Caribbean Cruise

by Pat Kuzela

Friday March 28, 2008-(Final Day)

Please note that these are the words as they came through my personal filter. At many points I summarized what I received [in brackets]. NOTHING CAN REPLACE EITHER BEING THERE IN PERSON OF HAVING THE CD'S OF THE ENTIRE SESSIONS.

Topics discussed in this day's seminar include: appreciation for contrast, identifying how Source feels about everything, “Make peace with where you are!” claim your power, feeling stalled, Vibrational Escrow is your feeling place of creation, how to interpret the Guidance, baby who died became adopted child, “You can take your Vibrational Escrow to the bank!”  feeling security—no matter what, breathing for cellular wellness, “Stop bashing Contrast!” raising vibration, “focus” or “fun”? “IT’S DONE!!!!”  vision problem, setting goals/vision board, source of manifestations, mental retardation: a choice?  WWII vets created peace, mass vibrational escrow, “Satan,” “bad angels” and religionists, shortening the 17-second combustion time, FEEL nonphysical contact, starting platform of next physical life, as you believe, so you shall receive, debt collecting, drug use for releasing resistance

A:  Good morning.  You are refreshed? You recognized that in the life you have lived, in the short time you have been aboard this ship, you have become more, VE speaking?  We would say----farther beyond what you would think--- exposure to a week’s worth of life contributes dramatically to your expansion.  Your stream is moving faster; the eternal being that is you has expanded because of our exposure to life.  We would like you to have more appreciation for what you have lived.

How does Who I really am feel about that person who is annoying me? [etc.]  How does Who I really am feel about climate changes, the stability of the climate. ?

 Is Who I really am watching Al Gore's movie?

 We want you to realize that every time you feel fear or those negative emotions, it only means that the Source within you is not going with you.  The source within you was dancing.  Any time you feel less than wonderful, that means your IB, the source within you, feels differently than you do…That’s why it’s important to ask yourself, in the midst of that concern or negative emotion, while you may not be able to articulate in precise terms, what Source within feels.

You can take the opposite end of that feeling and NOW you know how the IB feels.  When you look out on the ocean, you can see the stability of the planet, and how it is really round. 

Nothing makes Esther feel more sure of the stability than to be out on the ocean and look out on the abundance of the water, and know the longevity of it. You don’t feel fear because your planet is in jeopardy; you feel fear because the Source within does not feel that.  Understand that and go forth with the confidence and clarity.  Source is saying “It’s not like that!”

Q: Over past couple of years she has used deliberate creation to create what was wanted, “without a doubt”

A: It is as fun for us…It is fun to notice the correlation.

Q: Has made stream flow so fast.  Not able to keep up with it, has produced so much contrast; it has been the most difficult past 3 months in recent memory.

A: 100 mile car hitting the tree.  Next book is about managing the contrast.  The gap between habit of thoughts and where contrast has led you in terms of the expansion.  It is when you are not up to speed with them, it feels more traumatic.  When the radio station is not where you are, do you bring your life to an end?  Or do you just adjust the dial?  Adjusting the vibrational variance.  LOA tends to hold you in patterns where you are, so it is a gradual adjustment. When you say “This is the most difficult time of my life,” you weren’t paying attention.  You have to make efforts to stay in vibrational alignment with it.  There is no “stuck,” there is nothing as dramatic as our words are making it sound.

“I have been living some really big life, and some wonderful things are in my Vibrational Escrow, and I got a glimpse of my VE.  Then my juices really got flowing, and my energy stream was flowing faster and faster, and now I am intolerant of not being the deliberate creator I have chosen to be.  I have taken to beating up on myself when I am not in perfect alignment.  I am where I am, and that’s OK.”

  You can’t change vibrational adjustment right now, or change things this red hot minute with your actions and words, because you can’t change your vibration instantly.  LOA does not allow it [except the moment you croak].

Sometimes life moves you out there faster than your willingness to care how you feel, and you willingness to keep up with it.  “Bless the life I’ve lived for putting it out there. Haven’t I done a good job on this and this and this?

 We have never seen anyone close their gap even a little bit while they were regretting not closing the gap.  YOU HAVE GOT TO MAKE PEACE WTITH WHERE YOU ARE.  You cannot close the gap by being dissatisfied.  Won’t I stay there?  YOUR life has caused you to do the becoming.  Complaining, criticizing self and others does not close the gap.

Positive aspects, appreciation, self love.  SATISFIED WITH WHERE YOU ARE AND EAGER FOR MORE!  That closes the gap.

Best thing you can ask yourself:
What is it I am thinking about you that is bothering me?  You render yourself powerless [when you allow yourself to feel bad].

  You try with barricades and sanctions, grounding them, your rewards.  You cannot control what anyone else does.  When you think even a little bit about what someone else is doing, you feel like the pillow is put over your face, you feel mean and angryWhat is it about my thoughts that is keeping me feeling this way?  That puts me back into power.  It’s THAT about you that I am doing.  I am doing it to myself, and I am using THAT about you, to do it to myself.  That’s power that’s freedom, that’s what Source within you does.  Your Source within never observes your weakness.  The source within you observes weakness in order to choose strength.

How could you do that for so long, when those screwy thoughts gave you negative emotions?  You stopped caring about how you feel. Their frown or their smile became more important than how you feel in your gut.

We love it when it feels like everything is going screwy. Because you are finally aware of the vibrational difference, because now you know!  You came forth to expand deliberately and expand joyously

Q: I am selfish and I have tried to achieve enjoyment of the moment, but I feel that at my age, I feel impatient that I have not yet achieved….[all that I have wanted to achieve]

A:  They still pulse for you.  If you can get this piece---and you can----it is all going to fall into place for you.  The impatience you feel is not for the lack of achievement, even though it seems like it.  The feeling of impatience is the feeling of stall, of being in neutral, instead of in drive. That’s why we don’t want to talk about the goal.  We talk about soothing the impatience, the work is to stop the resistance, and allow the allowance.  There is a difference between stopping resisting Resistance and allowing the Allowance.

