  Look for evidence that you are appropriate, even just a little bit.  Write it down and whisper it to a friend and keep it alive.  Let it spread into hopefulness.  Before you know it, strangers will be telling you how good you are!

241.    Start with something easy, leave the big bad things for later. 

242.    Don’t ask the physics-ly impossible.  (Too big a step by Law of Attraction.)  Say, “I am where I am, and I am worthy of something better than this.”  And then you are FREE!

243.    Learn to love even when they are not lovable, and then you are free.

244.    Your power to change is now.  Quit the drum beating of the past, because it brings the past into your present vibration.  That’s why today’s vibration is similar to yesterdays; you keep repeating the same thoughts in response to what you are observing.

245.    As you live reality and observe it, you perpetuate it.

246.    Those things in your life that started before you knew better, just play those tunes less and less often.  Adjust the dial; activate something that feels better now.

247.    Understand that it is ALL for feeling good.  The shortcut is to say, “I’m going to feel good now!”

248.    Guest:  I have a reputation for being incredibly lucky.  Abraham:  Notice the subtle difference between the feeling right before you win and right before you lose at roulette.  Reach for it vibrationally.

249.    A strong desire may show up as fear or excitement.  Calm expectation is a good every day vibration.  Off the wall excited isn’t the way it feels right before it happens.  “But of course” is more like it when it is the next logical step.

250.    There are no tests, they were taken and passed long ago!  If you make it a test, that’s a screwy vibration. 

251.    The best teaching you ever do is when you are not doing what you mean to do, then you catch it and clean up your vibration.  Being out of alignment and then getting back into it because you willed it is the best teaching. 

252.    Eventually you can say, “I don’t need to be lucky, because I control my fate!”

253.    If you are entertained if you win or lose, then it’s ok.  If you decide to create your own reality to show off for others, it’s a mixed vibration. 

254.    The most important question is “Do you focus on purpose to try to manifest or do you focus for energy alignment?”  When you are focusing for the pleasure of the sensation of energy alignment, then you are who you intended to be.

255.    If you focus on wanting to feel good, in time you will always feel good.  WE always feel good.  It can be love, interest, passion, contentment.  There is no reason for you to ever feel other than good, it is who you are!


256.    Friday Second Session


257.    Recognize how things feel.  Say, “I’m on the brink of something!”  You’ll feel it more and more.

258.    We want you not to be so invested in manifestation.  Invest in how you feel right now.

259.    Self-scrutiny and judgment slows things down.  You can’t get it wrong because you never get it done.

260.    You have endless potential for evolution.

261.    Sometimes people, healers, see themselves as flow-ers of energy toward their client’s area of need.  Instead, know that the person doesn’t need you, they are asking in greater clarity than usual from their contrast (from the Universe.)  They are ALREADY on their way to alignment.  You help them relax and allow what they already asked for and have been given.  They are the summoner!

262.    Say to yourself, “I’m just assisting their asking and allowing.”  My job is to soothe them with a soft touch from someone who expects improvements.

263.    Energy level healing should be from a soft touch, not deep work.  The same healing energy should always be flowing through you, so you get the benefit first.  Unless you are trying too hard.

264.    Esther has to relax and allow, for example, this cruise is a vortex.  Esther knows her primary work is to allow energy to flow unresisted.    She was tired at first.

265.    Self judgment of your behavior results in self condemnation.  Esther gives her self the benefit of the doubt by saying, “We don’t live it, we just teach it.”  It’s not her job to be perfect for you.  But for your own sake, you want to be aligned.

266.    There are NO irreparable arms!  They can return to full functioning and wellbeing as you bring yourself back into alignment.  We don’t feel much resistance in you.  Not to the level of your discomfort.  If you had known what you know now, it would not have started. 

267.    Don’t hold yourself responsible for their outcome.  It’s not your personal responsibility.  You can’t get them where they don’t allow themselves to go.  You are not healers.  Self-healing is all there is.  You are only an influencer of healing. 

268.    Let others understand that you are a body improvement director, and you will teach them self empowerment.  You want to release them, consciously acknowledging that they are calling the energy.  You encourage them to relax and allow.  You say to them, “Your body holds all the tools.  My part is to help you relax and get out of the way.” 

269.    Some of your current clientele wants fixing.  They will go elsewhere.  You want to attract a new set of clients.  Everyone will attract their next logical step.

270.    Say, “bring me someone who is ready to be self-empowered.  I will help them bring that about.”  Clients will vibrate out, new folks will vibrate in.  You don’t have to move.  Law of Attraction will take care of the change and the Universe will send you the new clients.  Practice a more aligned vibration about what you want for your practice.  Be more specific.

271.    Notice the clients that are ready.  Talk about your clientele as if they were all that way.  More like that will come.  Your focus will be on the small percentage which will increase in the future.  Start talking about what is appealing.  Be less a realist, and more a stater of how things are becoming.  Get ready for your new way.

