Caribbean Cruise

by Pat Kuzela

Wednesday, March 25, 2008

Please note that these are the words as they came through my personal filter. At many points I summarized what I received [in brackets]. NOTHING CAN REPLACE EITHER BEING THERE IN PERSON OF HAVING THE CD'S OF THE ENTIRE SESSIONS.

Topics discussed in this day's seminar include: the importance of focused desire, NDE in Tibetan Buddhism, moving from small manifestations to larger ones, “Get real about how you feel,” being “Vibrational Masters,” Who You Are = Where You are Going, negative loved one, causing the unwanted to occur, Abraham in other languages, the U was not trying to teach J & E a lesson, death of loved one, how Esther would feel if Jerry croaked, menopause

Q: How can I describe that sense of stimulation, empowerment? 

A:  There are some things that can be described with words, and some that cannot.  Here [in a seminar like this] we project the thought and cause the energy to be more emphasized. It is not necessary for you or me or anyone to goose up energy.  All that happens in a forum like this or in any conversation, the energy that is always there is more focused. Like the difference between light and laser beam.  As you listened, you got closer and closer to the edge of that swirling energy, and your guidance system comes in the form of feelings.

 That is the reason that our power is all in the powerful now.  …for the purpose of aligning those energies.  There are some things that it is the emotional response that is the indicator.  There is a large part of your population that is wordless…the babies and the beasts have are wordless and they are much more in alignment…. [words get in the way]. Letting your dominant intent be asking to understand how the larger part of you is perceiving what is going on, you will have more and more of those moments. 

We really like the explanation we have been offering to you….those moments that….your vibrational escrow is encoded with the feeling that is you... we like this feeling of this vortex, …as you get your thoughts around this vortex.  You like the feeling of the calm in the center.  What you personally experienced yesterday as we talked about goosing up the energy.  We are going to focus in such a way that is so precise, if you are in the vicinity of a vibration. LOA is going to allow it.

Just to give you a little bit of a basis of where your question is going to take us.  If your belief is not up to your desire.  That desire can overcome that belief, every time you look at the opposite end of the stick; the desire gets stronger and stronger.  You can be focused on the absence of what you want, and the desire gets stronger and stronger and stronger…So let’s say you sit and relax into the vibration [That moved you close enough into the stream that the stream took you---explains how your desire can propel you past the focus on the lack.]

You would be better off to go to a football game if it pleases you, than to go to a lecture like this to chill out.  Get the massage; get someone to scratch your back do the things that feel good to you as often as you can. You have done enough living to get an n incredible vortex swirling of your vibrational escrow.

Now, imagine---- an airplane high in the sky going 5 or 6 hundred miles an hour.  All is calm, all is well. Putting that airplane on the ground with all the resistance would make it a totally different experience.  The less resistance in you, the more normal the [faster-moving] energy feels in you.

As you participate consciously in these ideas of deliberate creation, your energy stream moves faster and faster, and faster.  When your stream moves fast, eventually you will catch up to it, when you croak.

By imagining your relationship with VE, you feel like you are more in the center of it, where of is calm.  All of you have to decide which feels better to you.  On the edge exhilaration to calm. But we should not step back into lack. The source within you is always in the center where it is calm.  We are in the center where it is calm.  But you like the adventure of it.  You decide how much pathos you need in your life.  The pathos you choose is because you want to validate your successes with your struggles.  Most of you don’t understand that you are good, and good is matched to the good.


Q: Why do those who experience a Near Death Experience talk about going through the “bardo,” that the Tibetans talk about, [questioner elaborated on the Buddhist concepts]. 

A:  That is NEAR death experience.   We talk about DEATH experience.  That [NDE] falls into the category of “dream experience.”------When you release your consciousness of this physical environment.  When you do it whether you are slumbering, or have death experience.

 In the dream experience, it is being interpreted in p through the lens of their beliefs in physical format.  Everyone is raised, inundated, in the term you call love.  The death experience, in all that we have been talking about…is eternally Source Energy...This experience is eternally who you are.

