Caribbean Cruise

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

by Pat Kuzela


Please note that these are the words as they came through my personal filter. At many points I summarized what I received [in brackets]. NOTHING CAN REPLACE EITHER BEING THERE IN PERSON OF HAVING THE CD'S OF THE ENTIRE SESSIONS.

Topics discussed in this seminar include “oneness,” superheroes, tears of joy, psychotherapist’s alignment, holding back good, sickness/wellness, planetary Utopia, joy=abundance, staying connected to Source, LOA can make you invisible to others, moving to higher frequency, the importance of focused desire, NDE in Tibetan Buddhism, moving from small manifestations to larger ones, “Get real about how you feel,” being “Vibrational Masters,” Who You Are=Where You Are Going, negative loved one, “causing” the unwanted, Abraham in other languages? What if Jerry croaks? menopause

Abraham: No warm up necessary

[The answer to this first question was quite interesting in that Abraham brought out how there is a “oneness” in that other peoples’ Inner Beings are cooperating with our Inner Beings to bring about what is in our shared Vibrational Escrow].

Q: The oneness that we all are……. If I want to be helping orphans in Africa.  I am doing that through Oprah.  So that is me doing that.  I want to be happy doing what I want to do.  Do I recognize that they are a part of me as well? Do I consider their thoughts and their well being?  Where does that oneness end and begin?

A:  In your wanting to understand oneness, you are speaking from many perspectives as oneness often always does.  As we address the idea of wanting to help children, and at the same time wanting to do things selfishly that please you…  [Restated: When you hold the idea of them being uplifted in your mind so much, so that follow- through to action which causes a vibrational match for you….]

If you are aware of wretched things that happen in the world,  through the contrast, you feel the excruciating discomfort in that, you launch a rocket of desire.  All your inner beings [of the Oneness] join that desire and begin right away to draw to that vortex all things necessary to [alleviate] that condition. 

You would see that oneness that you are talking about if you had a bird’s eye view of all the energies joining around that.  There is a slight question whether you in physical form will join that…If you could turn your undivided attention toward what you desire, then you too, could become part of that. 

The oneness is, that while in your humanness you focus on many different things, through the contrast of our life…Let’s call it the “vortex of oneness” where source actualizes around it.  You may have been 1 day old, you could have been one of the children starving,------- until this swirling vortex becomes the resolution of it.

As a vibrational being, you have found a real cause that you care about out of your observation and these rockets are joined by source energy, as you selfishly look for ways to feel good, instead of being focused upon the trauma and the problem.  There is no selfishness more satisfying than being in oneness with self.

When you’re feeling emotion, you are not purely in that oneness.  Isn’t it wonderful that you have come to participate in the contrast, and can participate in a cause to bring  physical relief?

 It is so hard for humans to realize their oneness because you are so focused on actions, but you can, over time, send many rockets of desire, and hold yourself into vibrational alignment.  Isn’t that the best description you have ever heard of utilizing your time in the best possible way?

If you want in on it, in a selfish way, look for positive aspects, bask, come into the oneness of your own soul, and own God force.

Q: (Same person) Next question--- If you ask, it is given.  How do I come into tune with what it is that I am asking?  If I drive to work, I must have asked for the car accident.  If I get what I choose all the time, how do I become more in tune all the time?

A: We don’t think you have asked for a car accident [per se].  If you have ever seen a car accident, you have asked not for a car accident….. If you have a car accident, in the details of life , you have focused on something that [matches the accident]

You can t see an accident without asking for well being. You can’t see poverty without asking for something else.  The asking and the allowing are two different steps… If you see things that make you feel good, and focus on that, that is how you bring it about.  Just relax and live life and sort out all this.  Remember there was a standard within you the day you were born as to what well being really is.

You KNOW who you really are. 

Coming back to the specifics of what you are asking for.  What would make it clear that you do not  want an auto accident?  You have heard bits and pieces of someone maimed, someone “left early” [i.e. died in an accident], someone in financial distress [as a result of accident].