What kind of words would soothe your impatience? ( It inflames it when you say; “I should have done it better.

[Instead]: “I didn’t know then what I know now... I was numbed about my guidance.  I now have this understanding.  Now I can do something about it.”

 You can make that impatience inflame again: “I have known about this for a few years now, and I should have attained it…”

[Instead, think]: “Look at all the things I have come to know.
 Jerry and Esther, when they have a little hiccup in their experience, they do a little rampage of appreciation for other people.  “This experience is just reminding us that we want to be a little better at it.”

Q: I want to make my business make money instead of me working.

A: Is LOA the engine in all this, or are you the engine of it?


You say, “That is the problem! It is ethereal.” We want it to be material [about it swirling in the ethers].  You have to let the VE be your FEELING place, not your “seeing” place.  The reason you want all of, the money, customers, time, and people to assist you is because you KNOW you will feel better when you have that.  All we want you to try to do is use the power of your words, your vision, to get over there.  Find the feeling place of your creation before it can manifest. When you beat the drum, [of “it’s not here yet”], you are doing the opposite of what must be done.  If you want the love to show up, go to the movies “with your love”, go to the beach “with your lover”, conjure the image that evokes the emotion that you want.  YOU HAVE TO GET INSIDE THE VE AND FEEL what is over there.

The reasons humans are feeling mediocrity is because instead of making the effort to get in there and find the feeling place, they are trying to find out what to do to move them there.  If you don’t stay there in your vision long enough to feel the [creation?],  you feel the dissatisfaction.

Business to grow…”I love doing what I do, I love knowing what I know.”  What is it about money that is important?  Money is freedom, and freedom is the true nature of my being.  I love taking money out of the equation. This feeling of oneness, the feeling of abundance, it is all the same feeling.

When you pick up the stick of security, it is a more general statement.  Esther loves the feeling of the pulsing, breathing ocean, basking in the deliciousness of the bed [on the cruise ship] and knowing the feeling of the well beingness. Stand in the produce department of the grocery, and marvel at the beauty of the colors, smell them, experience the security of your economics, of your delivery system.

Think about anything that resonates with feeling good.  You don’t have to take a subject like money and wrestle it to the ground until I feel good. When you think you can’t purchase something, how can I get on the other end of the stick? What you will discover is that by not hitting it so head on, by caring deeply to find the feeling place, and then evidence of it will show up everywhere you go.

“Abe, I get tired of pretending things, it’s easy to get rich when you feel rich.  That’s why the rich get richer.  You can find the feeling before the money can come.  YOU GOTTA  GET IN THERE AND FEEL IT!!

“That’s not as bad as that”---Keep moving yourself there.  Your instrument for measuring your resistance will keep moving with your ability. 

Karen [the media assistant] tells us that some little variance on her dial, one little adjustment will make a 360 degree magnification.  Esther [uses a powerful magnifying mirror] that make her eye BIG for putting her BIG eyelashes on.

[The point being made here is that a small adjustment of perspective will have HUGE effect on the energy].

Q: Julie Barr [cruise comedienne].  I am having a fit.  My question is piggybacked to Jerry’s question, in that discussion about the pebbles that hit the windshield.  Jerry and Esther love California and had some contrast with Arizona.

A:  The impulse to not go THAT way is still the impulse to go that [different] way.  The aversion to it is not a guidance to go that [other] way.  The Source within you is always calling you strongly, loudly, in the direction of not only what you want, but what you have already become.

 Your question is, how are you translating it? In the early days Jerry  and Esther were sort of using us like a pendulum... Esther was translating through the typewriter, or [yes/no, regarding driving directions].  So they went out with friends out into the desert. They challenged the friends,:  "Go anywhere---we are gonna get Abraham to go and find you." 

Jerry is driving and Esther is receiving impulse from Abraham.  Esther could feel it’s’ NOT that way, it must be that way.  They are nowhere around, and there is no manifestation.  They gassed up twice that night.  They had made a deal with friends that the game was not over until they were found.  Finally, just before sunup, they found the friends and Esther by then was furious with everyone.  All the places they had gone to, the friends said, “We kept receiving the impulse to keep moving.” [There was much more to this story than recorded here, and it was quite amusing.]

 It sounds like Abraham was playing the game.  That was not what was happening.  We were showing Jerry and Esther where they were, but by the time they got there, the friends were somewhere else. Finally, they did have their manifestation.  The source within you is not playing games with you.  The source within trusts you to get out there and mix it up. Source knows the platform will inspire the expansion.  Source understands the process.  We want you to start relaxing; the fact that the Source that is you exists here means you understand that.  Be proud of that, even of the fit you are throwing.    Want to feel good enough, to reactivate your guidance.

Lots of people on this planet are adding immeasurably to the expansion, but feeling miserable now because they are watching other people’s approval or disapproval.

To be out in the open in front of others who form so many opinions of you, you who know what you know, how can you reconcile that?

 Get out there and entertain yourself.  Let your audience be the Source within you.  Surprise yourself while you are doing your routines.  You have to reach a place where you really, really, really; really, don’t give a rip about what they think.  As you uplift them, inspire them. Those are gap-closing experiences. 

Q: My relationship---- Is it behind the dumpster at Benehana?

 [There is a lengthy story about the people Jerry and Esther were looking for all night being were parked behind the dumpster of the Benehana Restaurant.]  It keeps moving.  You get there, and then you get bummed out.  Right before dawn, you’ll catch up.