Withdraw into this broader perspective.  That is why so many stories, even of heaven and hell, are not from Source perspective; they are being regurgitated into physical lenses.  And “Every time I try to describe nonphysical thorough physical lenses, there is distortion.”

 The nonphysical is not something like what you are living here.  It is Pure Positive Energy, and it feels good every single time.  What NDE is describing is colored by physical perspective and beliefs.

A woman said one day, “I watched my father die, and I don’t believe our story, because my father became screaming in horror…”

We said, ‘It was his last expression of his fear of his unworthiness. He had been told that if he had done this and this and this, where he was going, and he had done all of these, and he was screaming on the way out. But he wasn’t screaming on the way in.

Q: I have been so fortunate to have experienced such extreme contrast, until six months ago until I was guided to our teachings. I am wondering about being in a default existence, some of my little rockets have appeared, and I have a bit of uneasiness about the big rockets that have not appeared, and I am wondering if you can give me some guidance.

A: We’re going to slow it down so you can hear it.

     It is the same story as “I want to go over there. Say it is 5,000 miles away, if I let my awareness of the distance between be my dominant focus, then I am going to be unhappy almost all the way over there.”

It is just a few days of deliberate thinking away.  We want you to say, “I do enjoy the journey.” Try to define what it will feel like over here [gesturing on the side where Estherham has been demonstrating the Vibrational Escrow vortex]. We don’t you to feel bad about being engulfed over “here”…LOA is keeping you here.

 It isn’t hard to break out gradually; it is impossible to break out all at once.  We want you to begin focusing on and imagining that all of these things are swirling in a powerful vortex and becoming more and more and more.  All of that you have been asking for, LOA has easily gathering it all.  You are the only holdout!!!!  You are the one who is allowing yourself to be drawn.  LOA is summoning unto that spot, that manifestation point.  IT is a point of attraction, and it is real.  As you KNOW that it is there, and you relax and see evidence of your progress along the way that is letting you know your proximity to it…… [you are getting closer to it.]

We would like all of you to be less interested in the manifestation point, and more interested in the FEELING of it.  It is this feeling that "I am not there" that is keeping you from it.  “This is more evidence that I’m not there.” The reason you feel lonely is because you are [focusing attention] “here”.

We tell a lot of stories in order to soften the resistance of our friends, and you go, “Yeah, right!” Most physical friends are willing to put up with the crappy journey to get to the destination. But the destination keeps changing [as you catch up].  But long before the manifestation you have set your sights on, you have launched even more desires.  Start being exhilarated about the fact that contrast has given you a reason to MOVE.

If you ever catch up, that would be the loneliest, because the exhilaration would have ended.

We get how vivid where you are is. It just doesn’t mean diddly squat.  “On the journey on the way to more. ” “On the journey on the way to more”   [repeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Here you are now on this beautiful ship, on this beautiful ocean, and another and another beautiful place …and then I’m going HOME! [negative!] You’re making this journey too literal.  You’re forgetting what this journey has propelled into your future experience!

There is always the promise of something so much more, as you begin looking optimistically there. We just want you all to say more things like, “I am eager for what’s coming, and I am satisfied with what is.  Right now.”  As you are more forward looking, you improve your Now.  You improve your now with your forward attention.  If you can’t find the positive words to describe it, use the negative words to describe what you don’t want.  Then Esther turns her attention to this kind of person in her life.  This experience of not having it is only a directive to get her focused on what she really does want.

Tell the story of where you are going and why you are going there.  Did you ever see a person walking down the street like this? ["Esther-ham" looked down at their feet, and walked little, mincing steps, like a debilitated person using a walker.]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q: Person is now a widow.  She and her husband had a very large and lovely home, which is now too large for her, so basically she lives on just one floor.  There is another vacation home in the mountains.  There is some money in the bank, but person considers these properties to be her most important asset.  She would like to downsize, but is concerned that the real estate market now is not in her favor.  There is concern if it will EVER be in her favor, and that she will end up as a homeless “bag lady.”  

