Connee’s Notes on Abraham, Bethesda, MD, 5/10/08



  1.  You want to come to sincere and personal appreciation for ALL your experiences, even the unpleasant ones.  Variety allows your determination of preference that then Law of Attraction responds to.  Contrast is responsible for the positive evolution of all that you are.
  2. As you sift the data, sometimes you feel a great urge to kill someone or push against something.  In knowing what you don’t want, you offer the desire for what you do want.  If you really don’t like something, you send off a powerful rocket of desire for the opposite automatically. 
  3. The larger part of you, the Source of All That Is, takes you at your understanding of your new desire and deliberately chooses to BECOME that at your level of larger beingness.  That larger part is a unique personality that is the Source of who you are.
  4. Your Source energy doesn’t become the physical you – it always stays in Nonphysical.  It continues to exist, even while you are having your physical experience.
  5. And here YOU are.  All that is manifest is just made of thought that has been thought longer.
  6. You have a simultaneous existence with your Nonphysical self.  Begin to establish a conscious relationship between you and you.  Nothing is more important than the relationship you have in the moment between you and who you have become in Nonphysical.
  7. The Source within you holds your place at what you do want, and vibrationally becomes that instantly.  But you don’t go there instantly, because you are still explaining why you what it and justifying why you should have it.
  8. You have a Vibrational Escrow of magic and wonder carved out from all you have lived.  And here we are, all gathered around what you want, sending you the signal constantly so you can tune yourself to all you are becoming.  And then we ALL become More because of you.  Do you understand the important role you play?
  9. Although you come around and get beat up pretty good, when you croak, every one of you, re-emerge into your Vibrational Escrow.  You don’t have to croak, though.  Just stop beating the drum of what you don’t want, and your Vibrational Escrow will manifest.
  10. We’re here because you have called us.  You don’t have to croak to realign.  Experience the Art of allowing, practice listening to your guidance and tune into your alignment now.  We are here to assist you in allowing you to be who you really are.  Align with the being who is eternally you.
  11. Ask yourself, all day, every day, “Am I keeping up with me?”  The happier you are, the more you are aligning with it.
  12. When you came forth from Nonphysical, you knew your environment would inspire your expansion, which is step 1, because life automatically causes you to ask.  And you knew step 2 is done by Nonphysical, when you ask, Source rides the rocket and doesn’t just ANSWER your asking, Source becomes what you asked for.  And Law of Attraction is now responding to the vortex of your desire.
  13. There are always two points of attraction that Law of Attraction is responding to, your local focus and your Nonphysical being.  Every time you ask for more, the larger part of you gets more abundant.  That makes you mad, and you call that “air abundance.”  [laughter]  It’s your airy fairy Vibrational Escrow account, and it’s a BIG DEAL!  Law of Attraction is responding to it.
  14. Relative to Law of Attraction, you can feel the BIGNESS of wellbeing and the smallness of not allowing.  To the degree you can move into the Vibrational Escrow vortex by letting go of the struggle, you will get increasingly swept into the current of wellbeing.
  15. You knew the asking would be automatic.  Source has already become it.  When you re-emerge into Nonphysical, you experience the entire expansion in that moment.
  16. If you really knew what death was like, you’d make the “bad ones” go back to school instead.
  17. Learn to deliberately guide your thought and close the gap.  Incrementally reach for a thought that feels better and guide your thoughts into closer proximity to what you want.
  18. You’ve summoned us forth to tell you how it works.  You didn’t intend to hang out on the bleeding edge.
  19. Expansion happens when you turn your undivided attention to what you have become.  You knew when you came, that in the process of doing that, you could find joy in every and any environment.  The improved idea comes forth from the variety EVERYWHERE.
  20. Everything that is material is spiritual in its basis.
  21. Sometimes when you are asking, you get stuck in pushing against and hold yourself apart from what you want.  Don’t worry, no one else has access to YOUR vibrational escrow.
  22. As you start making an effort to reach for thoughts that feel better, you will begin to feel more like your Inner Being feels, and lovely circumstances and events will show up in your life.
  23. “I wanted it.  And I got it, and now I have a nice new vantage point to want from.”  You have created yet another new Vibrational Escrow over here.
  24. So you ask, “Am I never to be happy, never satisfied?”  There is ALWAYS going to be another vibrational escrow calling you, that is life!