Contrast helps you define.  Everything in VE is wrapped round and through the essence of well being and expansion and worthiness.

  Now you can use any excuse in the world to feel appreciation, to feel worthiness. It is all represented by the same vibrational essence of well being, anything you choose to focus on to make you then align able, attractable, makes you in the vibrational vicinity to allowing.

When you specifically define the gateway, like lottery for example, you hinder yourself more than help yourself.  Understand that it is there, chill out and look for reasons to feel good. Let yourself become one with that vibration of well being.  The laws of the Universe, the success, that which man calls “God,” will unfold each and every aspect that life has caused you to ask for.  You cannot be denied once you become one with that which you really are.

Usually they got too specific about it, they took score and noticed too often what hasn’t happened, instead of noticing what hasn’t happened. You don’t want to eat all the meals and breathe all the air in one day. [Be patient!!!]

Q: We want to talk about superheroes which we are bent towards, physically, nonphysically.  We love 'em.  We love the thought of it out there. We love to hear that it’s occurring as we speak.  We love the colors, the shapes, we love the flying.  We love everything that is related to it. 

A:  What do they mean to you?

Q: I love the strength, the connectedness.  I love that it is more than I see here.

A: Do you think it is an actualization of goodness?

  Q:  They have superpowers that work for good.  It is the coming into the power, feeling it.  It is more than humanly possible, knowing that I can feel it inside.  It is my bent in life.  Bottom line--I just love them.  I m not looking to rescue, I’m just looking to be.  I love the fact that of the fun, because I can feel you guys having fun with it.  I’m looking for more avenues that I can personally enjoy this unfolding.

A; We think the reason the  world in general is infatuated with superheroes is because everyone recognizes at some level that it is the power of thought that makes things be.  We think that what you are tapping in to, and what you are getting from it, is that everyone has the ability to be much much much more than they are allowing themselves to be.  When you watch it play out on the screen, and be absorbed in the detachment of the story, you line up with who you really are in a general way than many do in church, etc.

 There is larger part of you that understands that this is not myth or fantasy.  You have felt it as a way that you can selfishly come into alignment with the  superpowers of yourself.  It is why children take so readily to these ideas.  They have an invincibility about themselves that adults have long since left behind.

It does not matter what anyone thinks of you,  These ideas are not new, they have been around for a long time.  [The idea of superheroes are not frivolous; they are about coming into alignment with who you are.

Q: When you mentioned that we are all on our own surfboards, it really resonated with me, loving superheroes.  There a hero called Silver Surfer who generates the energy that propels him.  I was thinking that right now that everybody has this currently available.  I am a match to it vibrationally.  I can feel it. 

A:  You are describing that you are all set up for your successful achievements.  We tell it as being all set up, comes from source  You are accurate, that grid of energy is already there.  It is just a matter of you tuning yourself to participate within it any way you want to.

Q: Any tips on how to further actualize that?  I know meditation, other things to help release the resistance.  I know it’s kinda like a cake in the oven.

A:  The tricky thing about superheroes is you make them unique and rare, and [most of the world sees them as] unique and rare.  We acknowledge that there are many more people who do not allow themselves to go with the flow.  What category do you put yourself in.?

  It is a tremendous advantage for anyone to just understand the law of attraction…… Anyone who understands vibrational escrow…..  Anyone who has conscious awareness of reaching for better feeling thoughts-----That is someone who has put themselves in the category of being able to accomplish anything they want.  Ask yourself, write the stories of how you bestowed the power to yourself.  Give yourself the key to that power.


Q:  About tears of joy.  Why little children don’t express joy with tears, yet adults get so moved.  Why when I listen to music, I have tears, and it sometimes interferes with my enjoyment.

A:  Children are closer to alignment with who they really are.  When they are in alignment, they are up to speed and able to receive the full [didn't get this]  When adults come close to touching the true deep nature of who you are, and you are not quite immersed in the vibration, there is an “edge” to it, a feeling of homesickness, a feeling of nostalgia, sort of having one foot in the [?] world and one foot not quite there.  Sometimes people will say,  "I am overjoyed.!" We would say “accurate.” And we would say they are having more joy coming at them than they can participate in, and they cannot receive it all.

