Connee ‘s Notes Abraham-Hicks Caribbean cruise March 23, 2008


  1. We are extremely pleased that you are here.  We are extremely pleased that *we* are here!
  2. You’ve come here for MORE!  That’s why you come here in general – for more.  More things to provide contrast. More things to appreciate.  You already have all that already.
  3. Feel the vortex that opens in the months before you have gathered in your physical bodies on the ship.  When you come from all around the world, fixated on a particular point of departure, it’s a fresh jumping off place for all of you.
  4. A voyage like this makes it easier to leave behind fuss and worry.  You find a new set of things to fuss and worry about while you are here.  But they are less entangled with your life as a whole, and it brings you to a new place of allowing. 
  5. You’ve been queued up for greater allowing for a long time.  You’ve filled your Vibrational Escrow to the brim with beautiful things, experiences.  While you don’t need this cruise to open the door for you, a gathering like this is the perfect opportunity to bring you into alignment with who you really are.
  6. Jerry & Esther were looking at the last cruise in the past few days for editing purposes, and they concluded there is nothing like the cruise format to bring together a group that is like-minded AND diverse, to extract from Source the most powerful information on the planet today.
  7. This is not a beginning point – this is THE power point, NOW, where you merge with YOU.
  8. This week you will focus more and bring your physical into alignment with the nonphysical you and sustain it.  This can be a turning point in your life where more flows. 
  9. We are exhilarated for this week, and even more for what will follow for you in the time after.  We will take thought beyond where it has been before.***************  part 1
  10. The very contrast that confounds you is the reason for your expansion, for your eternal nature, for your personal preferences, for your joy.  You are the BIG WHEEL!  The Universe revolves around you and is responsive to you.  As you identify your preferences, expansion takes place.  You are not yet over the moon about those desires you have created from contrast, but We are.  You naturally birth new preference and larger part of you turns solely in that direction.  We’re talking about new ideas/ the expanded Universe, Source Energy.
  11. You do your part by just showing up and living life.  You give birth to rockets of desire and the Universe expands because of it.  You may stand as physical humans in a place different from an expanded place and you feel less good than you could – that’s what negative emotion is.  Because you are beating the drum of “what I don’t want, what I don’t want, what I don’t want, what I don’t want, what I don’t want, what I don’t want.”  And in what I don’t want, you are giving birth to the knowing of “what I do want” and your Inner Being already rode that rocket of desire.
  12. As soon as you say “I want something different” your Inner being within you keeps that new place active in your vibration and calls you toward it. 
  13. Life causes you to expand, and if you keep justifying the expansion by focusing on what’s wrong, “don’t have enough money, never had enough money, the economy is turning down, gas is too expensive, truckers are suffering, the consumer has to pay more…”  You’ve been watching too much TV!!!  We know you have… and it holds you apart from who you have become.
  14.   The economy has already expanded in Vibrational Escrow through all the rockets of desire out there –that’s how it works!  Just line up with the creation of anything you are inspired to desire.
  15. It’s hard for you to hear because you don’t see it until it shows up in your bank account.  We count it when you put it in your Vibrational escrow.  It’s all about the vibration when you receive it.  We want to show you your Vibrational escrow.  This is not a slow economy; it’s a bustling, thriving economy with great ideas ready to be birthed to move things forward.  When you watch TV, you tend to give your attention to what you don’t want.  And you hold yourself apart unnecessarily from your own expansion. 
  16. When you say, “He stole from me, that doesn’t feel good, they don’t respect me, he left me,” you hold yourself apart from what you want.  We want you to leave this environment knowing that no one else can deprive you of anything.  You are doing all the depriving of yourself, whether it be joy, health or wealth.  No particle of lack is coming from the outside, you are the creator of your own reality – you are doing it to you!
  17. Become more cognizant – your thought IS under your control.  It doesn’t matter where you are starting, Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration of your being. 
  18. Law of Attraction is responding both to your local vibration and your Inner Being’s vibration.  Emotion is LOA’s response to these two Vibrational points of attraction. 
  19. You are eternally nonphysical and also physically expressing right now.  Nonphysical is eternally at a new point of becoming.  We’ll warm you up this week.  You will come to full recognition of who you are and return to your default setting of understanding your value and worthiness.
  20. This environment is great because you will hear it little by little over so many days.  Just set the attitude of wanting to remember.
  21. When you worry, you vibrate out of the frequency of the knowing of who you really are.  Your nonphysical part never ceases to know your value.  But when you don’t, and feel guilt, uneasiness or dissatisfaction, it means you are currently vibrating out of your range.
  22. But you can never really get out of range because when you croak, you will return to who you are.  The Source part of you never departs from that.
  23. You said, I am willing to go forth and experience contrast and birth new ideas for my world.  Nonphysical stays pure positive energy, and says, we will love you and find value in you no matter what you choose to do.
  24. The more abhorrent what you see is, the more you ask for better conditions.  Nonphysical says, we will be a strong signal, making sure you are always aware where your vibration is headed.
  25. When life causes you to become more, the signal gets strong.  When you are more in alignment with who you are, you feel great, when you are not, you don’t.  You KNOW if you are keeping up with you.
  26. But you are so human, and humble, that you’ve decided you are not Source, and you cause yourself personal distress.  You can flail about, and others watching you can cause themselves personal distress, but there is never anything evil coming toward you, there is no negative energy, you either allow the good that is flowing or you don’t.
  27. Chronic observation of things you don’t want causes you to feel bad, and then it becomes a familiar pattern of discordant thought, and you think it prevents you from feeling good.  You think that there is something outside you doing this, but there isn’t.  You’re doing it all to yourself through your negative patterns of thought. 
  28. You are the creator of your own reality.  This is a new thought.  You are the creator of your own reality, but most of you are in the process of creating two realities, the one our Inner Being is living and the one you are experiencing by how you feel in this moment.  The only way to merge is for you to come into alignment with us.  Because we’re not coming with you.
  29. We aren’t going to complain.  We aren’t going to focus on a shadow you are currently imposing over your physical wellbeing that would be there otherwise.  The only reason you feel bad is that you are holding yourself apart from the bigger part of you.
  30. So as you come to understand that your sensation of departure feels like negative emotion, you recognize that chronic negative emotion becomes chronic physical illness becomes trucks running over you.  The longer you hold yourself apart, the more vivid your discomfort becomes.  *****part 2
  31. If someone else on the ship asks what you are doing here in the workshop, “say,” I don’t know…” and “just making my life a little better.”  Some folks are on the leading edge and some are not.  You don’t have to come to a workshop to be on the leading edge.  You can just be in an attitude of appreciation and be right there.