  25. Joy doesn’t have anything to do with anything except the gap between who you are now and who you really are.
  26. Feel the joy of being swept up by the current as you reach for thoughts that feel better.  Appreciate the experience of contrast – that knocked me over and now I feel a new preference born!  Now you want to hold that new set point consistently.
  27. You don’t have to get all the way over there to be happy, you can be joyful on your way.  You can be on your way to a whole new lover, AND joyful as you appreciate the lover you’ve got.  You can’t condemn what you have and get where you want to go.  Get into the attitude of appreciation.
  28. When you feel “not enoughness,” you separate from your vibrational escrow.  We want you to see what’s available to you as you just reach for thoughts that feel better.   
  29. It’s never a mistake that you are here.  You don’t make those decisions from your physical perspective.  Your friend who feels she’s not supposed to be here can feel her Vibrational Escrow and she feels the discord of not being there. 
  30. A lot of people will have to croak because they are set in negative patterns of thought and not allowing themselves to be who they truly are.  She can feel who she is, and can hardly bear to live less than that.
  31. If you feel picked on, more people pick on you.  You cannot cease to get what is in your vibration. 
  32. Law of Attraction cannot bring you things from a big range from where you are vibrating.  Love and joy is just not available from despair.  But from despair to revenge is going up the scale.  You can’t get from total disempowerment to empowerment in one jump.
  33. You cannot think and vibrate for another, but you can hold in your knowledge who this person really is and help call her there.  Notice her dominant characteristic of the moment.  She speaks of love, but if she were really flowing love, you’d feel it.
  34. Take the pivot for her, turn your undivided attention to what she really wants.  Hold it in your mind and activate in you the vibration of their vibrational escrow.  Be gentle and general.
  35. Say things like:  I believe you are a powerful being.  We all have a great reason for being.  You are trying to align and the larger part of you will always call you toward alignment.  You just have to continually let go of doubt and fear.  You really all are such high frequency beings.
  36. When someone else says, “I want to die.” We encourage it, and say, “I’d go for it if I were you!”  We know that when the larger part of you calls you there, you WILL go.
  37. You’re here now, but you’re not fully here.  But you could be, if you’d just lighten up!!!
  38. Revenge is lightening up from despair.  Just reach for something that feels better.  Again and again.
  39. You are Source Energy, Source Energy is everywhere.  You have vibrational interpreters that help you in deciphering your environment.  You see with many aspects of your being.  You are the culmination of All That Is.
  40. There are as many leading edge environments of expansion as anyone can perceive.  There are other beings and places – they are endless.  But you are not intertwining with them, because they are of different frequencies.  Will you go there?  No, all of you are extensions of Source, but this is the environment of YOUR Source.   You came for THIS vantage point, for the joy of this experience.
  41. Tend to the relationship between you and you, and you will begin to see through the eyes of Source.  You re-emerge into Source in meditation and sleep, when you release all resistance.
  42. When you are seeing from Source’s perspective, you know your true nature, your worthiness and love spreads through every cell of your body.
  43. We celebrate when you see something you abhor, because in the knowing of what you don’t want, you have a rocket of desire and we turn our full attention to what you just asked for.  You can just take the hit of noticing something not wanted, and then go directly to what you really are, closing the gap.  If you do that, you will walk this planet in joy!  Become a match to you, and you will feel divine satisfaction.
  44. Just for a moment, leave behind all fretting and judgment.  You don’t have to push against anything, just say, “I prefer this” and the Universe will bring it to you.  And others will find you annoying!  [laughter]  Just say to yourself, “I wish them all a better life.  I wish for them to be joyful.  I want to see them through the eyes of Source.”  As you reach for thoughts like that, you’re now having a joyful moment.
  45. You are a light that leads others.  You get your light shining brightly and you try to shine it on someone in a dark corner, and they’ll yell, “Get that light out of my eyes!!!”
  46. Any movement at all feels good to the one moving, even if it is only from fear to rage.  If you try to drag them higher before they are ready, you’ll feel bad.
  47. Desire is never finished.  But maybe what you think you want isn’t really what you want.  You do want money, but more than that, you want the freedom it brings and the release of tension.
  48. Guest:  I lost my house…  Abraham:  Law of Attraction is responding to the point of attraction you’ve got going on.  You’re saying, “This is how it is and it’s not good.  This is how it is and it’s not good.  This is how it is and it’s not good.  This is how it is and it’s not good.”  Law of Attraction is not an entity making choices – it’s always responding to YOU.   