A: When you aware of where you really are….you tell us you are in the calm, but when you describe what you are describing, you are not in the calm.  Get REAL about how you feel.  If you do not acknowledge how you feel.... You feel worried...frustrated…concerned.  Once you acknowledge how you feel, you can reach for some thoughts that give relief.  Think about your experiences, and what is in your VE.  What do you think is the essence of your VE?

It’s that calm , that feeling of well being, that knowing that all is well, that feeling of security…”The calm is vivid and real for me, and I am looking forward to releasing the knots in my stomach, and I know like so many other wonderful things that have come to me, this will come, too.  I am not controlling the timing of it; the timing can be improved as I am feeling better and better.”

“There are so many options for me. I have plan B and plan C and plan D.  I understand my work is to keep picturing what I am asking for as best I can, all I have to do is picture me being proud of myself because my fussing and worrying is getting less and less, my dearly departed is still seeing these properties continuing to be security. The relief that I feel is because I am close to the swirling vortex that is going on, and as I am relaxing into this environment, I am moving closer and closer into the votex.  The security that has been planned for me all along is going to yield.  The U is tending to it, and now I am closing the gap.  I hold myself in proximity to that…edge of enthusiasm to well being, eagerly anticipating what’s coming next.”

  Watch for things moving forward, never feeling disappointment.

Is it easy for you to believe what is in your VE vortex?  Do you believe that your Source is tending to them?  Do you understand that the basis of everything is vibration, and nothing is separate form vibration? The power of the votex is so much BIGGER THAN WHAT YOU ARE LIVING!!!!!!!

Now is temporary!!!! ! Now is Now is temporary!!!! Now is temporary!!!!  [repeated]

What it feels like is where you are going THERE is the utopia!!!!!  IT’s there and it’s real, and it’s believable! The healers and masters that presented the miracles, all they were doing was presenting the vibrational escrow.  The healer focused on the vibrational escrow that he knows is there.  You just must not be so lazy and look at what-is.  TRAIN yourself to be Vibrational Masters!


Q: People around us who are not where we are, what to do about them?

A: Never mind where they are, because it is temporary. See them as you want them to be.  You think you have to look at what is, and talk about it when it isn’t any more.  Everything about who you are is where you are going.  You have the option in every moment, if someone is not pleasing you, and you keep talking about them being different, and devising all kinds of things to motivate them to be different,[but]  all you have to do is make who they REALLY are the more active part of your vibration.

As the larger part of you has embraced that idea and has become it, [if] you look back at where they are, it causes the separation of you from who you have become (in your vortex)  These are the things that you want to say to them:

“What is it that I am thinking that is keeping me from thinking about what I really want?”

“I have the choice of thinking about where we are going.”

  “I have the option of feeling bad, feeling good, feeling worse, feeling more relief.

Q: Loved one with a negative view of life]:  When he keeps telling me that he hates life, etc,

A: When you hear him say that, it brings you to your knees.  The more someone scrambles and struggles about not liking where they are; you have to begin fixating on who he really is.  See where he is going.  That is the answer to all things. It takes some discipline. He may accuse you of abandoning him when you are not wallowing in his sorrow.

 No one can accuse you of abandoning him when you are fixated on what it is he wants.  Practice the knowing. Practice, and practice, and talking about it until you feel a little better. Before you know it, you are stable, seeing them as you know they “are,” and radiating it with every energetic fiber of our being, the vortex moves faster, you shine the spotlight of concentration of it, and anytime he gets closer to it, he is drawn into it.

  But as long as you hold yourself only consistently here, [in the worry vortex]……….. [it isn’t going to improve]. Where he is sleeping [resistance is lowered,] he will come “there,” [into the vicinity of your VE vortex]. When he is in moments of appreciating accidentally, he will come there.  In the same way that when you are swept into nonphysical, that’s how you can sweep them in against their will, so to speak.  Didn’t you ever have someone believe in you, and you feel yourself rise in a whole new way? Don’t let their temporary disconnection be important to you.

