Caribbean Cruise

Monday, March 24, 2008

by Pat Kuzela


Please note that these are the words as they came through my personal filter. At many points I summarized what I received [in brackets]. NOTHING CAN REPLACE EITHER BEING THERE IN PERSON OF HAVING THE CD'S OF THE ENTIRE SESSIONS.

Topics discussed in this day's seminar include: death, reincarnation (Buddhist teachings), creating $1 million, interspecies animal friends, pain in the neck, Pure Positive Energy in babies, children with disabilities, man with "knot" in his stomach, releasing cancer, everyone's Inner Being, feeling "stuck," "all hell breaking loose," repressed anger, new zest for life, stock market

·         This economy is not slow.  It is thriving!

·         Any lack you are living is not because of some outside arbitrator.  You are the creator of your own reality….doing it by virtue of the thoughts you think.

·         It is our desire that you become cognitive. When you are consciously aware of LOA…Then you become aware if LOA’s response to the 2 vibrational differences in you.

·         You are an eternally non physical energy who is currently expressing in a physical body.  The NP part of you is the eternal being that is you.

·         We want to tell you what that YOU is really like.  It is our desire that you are returned to your default setting that understood your worthiness completely. 

·         As you listen with an attitude of wanting to remember you will begin to [vibrate more?] in the frequency of who you really are.

·         The Source Energy part of you never leaves the frequency of knowing who you are.  The soul part of you the God part of you.  It never ceases for a moment.  The reason you feel so bad when you find fault with yourself.-- Those words are all too strong.  You can never really get totally out of range, because in your croaking experience you will return to who you are. This se. part of you remains dominantly focused on feeling well…..

·         The Source within you said we will love no matter what you choose to do. We will find value no matter what you choose to do.  If you find something really abhorrent, we will turn our undivided attention to what you are asking for. 

·         When life asks you to become more, when you line up with it, you will feel fabulous,  when you don’t, you will feel awful.

·         Source within you said “we will always stand in this place as the expanded version of you”

·         We like to say it this way:   “You will know when you are keeping up with you.”

·         You seem to think human = humble. [not a quote]

·         You can cause yourself personal distress.  In causing yourself personal distress, others can watch you until they cause themselves personal distress.

·         There is nothing evil, sickness, [etc] being offered to you. 

·         We understand how you can be wrapped up in something long enough that you develop chronic thoughts and beliefs, that make you come to a conclusion that something outside is causing it.  You sort of have these personal conspiracy theories.

·         We want you to leave this ship understanding for once and for all that there is nothing outside of you that is keeping you from what you want.  You are doing it all to yourself.

·         It is our desire you come to awareness that you are the creator of your own reality.  And the reality that you are adding to the creation of the greater source

·         And we want those realities to merge. And the only way that can happen is for you to come with us.  Because we are not coming with you

·         When you beat the drum ….[of what you don’t want], you are diminished. When you have those feelings of negative emotion wash over you, all they mean is you are thinking something quite differently from what who you really are thinks. The indicator will get stronger if you keep it up.

·         The longer you hold yourself in discord, the more apparent your discord becomes.

·         It is our powerful desire that you will acknowledge to yourself……allow the other people on this ship their own experience. 

·         If someone says to you, "What are you doing in there?" say "I don’t really know."I'm finding out that life is really wonderful, and I am finding out how to make it more wonderful every day.  Just allow them to have their happy cruising experience. You don't have to come to seminar like this to have a joining of you and you.  You don’t have to wrestle yourself or someone else to the ground to figure out what you are doing now.  All of your power is now, and others is, too.

·         As understanders of the power of the U, as you are recognizing that Well Being is  the  stream that flows, as you recognize that choice in the moment that is pulling with that current, or ..

·         Emotions that give relief always bring you to the closing of the gap.

·         Your goal is to be eternal and physical at the same time.  Your goal is to be a perfect match to the source within you.

·         If you are sick, or something not gong your way, it is not because you are unworthy, it is because you are not allowing it.  The [everything] that you seek, the Inner Being that is you, is already living all of that.  The source within you is living fully the stuff that you want.  You have caused the source within you to expand.

·         The only reason you feel the lack or tugging is because your choice of thoughts is not allowing you to go into your own expansion.

·         The only question you should ask yourself all day, every day is, "How does my Inner Being feel about you?"

·         [You say--] “ I can’t stand you, and now I have a knot in my stomach, and I need to condemn you! Now get over there and behave like my good friends!

·          What?  It’s none of my business? But I am looking at you and you make me feel bad.  Get over there!