  49. Law of Attraction would say, “She’s not getting what she wants.  She’s worried, she’s losing possessions.  Give her more of that!”  You always get more of what you are vibrating.
  50. We hear it from Jerry & Esther.  Actually, Esther, NOT Jerry.  If it has your attention, you cannot get there from here.  Every time you ask for more, the Universe answers.  You have asked for all kinds of things, the empire you have built is astonishing.
  51. Your physical wellbeing is more if you have been sick.  The more you’ve struggled, the more that’s there for you.  Donald Trump was a lot worse off than where you are, but he refused to admit it. 
  52. It feels BIG – and it is!  Your Vibrational Escrow is, not this measly struggle.  God has thrown SO much money at you, it’s piled outside your door.  But you can’t get to it and it can’t get to where you are, in that attitude.
  53. You have to feel prosperous even when you are not.  You have to find the way.  Feel appreciation for what you have.  If for 30 days you determined to only appreciate, and found endless reasons to feel good in your environment, you would easily move into the vibration where more can come in.
  54. You’ve tried, and you say you aren’t getting results.  But if you focus on the manifestations so far, you hold yourself there.  Shift to even 51% of talking about what’s in your Vibrational Escrow, and things would start changing.
  55. If you face what is, you’ll get more of that.  Trick your vibration by focusing on “this is where I am going.”  Look at those who have what you want and say, “The only difference between them and me is that they have found the vibration.”
  56. Say to your daughter, “I’m going to get you this prom dress, we’ll figure out how to do this together.  I want to provide for you.  But what I REALLY want to show you is how the vortex flows.  I haven’t been focused on what I wanted until now.  We’ll do the best we can from where we are.  It will be irrational optimism you will hear from me now, I’ll be sounding much more cheerful.  I can tell that discouragement is not the key to where we want to be, or feeling I am on the wrong track.  I’m getting on the right track.  We are going to buy you something pretty – not necessarily the most expensive dress, and it will be the symbol of the turning of the tide for us.”   
  57. Abraham’s new book on Money and Law of Attraction will be out on Aug. 12 and will be in Costco, Wal-Mart and Target as well as independent bookstores.
  58. This is a time of awakening.  So many forget who they really are, because they are coached into how you should be by others, and dissuaded from your own guidance system.  It’s not easy to come and live differently.  Socialization is conformity.  You think you’ll find the best ideas and whittle them down to a few good ones.  But from Nonphysical, you say, “Let’s go forth and expand into more and more!”
  59. To this particular guest:  you came to be gay, and you intended to be different than most, and not socializable.  You are a square peg who refuses to be hammered into a round hole.  You have always been able to hold onto your own sense of beingness. 
  60. The reason you come forth is to come into alignment with who you are.  When other people are disapproving, you don’t have to disapprove back.  When someone condemns you, you look away.  Look in the places where you CAN find alignment.  Don’t let what someone else thinks drive your behavior. 
  61. It’s always so easy to believe your vantage point is right.  What you came forth to live is that there are endless reasons for being, endless valuable purposes.  Esther laughs when she finds herself defending her rightness rather than looking at things based on how they feel.  Things that feel good are TRUE rightness from Broader Perspective.
  62. Source adores you and finds you perfect.  And anyone who isn’t adoring and finding perfection is separated from Source.
  63. You can’t win by pleasing one who is angry.  When you are born with someone who cannot be changed to please you, it makes people find their own alignment, and that’s good.  To stop looking for confirmation from others is healthy.
  64. So many people aren’t comfortable with their own sexuality.  Be who you are – and align with so much more than your sexuality.  You are one who loves and uplifts.  Be who you are and trust Law of Attraction to bring you people who match you.
  65. Esther was at the airport and used to her luggage being the first three pieces off each plane.  She got there, and there was a guy waiting, and they started competing – “Mine will be the first three!”  “No mine!”  The first bag came off, and he pulled it off, and she said, “Thank you, that’s mine!”  And it turned out they had the exact same luggage, her pieces came off the first three, his the next three.  Esther is crowing, he’s twinkling.  Jerry was waiting, watching, he knew that the man was a tele-evangelist.  He said, “it was fun watching you play, because if either of you had known who the other was…”
  66. You are more a match to the fun in EVERYONE than anything that would keep you apart.  Tune in and get the best of you pulsing, and trust.  Law of Attraction never messes it up.  If you stay who you are, only those who match will rendezvous with you. 