There is sort of being slightly off the signal of love, joy, and appreciate that this truly is who we really are.  There is a release in crying that releases resistance that allows us to come into alignment.  Tears release tension and resistance.  That is why children go immediately there.

Did you ever go on a crying jag, and halfway through forgot what you were crying about?

Jerry and Esther were talking about this at dinner last evening.  Often Jerry feels tears welling up.  Can’t quite receive in its fullness.  A tear or two takes you right there.

Q:  is a psychotherapist. Has been doing this for 15 years. Not wanting to be part of the perpetuation of the negativity. “I can see all the good that is in the client’s futures. I don’t want to give empathy.”  [for their complaints]

A:  You have discovered that they have laid a brighter future. 

Q:  Some of my clients want me to go and readdress issues they have lived so I can get a feel of the life they have lived.  So I have begun a process of not going where they want to go.   Some have felt abandonment.  I have explained to them on numerous occasions, “I have far from abandoned you, far from forsaken you.  I take the image of who you are and where you are going, even when I am not with you.”

A:  You have to practice in your own privacy, you have to see them achieving.  You gotta remember all the resources of source, including the vibration of source, even what they call “God,” are calling them home, [and they are still focused on their misery] what makes them you think they will hear you?

They don’t have to hear the vibration with their ears, they have the advantage of you, confidently knowing they can achieve it.  The story you will tell them will help them..

“I am not going to wallow with you, I am not going to sympathize with you, and in five years you will feel only appreciation for it.”  Tell them frequently how you see them, because you HAVE seen them. 

 You will have power of influence. How it works.  You focus on the client.  Seeing where they don’t want to be, seeing what they want has become part of YOUR vibrational escrow.

 Now you are seeing them as successful. If they are complaining loud enough, they pull you out of your vibrational escrow; seems like they are not trying, and you cannot allow the clamoring of what is to distract you from your vibrational escrow. Say to them, “By the way, I get very committed to my clients, and I spend time, with a picture of your improved situation, that is very real and very important, and when you ask me to go back and look at your picture, you make me feel bad, and if your own IB isn’t willing to go over there and suffer with you, so why should I go over there and suffer with you?”

Tell them you have an image of them--- You don't have to use the weird -sounding terminology of Abraham, ..” I care about you, and when I see you feel good, I know we are on to something.  I think about you when you are not here, and I have found a very satisfying place of seeing your success.  This is my story about you and I’m sticking to it.  If you go to a story that is different, I am not going to listen to it.  I know why we have come together.  I know this is a temporary situation, I am not sorrier about you. The troublesome parts of your life are so minuscule, compared to the wonderful parts of your  life. Don’t make me look there, and you shouldn’t look there either.”

 It’s nice to have a friend who is not distracted by your temporary halting approach.


Q: It has been incredible year, millions of dollars, beautiful new home.  If I had a magic wand, I could not have designed it better!

A: You DID design it.  You are incapable of knowing all the details that brought it together. It is like taking all the components of the ship in a big pile somewhere and thinking, “Hmmmm, what could I do with these?”  Then you get the elements of surprise and delight..

Q: In the midst of all this I am getting even more love than I realized, and I put the brakes on.  I don’t understand why I pulled back from all the goodness. I don’t understand.

A: The U says here is this magnificent thing (your first story). The second story you told is much more allowing.  If something feels like the deep end,[the new love possibility]---- don’t jump in. 

Don’t feel uncomfortable about not getting ready to get into the deep end.  Don’t jump in unless the water calls you so powerfully, that you couldn’t not jump in.  Wild horses couldn’t keep you out.

  Q: You said yesterday, “When you are sick you have never been well-er”

A: The more asking there is, there more asking there is.