  32. You don’t have to figure out what happened in the past, there are no turns you should have take differently.
  33. Once you recognize wellbeing is the only stream, pulling against the current feels worse than it did before.  Letting yourself flow toward relief is closing the gap.  You want to be both parts of yourself at the same time and Source doesn’t join you in negative thoughts.
  34. Sickness is disallowing the wellbeing that Source is currently enjoying.  Source is feeling the health, clarity, passion and knowing you seek.  All that stuff you want is being lived fully by Source already and your negative emotion means you aren’t living that expansion yet.
  35. In the absence of desire, there is no feeling of lack.
  36. Ask yourself, “What does my Inner Being know/think/feel about you?” instead of “I can’t stand you.  I see all your bad choices and now I’ve got a knot in my stomach, which wouldn’t be there if you’d just behave better.  I approve of these people over here.  You come over here and be just like them!  You need to be different so I can feel better.  Oh God, help them be different!  Oh, God, here’s another one like that one!!!”
  37. They cannot be different for you.  As yourself, “inner being, what do you think about them???   [pause]  You gotta be kidding, you LOVE them???  Did you see what they did?  You didn’t???  You were looking over there???”
  38. Source within you will not see the negative aspects you are using to destroy your life.
  39. You cannot always hear your Inner Being’s answer, because you’d rather be right than feel good.
  40. You will never come to agreement with everyone, because the diversity of the planet is part of the balance.  You are inspired from within to all the differences.  There’s such an easy way to go about this.  Stop pushing against and ask, How does my Inner Being feel about this?  Ask all day, every day.
  41. You will hear thoughts of reassurance and relief that will help you come back into alignment with who you really are on every subject.  Just orient yourself to what feels best, and you will tune yourself to a higher vibration.
  42. To thrive, worry less about the injustices of the world.  Ask yourself, am I tuning to injustice or wellbeing here?  Am I tuning to confusion or clarity?  Am I tuning to illness or health?  Am I tuning to the best of who I am or the worst?
  43. I always have the capacity to see something I like because I can control my focus and what I look at.
  44. People doing hateful things are suffering or they wouldn’t be doing them.  You know that already.  You cannot help the situation by joining the chain of pain.  You can only help others when you are tuned in yourself.  But your power of influence is mighty when you are in alignment with who you are.
  45. This is the art of allowing me to tune myself to who I really am.  We will help you tune yourself here.  You are a powerful group.  ALL THAT IS appreciates you.  This is not the reason you are doing this, but your world will be better because you all have taken this cruise.  There will be that many more people on the planet who are getting into Pure Positive Energy, and then others ARE positively affected, too. 
  46. We’re not trying to drag you into the Light.  We want your alignment just so you have the JOY that is natural for you.
  47. Question:  Why is death so hard for us?  Abraham:  Because you look at it in a screwy way, as lack, as loss, in ways that feel bad.  Ask your Inner Being, “How do you feel about death?” and you will feel true elation!
  48. Or watch the little ones – they dance at the funerals and play under the caskets.  Until they adopt the attitudes of the adults around them and distort and depart from their broader perspective.
  49. From the time you are born, people say to you, “Watch out!  That could KILL you!”  But don’t worry, you’ll understand once you croak!  Or before you croak if you ask your Inner Being, “How do you feel about this???”  And then you will come to know now.
  50. Esther and Jerry were friends with Burl Ives and when he died, Jerry saw something on TV about him, and said to Esther, “I think Burl may have died.”  And Esther tuned in, and felt the greatest elation she’d ever felt.  There were no words to explain the feeling of releasing she picked up.  Esther is tuned to Source already, so her relief won’t be as much when she croaks.  But that day she tapped into Burl’s experience and it was thrilling.
  51. Practice yourself into knowing the eternal nature of who you are.  It’s logical if you instead practice thoughts of lack and see endedness, you feel bad.
  52. Ask your Inner Being what do you think about a thousand other things, tune to that vibration, and then ask about death. 
  53. Stand in this world and see beauty.  Look out from this ship and see this beautiful ocean, and you will tuned yourself to who you really are!
  54. Your dearly departed are not departed!  They have never been so whole!  All disrespect they were holding for themselves and others has fallen away, and they are now tuned into their true nature.
  55. There is never any separation, except that your Vibrational stance makes it so.  Most of the people walking around you are more dead than the ones you have buried!  Dead is the gradual pinching off of life. And then you croak, and it stops. 
  56. We are dead! We are dead! We are dead! We are dead! We are dead!
  57. Question:  What about reincarnation?  Do we come back?  Abraham:  We’d rather you think in terms of One Life, not one after another.  Become fully alive in your Now, tune into your nonphysical nature.  Accept the eternalness of your being.
  58. The consciousness that you are will always thrive and experience joy.  Start feeling that and you will immerse yourself in the power of your physical/Non-Physical combination where all of your joy and expansion are.
  59. You do not carry on negative emotion from one life to another.  But at your physical birth you are born to an anxious Mom who fusses and worries and only occasionally experiences joy.  You pick up on her energy.
  60. When you think screwy thoughts of injustice or see no value in yourself or anyone else, your Inner Being will not join you.  And if your IB will not join you in one negative thought, what are the odds your IB will make you keep living your life over and over until you get it right???
  61. Question:  Is there no thread that continues from life to life?  Abraham:  Your Inner Being is the thread!  You come forward fresh each time.  Some babies choose to be sick because they want the contrast that causes them to shoot off more powerful rockets of desire.  It is like you wanting to play tennis with someone who’s better than you are.
  62. You are always Source.  Sometimes you are also projecting your consciousness into physical form.  We, Abraham, are all over the place in physical form now.  We are the conglomerate of your Inner Beings. 
  63. You don’t choose whether to come back or not from your disconnected human perspective.  The Non-Physical is always eager to come back.  There is eternalness in Source Energy coming to experience more.  There will always be Source.  You cannot ever separate your soul from the human part of you.
  64. Humans tell the story in different ways that pinch you off.    But you are learning to get into the Vibrational vicinity of where your resources are.
  65. The same consciousness exists in the worm, the dirt, the beast and the humans.  Humans intend to weigh contrast and send of the rockets of desire that Source then rides.  You have the choice to go along for the ride or not.