  67. Guest:  I had cancer, it went into remission, now it’s back.  Abraham:  It doesn’t matter how it receded before.  Many methods can bring you results if you are vibrationally aligned.  In your determination to heal, what you don’t want is so vivid, you know what it is you really want.  In the presence of a strong enough desire, beliefs are overridden temporarily.  But you can’t maintain that level of determination.  Relax into wellbeing this time.
  68. From your power of decision you made it happen last time.   But then you held yourself in resentment and guilt, and although your guidance pointed out your pattern of thought, you didn’t change it, so the indicator got bigger again.  Sickness is an indicator of vibrational discord.  Then you shifted and allowed your appreciation and zest for life to become stronger.  After that rocket healed you, you settled back into your usual set point.
  69. But when you move up the scale on purpose, it never goes back to where you started.  Reach for the thought that feels better.
  70. Guest:  I feel responsible for lots of things.  Abraham:  When you feel strong negative emotion, it’s not what you’ve done, it’s your separation from how your Inner Being sees it.  There’s no reason in the world to feel guilt or resentment, fear or anger.  You think it’s about your focus.  It’s about thinking about whatever you focus on in a way that Source won’t feel about it.
  71. The action you need to take first is to line up your energy.  When your energy is aligned, then take other action. 
  72. Question:  When we come forth, do we know how we are going to croak?  Abraham:  No, that’s screwy!  You come forth knowing your power, that contrast will keep you joyfully unfolding.  You had no intention from Nonphysical to pinch life force off.
  73. Source is always calling you home – not by way of death, but by way of reducing resistance.  Not one of you intended to be in resistance.  No one ever planned on dying of cancer. 
  74. But it doesn’t matter.  Don’t condemn yourself for the indicators.  You have been trained to serve others and ignore your guidance.  They want you to care more about how they feel.
  75. So what if you didn’t let your emotions be important before.  Sickness or wellness is just an indicator of your now vibration.  The question is what are you going to do now?
  76. When the energy moves fast, it’s a bigger problem slamming into trees (resistance). 
  77. Here’s what we would say, “I know my physical condition is only an indicator.  I’ve seen it fluxuate over time.  It withdrew itself before.  I can let what is be irrelevant here.  What’s manifesting is lagging behind my now vibration.  The feeling of the moment is spot on in the now for what is coming.  That’s yesterday’s news and I’m writing tomorrow’s story.  It doesn’t matter what is right now.  That just makes me more determined to do something different.”
  78. I can tell a new story!  I’ve lived a lot of life.  And I’ve fussed and worried and got a vibrational indicator as a diagnosis.  It’s such a good thing, because it has made me aware of my vibration.  If I got another test today, that would be irrelevant, because the manifestation always lags behind the change in vibration.  I’m shifting my vibration now, and in a short time, the diagnosis will catch up with me.  Now I know who I truly am, and I remember how I feel is what’s important.
  79. I can fuss today, and get one indicator, or I can be happy, and get a different indicator.  Get your attention off what is – it’s old news.  How do you feel NOW is the only question.
  80. Hopeful is easy, you have every reason to expect your body is much more right than wrong. 
  81. We know you are an appreciator, but you are also particular.  You are opinionated.  Focus your opinions on all things more positively.
  82. You think, “I have a big indicator,” but it’s just a series of chronic little thoughts that brought you there.    Now say, “I may be opinionated, but now I’m going to be a positive aspects opinionated person.” 
  83. If someone asks, “What do you think?”, say, “you don’t want to know right now.  Give me a little while” and then reach for thoughts of how wellbeing is more dominant.   
  84. Guest:  I put myself on the back burner so I can be there for my friends.  Abraham:  Their Source is there for them.  Why do they need you???
  85. Teach through the clarity of your example.  Just be real, and display the negative emotion you feel.  The Universe always responds accurately to your vibration.  Law of Attraction is the best teacher.
  86. Guest:  I’m their punching bag…  Abraham:  We’d never intend to be anyone’s punching bag.  You are a teacher in a room full of teachers.   A teacher is someone who establishes his vibrational status, and calls others forward in the direction of who they really are.
  87. When you are not in Pure Positive Energy, you feel the discord in a stronger way.  You feel wonderful when you are in alignment, and awful when you are not.  When you are tuned to the vibration of appreciation, you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on – you feel empowered. 