Q: I curse something, but then I realize it was an indication of Inner Being [giving some guidance]

A: We agree with you.  Take the appreciation for it. You are making the effort to soften the personal attack on self.

Q: An example you have given of Esther and Jerry. Esther was fixing her attention on [something not wanted].

 [Abraham explained that someone had bought Esther a windshield repair kit. She felt enthusiasm for it; she even looked forward to an opportunity to apply it, and 30 minutes later she had reason to use it! )  “Sort of makes you wonder!”]

So it makes me wonder…I told my daughters not to put something on the computer, because they would be ashamed to take the computer to be repaired, and then computer broke. [Q. wants to know if those thoughts “attracted” the event.]

A: In some cases, it is some of all of that.  Something happens that Esther says, and Jerry accuses her of “creating” it.  Esther says she wanted to head it off.  Let’s change the word from “creation” to “rendezvousing” because LOA brings things like themselves together. 

In Esther’s case, they had several cases of rocks hitting their vehicles over the years and always in Arizona, and she has been tiptoeing through Arizona.   Esther is doing the majority of the driving, and he keeps himself busy, and Jerry finds himself coming forward and reminding Esther to leave distance between her and truck in front.  So they have this vibration going on that is putting things into vibrational escrow. And this last time in Arizona is the first time ever, that a rock has not hit their bus.

So Esther has the vibration going on, and Jerry even more than Esther, and that vibration is what caused their friend to give them the repair kit.  The repair kit was drawn into this vortex. 

The vibration was active; the repair kit was drawn to it.  Each thing added, makes it more powerful.  Esther rarely reads the instructions of anything, [but] she read them [instructions for the windshield repair kit] out loud to Jerry.  Having someone else repair your windshield is rather a lot of trouble.  How would it be possible for anyone NOT to rendezvous with that truck [that shot the rock off its tire into their windshield]?

Nothing ever comes to you because you have thought of it for the first time right now.  It may be your awareness that something is coming.  What should I do when I have the impulse to stave off a problem?

Get off the problem as soon as you can, and get to the solution.  When you have a sense of something coming, and you verbalize it to Jerry, and having told him about it, and he should have done something differently.  Make the solution you are seeking the dominant vibration.

Q:  I fear fearing, I fear the sensation of causing [something unwanted to happen.]

A: We have made you all too aware of your thoughts, so we call it “Law of Allowing.”  Choose thoughts that cause you to appreciate your “fear guidance,” just like you appreciate the sensitivity in your fingertips.  This is a good thing; this is an indicator “I am leaning toward don’t want…what is it that I do want?”

Jerry and Esther—it is a wonderful thing when something they don’t want keeps them sharp in their focusing.  When you start getting sloppy, the indicator shows you.

Q: Why do people from the United States, [only, receive Abraham?]  Do you plan to channel in Italy, [and other countries]?  The translations are not the same, [as the actual native language] Are you planning to give the other countries someone to channel in their language?

A: Who we are and what we offer has always been available to all people of the planet, always, and when someone like Jerry and Esther devote so much of their lives to it, there does provide more of a vortex.

 It isn’t that we are asserting ourselves to Esther.  The question is----- Are other people in other countries tuning themselves?  What you are hearing here is Esther’s unique interpretation of that which is us.  Ask yourself, “I want my OWN connection to that which we are.”  With time, and with desire, there will be your own receiving.  You are receiving Jerry and Esther’s interpretation of that which is us.  And there will never be Esther having their translations in many languages.

You are not needing this environment [these seminars] in order to know.  This is just one avenue of the answer coming.

Jerry: Even before you came, we were diving along in AZ, and I drove over a paper sack in the road, and it had a rock in it, and the frame [of the vehicle] needed to be redone.  I used to think, “Should we not be here?”  etc….. Why was all that happening in our early life?

A: There were more unhappy people there in Arizona, more road binds; most people were responding negatively to what they were observing, [poorly planned road construction that did not seem to plan for the public to have a way around it], and you were responding negatively. 