  66. Ask, “In what ways can I be the full expression of Source Energy?”
  67. Wretchedness is left behind when you croak, and does not continue into future lives.  There is a cleansing, a purification process in the death experience.  You always start over with Pure Positive Energy.  If you get wretched again, it’s because you pal around with wretched people.
  68. Question:  I want to create $1 Million in a reasonable time.  Abraham:  Reasonable is up to you in every regard.
  69. Question:  what’s the benefit of trying to hold on to a thought and emotion that now doesn’t feel as good as it felt before?  Abraham:  All that matters is the Vibrational relativity between you and you.  Life causes you to become more and you close the gap. Life causes you to become more and you close the gap. Life causes you to become more and you close the gap.
  70. Once you have any new experience, you stand in a new place and launch new rockets of desire.  You cannot regurgitate the same emotions, or stop in one place.  Your emotions shift and shift and shift with your focus of attention, the gap keeps moving.
  71. Question:  I run out of thoughts that feel better on the same subject…    For example, I feel good now about a bonus I have coming, but in three weeks, it won’t feel so good.  Abraham:  The gap will always exist to some extent, because when you move to a new place, the Nonphysical rides your new rockets of desire from there.  The GAME is closing the gap as best I can from where I am.
  72. A joke is funny the first time, but the next time you have been there, done that.  Your work is to get up to speed with the frequency of the new thought.
  73. There is not much excitement in the first thought.  But keep going, give it more attention, and Law of Attraction responds, which builds the energy and momentum.
  74. There are always two components, and they are of equal importance, thoughts that cause expansion, and then thoughts that close the gap.
  75. None of us would feel any thrill about anything if the environment never changed.  Every new lifetime is like a new joke, something that can surprise and delight you.
  76. Question:  I haven’t really caught up with it yet…  Abraham:  You never will really catch up, that’s why life is eternal!  The value of your personal nature is ABOUT your leading edge expansion.  Remember that Source expands because of YOU!
  77. You come forth, have your experience and allow Source to have a good time.  Are you having a good time?  Probably not!
  78. Question:  Is it possible to keep having the same emotion by thinking the same thought?  Abraham:  No, because now to get the juices flowing, you have to reach for a more expanded thought.  Let yourself be guided by your feelings and you will recognize that the old thoughts are tired.  Then ask your Inner Being, “What are your thoughts about this?  What thoughts can I think that will let my juices flow?
  79. Let your desire for the improved emotion inspire the new thoughts.
  80. If you want to get your book published, write another book.  Your fresh energy will carry the other one into the marketplace.
  81. Question: $1 Million is just a stepping stone…  Abraham:  That’s what we wanted to hear!  You think your goal is to create money, we think your goal is to find something that thrills you and rings your bells.
  82. Question:  $1 Million means I can do what I want when I want it…  Abraham:  You’re reaching for what’s reasonable.  It’s too darn reasonable to be thrilling!  The millions you want for what?  [Questioner looks down at his notebook, Abraham takes it away from him!  And starts leafing through it…
  83. Question:  A Ferrari and a Lamborghini, a $100 Million home with a marble driveway, flying on trips around the world…  Abraham:  stop being afraid to say what you don’t want.  That’s how your Vibrational Escrow got started.  There’s energy there.  Nothing gets your juices flowing faster than a little of what you don’t want. 
  84. Say, “I don’t wanna play that game anymore!  I want to just go when I want to go!  I don’t want money to be a limiting factor anymore.”
  85. Now that you have built your virtual house, you have to close the gap.  You want to have this Vibrational indicator of beauty and joy you have imagined.  Mix it up until you get your own juices flowing.  Say, “I deserve that!  I want to live that!”  Most of all, you have to close the gap to keep up with the growth of your Vibrational Escrow.
  86. Your Vibrational Escrow is SO far beyond $1 million.  There should be millions of dollars flowing through your experience all the time.  Take the word reasonable out of everything!
  87. Question:  I could have said within six weeks, but I thought that was upstream.  Abraham:  Just lean in the direction of what you want a little until it feels better.  Let your life inspire you and line up with what feels good.  It doesn’t help when you worry about getting it right.  You want the fire, feel for the exhilaration.  You can never stand still.
  88. Jerry & Esther had a thrilling experience in Oak Creek Canyon in the fall that made their hearts sing. It was a magical moment. For five years after, they took a busload of people there on the same day at the same time, but never saw the same thing or had the same experience.
  89. Your life is making new magic daily.  There are billions of dollars at your disposal!  Find your way to keeping yourself tuned to that.  Reach for the feeling of passion flowing eternally through you.  You have to keep making it happen.  It’s the mix of you and YOU in the now, the thrill is those moments when the mix is just right.  There is no formula or ritual that will get you there, and nobody maintains the passion all the time.  Let your alignment be your goal.
  90. If you could reach that place and maintain it, it would soon become like the old joke, and you wouldn’t feel it anymore anyway!  The contrast is what makes life vivid and becoming more.
  91. Just know what it is you are reaching for.  Stop going by the book.  Let the environment keep you moving or it doesn’t stay fresh and alive within you.  Part 3**********
  92. Creating is about achieving a focal point with the essence of something and letting Law of Attraction bring it to you from Vibrational Escrow.  The nonphysical energies of you breath life from your rockets of desire which is the vortex that then tries to draw you into it.  When you let it suck you in, that’s the creative edge, that’s passion, being swept into the vortex by the strong stream of energy.  If you position yourself somewhere close to it, you will be drawn in.  If you are saying, “I’m not feeling it, I’m not feeling it, I’m not feeling it,” you won’t hear the vortex calling you.
  93. Just lean as best you can in the direction of what you think it would feel like to have the partner, money, projects, and plans you want.  And then follow your gut.  Relax and let yourself be swept into it.
  94. You cannot be in the vicinity of what life has caused you nonphysical self to become without feeling the call.  Passion is becoming who you have already become in nonphysical.  Allowing your dreams to come true feels even better than death!
  95. The feeling of passion is what you feel as you are approaching the vortex.  Once you get into the center and KNOW, it’s like the eye of the hurricane, then you feel peace.
  96. You don’t always recognize when you are right where you want to be because it feels calm.  When you move from hope into belief, belief into passion and passion into knowing, the feelings change. 
  97. When Esther got her first Monster Bus, she loved it SO MUCH, and then she got the next and it never felt quite like that again.
  98. Question:  why do we love the Internet things on the dog nursing piglets and the rabbit playing with the deer?  Abraham:  Brace yourself.  It’s because, in your screwy approach to live you want everyone to get along.  We want you to understand that there is nothing wrong in the tension of differences which is causing the expansion of the whole Universe!