 Oh God, please help them to be different so I can feel better, so my world can BE COMPLETE.

·        Oh, no there’s another one!  The world’s crawling with them.”

·         The Source within you will not look at the negative aspects you are using to destroy your own lives. They cannot be different for you.  It’s not their job.

·         Ask: “Inner Being, what you think about them?”


  "Why, you’ve got to be kidding!  You love them?  You weren’t looking?  You

were looking over there?”

·         Sometimes you’re not ready to hear the answer because you are so ready to defend how you feel.  Friend, you’d rather be right than feel good.

·         You came forth into deliberate intentions to be different for the diversity and balance so you are inspired from within by your differences.  And when you want others to be the same you defy the very essence of the soul of that is you.

·         Ask yourself the question, “How does my IB feel about this?" Let it be the question you ask yourself all day, every day.  You will feel thoughts of assurance and relief wash through you.  Because in every particle of this universe, there is a magnificent balance of all that is. [not exact quote]

·         When you do this you will tune yourself to the vibration of the source within you, and you will thrive.  You are less concerned about the injustices of the world.  Am I tuning myself to injustice or well being?  Confusion or clarity? Best of your or worst of your

·         How am aim tuning myself?  How am I tuning myself?  I have the capacity to find something I like wherever I look.

·         You begin to see you can control your alignment to source.

·         When you see hateful people, you know they are disconnected.  There is a chain of pain that you cannot stop by joining the chain of pain.  You can only help them when you are TITITO.

·         This seminar is about helping yourself.  Your power of attraction, of influence is MIGHTY when you are aligned with who you are.

·         We will help you tune yourself into the vibe frequency of that which is source.

·         All That Is embraces you …your world will be better because you have taken this cruise.    There will be that many people who will not be blaming others….It doesn’t take that many monkeys……Oh wait!  You are not monkeys! [referring to the 100th Monkey phenomenon]

·         We want your alignment because you cannot live in joy without it.

·         This seminar is about you leaving your vibrations of dismay behind,..]…..[didn’t get it all


First question:

Q: My main question is about death.  I have heard you many times say there is no death. Why do we have such a hard time when someone passes?


Because you look at it in a screwy way.  You see it as loss. If you could ask your IB, “how do you feel about this?”  You would feel true elation.

Little ones dance at funerals; they bring their games. They dance under the casket. What is it that I do that causes my distortion and departure from my broader perspective.  You are surrounded by people who feel loss around them.  In some ways, we want to say, "Don’t worry about it; you’ll understand when you croak.  But if you ask IB about it enough times you will come to understand.

J and E were friends of Burl Ives, and he was getting ready for his transition. Jerry was seeing some images of Burl Ives on the TV screen.  Esther asked us if.. [summarizing here : Esther asked Abraham if something was going on with their friend Burl Ives, and Abraham said that he was transitioning.  Abraham asked if she would like to know what was happening.  Esther then experienced the most wonderful, exhilarating experience of her entire life!  She experienced the joy and relief of the no-such-thing-as-death experience].

Until you have practiced yourself into alignment with the eternal nature of who you are [you will have these screwy ideas about death].

 When you stand and behold this world, can’t you feel the goodness of it?  Is this  [the cruise] not the best environment to tune you into the wholeness of the world?

You cannot feel good about death until you have tuned yourself into the Source within you.

IB [would say about the person who has transitioned]:…”That person has never been so tuned into the true nature of who he really is.” As you tune yourself, you will come to know that there is no separation.

The people who are walking around on the planet are for the most part, more dead than the ones they have buried.  Let’s put dead in proper perspective.  Dead is the gradual pinching off of life.  We get a little animated about that. In human form we would be said as dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. 

Q: About reincarnation—                 

A: Most of you have lackful consciousness about that too----- You feel “not findished, “I will be back.”  When you have tuned yourself to the eternal nature of who is really you, you have accepted the eternal nature of your beingness.  When you accept that you will continue in a continuity of who you are, an eternal, and wonderful thing.  You will be able to immerse yourself fully in the nonphysical/ physical combination, where all your potential for joy and expansion are. Live this!

Q: [Is each life] Carrying over from previous life..?

A:  Let’s say, you were born to a mother who [modeled negative emotion], when you think those screwy thoughts, what are the chances that IB would [didn’t get all of this]

Q:  There’s no thread...[from one lifetime to another…sort of unfinished business kind of thing]?

A: Of course there is a thread….It’s why you play tennis with someone you know will beat you….you want something that draws forth more and more, and more…

Q: To Abraham:  Why are you not coming back in physical?