Q: Many years ago, on holiday, his wife had had miscarriage, One night afterward, he saw a young girl in the room, and as he watched, she grew up before his eyes. She was not a ghost; and 3 years, later, they adopted a dark skinned dark curly haired girl who looked like the girl.  She has grown into a beautiful young woman now.  Was he getting an Escrow? 

That poignant moment exaggerated the desire.  The desire had been there a long time; it was exaggerated by the miscarriage.  It was a future probability that you just saw.  There are so many creations that you can catch glimpses of, that VE is real, not a fairy tale.  In absence of resistance, you can catch images.  It is normal for you to have glimpses, glimpses.  That’s why we want you be so good at envisioning.

We want you to feel that confidence in your VE.  It is something you can take to the bank.  Like having a million dollars and running up a credit card bill.

Q:  All my life I have had a fear of being out of my depth, fear  of being in deep water.

A: We want to lay something in here.  You have a little uneasiness…is that fear about being warned about the water?  Are you thinking something about the water, that Source would never think?

Q: What was so nice for me was I swam out beyond my depth and I relaxed and felt the absence of fear.

A: What is the focus?

 Don’t focus on the bad things in the world. “Don’t I have a responsibility to focus on the bad things of the world?” 

There is no virtue in holding yourself chronically apart for from what you have become.  Think about the most stable place you can think of. Are you having a hard time thinking of a stable place on the planet?  Pick one.  Your bed in your bedroom in your home.  The refrigerator is full of food, etc.  [You could] picture an earthquake coming, and causing upheaval all around you.  You might feel a little discord about it.  Now take it a little deeper, and feel like you are trapped in a very small place.  Now, think of the people outside.  They are not coming.  You think you can’t get out.  You could start hyperventilating; you could induce feelings of fear.  Not because this is happening, but because your thoughts have separated yourself from the resources of life that infuse you with well being. Choose from reality the things you want to happen, and maintain that vibration, because nothing can come to you outside of practiced thought.

“How do I know if this thought is guidance about something that is going to happen?”

  As Esther was packing, Esther thought “I am just going to travel light."  She had this very powerful thought, about the hundreds of hours of material on her computer, and she moved the files to the other hard drive, and then she saw her little backup computer, and she had an impulse to snatch that other computer and put it in her bag.  It felt heavy, and it would make the bag heavy, and she thought, “I don’t want other people to have to carry that, didn’t want the ship’s crew to have to open it,” and yesterday, the computer she brought-----, the  hard drive just seized up.

 Then Esther understood fully the disregarding  of the positive impulse with her negative response. And then Esther began to beat up on herself. “I disregarded my guidance”!  Then she said, “Did I create it? Was I resenting working while they were playing?[She had intended to do some work while the passengers got off on the island]  No, I was in a positive mood about doing my work.”  In other words, you are always being called TOWARD your greatest good.  The God within you cannot see other than through the perspective of Self

Q: Usually you don’t get into the physical, more the mental…perhaps posture, breathing, to improve vibration, clearing chakras, what is your advice?

  Of all the things in terms of your vibration, breathing is really one of them... When you breathe deliberately, anything you use as your reason to focus that is free of resistance, is to your advantage. One of the things people talk about in running, second wind, being in “the zone,” because the running causes the cells of the body to ask for more, that is really the optimum physical experience.

 You can receive the optimum physical experience if you were not blocking the cells of your body…by thinking thoughts that set up a pattern of resistance that make it more difficult for the cells and the source to move about freely.

Q: You say everything is a vibration, like a sound wave. Do you guys in nonphysical have peaks and troughs? [like sound waves]

A; Like Esther’s sound waves on the screens, nonphysical experiences contrast also.  There is contrast in everything.  It would be indiscernible in your physical perspective.  As you are reaching for the best-feeling thought you can find, as you reach that thought you call Love, there are endless, endless feelings along that range, the capacity to [perceive?] That’s what makes eternity so secure, there is no ending to that which we can achieve.  Joy that any one perspective is experiencing in any one moment in time has to do with that perspective’s expansion in that moment in time.  All that is experience that benefits the expansion you are creating magnificently.  Future generations will benefit, we think it is

Q: The nugget for me is Jerry’s question. It is really good.  The nonphysical does not cross that line.[to set us up to “learn lessons.”]  It seems we are such powerful creators that Esther hated the experiences in Arizona and [then] the rock broke the windshield.

 A: We want to amplify something you said. Jerry asked, “Does some perspective of Source prod you into the expansion?”

 It is not source or IB.  It is LOA responding to your vibrational offering, always, and the beauty of all of this is that you have two vibrational vantage points that give you guidance. After the fact (contrast), you say it was worth it.  We want you to stop bashing contrast.  We want you to start adoring it.  We want you to find the peace that will only come from standing in your perspective and adoring those other perspective, instead of trying to decide whose perspective is the most accurate, when they are all accurate.

Q: I want to find a way to raise my vibration to indescribable levels regardless of where I am on the emotional scale. [He experiences feelings so wonderful that he has made up his own private vocabulary to describe them.]

A; The only reason you are able to say “regardless of where I am” is because there are 2 points of reference.

Q: In the techniques in AAIG, and my own, as I tell myself, “I feel good, I feel good,” and my vibration starts to rise.

IN your rhythm, your ritual, you are finding distractions from the thoughts that hold the [lower] vibration in place.  The best analogy is …Your natural vibration----is in a high feeling place, like a cork bobbing in the water.  Let go of the cork, and it will bob onto the surface.

Q: I start feeling vibrations that I make up words for. Am I potentially screwing up my guidance system by saying I am feeling well, when I really feel like crap?

A: You are focused on where you want to go.

Q: My teacher says I should say “I AM well, rather than want” to be well.”

A: That is why in AAIG, there is a variety of process that work better with variables that work for individuals, depends on what is going on in their experience.  If what you are doing is improving the way you feel, then you have found an effective process for you. 