  99. If you had the ability, you don’t… If you had the ability, you don’t… If you had the ability, you don’t… If you had the ability, to limit the variety of perspectives, you could stop eternalness.  But you can’t!
  100. Through your variety, you’ll expand, don’t try to homogenize diversity.  You like to see harmony.  But you don’t need harmony outside, in order to have harmony inside.  Just come into alignment with yourself.
  101. It’s lovely to see the lion lie down with the lamb, but you cannot mind when the lion eats the lamb.
  102. When you have the physical manifestation of a pain in your neck, deal with it vibrationally.  Focus on wanting a strong and healthy physical body.  Just walk toward that, and it will be your experience.  When you go back to clean something up, it causes you to walk toward what you don’t want.  If you can focus forward fully toward what you want, that works best.
  103. But when you are already at the place of a pain, these are long term Vibrational patterns.  Yes, you can just let go, but sometimes there are things that need to be cleaned up before you feel you CAN just let go.
  104. On the leading edge, positive thoughts about what you want make your neck feel better, negative thoughts about what you don’t want make your neck feel worse.  The pain becomes an exaggerated guidance system.  If you ignore your negative emotion, don’t worry, the sensation becomes stronger.  The stream keeps moving faster when you don’t go with it, because you keep sending off new rockets of desire for relief.
  105. It’s helpful to ask what the indicator means – what was I just thinking that caused this greater discomfort?  Ask, “How does my Inner Being see it?  How does Source see it?” about 100 times per day.  And you’ll start to see the broader perspective more clearly.
  106. Life comes into babies for the most part at the time of its first breath, as far as awareness and personality are concerned.  Yet every cell in the growing body of the baby is alive and creating itself already.
  107. The power of the newborn and wild beasts is like a pure positive energy satellite dish.  They know who they really are, their flow is not thwarted.  They are already thinking what their Inner Being thinks, so they don’t have to ask the question. 
  108. Sleep is the withdrawal of consciousness and re-emergence back into Source, just as in birth and death.  Dreams happen as you come back into consciousness, not all night.  They happen in just a shorter time than you can easily acknowledge, because they are independent of your time space experience.
  109. Bad dreams are when they are aware of who they really are, and then come back into an interpretation unlike that in the physical.
  110. When your son is sleepwalking, he is fragmented; we would wake him up so he is fully in one plane.  Give him water to drink, wash his face with a washcloth until he is fully aware, then sooth him into wellbeing.  He’s working out some feelings of unworthiness he’s picked up along his physical trail.
  111. Your Inner Being isn’t interested in helping you work through stuff.  YOU have to find the way to come into alignment or not. 
  112. Wake him up to remember this good feeling world and remind him of who he really is.  This is something you are ALL wanting.  And to remember that you have the ability to sooth yourself.  Intend to wake up tuned in, tapped in and turned on each bright morning.  This will help make merging your nonphysical and physical parts more seamless.
  113. For some, the middle of the night feels ominous.  We think it’s wonderful when night feels like day, and you are eager to be in life in either place.  Wanting to go back to sleep is the opposite of eager.  It’s usually because you think you NEED to go back to sleep.  Nonphysical never sleeps, sleep is about resistance needing to be overcome.  Once you overcome your resistance in your waking state, your sleep state will be a totally different experience.
  114. Question:  how to help special needs children have the best possible life?  Abraham:  The most important thing is to release the label.  No one comes forth in a needy place.  We’d call them special desires not special needs.  Desire is the beginning of ALL attraction.  There are many energies coming forth who want a different experience.  They have a different attitude about life. 
  115. You have a very precise list of right and wrong behavior.  You teach children your expectations and give most of your vibration in response to your observations.  It trains you to conform to what others want.  You lose your sense of freedom by paying attention to standards induced from the outside.  More are coming in the now who are different enough not to be trained to what you want them to do.
  116. Everyone marching to their own drummer has a better chance for happiness than those who are watching.  These new ones do not care about the rewards you dangle in front of them.  They follow their own guidance from within.
  117. In order to assist them, imagine what their intent might be.  They get frustrated when people try to make them do things they didn’t come to do.  They were born deliberately to be non-conformists.  They are more beast-like in the sense that they are less influenced by the mores of society.
  118. When you seek the approval of others, you train yourself out of your ability to feel your guidance within you.  We want your thoughts to be induced by who you really are, not by what someone else thinks about you.  Your society cannot give you your reason for being.  It doesn’t serve you to think it does.  It must come from within you.
  119. You want your children to behave.  They are individual energies and you have to trust that they have their own guidance systems.  You have new ones coming forth who want to do it for themselves.
  120. Say to others who are trying to fix them, “They’ve come with powerful intent.  It’s hard for me to accept that because they are different, it means they are broken.  I’ve taken on a new way of thinking and talking about them.  They are special WANTS children.  I think they were born knowing something the rest of us have forgotten.  I’ve come to hear what they have to say, so they can help me remember to chill out and be happy with myself.  To not try so hard to fit the mold, to feel worthy, even though I am not jumping through the hoops of society.  They ARE special.  We are all special, and I am so happy they are helping me to remember!”
  121. We won’t help you kick yourself in the ass; we’ll try to lull you away from doing it!  You’ve been holding yourself apart from who you are, not letting yourself close the gap and become what the nonphysical part of you has become through your rockets of desire.  But the situation is not as dire as you are now making it out to be saying you haven’t allowed yourself to be you your whole life.  It’s just that now you are more conscious of how you feel, you can’t stand it when you don’t close the gap, and looking back, you can’t stand it that sometimes in the past you didn’t.  But you don’t have to look at the past.  Just turn your attention to what you want and close the gap in your now.
  122. You feel the fear in your stomach.  It just means you have some habits of thought that are different than what Source is thinking.  You are angry at yourself for not living differently in the past.  But there is no point in regret.  Resolve to relax and listen to us as we speak to you from Source’s perspective and then as you from your perspective here…  You have always done what you thought was best.  You have never been one to let yourself be directed by the peanut gallery.  You’ve been stubborn in following your own ideas.  All of that is symptomatic of one who is a tuned in being in alignment with Source.
  123. Now you’re feeling regret that you were not someone who pleased others.  Life has caused you to become more, new ideas have been birthed in you about what you want.  You haven’t yet figured out what thoughts to think to bring you into alignment with those rockets of desire.  That’s ok.  You have lived your life magnificently. You have not been as apart from your Source as you think.