It is you in the center of the vortex rendezvousing. 

Jerry: There was a suspicion that you were setting that up to make us have connect with you.

A: You were letting the perception of the environment [be a reason] to stop being sweet and nice.  There are no lessons being offered to you.

Jerry: You don’t offer any negative chats to cause us to connect with you?

A: There are no little nudges that are offered to teach you a lesson.  We are never rooting for your struggle, ever, ever, ever.  We adore the contrast that you were born into.  Do you know that improved construction is due in large part to that energy that you and Esther expressed?  When we have a message for you, we will let you know.

Q: What can we do to stay in equanimity while a loved one is dying a slow and painful death?

A: Distract yourself as best as you can from the suffering. Begin to reach for the feelings of relief they will experience even before they have the relief,

As you let them know they are stable and secure.  They have split energy about the subject.  They are suffering over your suffering.  If you feel the relief, they will feel the relief.  Part of what makes this struggle last so long is they are afraid of dying, tired of living.  Physical friends could help someone speed their transition.  We would begin saying, “I am rooting for the even more life experience, the REAL life of who this person really is. As you get fixated on LIFE, you are calling them into the nonphysical, or even calling them to a fuller expression of that in physical…

 You have to find a way to make peace for it yourself before you can be a catalyst of this for yourself. Kate and Esther had climbed to the top of a slide in Estes Park.  Esther could feel Kate’s reluctance, and she felt different perspective:  “In a moment there will be a decision to make.  The laws of the U would take over,” and Esther knew that Kate was going to be delighted.  That is how we want you to view the death experience.

Q: How do you help yourself from feeling bad yourself?

A: By acknowledging there is no separation, that we have conversations with them all day, every day, and you can continue the conversing and it will be uplifting, and looking forward to the continued dialog with those they have experienced.  [Abraham recounted the story about Jerry and Esther’s favorite restaurant in San Diego…]

Fred Duckett (sp????) [the now deceased owner] is still as invested and involved with everything he was involved with when he was in physical. You are eternal beings and you are still interested in the same things you were interested in in physical.  Our personality remains the same.

You have access to everything.  Of course you have built things together, and you will have moments of missing them.  Let the missing them remind you that they are not gone.  You are here in these physical experiences a short time. Humans tell the story in such a drab and dreary day.  Lighten up.

Q: If Jerry croaked today, how would Esther Feel?

A: Esther would be so mad at him.  She would shake him and say, “I am not done with you!”

A: She can focus on that which you are. She will have moments of disconnection, and she will bring herself into alignment in a more powerful way than ever before, Esther tells Jerry, “We will just go together.”


Abraham tells a story about friend Jinx, the diver, who had transitioned. A bird was willing to carry her energy and dive into the pool.

Q: ( I feel I am going through a life change that is bringing me more power.  I feel like I want more sleep and alone time, as if in a cocoon.

A: You are not confident in being out in the world, and withdrawing is sort of a safety net.

We encourage you to get out there.

Q; I feel heat in the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.

A:  That is the energy, the intensity, in your chakra places. Those chakras are really more blockage points than anything else.  If the energy is moving, you don’t feel it in any one more place than any others.

Q: Can you speak to us women about what is called menopause.  I love the heat experience.  What is blocking me from allowing to move more feeling?

A: The heat experience you are experiencing is different from the experience you call menopause.  So many women have been pushing against the maturation of their own physical bodies.  There is a lot of resistant thought about that resistant subject.  Get your mind off of it. What you are describing is, “I have been summoning that stronger energy for the purpose of experiencing that higher energy”.  Not different from what Esther experienced of it. [As she was bringing in Abraham???]  It is going to feel better when you are not so acutely aware of it.  As you acclimate into it more, it [feels more normal.]

 Q: If my Inner Being is part of what we call Abraham------

A: What difference is the name to which it has been assigned?

Q: Is there a personal message that Esther would like to convey to me as Abraham?

A: Don’t get hung up on the label “Abraham.”  Let yourself be the vortex and receiver.

End of Wednesday’s session


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