Q: I don’t want to go there. [sick]

A: We don’t want you to be sick to get well-er.  So many deliberate creators are getting uncomfortable about contrast as if they are doing something wrong.  We want you to see contrast as what hopes and dreams are made of. Don’t change the world, just change your focus.  Just sharpen your ability to derive from contrast things wanted. That  was the powerful message from yesterday’s gathering.  We want you to understand that wherever you put your boat in the stream, you have the ability to [????]

Q: “Are there some people here to help this planet move toward this purpose?” [creating a planetary Utopia]

A: Everyone. No exceptions. The utopia you are seeking, that is the basis of our work.  If the utopia you seek is based on rules that is in contrast to ours.  We want you to feel that in that contrast is the expansion of the universe.  In that lining up of expansion is the joy. That sensation of joy is that moving in the stream to that ever-evolving utopia.  It is not an achievement.  It is an expansion.  You would not know joy, if you had not known otherwise.

 Utopia has to keep moving [just out of reach] in order to bring forth joy.  The feeling of coming into the vicinity of that votex, that’s what that exultation is.  There has to be that basis of comparison.  We would like you to get into the vicinity of appreciation and joy. When humans speak of joy, they cannot BEGIN to aciculate it in the idea that we understand it.  It would sort of burn out your circuits if you could feel it the way we feel it.

Q: There are all these things floating around in this time of Awakening.  What can we say to help?

A: Teach people by your example.  Make a decision that you will consciously and steadily come into alignment with who you are.

Q: I want to teach people success, but I don’t have the abundance.

 A:  But if you understand that abundance is JOY,…. [didn't get the rest of this]

If every student were in the same place, then there would be only one teacher.  To anyone who would be a teacher of well being, let LOA bring you your audience.   Take no action until you have found vibrational alignment with joy.  If your reason is “I am an uplifted,”  but if financial remuneration cannot be the basis of that which you are about.  But most important of all, along the emotional scale, if ……….. others are in anger.  Do not go there to get them.  You become like them, and then you have nothing to give them when you get ther

Q: How can I stay connected to my source? 

A: Staying connected means you will not have any contrast, and I will cease to do what I came forth to do, which is to launch rockets of desire. Don’t you love knowing that?  Makes you feel willing to live some more life. You love the drama of that.  It is a wonderful thing to rest in the knowledge that the source within you is available no matter what.  Nothing will take you out of alignment faster than worrying about being out of alignment.  The ones most in the alignment are those who don’t worry about being out of alignment.  When I feel negative emotion, “Good for me, [I’m getting valuable feedback.”]

Esther would say to Jerry [at the outset of trips]: “We should be there by now.  Jerry, We’ve only been on the road for 5 minutes. “Enjoying the journey where you are is a much more aligning sentiment.

Q:  It is difficult for me when I am in a “rational” environment, with people who are up in their heads; I cannot stay connected in my solar plexus, my emotional centerI am a consultant, in management.  When I am with myself, I can stay tuned-in., When I tune in to them and their problems, I feel myself going up into my head,  feel my energy going up [out of my solar plexus]. 

A: If you stay in connection with yourself, you will have most positive results.  Some of the most beneficial conversations in the world are when people who feel convinced of their rightness of their own position, you have some of the best communications.  You are picking up on their cross current.

If you are really connected, someone not connected will not set you off your game.  The resolution is to prepave.  Prepare yourself for the environment vibrationally before you come into it physically.

“I get the best piece of information, where I will be mining for meaningful opportunities to say the right thing to call someone a little closer to who they are.”

  Envision it, while you are driving to the place, or lying in bed the day before.  Envision yourself there and feeling good, so TITITO, that regardless of what anyone else is doing, you are enjoying it.  The others there, who are passionate, [envision] that good communication is coming out of it.  As you walk your body into the situation, you will not find yourself being unsettled. 

Once Esther could not stand to be in a bookstore or library, there was such chaos of energy in [there].  Once we explained, she does not need to find a utopian environment to feel good.  Once she had a mission of her own in the bookstore, and tuned in to her own reason for being there.  The reason you feel the chatter from others, is not theirs, it is always your own chatter, from your own misalignment. 