  124. Things are constantly evolving and becoming.  The more beautiful your Vibrational Escrow becomes, the more intolerable it becomes not to catch up to it.  The longer you live, the gap gets greater, because you have lived yourself into this powerful creative being.  The old thoughts just don’t ring your bells any more. 
  125. You are still vital and alive.  You are feeling the difference between who you really are and how you are feeling in the moment.  That’s the creative edge!
  126. You came knowing that you would want it, and then get some of it, and then want more.  You are a huge summoner of energy.
  127. Say things to yourself to help that knot of fear subside, with the intent of closing the gap.  As long as you are still alive in the physical, the gap will never be totally closed because with your rockets of desire each day, your Inner Being keeps moving forward.  Appreciate, meditate, chill out, and you can come into vibrational proximity of who you really are each day.  Whenever you are feeling good, the gap is closing.
  128. We’ll speak your words here…  I’m living life well.  I am making decisions with the new criteria of intending to feel good.  I always made the best decisions I could before, given the balance of life I had lived to then.  Now I am overlaying onto my criteria other things that are more important to me now.  I am making the effort to choose thoughts that bring relief to this knot in my stomach.  When I criticize myself and others the knot gets bigger.  When I focus on what I want, the knot softens and gets smaller.  I believe I have the ability to dissolve the knot all together.  I believe I am a good person.  I was born of Source energy.  I have set many things in motion in my life.  I believe there is much more for me to do here.  I want to trust that if this time-space reality has inspired my desire, it can deliver it to me.
  129. Dissolving the knot of fear is motion forward.  Thoughts that intensify the knot are not.  You know the difference now.
  130. Sure, you got thrown out of places, relationships and jobs.  You got kicked out of those places because you were not a match.  You were special.  You were unwilling to conform.  You could even say that you were looking for love in all the wrong places.  What you really want is to look for alignment between you and YOU.
  131. It is in your NOT being willing to put society first that you have lived a BIG LIFE and had value.  Don’t now begin to condemn yourself for who you were.  Just understand your past in this context and the knot will go away.  (The questioner then got up to leave the hot seat, gave Esther a big hug and kissed her and patted her in appreciation.  Abraham then exclaimed:  We want another one JUST like him!  We want to continue this dialog of understanding who you really are!)
  132. Questioner:  I have been battling cancer that has come back again and again over six years.  Abraham:  You were holding your stomach as you sat down, that’s the knot in YOUR stomach.  Your premise is screwy.  There is no need to battle as if something outside you is after you.  It feels like there are outside forces at play, but you need to reach for a softer understanding and find relief from fear so you can move into hope and wellbeing.
  133. When you stand in resistance and shout NO! at something, you are actually saying yes to it by your focus of attention.  It becomes an active vibrational component in your life.  Instead resolve to talk more about what you DO want and less about what you don’t want.
  134. We’re not interested in talking to you at all about cancer.  That’s just a vibrational indicator about how you have been flowing energy so far.  It isn’t a death sentence.  It’s doing something about the thoughts it’s indicating that we want to help you with.  There’s only one cure – think thoughts that shift your emotional response from disharmony to harmony, bring yourself back into balance.
  135. When something is eating away at you, there is usually strong resentment and pushing against something in your life.  That’s what we want you to turn around.  When the thoughts are different, the indicator will/must be different.
  136. Six years ago, what were you angry about?  Your childhood was long ago, you carry that memory with you, but there was probably something more specific.  Your divorce.  You feel misunderstood and abandoned, disrespected from 7 years ago.  Early anger got bigger and resulted in a divorce.  Does it make you feel powerful now to realize that you can feel differently?  Tell a different story today and you WILL feel differently about that relationship ending.  Revise it from the point of view of broader perspective of nonphysical, figure out what your Inner Being is saying about it.  We’ll tell you.  Say, “It was not wrong that we came together, but always within it, I/we knew it was not perfect.  Commitment kept me staying there until he made a decision about us not being together that really was right for both of us.  Now I can agree with that decision.  This relationship has added to what I know myself to be.  I have always been independent.  I wasn’t a match to being under his thumb.  I am FREE!  I can find what I am looking for.  It was valuable as it came and as it passed.  My Vibrational escrow grew through it, and all is well now.
  137. Now your indicator HAS to change, because your vibration has changed. 
  138. When ever you identify a culprit in a situation, lots of discontent gets assigned to that one.  You’ll still feel ornery about some things from here on, just ask yourself, How does my Inner Being feel about that?  Don’t panic if you feel bad, just resolve that little by little you will change your thoughts.  Release the target of blame as soon as the thoughts come up.
  139. You feel resentful because everyone depends on you, and it makes you feel you didn’t get to live your own life.  Lots of people live their lives for others because they’ve been trained away from their own guidance.  Ask, “What does my Inner Being think about this” again and again and again.
  140. You often choose a target to push against to say why you are not feeling good.  Blame IS better than guilt, but you have to keep moving up the emotional scale from there.  Loving yourself and others requires you caring SO much about how you feel that you keep closing the gap again and again.  THAT is the freedom you are seeking.
  141. You like taking care of others, so you do, and then you find yourself surrounded by needy people.  You want to teach them to be SELF sufficient.  It’s out of whack when you try to fix them yourself. 
  142. Your anger and resentment can be resolved in a matter of days.  Realize life is all happening NOW.  It’s not about THEM.  These people are not even the same people who hurt you in the past, those people are gone.  It’s always been about YOU and your vibration.
  143. In this moment, you cannot feel the resentment you have carried because right now you are seeing through the eyes of Source, past, present and future.  No disease can abide in THAT vibration!
  144. Just try to perceive your life as Source within you sees it.  Think things through again and again until your negative vibration and its indicators are gone. Part 4*******
  145. Questioner:  You previously said…  Abraham:   All of the previous questions and answers are passé for this leading edge crowd!   We’re going to new places.
  146. Questioner talked about building a cabin, a place of peace and connection.
  147. Abraham:  When you create a haven where you extract only the best parts, even a lazy person who just observes can feel better there.  There’s nothing wrong with keeping the odds up, but when you carve out a piece of heaven, you begin to resent the rest of the world who won’t behave.  We want your haven to be your own vibrational gap vicinity, not a physical place.  Practice looking anywhere in the world and feeling good.  Babies don’t come here wanting feathered nests.
  148. Questioner replied how the Universe conspired to slow down the architecture for 9 months which gave her time to get up to speed.