A: What would you do if the electricity becomes the toaster?  There would only be one toaster.  For you to say that Abraham is not physically focused could not be more inaccurate.  We are all over the place in physical form.

Q: Buddhists say that at some point you decide not to come back...

A: You don’t make those decisions from the physical... point of view, you make them from NP. The implication of that is that there is perfectness. There will always will be the source; you cannot separate the source of you from the human part of you.

Humans keep telling the story in a lot of different ways, and we get it that when a lot of someones begin telling stories that the resources are not always available. It is so important for you to get the story…You are NP energy always, [repeated}

People who are talking about the hierarchy of all this must understand that the nonphysical energy that balances all of this [not an exact quote]

What we want you to talk about is “What ways can I, in my physical form, be an expression of source energy?  Those stories of incarnation get so twisted and distorted.  There is not continuity from lifetime of the disconnected.  All that “stuff” is not gone.  It is left in the ethers.  You’re not coming back with it again.  You came back into PPE.  It is from THAT vantage point you make the decision to come back into physical.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q: I want to create a million dollars and I want to create it in a reasonable time period.  What is the benefit of choosing a certain emotion [to attract this money ] and I try to move it up the EGS, what is the value of that?

A: That is a brilliant question.  What matters is the vibrational relationship between you and you.  You close the gap, [etc] So when you have had the explosion of the  rocket, and coming into vibration alignment with you, you are in a new place of launching new rockets… so come back to the question of what is the value of regurgitating that emotion.  The answer is: "You cannot maintain that because you are always closing the gap.”

Q: if I am thinking that same thought again….

A: What we really want you to hear is you cannot think the same thought…you have set up a new vibrational relationship that is calling you to a new place. [even though the  manifestation you are looking for has not come to pass yet.]

 Give us an example.

Q. I feel good about a bonus I received for a certain amount of money.  I appreciate it. I can see the cash in my hand.  But 2 or 3 weeks from now, I have experience but it doesn’t feel the same as it once did. 


A:  The whole name of the game is about closing the gap as best I can from where I am.  But there is a whole other game going on, let’s call it the widening of the gap.  The expanding nature of you.  Like hearing a joke for the first time, but the next time, you’ve already been there, done that.  Your work is to expand into a new place, and to catch up with that.

You build your excitement for anything by giving your attention to it.  The more you think about it, the more energy you bring to it until eventually we get some momentum going.  You said you have a 2 part question, and we have a two part answer.  And we have 2 components to our answer:

 The thoughts you think that cause the expansion, and

the thoughts you think that close the gap.

Life is eternally about expansion, closing, expansion, closing.  It is the reason you keep coming back into this life experience. Every lifetime is like the new joke.  It is the new platform from which something can surprise and delight you again.

Q: I haven’t caught up to , though.

A: You are not ever really going to catch up.  Life is going to cause you to expand and you will not catch up.  The value of the personal nature of all this. 

This truly is going into a place where we have not been before.  Let’s say Source is Source and there are no more physical experiences, all are "evolved" and enlightened and complete. Nothing like that could ever be.

You come forth, splat! Here you are.  Source is having a good time......... the expansion experience.  Are you?  The question we ask every day: "What are you doing to catch up to it?

What’s the benefit of holding an emotion that doesn’t feel as good as it did the first time?

A:  In trying to maintain that emotion,  Why doesn’t it feel good?

Q: Because I have moved into a different place. I’m running out of thoughts to think! [on that same thought.]

A:  Now you understand the law behind it. “I understand that old thought, like that old joke, is tired.  IB, What do you think about this?”

How do you know when your juices will start flowing?  Your juices will start flowing.  You reach for it until SOMETHING turns you on in that way.

What gets your juices flowing is new discoveries.  Like when we talk to authors.  “How can I get my book published?” 

Write another book.  Ask for more to flow through you.  The energy carries the other into the market place. Does the idea of a million dollars thrill you?

Q  :Yes, but it’s a stepping stone.

A: It won’t go very far in this environment.  Your goal is to launch a rocket of desire that thrills me.  And me to stay in proximity to feeling thrilled.

 There is a safe in Jerry and Esther’s bus that is so small,  Esther says, "If this is my treasure, what were they thinking?"

 Why do you want it?  You are not reaching for what rings your bells; you are reaching for what is "reasonable" in "reasonable" time.

What do you want to do with it? ----You said,  “Be who I am, do what I want to do”, [but] it’s not getting your juices flowing either.  What does that mean?  [Questioner  leafs through his notebook to find the answer.