Your freedom will come when you let go of the need to control others. Until then you will have to be guarded about your environment, and even the best of environments will annoy you.


Q: I feel like I have always come from the heart, and people have [chided me for this].

A: Pollyanna. Pollyanna was really happy. TITITO

Q: I have had a lot of self doubt.  Contrast, because I didn’t know [about Law of Attraction] …Some of this stuff coming from others who make me feel doubt.

A: Someone who is not doing the same for themselves criticizes you for not being as miserable as they are. The reason you feel bad is because in your attention to their criticism, you are not being who you really are.  Let’s say this one wants, this, and this one wants that.  This one is only thinking about what she wants. But the other is annoyed with what the other wants, and now this one is noticing the annoyance, and now both are out of alignment and blaming each other.  The key is to care about what you want more than you care about what others want.

Q: When I get thrown off track that is what I have done.

A: When you please those who hold you as their object of attention, when you associate feeling good, with someone being pleases with what you have done.  When they do not act nice to you, or when something does not please them, you have been hanging your star, so to speak, on them feeling good. By rewarding you with their appreciation, and by punishing you with their being disappointed…. [you have been] trained away from your own guidance.

You must care more about how you feel than how they feel. Esther says this is like a voice in the wilderness.  People have such a hard time even hearing their own voice.  People are asking what the polls say. They are listening to the loudest outcry, not listening to how they feel.

If everyone would be so selfish to really care about their own alignment, the world would be the utopia our friend is reaching for.  You would have an incredibly cooperative world.  You would be letting people be.  When you understand that you get what you think about, then you let others be fee to live.  The reason people believe that others do impact them is because you are observing things you don’t want, you are sloppy in your thinking, and it’s sort of a cycle that does not work out for them.

Q: It seems like I do better when I am in my professional focus, but…..

A: Things can’t change if you hold that perspective. 

Q: I think I need a paradigm shift.

A: You don’t need a paradigm shift. You need to lean a little downstream. Paradigm shifts are so dramatic .Give us details.

Q: I practically willed myself, with my fierce optimism to have a child at 44, and never gave up, but then I ended up in this place that is very lonely.  By feeling all these feelings. I am happy myself, but I want more people that understand.

A: We are going to begin by saying something that is extremely clever.  You are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Most of you are trained to be aware of the responses you get from others.  Once you have seen the success of alignment you can never step back from that alignment. Now you are feeling lonely because the majority of people don’t get it.

That’s why so often when people see someone living the way then want to live; they are striving for you to come over there so you can have a conversation with them. The physical part of you would like to go there too.  If you were walking along a mountain ledge with 2 people, and you had an injured ankle, [and one of your companions also had an injury, which one would you like to have as your companion?]

It’s lonely at the top; there are not higher numbers at the higher vibrations.  That feeling of loneliness is about you thinking a thought that holds you at a vibrational frequency that is different from what the IB of yourself thinks.

 Let’s talk about you looking at someone you would like to see feel joyful.  They are sort of rooted in their beliefs, and they are not coming.  In the process of seeing this person not feeling good, you have put the better feeling version of them in your vibrational escrow.

But you in human are looking at their [misalignment] and you have separated yourself from self [****because the improved version of them is now in YOUR Vibrational Escrow****] and blame them, because the feeling of loneliness is coming because you are not living up to the expanded version of them. 

  We can see how you could feel resentment or anger, or loneliness because you can’t just grab them and drag them over to where you want.  THIS part of them is what I want to give my undivided attention to (the expanded version of them) Not a paradigm shift. LOA will start lining you up with this version of them, rather than that version of them.

You know how some people are up one day and down another on different topics, so LOA will call you to meet up with them when they match YOU. Some people will be invisible to one and some people will be invisible to another.  You are all right where you are.  Where you are is temporary.  So many people of you are born uplifters. Here are some things you can say:

“The contrast in your life is meaningful to me, I am expanding because of my relationship with you; you are helping me tune up my vibration. I can feel that true mastery is tuning up to the vibration at one’s core no matter what.  I think the loneliest thing in the whole word is to think I have to fix all those things in order to feel good. That is deep despair, not merely loneliness.” 