  149. Abraham:  The entire Universe is conspiring for you.  When you think it’s conspiring against you, you get crossways of the energy and then you opt out of the conspiracy that is trying to work for you.
  150. The children of the future are coming in evolved, the most recent one born is the leading edge.  They are cable ready and listening to who they are, far more determined, and less influencible than earlier generations, coming in with the mindset of all they’ve lived, with the intention to live in Joy and it is very good.
  151. Questioner:  I feel stuck, even though I have had some really positive experience with others.
  152. Abraham:  LOA feels like a stream causing a vortex that draws everything to it.  You feel discord when you don’t go.  You are doing way better than you give yourself credit for. 
  153. When you go into a negative jag, it feels bad, then you comment on it and the Universe brings you matches to it which launches more rockets.  Your life feels dynamic and builds momentum whether you let yourself go with it or not.  Lots of people prefer negative emotion to no emotion, so things you don’t want keep getting bigger.  There is always change going on, so there is no ability to be really stuck.  Look more at what you do want.  When you weigh the pros and cons, plus’s and minus’s, it makes you feel stuck, because you’re always fighting brush fires.  You know too much to ever be stuck now, it just means you’re not letting yourself go temporarily.  Little vibrational differences get you moving gradually up the scale.  Lean in the direction of what is wanted and it will shift and gain momentum in a positive direction. 
  154. All hell breaks loose when you start defining more specifically what you want, and your resistance comes up.  An equal amount of wanting and doubting equals the feeling of stuck.
  155. When you hate something, it births powerful desire.  Hate is energy moving fast, it doesn’t feel stuck.  But with less contrast, you have softer desire launched and it feels limp.  You have to be able to discern more subtle vibrational differences and so you feel stuck.  When you move into hopefulness and optimism, there is not much difference in the range, so you have to be even more discerning.  In the presence of believing, there is not much contrast, so it can feel a bit stuck when you are used to a more dynamic environment.  You are motivated when your vibrational gap is very far part.  Inspiration is more subtle than motivation and you have to listen for it to call you toward believing.
  156. Then when you click into knowing, your Vibrational Escrow flows and you feel like you are on a surfboard riding an avalanche.  You are closer in vibration alignment then.  You need to get in touch with subtleties and feel for the emotional nuances.  It really helps if you make your priority that NOTHING is more important than that you feel really, really good.
  157. You haven’t yet trained yourself into a high discernment of desire.  Desire is NOT all the things you have not yet received.  You want many things you already have at least some of the time.  You ALWAYS want joy, passion, and connection.  You always want relationships that evoke those things from you.
  158. The need for the ability to make subtle distinctions gets clearer and clearer the higher you go on the emotional scale.  Things that used to ring your bells won’t anymore.  You have to keep expanding your ability to discern in order to ride the joy wave.
  159. Things like winning the lottery may bring relief but they don’t bring total joy.  You find out it’s not really about the money.  There is a gap that can only be filled by alignment with who you really are.
  160. You have to prefer to feel good than bad, and to love than hate.  But you also need to know the more subtle differences between hope, into belief into knowing.  There is no ending to the vibrational movement you can have.
  161. You feel passion when you are giving Source the energy stream for ever increasing joy.  It’s your willingness to bang around in the contrast that evolves the creative, leading edge.  Feeling joy is about moving to the next place of wanting.  It’s always been about enjoying the journey.  You’ll never get to the destination!  Part 5*********
  162. Question:  I am afraid of my anger getting out of control because I might hurt someone…  Abraham:  You were likely experienced as a child that your anger had negative repercussions, and that what others thought about it mattered to you.  You traded your internal awareness of your guidance for fear of their judgment of you.  It’s not easy to be big when others are little, and we think you heard a lot about that.  Questioner:  Yes…  Abraham:  the big benefit of anger is that it helps you move beyond helplessness and depression.  But there is something even bigger here – you choose your actions by how others respond to you rather than by how they FEEL to you.
  163. You’ve been very motivated by the response of others in your life, and now you’ve moved beyond that, but the internal feeling experience hasn’t kicked in yet to match the change you’ve made intellectually.
  164. Inspired decisions about what to do come from getting into the vibration of your Inner Being, where you feel drawn into the vortex of your vibrational escrow.  You are no longer pushed by what you don’t want, but rather CALLED by what you DO want. 
  165. You have got your foot out of acting from motivation by others, but you don’t yet have both feet in acting from inspiration.
  166. You’ve come too far to go back.  You can hardly stand not to get the rest of you moving in that direction.  As you give more attention to how you feel, you will find a renewed zest for life.  You have to consider the Nonphysical vantage point in order to understand how Law of Attraction really works, who you really are and why you have come forth.  Ask “What does my Inner Being think about this situation?”
  167. Law of Attraction always is responding BOTH to Source Energy thoughts and your thoughts to either cause the feeling of coming together, which is positive emotion, or pulling apart, which is negative emotion.
  168. Your potential is huge!  You feel elation in alignment and discouragement in non-alignment.
  169. Your car, which people rave about being wonderful, IS wonderful because the people who created it and have driven it and loved it expected it to be wonderful.
  170. Every person is a multitude of vibrational energies.  This one is testy, that one loving or organized.  You give them labels along the way.  Each one has the potential of feeling really good or really bad, depending on what they are focused on in the moment.
  171. Train yourself to see the world through the eyes of connected being.  Few do it, but when they do, you call them a master.  Only a fraction of the population is living life to the fullest.
  172. This variety in the levels of connection allows Law of Attraction to bring together people of like vibration.  Jerry notices it in businesses – he can feel the reflection of the vision of the core person in a business, because the vibrational lineage flows out through everything and everyone.
  173. When you have the good fortune of coming into harmony with a connected being, wonderful things can happen to you.  If you took all the collective wealth of the world, and divided it fairly among everyone, in 10 years it would be all back where it is now. Everything is about Law of Attraction and which aspects are dominant in your vibration.
  174. Begin to expect good things.  You will experience synching up with wellbeing and respect; your relationships become fun and harmonious.
  175. You can do it relative to friend relationships, and mates but also to world politics.  One individual tuned precisely to wellbeing can change the world with a new vision.
  176. Question:  The stock market is a roller coaster, I’ve been trying to buy when I am afraid, because I have learned that to cut and run doesn’t work.  It’s mostly worked, but it’s very uncomfortable in the process.  Abraham:  In roller coaster instability is the very upheaval that will put the greatest value in FUTURE markets.  It is the contrast insuring that the wellbeing will be there, in all markets, not just the stock market.  There are huge fortunes in vibrational escrows being created, for the masses and all individuals.  You have to find a way to become a match to the amassing wealth.