272.    Say, “I am a teacher of wellbeing.  Those that are ready, I am ready for them!”

273.    Of course you are doing well; you are healing people who aren’t sick!!!

274.    You want to bridge, not quantum leap.  Let go of any determination to fix what’s broken. 

275.    You can’t force it.  Trying to push through their resistance doesn’t work, no wonder your arms hurt!

276.    Go with the flow.  You ask, “Am I not obligated to help those who need me the most?”  No.  They cannot receive it.  Only those who are ready vibrationally can receive it.  They will make your body soar with wellbeing!

277.    Generally with massage, you look for the knot and massage it away.  That is tuning into the problem.  Instead, look for the part of their body that feels best.  Work there first and spread the wellbeing throughout!  Help them attend to and attune to their best feeling parts.

278.    99% of the physical vessel is great.  Amplify the parts that feel best.

279.    When they catch themselves and each other speaking about something not wanted, Jerry & Esther say, “Let’s see, do we want a lot more of that???”  It’s a fun way of breaking the evil spell.  They know continuing to focus there doesn’t serve them.

280.    Some people croak as a creation by default.  Few have “get run over by a truck” on their to do list!

281.    Death for many is the quickest answer to wellbeing that the time space reality cannot give them because of their vibration.  Then, death is a relief.

282.    Even creatures or cells that cannot actively communicate can perceive.  All are selfishly oriented and wanting a better experience.  The humans intend to direct thought.  Beasts are content, in a middle balance between summoning and allowing the energy to flow.  Humans intend to be more dynamic.

283.    Beasts are enormous energy balancers.  Wellbeing among them is very evident.  Why do you focus on the blind ones?  Do not let your attention be focused on insignificant not wellbeing.  Talk about all the flying birds, not the ones cats are eating.

284.    More meat on this planet is eaten by other meat than by humans.  You got to get over the death thing.  Death does not defy wellbeing, death is wellbeing.

285.    To give someone a hand up, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

286.    Often when you try to give someone a hand up, you vibrationally knock their legs out from under them by disempowering them.  If you see them as needing your help, they would be better off without you!

287.    First you have an “I’m going to save the world” complex.  Then, your suicide note reads, “I just can’t help these people!”

288.    You have practiced the art of guilt instead of allowing.  Don’t go looking for trouble.  Go looking for wellbeing.  Looking to fix what is broken never helps.

289.    When you are looking at stuff that feels bad, it means your guidance system is saying, “When possible, make a legal U turn.”

290.    What you are living is what you are vibrating.  Wellbeing is flowing to you.  Little by little, it gets better and better.  Then you are being who you came forth to be!

291.    The Universe delivers to you what you worry about!

292.    You all want to be better parents than your vibration allows.  It’s all right, right where you are.  It’s like saying to the Universe, “I want my forever mate” when you are not a match to that mate that you want.  You say, “Bring me my final match,” but the Law of Attraction cannot begin to bring you together yet. 

293.    You cannot be the perfect parent, be who you are, and model what it is like to your children to make conscious vibrational adjustments. 

294.    The reason you have had a stream of maimed animals is because you observed them and continued to amplify the vibration.  Once you have one, it influences the second which influences the third.  Don’t go back.  Stand squarely there.  Notice how you feel about that.  Don’t talk about what you notice.  Instead, use it to say, “How do I want to feel next?”

295.    Arrange a pet lag time; in other words, wait before you get your next pet.  Take some time to line up the energy.  They would thrive more if you didn’t feel so protective.

296.    Pets and children feel the same way.  They want to know their autonomy.

297.    Worrisome parents:  Get over it!

298.    Clean up your vibration with yourself first, then with your child.  Say, “it’s done, there are more where that one came from, just get over it.”

299.    YOU are recyclable, eternal, always coming forth beings.  So are your pets.

300.    It’s not worth a moment’s concern from our perspective.  But then, nothing is!

301.    The thought that feels good is the priority.

302.    Separate feeling good emotionally from feeling good physically.  We want you to be able to have a headache at the same time as a happy heart.

303.    Diminish the percent of airtime you give the pain by focusing on other things.  Get good at focusing on different things in your environment, there’s lots of different things to observe.  Be a selective sifter in observing, remembering, envisioning, speaking, imagining.

304.    Make the only criteria your desire to feel good.  Not for approval, reality, gaining consensus.  Say, “I sift to feel better, that is all.”

305.    Get on that roll and the Universe will surprise and delight you around every corner.

306.    You love having something to do with the way your life unfolds, shaping the creative clay.  Your emotions are the shaping tool you will use to guide your vibrational countenance to allow you to receive all you want.

307.    You may have an intention you aren’t a match to yet.  But Abraham’s attentive gaze follows your desire.  They don’t look back and wonder why you aren’t there.  They take delight in the desire and give it their undivided attention.  It grows and lives in vibrational escrow for you.  You have access to it anytime you are vibrationally ready.

308.    We imagine you feeling and reaching for the feeling, and we give that our undivided attention.  Your Inner Being is focused on your perfect path.  Coming into alignment with Law of Attraction allows circumstances to come into alignment.  Your job is to go with the flow.

309.    There is not some specific attainment waiting for you.  Our whole desire is that you have a good time, so at this moment, you can be full of yourself.  You are entitled to wellbeing.

310.    You’ve got it vibrationally now.  You will know when you are out of alignment.  And when you are, we want you to say, “So, BIG DEAL!”