  88. You see someone you care about struggling, and you say, “I have their back, I’ll go over there and get them and lead them out of this.”  But you can’t help them if you’ve moved toward them.  You have to stay aligned.
  89. If you go to where they are, YOU feel much worse than they do and now you can’t lead them, so you have to hit them!
  90. You are a teacher to the core of your being and you think it’s your job to inform others.  When you are a healer, you shine the spot light on wellness.  Source is already shining that spotlight, but they aren’t receiving it.  The only way you can help them is to demonstrate allowing.
  91. If you just harness this and shine it on someone, their life gets worse, not better.  Trillions of cells KNOW what to do.  They ask for what they need and the energy automatically moves.  But if the human is focused on thoughts of resistance, it’s disallowing.  Summoning more energy doesn’t work.  Just demonstrate how to chill, relax and allow.  Say, “I can see great things for you.  I get glimpses of your vibrational escrow.  I know who you really are.  I’m going to ignore where you are now, and focus on who you’re becoming.”
  92. What they are asking for has become part of YOUR vibrational escrow.  When you don’t focus on that, and instead focus on what is, you feel bad, and separate you from you.  So you must focus on what they want.
  93. Guest:  I have been speaking in tongues…  Abraham:  You have a desire to receive and a readiness to do so.  Your desire is stronger and is just ahead of your readiness, so your articulation is not yet up to speed.  Relax!  Everyone is an extension of Source energy. 
  94. Esther meditated and raised her vibration and matched us.  Her dominant intent is to chill, relax and prepare herself to receive information.  Everyone has access to Source Energy.  People just try too hard to make it happen.
  95. One person who was receiving gibberish called Abraham.  Abraham asked him how many languages he spoke, and he said FIVE!  He was trying to translate into all five at the same time.
  96. Don’t try to make it happen, LET it happen.
  97. Unworthiness is sloppy thinking, nothing more than a habit that is apart from who you really are.  Focus on being in alignment. 
  98. When you say to yourself, “I should have done better…” you are choosing a thought that is vibrationally SO different from how Source sees it.
  99. Call your worthiness issue “Livin’ life in the crack!”  Accept that where you are is all right.  See it more as Source sees it.  That’s the perfect question:  How do you see it, Source?”
  100. When you are in the middle of a knee jerk reaction, slow yourself down and ask, “Source, what do you think about this???”
  101. Say you are feeling disrespected by someone you are talking to.  Source within you says, “This person is not understanding you because they are not in your vibrational vicinity.  Let it go, let it be a step 1 rather than a step 3 experience right now.  The contrast is causing you to ask, and that is good.”
  102. When you are not having any of them, and they’re not having any of you, you are a match!  Back off and ask your Inner Being.  Your Inner Being says, “I’d listen and watch for an opportunity for harmony.  I’d watch for an opportunity to compliment them.  I’d look for a chance to receive nuggets of value.  I’d watch for moments of alignment.”
  103. So many of you are sure you are right.  ALL are right, even on opposing sides, because all are getting exactly what they expect.  Both are attracting evidence of just what they expect, but hardly anyone is coming into alignment on purpose. 
  104. Just ask Source, What’s your perspective?  Slow yourself down and realize that when you are upset, anything you say is going to make it worse.  Source is enjoying it!
  105. You must be a vibrational match to it, or you wouldn’t be getting it.
  106. Guest:  She says, What you are saying doesn’t feel good to me, so I don’t want to talk to you any more.  Abraham:  Source  says, that’s a great response!
  107. Ask yourself, “What is it, dear friend that I don’t feel friendly toward in this moment, that I am fixated on?  Why have I highlighted this irritating quality in you?”  Source will remind you – you always get exactly what you are vibrating.
  108. Then say, “I’m attracting this from you because it is in me, and thank you for amplifying it in this fashion so I could see it.”  Love them because they are the indicator of your separation.  They are NEVER the cause of it.  Say, “Bless you and thank you for amplifying the vibrational discord in me.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  If I don’t see it, it gets bigger.  And now you have shown it to me, and I am going to fix it.  I’m working on my vibration, and I am going to draw the best of you out of you!”
  109. Guest:  I am practicing not giving a rip, but how can I do that and still be kind?  Abraham:  When you are in alignment, you are kinder, resilient, flexible, loving.  If you are defending your right to choose, you do and say hurtful things.