  177. Once you realize that volatility in current markets is a GOOD thing, you come into the corner of the hopeful, vibrationally.  Slow down your involvement temporarily, sit back and hold tight as you come into harmony with the idea that the future market is becoming brighter and brighter.  It helps if you have deep pockets to ride it out.  But in any case, let your every action be based in the idea that everything is going to be all right.  When you find the feeling place of knowing that all is well before you take action, the results will be more consistently good.  The key is feeling better knowing that the future market is secure and stable.
  178. When someone gets really sick, the eternal, biggest part of them that is well in vibrational escrow is now weller than ever.   To get your attention more on wellbeing, look at the Big Picture.  The sun comes up every morning, the planet is stable in its orbit.  Wellbeing abounds!
  179. Try to morph your fear before you act.  Talk it into another place.  Talk about the hopeful future, things that have worked in the past.
  180. Nothing is more emphatic than money, oh, except relationships, oh, and health, to show you what’s in your Vibrational escrow!  [laughter]  Part 6****
  181. Question:  I have a lot of very rational folks around, and I seem to lose connection to my solar plexus around them.  When I am connected to myself, I can tune into others.  But when I get distracted by their talking, I lose track of myself.  Abraham:  When you are visiting with one who is in alignment with themselves, you can have a good conversation, whether you agree with each other or not.  When you each believe what you are saying, wonderful new ideas can be birthed.
  182. If you are really connected, someone not connected won’t set you off.  Prepave your experiences in new environments before you get there.  Say things like, “There’s LOTS going on there.  Even in an unlikely environment, I can find gems, hear good ideas and have good conversions.  Envision yourself there, feeling good.
  183. When you are tapped in, you’re enjoying this one and that.  You connect with their alignment and you are each feeling passionate as you together birth new ideas.
  184. You can say, “That one is not in alignment right now, but they’re on their way to understanding that EVERY environment is a good one.”
  185. Once Esther became a powerful reader of energy, she found bookstores and libraries overwhelming.  We explained to her that she needed her own mission and reason for being there.  Once she knew WHY she was there, the other chatter she could hear around her stopped.
  186. The chatter in your head is your own misalignment.  IT’S ALWAYS YOURS.  You have control of your chatter.  Aren’t you glad you don’t have to control THEIRS?!  That’s freedom!  When you focus only on aligning your own energies, you will find that ALL environments have something to give you.  Until then, even the best of environments will annoy you.
  187. You feel good when you think about you want, whether you are by yourself or co-creating.  But when someone else criticizes you, you get annoyed thinking about what the other wants and blaming them for your misalignment.  Care about what you want first. 
  188. Most of you have been trained to get off track by an authority figure who was pleased with you, whether it was a parent, aunt, teacher.  You are an uplifter.  And you like that they are pleased.  But when they feel bad, and you try to figure out how to please them, you are being trained away from your own guidance system.
  189. You have to care more about how you feel than about how they feel.  Most people have a hard time hearing their own guidance, they respond to the loudest, not the truest, guidance they hear.
  190. If everyone were selfish, this would be utopia.  When each is tending his own alignment, they create an incredibly co-operative environment.
  191. If you believe what others do impacts you, you have to control them.  You observe them, go where you think they want you to go, and it never works out.
  192. When you say, “I do well in this area because…” things get better.  But if you say, “I do well in this area, but not in that one” you hold yourself there.  Just lean a little bit downstream.  It doesn’t have to be dramatic, it’s easily achievable.
  193. You are looking for love in all the wrong places because you have trained yourself to look for responses from others.  You know alignment works in lots of areas of your life, but regarding relationship, you find yourself feeling lonely because the majority of people don’t relate to you.  But those who are unsure are looking for a stable being, your greatest value is in alignment.
  194. It can be lonely at higher vibrations if you are looking for numbers.  But loneliness is your guidance that you are seeing this from a different vibration than your Inner Being.
  195. You cannot uplift someone who is not a match to upliftment, but you CAN imagine them where they want to be.  And then YOU put a better feeling version of them in YOUR Vibrational Escrow.  Then, when you look back at where they are, you separate you from You.
  196. Loneliness is your gap to close.  You’ve expanded your vision of who they are, and you’re not living up to it.  They’re not going to help you – you want to grab them and drag them to where they belong.
  197. Remember, where they are is only temporary.  As you come into alignment, and practice seeing them thriving, you become slightly more dominant, and Law of Attraction will line you up with the best of them.  You’ll find yourself zigging and zagging with people, while LOA is bring you the very best times to rendezvous with them.
  198. There are very different vibrations all along the same streets, your world is as unique as your perspective in this moment.  Work to bring yourself into alignment, you won’t feel an inkling of loneliness in steady alignment.  And THEN, the positive parts of other people flock to you!
  199. You cannot drag someone else into the light, and when you go into the shadows, your light goes out temporarily, too.  You have a clear picture of where they want to go.  True mastery is tuning into your own core and the core of the people around you.  True loneliness is the idea “I have to fix it all in order to tune in myself.” 
  200. Freedom is recognizing that all that matters is YOUR vibration.  That’s ALL you have to be in charge of, and then that’s pretty easy.
  201. Many of you really like getting into the middle of other people’s lives and making how they feel more important than how you feel.
  202. Before the cruise ends, everyone here will have the experience of their vibration raising.  When you are less engaged in the physical aspects of life, your vibration naturally raises. 
  203. When Esther is under Abraham’s spell, she focuses on thoughts and words in a long enough sequence that a natural vibration raising occurs. We try to make all our conversations with you vibration raising.
  204. Everybody is in a different place.  There is no destination we are trying to get you to achieve, just an improvement in where you are. When you feel your energy needs to be raised, it’s kind of counter productive.
  205. As you stay longer in a particular aligned vibration, the vibration of your Inner Being, and you hold it for 17 seconds, you will break loose into an even higher frequency, for another 17 seconds.
  206. Question:  why does the washing machine seem to help?  Abraham:  Usually your vibration raises in the absence of thought.  Step 3 is non-resistance.  You are asking for higher frequencies, Source is answering.  In the moment you lack resistance, you go there.
  207. Every time that happens, you reach a new frequency.  Every time, a part of that increase is yours forever more.  A rampage of appreciation serves you forever more.  Most people only make the effort to align and reach higher when they don’t feel good.  But if you reach under the BEST of circumstances, those gains last longer.  When you soothe a knot of fear, there is some gain.  But if you are already in joy, the leverage is greater.