If you claim to feel good when you don’t, if you have a strong sense of telling it like it is, and you don’t feel good, then what you are doing may not be an effective resistance-releasing process.

It is why you slumber, not because your body needs sleep.  It is a vibrational respite.  You are attraction-free during slumber.  It is more like a rebalancing of energies.  The thing we really like about this process your have discovered about yourself.

I feel rotten, but I want to feel better, I feel rotten, and I know the potential for feeling better is there.  I have reason not to feel better, because I was focused on a way that did not feel good, I am worthy of feeling good, I like how it moves, I like knowing I have latitude.”


Q: I know it is good to focus on our desire, and also to let loose and have fun, but I don’t know which I should be doing more of--focusing specifically or spending time having fun. 

A: The big answer-----The more time you can spend having fun and feeling good. But some of you have limits, of time and money.  The rule of thumb is, be as specific as you can be, and still feel good.  Understand the 3-step process of creation.  Life evokes Step One from you.  Source answers. The VE we have been talking about, Step 3, is “I must put myself in a place where I can ALLOW.”  The conscious part is to allow.  Then ANYTHING that causes you to chill, to benefit, and feel good. 

Jerry and Esther lie out on the cliffs at Sand Diego, and they are there with the singular intention of doing nothing but basking in the beauty of the moment, and they bask, and they bask, and they bask------ for about 15 minutes, and then Jerry’s fingers begin to start thumping on the rocks….There is a wonderful dance between asking and receiving.  You have to define for yourself what activities are casing resistance.

If something is of interest, fascinating to you, you’re in alignment, or basking in the sun….

Q: If I am walking my dog on the beach, I feel blissful.

A:  Here’s what we think you are getting at…Life causes you to ask, and anything that causes you to feel good is the Allowing stage.  You can’t distract yourself from life enough to not continue to ask. Here’s the thing we really want you to hear. When you understand that your natural state is well being, so now you start to be more sensitive to the way you are feeling, and you catch discord at the very early stages, it becomes a MANAGING of the contrast, and do our best to lean toward those things that feel better to you.  We want you to realize the power of the process is about releasing Resistance.  Be a vibrational match to all the things waiting for you in your VE.  Should I think this thought so I can more quickly create?  Most are not hearing; “THE CREATION IS DONE.”

It is not even about amending the creation.  It’s about you training your vibration to match what has already been created for you.  The distinction we are wanting to make with this leading edge question you are asking here.  Say with us, “What I want is done on a vibrational level.  I asked for it, and it is done.  It’s done, It’s done, My [ you name it] Its done, its’ done, it's  done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done it's done, it's done.  It's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it's done, it’s done.  It's done. The only reason I want to talk about it, is because I like to talk about it, it feels good to talk about it, talking about it causes me to feel good, it’s DONE,

The majority of people on the planet would throw up listening to jerry and Esther talk over and over and over and over, about something funny, .But don’t do any of  these processes to make something happen, It’s done! It’s done.

You don’t need the clarity; you don’t need the processes to make it happen.  Tell the stories that feel good to talk about it. 

Q: Regarding verbal words vs. feelings.  I find it expedient to tell people that I cannot see well with my physical eyes. You told me quite clearly not to worry about what people think, and I don’t.

A:  [To Karen, the video assistant—what is the name of the device?]—It takes the [image????] of the object, then takes the segment of data and blows it up and makes it more discernable.  So your eyes are interpreting vibration, that’s how you see.  Think about your vision as the interpreter that it is. Take the vision of others out of the equating.  You become energy to Esther’s’ eyes as she allows the energy to come through.  You could let your emotions, your sensors, be your exaggerated eyes.  Don’t you know who is coming around the corner? Stop acknowledging what our eyes cannot see, and move to another level of discernment.  You have senses that are becoming keener that people are not articulating as sensors.  In the absence of your concern about your vision, it will improve.

Q: Am I harming myself by telling someone I need help to get to my table. ? Am I harming myself by saying that, if it doesn’t bothering me to say that?

A:  Your words are important.  When you say something that you mean----there is more pulling power in your behavior than in talking about it.  We would not verbalize things that we do not want to continue to experience. You want to evoke behavior that would soothe the situation: [You could say to the person you want to assist you to your seat],   “Have you ever come in out of the bright sun, and your eyes have not adjusted to a dark place?”  As you become comfortable [with softer statements], say, "My eyes have not adjusted to this new environment yet.  My eyes are slow to adjust to light.  I am in the process of seeing, but right now I am blind, could you guide me? “

 Find playful ways of adjusting.  Nothing wrong with explaining along the way.  Your desire for independence is the best vibration you have within you.  Yu have a spatial sensing.  We think what is going on within you.  You know you have the ability to do things you cannot do.  What we are interested in discussing to you, is, why is this even an issue???

We think the condition does bother you, and saying the words does bother you.

There is an awareness of how you are seen by others that you just cannot shake loose of. We want you to care how you feel and to not give a rip about anybody’s response. You all care far too much about what others think.  We’re not feeling you not caring about how they feel. Say, “Hey, buddy, I’m not kidding you, just take me to the damn table!  

Why do you not want someone else to assist you?

 [Because]  It makes you feel diminished.  “I’m here to prove something and I should do it.  If I turn over it others, I will not get the credit.”  It is at the heart of why Esther does not want to delegate.  It’s a flaw in your perspective of your own worthiness.

We want to shout at you, ”If you weren’t connected to Source, you wouldn’t be here.  You’re here in this dance to enhance this experience of this eternal, joyful dance.  The whole thing is for the purpose of the joyful dance!”

We would far rather have you care nothing about what others are thinking and doing and in time you will train yourself into only caring about you, and you will come to have what you mean and what you feel offered vibrationally.  Reach for what you mean and what you feel.  That is why this whole seminar is about:  “I wonder what my IB is feeling about how I feel?”