  110. Guest:  Someone lied to me…  Abraham:  We are enjoying this – that person lied to you because they thought you’d take the lie better than the truth.  That person is still seeking your approval.  You could say to them, “Oh, you love me enough to lie to me because you are willing to separate yourself from Source and give up your own guidance to try to please me.”  We don’t want you to care more about how they feel than about how you feel.
  111. You cannot allow yourself to be frustrated by those who can’t hear you.  You care more about being heard than about being in alignment.  When you care more about your connection to Source than ANYTHING else, THEN you’ll be heard!
  112. Don’t go where they are vibrationally because that separates you from Source.  You want to know what Source thinks, not what they think.
  113. Source says always:  “You are absolutely right.  You are good, you are right.”  Tell them that.  That will diffuse them!
  114. If they say, “Why are you giving in so easily?” say, “You are right because what you think is what you get.  You always attract lots of evidence to prove your rightness.  But I don’t want that evidence.  My contest is whether I am aligned with how I want to feel or not.  You’ve been a good co-creative partner for me.  Our relationship doesn’t upset me anymore.  This relationship makes me expand!
  115. Love all negative emotions, they are indicators of your focus.  Everything is either fear or love, alignment or misalignment.  Love/alignment is you being who you really are.  It’s either greater empowerment or disempowerment.  If you are misaligned, it feels like having a pillow over your face.  You can’t stand it when you are not aligned and the people around you know it.
  116. Say, “If I’m angry, it’s not about you, it’s about me being out of alignment with Source.  If I lie to you, I’m out of alignment.  I’m using you to disempower myself in this moment.”
  117. You tend to feel it is easier to tell a lie and not make waves.  That’s why the new ones are coming in gay or autistic.  You’re so busy conforming and giving your power away.  Everyone is selfish.  Let your guidance take priority.  When they ask, “Will you do this for me?”  Say, “No, I really don’t want to.  I’m not going to do stuff I don’t want to do anymore.  I’m going to do what I want to do, and that’s not one of them!”
  118. And if they say, “you should want to do what makes me happy!” answer, “If your happiness depends on what I do, we’re lost.  If my happiness depends on what I do, and yours is on what you do, then we’ll flow.”
  119. Your truth is in your vibrational escrow.  To thine own self be true.  The only problem, ever, is you separating yourself from Source.  The reason you did it is the INDICATOR, not the problem.
  120. When you are feeling, “EVERYONE is doing it to me!” then you are doing it.  You are the common denominator here.  Alignment is your real truth.
  121. Love and alignment are the same thing.  Love is a vibrational indicator of alignment with Source and all things good.  Hate is cutting yourself off from all things good.
  122. The thing we know most is that it is natural for you to do well.  Address the vibrational causes of manifestations, not the manifestational indicators.  Don’t go looking for trouble.  Things don’t get bigger until you look for them, and then you get more of them.
  123. Anything there is an OLD manifestation.  Our bodies are whole, we don’t need to look for trouble.  Some people are convinced that trouble is lurking, so they find it.
  124. Say to yourself, “I can feel my vibrational discord.  I don’t need to go to the doctor for that.”  If you pay attention to your negative emotion and move up the emotional scale, you’ve no need for checkups.  You check yourself on a moment to moment basis vibrationally.  There’s no need to look for evidence of misalignment, you FEEL it.
  125. To be a great fitness instructor, inspire people to come and play with you.  There is no greater benefit than physical movement for benefiting the body.  The blood pumps, your heart pounds, all your juices flow, and you can feel the jubilation all the way to the cells of your body.
  126. Deep breathing is so beneficial – everything to your cellular structure benefits.  We could just do workshops of breathing exercises.  Exercise is your excuse to give your cells what they’ve always wanted.
  127. Encourage people to go toward who they really are rather than push against what they don’t want.  Their bodies have acquiesced to their old patterns of living.  But once they consistently feel more joy, anything less than that is intolerable.  Once cells get a taste of robustness and vitality of life, you never want to go back.
  128. Help them make peace with where they are and talk more about where they can be in the future.
  129. Jerry & Esther are moving all the time, doing more and enjoying it more.  It’s intoxicating!
  130. Guest:  I want to attract more people who rate me 7 of 7 on the feedback forms at work.  Abraham:  It’s tricky not caring if they give you a ZERO!  Reach instead for the highest rating Source can give you – JOY!  Then the other ratings will flow easily.  You’ll speak to their asking and they will leave your presence uplifted.  Ask your Inner Being, “What do you think about this?”  And when you feel ripples of joy moving through you, you will know that Source is flowing within you.