  208. Small shifts in high vibrations are much greater than large shifts in lower vibrations.    We’ll have this discussion again, and we’ll all go to a vibration you have never tasted before.
  209. Again and again, let your intention be to ask your Inner Being, What do you think about this???
  210. Aren’t you tapped in already?  Don’t you love that your vibration can raise easily when you fixate on something you love?  You can pick lots of different focuses to bring you to a higher vibration.  That’s how the Source within you chooses.  You are the creators of vast empires, even improved conditions in Africa!
  211.   Do NOT underestimate the power of your thought.  Be dreamers of dreams!  Part 7 *********
  212. You are far more Nonphysical than physical.  Yes, as Law of Attraction responds to the new, improved version of you in your vibrational escrow, it is BECAUSE you are physical, birthing desires on the leading edge of thought.
  213. Your work as the physical you is to close the gap.
  214. Esther says to Jerry, “Will you scratch my itch..?”  If not for the itch, she wouldn’t have the pleasure of the scratch.  And then she says, “Now the itch has moved ALL over my body!”  It’s such a wonderful thing to have an itch you can scratch. 
  215. It’s all about managing contrast, knowing you have control of how you feel, and giving birth to new ideas.  As you are eager and willing to give birth to more, you can ride the wave endlessly.
  216. It is not necessary for the question to be so far from the answer that it hurts.  Food tastes better when you are a little hungry, water tastes better when you are a little thirsty.  But you never need have a time when no water is in sight.
  217. Questioner:  Thank you for bringing me back to what I have always known.  Abraham:  It’s good you’ve lived enough life to know that.  Welcome back!
  218. Question:  I am feeling calm and stimulation at the same time – I feel on a different level now, I have no words for it.  Abraham:  Ineffable, that word is SOOOO annoying to Esther when Jerry uses it.  She says, “If there are no words, then what am I doing all day, every day?  There are a LOT of words!!!”
  219. But you are right, and so is Jerry.  Don’t tell Esther we said that!  There are some interpreters, like your sensors for taste and fragrances, that are more precise than words.  The feeling of energy moving through you… 
  220. Your power is in the now, where you can align those energies.  We like it when you say you cannot find words for some things.  The wordless are often more in alignment, like babies and beasts.  Sometimes words are the way you take yourself out of alignment. 
  221. Hold the idea, you are more nonphysical than physical.  And you are now asking often how nonphysical feels about everything, how it perceives everything.  You will have more and more moments when you feel that broader part of you.
  222. Your vibrational escrow is being tended for you by Source.  This vortex has already been created for you.  Get your thoughts around it.  It feels like the energy of the vortex on the outside of it, and totally calm at the center. 
  223. When you get in the vibrational vicinity of it, Law of Attraction takes care of it, and it is definitely going to be.
  224. We’ve been saying that in the presence of strong desire, disbelief can be overcome.  Because when you really think about it more, you launch more rockets of desire, which get stronger.  And then you are sitting here, you listen to us for a few hours and you relax into the vibration of Source and come closer to who you really are. 
  225. It’s not necessary for us or anyone to goose up the energy for you.  As we speak together and focus, the energy IS more concentrated by our focus, like light in a laser beam.  As you get closer to the edge of the energy, relaxing and focusing moves you into closer proximity, and the stream takes you.
  226. Better to go to the football game if that pleases you, than to come to a workshop.  Do the things that chill you out, go to the beach, take a cruise, get a massage, get someone to scratch your back…  You’ve already got an incredible swirling Vibrational Energy vortex.  We’re just doing our best to bring you in the vibrational vicinity of it.
  227. An airplane in the air going 600 miles per hour yields a smooth ride, but the same plane at the same speed, on the ground, with resistance is a rough ride.  As you participate consciously in deliberate creation, your stream moves faster, and you must catch up with it. 
  228. By managing your relationship with your Vibrational Escrow, you feel more like you are in the center of the vortex, rather than whirling on the side.    You can move about in the vortex, from exhilaration to calm, but we’d never slide back into lack if we were you.  We’re always in the center where it is calm.  But you like the adventure.  You just have to decide how much pathos you choose to have.  You do that because you feel you want to validate your successes with your struggles.  You will learn that the good things you want are a match to the good that you already ARE.
  229. The dream state is not so different from croaking.  Your consciousness releases and re-emerges into nonphysical.  The experience translated back always goes through interpretation by the lens of your physical beliefs. 
  230. Everyone immediately re-emerges into love when they die.  The nonphysical beingness is ETERNALLY that which you are.  When your physical perspective is withdrawn, you see only the Pure Positive Energy you always perceive from nonphysical.
  231. [Abraham then appeared to speak as Esther, rather than as Abraham, when she said,] “I cannot describe Nonphysical except through my physical lens and I add distortion to it.  [Then they went back to the third person] It IS colored, it must be, by her physical perspective and beliefs.
  232. We’re so looking forward to all your deaths!  Part 8 *********
  233. Make it your dominant intention to find something to feel good about. When you understand that your natural state is wellbeing, then you will begin to catch discord in your feeling at more subtle stages.  That's how you manage contrast.
  234. Make peace with where you are and lean in the direction of what you want.  The power of all the processes we teach is in releasing resistance.
  235. You want to be a deliberate creator.  But thinking the thought is not the creation.
  236. The creation is DONE!  The creation is DONE!  The creation is DONE!
  237. It's not about wanting more.  All of the wanting is done automatically.  Your job is to match the vibration.  Do the Book of Positive Aspects, script it, get more detailed about what you want.  All this is training you to match the vibration.
  238. What I want is already done on a vibrational level. What I want is already done on a vibrational level. What I want is already done on a vibrational level. What I want is already done on a vibrational level.
  239. I asked for it.  It's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done!
  240. My lover is there, my recovery is there, my money is there, my vitality is there.  It's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done!
  241. I talk about it because I LIKE talking about it.  Talking about what is done makes me feel good.
  242. The majority of people would throw up listening to Jerry & Esther milk the stuff that happens that delights them, over and over and over again for a month or more.
  243. Don't do the processes to make things happen.  Remember it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done! It's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done!
  244. Even though in your physicalness you don't yet see it, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done!  It's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done!
  245. Talk about it because it feels good.  IT'S DONE!  That's the only reason to talk about it.  If you think you need to talk about it to make it happen, you are mistaken.
  246. You have to accept that it's done before you start closing the gap.


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