Q: Last time I was in the hot seat, you told me I was screwed up, and it was embarrassing, so I am putting myself up again, and hopefully I am less screwed up now.

A: can you put it into context, or are you just going to leave the impression that we are a rotten entity?

Q:  My friend said you didn’t mean just me.

A; We meant just you.  We are talking to you, like so many others, because you understand these laws, you like to get into others people’s lives and make them more important to you

Q: I want you to tell me that I am doing better.

A: you are doing so much better the difference between where you were and where you are is STAGGERING.  Actually, don’t you think she asks for it?

Q: My daughter I was asking about had at that time quit school, and now my daughter was coming on this cruise, and when she decide not to come on this cruise, I decided there were so many positive aspects of her decision, I pivoted so much more smoothly. But really the question I wanted to ask for you, you did something so, so wonderful for us---You did a vibration raising- experience where you ramped up the energy in the room. Could you do that for us again?

A: You’re too screwed up for that.  Before the cruise ends, you will have that experience, because the less engaged you are on physical aspects that hold you down, the more the vibration is allowed by you to raise.  Jerry was commenting that even at the opening of the seminar…Esther has used at lunch yesterday, “Under Abraham’s spell”----, We are forever looking for the path of least resistance for whoever we are visiting with, to look for ways to let them release  resistance.  It was an energy-releasing experience for you.  When we talk about an energy-raising experience, especially in a group format, you have to account that everyone’s energy is in a different place.  There is not a vibrational frequency that we are trying to raise you to, that is why we are looking for the vibrational words to lead you to a place of relief. 

It is sort of like trying too hard. What is your intention, personally, about this?

Q: What it gave me was I felt the energy change, and I felt something I hadn’t felt before. If you hadn’t used the words, I don’t think I would have felt that. Later, I thought, “OK what was that? I just achieved a higher vibrational from where I normally am at.”  I feel that my set point of vibration is very high, and when I m not I find I get back to that set point very easily.  Sometimes something will whoosh through me that feels more joyful than what you are used to, overjoyed. [When I don’t feel joyful, I realize that] what I am doing is thinking a thought that seems to purposefully try to sabotage that feeling---a client doesn’t pay me, or I should call my son.

A: Is there some way to get used to [what Esther has called “Abraham’s spell”?]  Everything you focus on is vibrational in nature.  If you stay focused on something…… the reason Esther says it is "Abraham's spell," is she can feel the consistency of the words we are offering you can … If you can hold yourself for 17 seconds, and another 17 seconds, you can move yourself into an even higher level of vibration.

Q: It seems to hit me just putting clothes in the drier.

A: Absence of thought.  [Abe reminds us about "3 steps"] You are asking for higher frequency, better life, asking, asking, asking, in those moments of lack of resistance, then what you are asking for can come about.  We’ll do it before the end of the cruise. It is so much, much sweeter when the majority of people is raised to a frequency when they are closer to the frequency of who they really are.

In explaining it to you, your expectation….

Every time that happens you reach a frequency from which you never slip back to where you were before, even though you may not maintain it. A part of that increase is yours forever more.  That is why a rampage, appreciation, focus wheel  can…[raise your vibration]’

Most people make the effort to increase when they don’t feel good.  What we want you to do is to reach when you are already feeling good. They give you the frequencies that are much longer lasting.   When you soothe that knot in your stomach…

The leverage in slight shifts in higher vibration is longer lasting than the leverage in big shifts from lower vibration. 

Tomorrow we will have this discussion again when we have reached a vibration where you are all swooning, we will, [ramp up the energy.]

Let your intention be, ask yourself the question as often as you can, “What would my IB think about that, how would your IB approach this?”  Are you already swooning a little bit, do you love knowing this energy grid that helps you achieve what you are wanting,  Don’t you love knowing that your vibration can be improved by the thought, not a "zzzzt" on a meter, don’t you love to fixate on a something that is loveable……..

End of Tuesday’s session


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