Q: Had studied Catherine Ponder, and it was about making a board, where you ask and you receive, it was personal, and so I hid it in the closet.

You did not want others to know there were things that you wanted that you had not achieved.

[Jerry then related a personal story about] …” when Esther moved up to Fresno, I emptied this closet [and found an old vision board], and without fail, everything I had put on it, had come to pass, I hadn’t even been thinking about it.” 

Q: Is there equal power in setting goals, as opposed to I didn’t set any goals and it happened, too?

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done.  The asking has already taken place.  The affirmations and the goals are all helping you with step three, the allowing part of it.  Putting it on the board was not the asking part.  It was the allowing part, too.  All of these efforts that you think are the asking, all they are doing is putting you into the vibrational alignment.  The asking occurred before you did that,[before you even actually created the board]  the answering was done, it’s done, its’ done. All of it happened before you put it on the board.  That’s when you are LETTING it happen.  All of the components that you have been asking for.

Some would say it is really splitting hairs about what the steps are doing.  We think it makes a big difference to you, if you don’t know what part you are doing. Doesn’t it help you if you are believing you are done? Because it is doneThen your work is to chill out and get in alignment with it If you don’t know it’s done, and if you do things to make it BE done,  all  the words and actions you offer from your belief that it isn’t done, keep you from moving towards it.


Q: I have been in a profession for 20 years, and my part in the profession is finished.  I don’t know what is coming next.

A:  In all that you have been living, you have prepared the next part.  Through the life you have been living, even thought you cannot articulate it, you ….

Q: I am a lawyer, have been doing a very particular kind of law.  I like what I do.

A:  Do you think in your living of life, you have been making some conscious and unconscious contributions into your VE?

A: We will ask you very precise question, and as you focus on the answers, you will…

You’re saying, “I carved out a little piece of the law world, I got to exercise my mind, got to uplift people” Every time you got bound up, you set something up, it is not possible for you to not have created the next powerful and beautiful thing for yourself.  That's why we have made an effort to convince you that when you are enjoying something that you do want, you are being cued up for [what has been pleasure to you]

It is just a matter of your feeling your way.  Jerry was talking about that in his movement toward Esther.  This that is what we are all about is swirling and calling to them both.  So the question would then be, if it is done, and you know it is good, and it is your creation.  If it is there and it is done, and it is good, how do I get to the next logical…

By getting to the feeling place of the fun of being in the process of sifting and sorting,  I know it is there. Why? [to audience]:

[audience] IT’S DONE!!!.

Q:  Could I make a picture board?

A:  Rip through those magazines, get on those websites and cut out those pictures of those things,…do the work, not to make it happen, but to enjoy the process of it already coming into place.  So now everything about you is about preparing yourself vibrationally for receiving.  How do you do that?

By watching for evidence of security, by noticing movements when you feel secure.  What does it feel like, to have a stimulating career?

Q: I felt part of a group that was being, creative, productive, a joy in what I did.

A:  You were using them to describe something, you made that feeling come about, which caused that vibration.... So what would you put on a picture board that would represent the abundance that is done, it’s done, it’s done, How could you picture freedom?  [For example]: This trip,[this cruise] and another, and another, sitting doing nothing, doing things you like to do, shopping,  playing, -----put it on the board in some way.  Do everything you can to put the things that induce the FEELING.

Do you know what the real work is, Dear Hearts?---[It is] Sifting through the contrast.  That was the work.  You came forth to expose yourself to the variety that would force you to conclude, to desire.  Now you have to find ways to induce the feeling of what you have created.

You can’t just occasionally find the feeling of it.  When you recognize that you don’t feel it, then FEEL it.  First it might feel like relief, relief, relief, and then it will feel like elation, interest.

We would not run away from work, we would conjure pictures that bring forth feelings of satisfaction.  Imagine being in groups with world leaders, having “AHA!” moments. Don’t you just love going to the new places with other people, don’t you love the synergistic picture of all that.  You don’t have to hide it [the vision board] in the close, t because no one else understands what it is, anyway.  Others would say, "That looks like a pretty frivolous life; I don’t see coal mining or 10 commandments on there.  And you say to them, “It's all there.  The work is done.  Now I am [awaiting it?]

Q: Jerry asked about a sign or about a source telling me something.

A:  If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would say, it is a sign of something.  It’s a sign of more allowing, or a sign of more resistance.  When Esther’s computer came grinding to its last breath,  was it a sign of her resistance?  Or a sign of preparedness, because they are still recording, or a sign that Esther worries too much about things she should not be worried about?  You can make the signs be about anything you want them to be.  The emotion I feel, every time is an indicator of [???? Didn’t get this]

Q: Where do these manifestations come from?

A: They are a sign of dueling vibrations.  The love in my bed, my bank account, everything--- is a manifestational indicator of a current state of vibration.  THIS is who you have become.  Which vibrational vantage point is being dominant?  The VEscrow is HUGE in comparison, but still LOA is a very powerful law.  Everything that happens, is about those 2 vantage points, when your heart is singing, and when you can hardly contain your joy, you are offering one vibration, in the absence of resistance, the things the U can show you are fixed and are sensational.  When they are all mixed in with doubt, they….It is like Esther playing with grandchildren and getting the colors of the clay mixed.

If your quest is to feel good, and enjoy the mixture, it is easier to leave out the parts that don’t fit this [swirling vortex Abraham is indicating].
 “How does my Source feel about this?”  Maybe you meet someone and something about this person means LOA brought them to you for a reason.  This was your point of attraction, and they are reflecting back to you something that you don’t want, so “that’s a sign.”  Bless you!  Mirroring back to you.  What parts of you, would I like to be apart from?