Abraham takes his notebook and leafs through it, and tosses it under the table!!!!!!!!]

When you say, “I want to go where I want to go, and do what I want to do….I won’t want to play the mundane game that most people are playing.  I want to feel the enthusiasm to do something, and to just go.  I want my money to keep up with my enthusiasm for life.”

  Why do you want those beautiful things in your house?  [Answers for him]:  “They are representative of who I am.. I have things in my VE that I cannot do without now. Now that I have built my virtual house, I must get into vibrational alignment with my Vibrational house."

The whole point of your question is that there is not a right and wrong way to do this.  You just find a way to get your juices going:

“I believe I was born to live this stuff.  I believe from my every fiber of my being that I deserve…. [Abraham does a mini rampage here].

Your [personal escrow] has gone so far past what your words say.  Take the word REASONABLE out of everything! 

Q: [explains] I didn’t want to go upstream with a short time frame

A:  Don’t be afraid of your thoughts, whether they are negative or positive.  Let your life inspire you, and line up to what you have been inspired to.  Life DID inspire you, and now you’re so worried about getting it right, you are putting the fire out by worry about getting it right.  Keep wanting!  Once you feel that exhilaration of life pulling through you, you cannot stand to not have it pulling through you.  [Now] you can’t stand still and feel good.

 Jerry and Ester have played this game so many times, as they came down the S???? canyon [in Arizona?] at 2:32, [on a certain date] the leaves turning, it made for the most magical moment they had ever seen in their lives.  For the next five years, at the same time at the same day, they brought busloads of people, and never had another moment [that matched the original moment]….it never was the same.  It was the magic of the moment that made it.

There are billions of dollars at your disposal.  “I want to find a way to keep myself tuned …to that ever evolving expansive being that I have become.  Keep tuned to “I want that feeling of passion eternally flowing through”  you.  It is the [merging?] of you and YOU now.”  Not a recipe that anyone else can replicate.

That is what we mean by creating from the inside out.  Not from some formula and some ritual.  

“How can I maintain that feeling of passion?” [Abe has reframed his question].

 No one can maintain that feeling…That feeling of passion is the goal.

Don’t be afraid to move the the rhythms of this gap. We haven’t thrown your book away. We just want less ritual, less going by the book.

What is the formula?  The formula is the quest for passion.  The convergence of forces. 

Creating is about creating a vibrational essence that is a focal point and LOA is getting bigger and this VE is a point of attraction.  Can you feel the vortex of it? When you let it suck you in, that’s when you feel the feelings of passion.  Of being swept into the vortex [that] gives you the feeling of exhilaration.  Position yourself close enough to the vortex of exhilaration.  The more you are on the outside saying “I’m not feeling it,” [the more you hold yourself away from your Allowing.]

 Turn your attention to the vortex that LOA is creating, and do the best you can to lean in that direction----all that has to happen is you have to relax and get swept into it.  You cannot not feel the passion.

Allowing your dreams to come true is better than [the release of Resistance that occurs at ]death.  The feeling of passion here….Oh!  That feeling of passion is what you feel when you get near the center of your vortex.  Once you get into the center.  You are experiencing a feeling mundaneness, because of the absence of resistance.  When you move right into knowing---can you feel the difference between belief and knowing?? [Like Esther getting the second monster bus was not the thrill of the first bus]


Q:[paraphrased] Why do we love the pictures and stories on the internet the pictures of different species of animals  making friends?

A: Because in your screwy picture of life, you want everyone to get along.  We call it screwy because there is nothing wrong with the tension that exists. We say if you have the ability---you don’t !![repeated!!!!!] to limit the contrast and limit the variety of perspectives of life; you could stop the eternalness that is inevitable. You said, “Let’s come forth in our variety, and let the variety create the expansion. “

 The goal is not to bring sameness to difference, but in the differences to expand, and to find sameness in the difference.  You like to see harmony;  we don’t want you to get so carried away in the harmony,  so that you need to see harmony outside to feel it on the inside.  The only harmony you are really reaching for is inside.  We don’t want it to displease you when you see the lion eats the lamb.  We think humans are rooting for things that can never be.

Q: [same person] When I have a physical manifestation, my pain in the neck, do I have to go back and clean up vibration?