  131. The rating system when they call the customer back at a later time to rate you isn’t accurate, because the person calling has no idea what’s happened to them since they left you.  Tell the supervisor, “That rating is wrong – they were a 7 when they left here!”
  132. Meditation is a way you can release struggle. 
  133. Guest:  My mind is generally calmer than it is when I sit to meditate!  Abraham:  If you are generally at ease, meditation has already done it’s work and you are receiving information from your Inner Being in that state.  If it’s worrisome thought that are going through, that’s different.  But if it’s solution oriented or philosophical, you’re receiving at 100 MPH!
  134. Guest:  I’m trying to quiet my mind so I can FEEL.  I’m not good at it…  Abraham:  We disagree.  You have lots of sensors that interpret vibration, seeing, hearing, smelling.  You’re getting vibration on many levels and you know if something is good for you.  You CAN feel it and articulate it.  Don’t assume that when your mind is moving rapidly that you are not connected.  The moment Esther quiets her mind, we write another book through her.
  135. If you do want a quieter mind, meditate earlier in the day, the first thing, and get clear on your intention that you want a quieter mind.
  136. Jerry & Esther sleep at odd hours and work at odd times.  When Jerry is up, and Esther is sleeping, he has learned to ask her, “Do you want to be awake yet?” rather than “Are you awake?” because she will wake to please him.  He’ll say, “leave a note so I know what time to wake you.”
  137. Set your intention as you go to sleep to wake up as who you really are with your energies aligned.  Then let it flow and feel appreciation for the stream that is flowing.  Make peace with where you are.  Calling it wrong prevents the flow. 
  138. Anytime you are co-creating with anyone else, their intentions are part of the whole.  Agree first that your intentions are similar, that they have something for you and you have something for them.
  139. When you don’t want something, you are likely to attract it from everyone you meet.
  140. Guest:  Why would someone look into my Mouth/Ideas/Motives and find something that isn’t there?  Abraham:  They’re looking for things that are within THEM!  Everything is in the eye of the beholder.
  141. If you are seeing something, that vibration must be active within you.  It’s more about you than about me.
  142. Everything is about the beholder!  Everything is about the beholder!  Everything is about the beholder!  Everything is about the beholder! 
  143. Don’t worry about the love they are not giving you.  Ask yourself, “how much are YOU loving?  What is it about you that I love?  What is it about you that I am seeing through the eyes of Source right now?”
  144. The dentists who looked in Jerry’s mouth and so zero/7/8/9 and 17 cavities were all seeing the truth from their perspective.  It’s all true.  You just reach for alignment and then you’ll know vitality, clarity and longevity.
  145. Ignorance is fertile ground for knowledge, with the potential for joyful expansion.  If you have a negative vibration about something, it is worth cleaning up, because otherwise it will always follow you.  And when you appreciate the opportunity to clean it up, you make the best of it.  Appreciating something allows you to move away from it and let go of it.  If you push against it, you’ve got hold of it longer. 
  146. Guest:  People treat me wonderfully in other places, but here people have different, racially based expectations.  And it is hard to come back here after expanded experiences elsewhere.  Abraham:  If you are seeing lack of understanding, you need to reach for understanding their lack of understanding.  You need to care so much about YOUR alignment that everything else is comparatively unimportant.  So their concerns are irrelevant to you.  Their ignorance doesn’t concern you.  Everyone thinks different things.  Ignorance is a judgment, that implies you have the correct conclusions and they don’t. 
  147. Just let the way you feel guide you, and things will work out beautifully for you regardless of what other people think or do.   The way Source sees it is that ignorance is only the lack of experience on a particular subject.  To expect another to understand when they don’t have the experience is unfair.  The interaction is an opportunity for you to increase your understanding of THEM, because otherwise YOU are ignorant.  You are on your way to knowing so much more through this contrast.
  148. Guest:  I love diversity, my vibrational escrow is delivered in my classroom.  Abraham:  You are Source Energy who has come forth to explore variety as you continue to evolve.  From Broader Perspective, you always want more variety so you can expand.  As Source looks at your classroom, Source is not seeing color or educational background, Source is seeing you all as expanders of Source.  You cannot get it wrong.
  149. Those who are in ignorance are huge contributors to the rockets of desire that shoot into future Vibrational Escrows.  Your awareness of how they think is out of proportion to how you feel about what they think.  If you don’t appreciate what they think, you’re focused on the same thing they are focused on – hate is hate! 