When you try to extract the perspective of your Inner Being, so you are becoming more Inner Being- like, little by little you leave the parts you don’t like out of it, so little by little; the parts you don’t want are not part of it.  Like Esther when she was little, took a bar of soap and carved off everything that was not elephant-like, leaving behind the parts that don’t fit. [Esther had carved an elephant out of soap.]

But we don’t see many people leaving behind the parts they don’t want.  They look at what they don’t want.

A:  We’re going to thread the needle here….Inner Being knows all the prelude to the punch line.

Q:  I have a problem with” mental” or “emotional.”  I have a sister who is mentally retarded. How did she choose that?

A:  When you see someone living something that you would not want to live, the question will confound you as long as you ask it.  The question is, “Why is it that I cannot don another’s perspective?  Some of the people who by human standards have the greatest deviation from “normalcy”, some of those people, more than those than on the “normal” side of the label, experience joy. 

Every now and then someone like your sister comes along, who is more beast- like…[The beasts] do not explore the contrast as clearly as the humans, do not have as much in VE, Their desires [still talking about the beasts] and their beliefs are very close, and so they usually have pretty good moments.

Esther heard on TV the huge number of children diagnosed with autism.  Almost an “autism revolution.”  You cannot pigeonhole me, because I am not pigeonhole-able.

 If you come into physical, they [society] are going to come  fighting for first of all,--- your soul, and second----, fighting for your behavior, there are some nonphysicals, who say, “Llet’s give them a little run for their money.  Let’s just be outside of their pattern, let’s demonstrate alignment on another level.”

Humans have this picture that there is this challenging obstacle course called life, that if you make it through, there is some prize out there that you will achieve an award.  Someone coming with a different view of life is fulfilling their reason for being here a million to one than the people coming in with all of their normalcies for their platform for the living of life.

When you look at one of our beasts, “I don’t believe that animal thinks about the things I think about.”  You would be right. Your sister doesn’t think about world events, harbor resentments.  She has the allowing part down.  As you move around your planet, you are very good at picking out societies, and calling them underdeveloped.  You are right; they are not developed like you.

How can one live in an environment of expansion, and maintain alignment to source?

The time of alignment is giving birth, and catching up.  [????]

The sympathy [for the “disabled”] is my departure [from how IB sees them].  This is NOT how my IB sees this person.  Ask IB,  “How do you see this person?”  If you want to see someone RISE, start seeing your sister, the way IB sees her.  You are going to have a new experience with your sister when that happens.

Q: Triggered by things I have heard on the weekly series…The bigger pictures of generations coming. Maybe soldiers went through WW2---Did they come back and make the peace movements, and others who lived through the times of [adulterated food create VE for] organic food movements. ?

A: Yes, it is literally that way.  That personal VE being done, and the world catching up with it.  World escrow is done, and people are catching up with it.  What we want to add is, “Here is the VE that is the future potential.  It will be lived by future inhabitants of the planet, once they find V. alignment with it.  It is certain they will live it.”

How soon will they find alignment with it?  Can you see how the more people …..?In 1985, the words "law of attraction" was spoken in India [?] by Troward[?].  His expression came to us through Jerry’s question, using his expression, and Jerry asked about other laws. Yes, “attracting, allowing.”

[What I understood this to mean was that the terms were original with this person, and through Jerry’s asking, Abraham brought the terms forth and we have them today.  Otherwise, we would not all know about this.]

Look at what is going on today. “Law ofAttraction”  is THE hot phrase on Google.  And here you all are, REALLY defining and discovering what it means. It’s a very very big, big, big, big picture.  This is a time of Awakening. 

The things that will take place on this planet by those who learn to align with VE, and those who continue to fuss and worry will have a very hard time, and guess what, they will put more into their VE, and there will be a time that so many will be using guidance systems, the majority will be TITITO.  Just living what you know causes the vibration of this physical earth place raises the vibration of the physical escrow. [In other words, I think Abraham is saying, whether you “get it” or don’t, all are contributing to the mass Vibrational Escrow!!]

There is another thing going on, the dilution ratio.  You raise the vibration of the physical platform [of others] by virtue of their association with you.  That is why inventions are conjured by the needs of past societies , that can be received when the vibes catch up.

Q: When I figure out “what am I thinking about you that keeps me from my [VE]?"    What do I do with that?

A: Tell us about him

Q: He’s a complainer, a sort of know-it-all.  (Hmmmmm. So am I.)

A: What he knows is “wrong.”  If they are stupid and they think they are smart, they are so annoying.  If they were really smart and know what you know, they would be all right. [sarcasm!]

“Inner Being, what do you know about this person?  You know he is making little subtle digs about you, bunch of hypocrisy.  You have dissected all of that.  Inner Being what do you say about him?”

Inner Being is going to zip back to long range view, back far enough where not flaws are visible.  Have you ever known anyone that from a distance thy look good, but when you zoom in close you don’t just see the warts on their nose, but the warts of their personality? 

Your inner being WANTS to love anything you look at.  All he is doing is [being] a representation of your disallowance of your Broader Perspective.  We know it is hard to hear, you didn’t bring him into your experience, he just showed up.  “Inner Being, hmmmm, what HAVE you been thinking?  How DO you BE?  You’ve LOVED this person, all along, you’ve always loved this person, you must have a long list of loving this person”,

“Inner Being, I’ve been been sent here to explore the contrast and you are back in the safe zone, so I’m going to withdraw back to your safe zone.”  Fill the entire book[Book of Positive Aspects] about this person.  Your Inner being will help you fill the entire book about this person.  And you will discover that the people who bother you the most are the people with whom you have the strongest pacts to come into alignment with who you are.  They are soul mates [you] are [looking for]. Not one of you said, I’ll go forth and take the easy ride.  The retarded sister did. Not one of you here.

So that I can constantly mold the clay of that which I am, so that I can constantly be that which I am becoming.  [Nothing] can match the thrill of coming into alignment, the relief of resisting resistance, and feeling the thrill of manifestation.  You are molders of the clay, and those brothers in laws give you new stuff to work with. 