A In this moment of contrast, you have VE for strong and healthy body.  Now all you literally have to do is walk toward that, it will be in your experience.  Almost without exception, when you look back to clean something up, in fact your vibe is where you last left it.  Do I have the power to focus so dominantly   on what I want?   You have this pain in the neck because you are focusing on what you don’t want; there is a tension in your body.  The easy answer is just let go of this and go [toward my well-being]. But that is not easy because you have developed a habit of thought

Start where you are, and understand that there is something going on that is not letting you be who you really are.

A pain in the neck is one of the best manifestations of a guidance system.  Have you ever felt the pain in the neck starting to come up, and chosen a different thought, and it leaves?  Why does the indication become stronger? You REALLY know what you don’t want, etc…..What is this indicator indicating? If you have the time in the moment, “What was I thinking that caused this discomfort?  How is my IB seeing that? “

 As you do this throughout the day, you will allow yourself a full view of the manifestations that are coming into view.

Q: [Same questioner] Babies that she has experienced----- the somewhat older baby doesn’t feel as thrilling [with PPEnergy] as the new one.  Why?

A: Intentions of beings coming in, the energies of the mother…..[cause different babies to have different energies.  The fresher the baby, the better the energy feels.]

 Every cell is attracting nonphysical energy.  In the way you mean it, where the personality dons its new digs, that feeling that a baby exudes, that feeling of well-being, it is like a satellite dish beaming PPEnergy, beaming to anyone in their experience.  The reason the beasts are so compelling.  They have that knowledge of who they are that has not been thwarted by… [Didn’t get this---probably "the environment."] The beasts in the wild…don't have to ask IB, because they are thinking what IB thinks.

Q: He and partner have son, who wakes up in night and theyhear him cry, and [the son] is sleepwalking or sitting up and crying.  He seems to be elsewhere…”.I get to be the doting father, but he does not really respond, seems to be elsewhere.  Where is he spiritually, energetically?”

A: When anyone sleeps, there is a withdrawing of attention.  Reemerging back into source.  Not unlike the death experience.  When a baby is born, awake in this physical environment, they can be awake or asleep, and still be PPE flowing through. We want you to know the well being of the nonphysical perspective.

 So when you have a sleep experience. And within it a dream experience.  That dream experience is not happening as it feels to you.  It often feels to you like a whole night of dreaming.  The translation happened in a much shorter period of time that it seemed. Because you are having an out of body experience (out time out of space) someone with a bad dream reinterpreting how they really feel…[didn’t get this]

What you are talking about is a somewhat different experience. He is not awake, not fully [tuned?] in to physical.  We would wake him up.  He is not awake in the physical... Give something to drink…..  Cool washcloth on back of neck and soothe him back into his feeling of well-being.

Q: His eyes are open.

A: He is working out former feelings of uneasiness, abandonment----feelings he has picked up along his physical trail. Your inner being is not big on “helping  work through “anything.  It is just going to stay “here” as the standard of who Iwant to be. It just stays “here” ]circular motion Abe used throughout to denote the Vortex ].  We would wake him up, even if it means an hour or two of both of you being awake, and not [doting?] on him because something is “wrong.”  Wake him up into a stable, loving ,good feeling world.  Wake all of yourselves up into that!

Here’s what we want to say about comforting.  What humans do when they see something out of whack.  Wake him up to come intoa good feeling physical environment.

Q: I can’t get in his boat.

A: You’re all in this together.  You’re creating the environment in which there is the contrast where he is not feeling who he really is.  We want your awareness that you want to create a good feeling environment for him to wake up to.  Little kids wake up joyful under almost all conditions.  What you are helping us to say.....the difference between the more ominous feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and waking up into a bright beautiful day: 

Middle of the night…We think it would be a wonderful thing to wake up in middle of the night, and it feels like broad daylight in the middle of the day. There is something about wanting to be asleep that is the opposite of being eager to get into the day.

After lunch [we want to explore more about]….the blending of the physical me and the nonphysical me.  The Source within you never sleeps.  It doesn’t need the refreshment and detachment from resistance.  [You think sleep is so important because of] the innate knowing of releasing of resistance that the sleep state provides.


Monday, Second Session

Q: My question is about children with special needs.  Why did they come in like that? I don’t know what to do with them.

A: No one comes froth from NP in a needy place.  We would call them special “desires”, rather than different needs. They come in from a different vantage point.  Contrast produces a different desire, and desire produes differences. If all came in wanting the same, there would be such an attitude of passivesness.  This is a time when many different energies are coming forth….the best part of your question, is "What can we do FOR them?"  We would phrase it, “As physical creators, what can we do for them?”