  150. Replace the word ignorance in your vocabulary with inexperience.  Say, “We are as diverse as we intended and there’s a blessing in our differences.”
  151. Do you appreciate the contrast?  When you can really say yes, and mean it, you are finally free.
  152. Giving birth to new desires is worth celebrating.  Questions call forth new answers.  Ignorance calls forth new knowing, which is at the heart of ALL answers.  Beauty or ignorance is in the eyes of the beholder. 
  153. Ask yourself, “What am I doing with my eyes now?  Am I beholding ignorance?  Decide that you are going to begin beholding wellbeing, looking forward to and finding appreciative people everywhere.”
  154. Decide that you are going to be so focused that you will see only what you want to see.  Racism isn’t in your face, it’s in the eye of the beholder.  Expectation of racism has been your chronic expectation.
  155. Jerry & Esther had an inept dry cleaner in Texas.  They decided to never go there, but a new store opened and it was convenient.  They tried it out with a shirt and decided it was now ok.  They gathered up all their dry cleaning and took it there without cleaning up their vibration.  As they left, Esther said to Jerry, “I don’t think you’re ever going to see your clothes again!”  Everything was done exactly as they expected.
  156. If you do the same thing, and maintain the same expectation, it’s impossible to get different results.  Your job is not to get all the dry cleaners lined up.  Your job is to get your expectation of well cared for clothes lined up with your desire.  Consistently look for and think about what you want.
  157. Use your memory and your imagination to selectively sift.  Let your mantra be, “what’s happening to me now is not about my now vibration.  My now is the aftermath of previous vibrations.”
  158. It’s good there are no instant manifestations or you wouldn’t make it beyond age 4.  Expectation is your chronic attention to something.  You can gradually make changes in your vibration because you are the beholder, and therefore the creator of my experience. 
  159. If the world trains you into your expectation, you are powerless. Use your Source as your standard.  Ask yourself, “Am I a lover?  Am I positive or negative?  Do I appreciate or criticize?”  Just lean toward love and optimism.  Your choices make up your world.
  160. Take responsibility for your own joy.
  161. Guest:  If my wife weren’t around, I wouldn’t be so angry!  Abraham:  But you would!  Law of Attraction is good like that.  Unless you clear up your vibration, if you leave her, the results will be the same next time.
  162. Life as you currently see it is sometimes not a catalyst for who you truly are to shine forth.  You are a lover.  It’s easy to feel love for beautiful children.  You want to feel love.  You are an uplifter to the core of your being.
  163. If your government would behave, you’d feel better.  It’s troubling to see abuse.  You believe in wellbeing for all.  And if they would be nicer, you’d feel nicer too!
  164. As you observe the world, the situations aggravate you into a separation from Source that is painful.  You want to feel good, and you are the beholder.  Your expectation solicits everything from everywhere that you don’t want.
  165. Most people will rise to the level of your expectation, whether it is good for them to do so or not.  Make a game of it.  Say, “I’m going to use my relationship with my wife as the method by which I fall in love with the world.”
  166. Make long lists of appreciation about her.  Through your improved expectation of your wife, the whole world is going to look better to you.  The world will transform before your eyes.
  167. That’s the bigger reason to feel better about your wife.  Not because she deserves it (she does!) but because you deserve to see the world through the eyes of Source.
  168. You haven’t been able to leave her because you are long time Soul Mates, who said, “Let’s go forth and aggravate each other into alignment!  And when we do that, let’s live happily ever after!”
  169. This has been an exhilarating day.  You and your vibrational escrow have closed the gap much more.  We are assisting you in putting together the rules of the game.  You are powerful.  When you aren’t loving, you don’t take it well.  You are enormously balanced beings.  When you deviate from your balance, you don’t do well.  You are not supposed to do well with negative emotion. 
  170. It takes just a gradual tweaking of your thought.  You don’t have to modulate your wife or change the world to feel better.  These broad experiences of contrast grow your Vibrational Escrow.  And now that your gap is closing, you have access to it.
  171. If you aren’t getting what you want, it means two things – you’ve expanded AND you’re not letting yourself go.  Let yourself be a closer match to who you have already become. 
  172. If you feel rotten, you want to blame them.  But only you can shift the energy.  Learn that you can control the direction of your thoughts.  That is your job.


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