Q: That would be good to do about yourself.

A: Be as specific as you can be and still feel good. Sometimes you have to go back to the day they were born.[Looking for a good feeling about the unlikeable person:]--  “You are wonderful when you are asleep. You will be wonderful when you croak.”

Now you are tuned in, and you can start tiptoeing forward, “and you were wonderful the day you are born, someone I love loves you very much, I look forward to having a really wonderful relationship.  I don’t think it’s necessary for you to understand me.  Your expectations of me have nothing to do with me.  I really would like you to have a wonderful life.  I see by the consternation around you that you have a lot in VE; you really have put a ton of stuff in for future generations.”    

: When I think about my cat, even if she is biting me, [I don’t have negative feelings]

A: The difference between your cat and your bro in law, your cat is aligned with who she is, Bro in law is not. It is delicious to interact with those in alignment.  I know I am really an allower, when I see you through the lens of my source..

Jerry: Likes a song , “I believe in Angels”

Jerry: [In a hotel, he had] opened a Bible that said that if anyone ever says to you “All is Well” they are from Satan. A reverend friend of theirs says Abraham comes from bad angels.  Do you [Abraham] believe in angels?

A: We know whenever you pipe in like this you feel you are asking some question that may be coming in with emails or the greater culture.  Whenever you are not standing in vibrational alignment of well being, that is where you are making rules, or dropping bombs, and “motivating."  And while it is not true of all who are participating within religion who want so much to experience goodness,  you develop lifetimes of patterns of pushing against, lifetime patterns of pushing against who they really are, they are in such disconnected pain, they are not in the stream of who they really are, being in a vibration that disallowing the larger part of connection, you flail about in many different ways, so much of those rules and pronouncements, that in their writing, when they are using words that say” love,” but giving vibration of fear or hate, they are not aligned with love.

When you find someone spewing hatred in the name of God or name of “good,” it is not so easy to want to help them.  It is not so easy to ask your Inner Being, “what can I do?”

[Story of competition between Esther and minister at baggage claim.] The bags were identical.  Jerry knew he was powerful TV evangelist, and he sees Esther “playing” with this man.  And we want you to understand that if you could step back into the broader view, you would …[???]

Everything that is nonphysical is Pure Positive Energy.  Everything you think is “bad” is human, misguided interpretation of same.  There is only a stream of well being; there is not anything opposite to the stream.  This is the age- old confusion that has gone on since the beginning of man walking the earth.  “Since I see that other than good comes to me; there must be a source of the badness that comes to me.” 

Jerry:  Do you [Abraham] believe in angels?

A: There is only goodness, and we see goodness in everything we see.  [To Jerry:]  Whatever can you be reaching for?

How can you hear us speaking the Pure Positive Energy of Source and ask us?  From what framework would such a question come forth?

 We suppose there is a lot of that writing around.  How do you tell what is true, and what not?  When you are feeling alignment of who you are, can you see that which is not good? If you are TITITO, do you see that? 

You have to be that which you condemn, otherwise it would not be there for you to condemn; it [the condemnation] would [have to be] be a mirror version of the dominant vibration with you. 

Say----- I am a reverend, and I want to bring this congregation that I love, to the gates of heaven, and the more I see them not keeping the rules, the worse I feel, and I make more rules, and in all of that there is a spiraling out of Alignment of who you are.  You cannot look at that which you are not wanting and not activate more of it.

When you speak love, and feel hate, you are out of Vibrational alignment with who you are.  All that [“fallen angels”] could be is something that is holding you temporarily outside of the vortex.

We would not insist that what anyone says about anything is wrong.  All of that is powerful "Step One-in" going on.  We don’t know of anyone on the planet who is expanding more rapidly than those who have fervor to separate the world into the “right ones” and the “wrong ones,”  who are reaching for a powerful becoming.  It IS a time of Awakening. It is an individual meltdown that is going on.

While some are experiencing heaven on earth, there are others who are experiencing hell on earth.  It’s never angels outside of you vying for our souls.  It is never God outside of you showing you the straight and narrow path. 

That’s why we love to think of all of your croaking, and allowing yourself to be who you are.  Doing it pre-croaking.  What you know is not the only right thing, either.

Not one of you came forth and said you will bring those religionists into the error of their ways.  Feel appreciation with what every one of them contributes to their vibrational escrow.

Q:  I get very excited when you talk about this being the time of Awakening and that we are teachers of teachers.  I don’t know why exactly that makes me feel so good.  Why is that so important to me?

A:  You are an uplifted to the core of your being.  Can you feel how good you feel behind when you let go of thoughts that once entrapped you?  It makes you want to continue the well being.  It is alignment with who you are, and what you really want to know

Q: There are family members who get jammed up in the contrast.

A:  When I think “teachers of teachers, “that feels good.“  [But] You are using them and their struggle as a reason to separate from who you really are.  THIS thought is in agreement with the Source with you, and THIS thought is not.” They are launching Rockets of Desires. Accept the beginning step.  You don’t say to a toddler, “Get up, you little dummy!

Q: 2 I like the 17-scecond combustion thought. 

A: More contrast, more asking, more answering, the vibrational stakes are getting higher, the  stream is  moving faster, the well are well-er, and the sick are sicker.  By LOA, another thought will join it.  There is creation in those combustion points.

You were born into a time and space reality  because those measurements give you greater faculty to focus, and more power.  Between a laser of light and a laser beam:  Laser has more focus.

Q: When I come back [into physical again], will the combustion point be 5 seconds?

A: Let’s visit this analogy with a new understanding.  It was offered for you to see there IS power in thought.  We were not talking about VE [at that time.].  In the nonphysical realm there is no time or space between the offering of thought and the manifestation of it.  We are nonphysical energy and we are receiving the fullness of manifestation through the thought. Remember, you are US. So when your life causes you to ask for something.  WE LIVE IT IMMEDIATELY!  IT’S DONE, IT’S DONE, IT’S DONE!!