Let’s say you are a fixed member of society, and you believe very fixedly in your precise list of dos and don’ts…and you meet this new child, who has different notions, and you right away begin to teach that child your beliefs and expectations…and most children conform, and conform rather easily, because most of you offer most of your vibration in response to what you are observing….you are literally trained away from your own guidance, and introduced to what they want you to do.  Many of the public are screaming for freedom, not because you are being kept from your freedom, but because you are thinking thoughts that have been induced from outside.[that you do not actually have freedom]

Large numbers of energies are coming forth that…cannot easily not be trained away from their own being…but are they happy?  Everyone who is marching to the beat of their own drummer has a much greater chance of happiness than those who are trying to please this one and this one, and this one. 

So this is the time of Awakening, there are more energies coming forth that are not inducible not trainable, not caring about the prizes or rewards for punishments.

Back to your question.  See them as not broken.  See them as having come forth with great intention. Watch them to see what their intent might be as they unfold.  Don’t you see that they do not live in frustration?.  But when they are being made to do … [what society expects ]…….they came deliberately not able to do [What you want] . They came to be more beast-like...[Abraham said not to be offended by the comparison]. They came to be more guided by their own inner guidance, rather than by the mores  of physical humans.

It is so interesting how you train yourself away from performing from the inside out…Your society is a platform from which you bounce off into new ideas, but when you let your society speak for you as to your guidance, then the platform you were born into is not serving you in the way you intended.  These energies are coming forth …deliberately not being influenced by those who surround. It is hard to hear they are individual energies, but parents and mentors and teachers have for so long not …...... [?]  Now they have come forth with the intention of not being able to be made to.

Say to those [parents, etc.] ---who want you to fix them,

“You know, it is hard for me to accept that because they are different, they are not broken” soft words, ------- not a pushing- against response. Those around you may hear what you really mean.

If they ask what you mean, say “I have taken on a new way of thinking about them.  Rather than special needs, children, “special.”  Special WANTS children.  I think they were born knowing something that most of us have forgotten. “ Say to yourself often, “I’ve come to hear what they have to say, that I have forgotten”

Like what?

Chilling out, being happy with oneself, listening to rhythm that comes from within. Feeling worthy, even thought I am not jumping through the hoops.  These are SPECIAL CHILDREN.


Q: [Older man, raised in Denmark, said he had made great wealth in his life, but his life had many contrasts, was sort of an outcast…]-- A few days ago I realized something about my life.  Something very, very bad,  and I want to kick myself in the ass.

A: We will not help you kick yourself in the ass.

Q: I am very wealthy, but because of the pain that emanates from the fear that emanates around my stomach, I have not been myself.  I have severed myself from life, from my body, from the kick -out girls that I should have loved…so many things.

A: We don’t disagree with you that you have been holding yourself out from who you really are, that fear is your indication that you have not….[?]…  We don’t think it is as dire as you are now presenting it. And now you can’t stand it that you didn’t.

 We WILL: chew your ass a little bit about that.  We only want you to turn your undivided attention to the gap. 

Q: I’m with you.

A: So what are we talking about now is the fear still in your stomach right now.  All that means is that you are angry at yourself about not having lived your life differently.  Source is not angry with you.  We want you to resolve that. We are going to give you a stream of statements.  Let’s see if that knot doesn’t subside.  We are going to speak to you from you from your Source perspective. Then we will speak as you.

You have always done what you thought was best in the moment of doing it.

You have never been one to be unduly influenced by the peanut gallery. You have been stubborn about holding on to what are you r ideals.

Q: True.

All of that is symptomatic of someone who is TITTTO.  You have been more tuned in than you know. We think the regret you have now is about your not being willing to please others

Q: What I really feel is that I have things that I have to do that I haven’t done.

A: Your frustration is about the story you have heard us tell…Are you understanding about the VE, and how your Source Energy has embraced them? You haven’t figured out what thoughts to think to match them to bring them into your phys experience. You have let the contrast of your life shoot a lot of it into your experience.  We don’t think there has been a great big gap between you and You.  Esther watched a television show about the evolution of ships.  In San Diego, the Star of India, the ship, is the culmination of 5,000 years of ships.