It is about your willingness to receive the worthiness and the doneness you are asking for.  This gap-closing is really about that more of you  are getting this, knowing you are Source Energy. "I am worthy, and you are too."  You just have to have to convince yourself of your goodness. 

The best way to decipher nonphysical is to FEEL it, not so much about visions, or experiences, it is that interpreter that you feel.

Q:  You said earlier something about "our personality follows us into the nonphysical."  Does our VE from a particular physicalness follow us into another physical incarnation?

A:  You have to understand who your personality really is.  Let’s say somebody is rude to you.  You are constantly creating your vibrational escrow from the life you are living.

A: If you are rude, if you are lackful, the story we like to tell you to answer the question better than anything, is when you feel negative emotion, you have chosen a personality stance different from the Source of who you are.

 If your Inner Being would not join you in even one negative thought, could it plan some struggle?  In sifting for the good, you have it in VE.  You are looking in places where you didn’t think it was possible to find goodness; that is some personality to become.  It is from that vantage point that you come back again and to that vantage point you return when you croak.  You allow yourself in one fell swoop to BE who your life has caused you to become.  What a bouncing off point for what is to come!

Q: Can she improve beyond that which she was born with? [some kind of physical disability].

A:  You are not as precise about the physical circumstances that you think you are before birth.  You always come from the vantage point:  “We’ll figure it out.”  This NP energy escrow is that what you could call supreme and sublime.  That which you would call "angels."  It doesn’t matter what vibration surrounded your, or if you were born with disabilities, or if the disabilities caught up with you later, It doesn’t matter because of all the VE that you now have!

If your life has caused you to clarify that you want something different from what you’ve got,  it is there.  Do you have to croak to redeem those vouchers, or can you let it in now?  If you believe in your VE, if you believe in your angels, and if you believe it is in your VE, and if you believe it, it can happen.

When we say, “All things are possible,” but you have to BELIEVE.  When you want to believe something that challenges you to the max [you have a bigger challenge].

 Most people are asking, and they acquiesce to what-is.  In order to move to what is preferred, they have to make the vibration more dominant. That requires concentrating, and that requires getting inside and finding the feeling place of it. If you just think pleasant thoughts of the experience of that “is done,” until you are feeling the pleasure of the completing of it, it must show itself to you in some form or fashion; it is Law.

Q:  I was really glad to hear you speak of bringing everything from love.  I am an entrepreneur, and I have found myself having to deviate from that, like if I have debt collection, I have found that the firmer,[in going after the debtors] I am, the better the results.

A:  There is not a question that action produces results.  Motivation is not a myth.  We are wanting to help you feel the difference between the leverage of action, and the extraordinary leverage that comes from alignment and allowing.

We have never known any real success that can come from anything other than love.  The success that everyone seeks is is from the freedom of love. 

Q: Has several small companies that he took over, that have debts. Wants it [debt] completely wiped out by August, so he can focus on new profits rather  than old bad debts.

A: [Through] the tension of collecting the debt and the strong-arming to get it, you have no idea of the VE that you are giving up in order to get those pennies.  The negative emotion that you feel, about someone thinks they can get away with not paying. And they are trusting that you will not legally pursue, it, and you are feeling the discord, because you feel you should be doing something differently.  You have no idea what you are putting in your Vibrational Escrow.

A man we were visiting with many years ago [had a business that had unpaid accounts receivable]. We encouraged him to write the following letter to those who owed him money, who were not paying:

Dear person who owes me money,

 I am writing this letter to let you know that I am releasing you of all obligation for the debt that you owe. I realize that the universe is abundant and I realize that the vortex of abundance in the universe does not depend on the payment.  

We could see his VE, and we could see that the energy he spent [on trying to collect] was disallowing the abundance that was in his VE.  You cannot have one foot in one world, and one in the other.  Put both feet in your own vibrational vortex.  You can call it “love,” or “appreciating,” or “alignment.”   You can call it whatever you want.  You can con only have things that match your Escrow. 

Our friend found money was coming in.  When you take the pressure off, Those who are going to pay--- are going to pay;  and those who are not going to pay, are not going to pay.


Q: I tried about 80% of the drugs that were on the market, just to see what my friends were experiencing.  I know why there are drug addicts now; it was so uplifting and brought me into a place of love, just wanting to go up to random people and just love everything about them.  My mission now is to be in the same vibration, sober all the time.  Is the drug telling us something about where we should be?

A: The intentionality that you held iny our experience……[didn’t get what was said here] Anything that you precipitate chemically that adjusts where you stand…..[missed this, too]  It was an experience of induced releasing of releasing.  We don’t encourage it because of the physiology of the body.  The body will acclimate to that. And so in order to experience the releasing, is that you have to “up” the amount of the drug.  The best part is that it brings you to an awareness of what the possibilities are.  We are not pushing against that experience through drugs.  It gave you something that was real to reach for.  We just want you to know that when you achieve it through your deliberate alignment with source, then and only then will you have it.  The best of all worlds is variety and contrast.  Pay attention to your guidance, and bring yourself into alignment, and stand in the new place, the new place, the new place. 

You believed it was a conscious experience.  We want you to hear us and feel us---When you have lived life and expanded, and deliberately come into it, you can experience the ecstasy of that high vibration.  There is no experience higher that tapping into to the VE that you and others have contributed for eons.  Feel the difference; ------- you could get spacey on some drug.  Fell clarity, feel no pain,  Feel the difference to have your hands on, be tactile, to be physical, AND to have that Source pulsing through you, The vibration induced experience is a thousand fold of that [of the drug-induced experience].

End of Friday’s session


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