In some similar way we are saying, the longer you live, the more you have become the VE, and the more intolerant it becomes not being up to speed with it.  The longer you live, the [greater?] the rockets, and the potential for the gap.  You have expanded yourself; you have lived yourself into this powerful creative being…like the man who said his own thoughts don’t ring his bells.  We want it for everyone.  You are feeling the difference between who you really are and what you are living.  That’s the creative edge. No one said, “I’ll come forth, and I’ll want it and I will get it.”  You said, “I want it and I will summon it, and the generations ahead will get it…”

Now we want to speak about you/You from your current physical perspective that you might say on a regular basis that would help that knot to subside, to release the Iresistance:

When you meditate, when you appreciate.  When you are feeling good the gap is closing

Practice saying:

I am living life and I am living it well. I am making decisions the best I can from where I stand. I am making decisions from the best balance of information I have. I have done well in the making of my decisions.  Now I am infusing into my criteria, I am contemplating; I am considering other things as important reasons for the choices I make in thought.  Now more important than being right, I am making decisions to choose thoughts that release this knot.......... When I beat up on myself the knot gets bigger.  When I anticipate the future positively the knot gets softer.   I choose thoughts that make the knot more supple.  I have the ability to resolve dissolve the knot altogether.  I believe I have the ability to [didn’t get all this]…

I believe I am a good person . I believe I was born of source energy.  I believe that I have set many things into motion.  I understand what I have set into motion more for me to do,  more things, many big things, I am wanting to trust that if this time space reality has the power to inspire that desire from me, this time space reality has the ability to deliver it. My frustration has been that I can't find it, and I believe it can lead me toward it. 

……You got kicked out of all those places because you were not a vibrational match to it.  You lived in a society, where you were unwilling to confirm.  You have been looking for love in all the wrong places. It was not in those homes, those places. Now as you continue to tell about that…[you get that knot in your stomach].

It was about your independence your freedom seeking, your autonomy. That’s why you have vast resources.  [The Q had said that he was a wealthy man.]You were not listening to those outside you, you always could feel ….Don’t continue to condemn that which has brought this forth

 [At this point, The Q then spontaneously walked up to Estherham and hugged "them" and then went over and patted Jerry!!!!!!!!]


Q: Why does Jerry always want to get rid ofyou and get into Abraham?

A:  There is no one on the planet he enjoys more than Esther.

Q:   For 6 years I have been battling cancer.  I want to know what to do to get rid of it. 

A:  We noticed you have been holding on to your stomach.  The premise you are approaching this from is a little screwy, and it is not different from how you have been approaching life in general…”battling. “

It is what we were talking about earlier, “outside forces.”  We would understand how it would look like something is attacking you and you are waging a battle against you.  We promise we are not going to upset your applecart.  We promise your emotional discomfort will subside, and you will feel more hopeful and move into knowing.

  When you perceive something as coming after you, and you stand in resistance to it, can you feel the tension of your resistance?  You can’t give our attention to it without it becoming an active vibrational component of you. What we want you to begin thinking about doing, is I am only going to talk more about what you do want and less about what you don’t want. 

We understand how you have a condition and you want to talk about the condition that is labeled as “cancer”.  All it is is an indication of vibration.  It isn’t a death sentence.  It is just an indication of thoughts that you have been thinking. All it is is an indicator of vibration.  That’s the cure that medicine has been looking for.  There is only one cure from your emotional imbalance,.  Only thoughts. ----- not surgery, not a pill.

 Not someone else’s thoughts, Only your thoughts. They are eroding your sense of value.  Usually strong resentment against somebody.  What other things have you been pushing against, What resentment of somebody?  When you see them differently the vibrational  balance would be different.  What are you pushing against?  How long have you been mad, or angry before that? 

Q: Childhood, many things.

A: Childhood. The people…long gone from your experience, but you drag their memory along, and you speak often to people about the injustices of our childhood, what is the story that you most often tell?

Q:Divorce…My divorce.

A: Give us the angry version.

Q:  my husband left me for no good reason

A: disrespected, abandoned.  How long ago?

Q :7 years ago  [She and the audience ‘get’ the time frame here…she has had cancer for 6 years]

A: If you’ve got negative emotion, if you don’t change the thought, it got bigger--- into a divorce,  if not a physical diagnosis.  Doesn’t it make you feel powerful to know that you could think differently?  So now, do you have a different vantage point on the divorce?

Q: No, but now I have a different ….[didn’t get all this]

A: Tell us a different story about that relationship ending.  That is the seed.  What does my IB say about my divorce of 7 years ago? What does IB say about my husband?. Leaving

A: It was not wrong for us to be together, but I never really did feel right.  Both of us knew it wasn’t quite right,  but ideas of responsibility and commitment kept me standing there, but my husband was very much  more self-serving.  He was listening more from within, but the decision was hard for him, for both of us.

Q: Very true.

A: But now I am going to agree with that decision.  This is not about a diminishing of that which is me, this is a platform.  I was always very independent in spirit and nature.  It was not right from me to be under someone else’s thumb. It is wonderful that I am free to find that which I am looking for,  it was valuable as it came; it put so much in my VE; it was valuable in all that. 

NOW your vibrational indicator has changed.

Now when there is a culprit in your life that you can fixate your discontent on, a lot of discontent, you can shine the light on one culprit.  That does not mean that your patterns of thought have changed.  [Just because you have found relief on this topic.  There is a tendency to locate a ‘culprit’ that hides the essential issue].

Say to yourself on a regular basis, “What is my Inner Being's thought about that?”  There are many things about the world at large that you have been harboring.  Just little by little …Is there anything else that you have been feeling ….?

People almost always have a target that they use to express their discontentRelease the target as fast as they come up  There has to be some place for the target of the discontent. As soon you release one target, another will come up.

Your [family responsibility, etc,….living life for others]

What you are really wanting to do is find a way to replace your perception of what you think they think of you.

The reason you pick on so many other targets is because you don’t want to blame self. Blame feels better than guilt.  The only way you will ever find your freedom is caring about how you feel.  You like to help others, and they get out of hand.  What your really want is to teach them self-sufficiency.  ([subtext is] “I do for others because I see you cannot do for yourself”)

Your uneasiness feels like anger or resentment.  As you find different things you feel that feeling about.  Within a matter of days, in what is currently happening now.  In your current affairs . [you will recognize all the things that you feel, uneasy about.]  The past things are the most verbalized, most articulated ones [so you target them as the “cause” of your feelings of resentment]

It has never been about about them.  It has always been about you and You. Anything right now to which you feel resentment?

Q : No

A: Now you are seeing your past, present, and future in your Now. No disease can abide in that vibration.  Try to perceive it as the way the source within you would perceive it. 

Q: Talked to Abe in Alaska abut cabin [a place to get away from it all]

A: So you have created a little haven, where a lazy person can just feel better there than in another environment.  There is a trap in carving out a little piece of what you call heaven.  In time you begin to resent the rest of the world because they won’t behave in that way.  We want this haven to be in your vibrational gap vicinity now ----[use the tool of  something external  to find ] a vibrational place, a vibrational memory, it can flow out of you in any and all conditions, like babies do when they are born.  The more you fuss around them, the less they like it.

Q:We had asked you how to pay for it because the bills are all mounting, and you suggested that we slow it all down [so circumstances worked out that way]

A: The universe is conspiring for you.  Not against you.  “The U is conspiring for me”

   Everyone else's Inner Being has a conspiracy to fulfill what is in your vibrational escrow. 

A: They are less corral-able.  What it boils down to, they are coming with a greater determination to live life in JOY.


Q: I have a general question.  I’m feeling as if I need a lot of progress in how I am thinking.  I try to be very conscious whether I am being upstream or downstream.  I’m feeling as if I’m kind of stuck.  People grow and pause. Grow and pause.  I’m feeling stuck as to whether more things I am wanting will be happening.  I am having more and more positive experience in my relationships. What does someone do when they feel like they are getting it, but feel like they are getting stuck.

A: We will use our stream analogy.  It is our favorite.  The LOA responds to the VE;  it causes a vortex of energy that draws everything to it, including you.  When you choose thoughts that don’t flow… You are doing far better than you give yourself credit.

Let’s say that like most people you are on a sort of negative jag, for example  There are things that you are observing and you are commenting on them often.  In all of that process, you are launching rockets of desire.  When you look at what you don’t want, there is a sensation of momentum in that.  Your life is dynamic.  People would rather have negative emotion than no emotion.  There is a sense of something going on.

There is no such thing as being  "stuck."  There is no such thing as stagnant.  You are a dynamic being.  There is always some brushfire that needs to be put out. 

Then you start cleaning up your vibration.  The feeling of being stuck is the pros and cons, the conversations about what is wanted, and the conversations about what is not wanted. Now you know too much to ever be stuck.

Really, there is very little vibrational difference between the moment before being stuck, then being stuck, and the moment after being stuck.  As you continue to be conscious of the way you feel, that feeling will move in the direction that you want. 

Q:  Is it normal for all hell to break loose in a persons’ life [when becoming a deliberate creator?]

Yes, because they have begun defining what they want, and their stream is moving faster.

Then not long after, they will say, there were many things that I wanted that were outside the door and they all swept in, and now they are not sweeping in.

The feeling of stuck is wanting/doubting, wanting/doubting/wanting/doubting.

Let’s say, “I really hate that.”  In the midst of that I have a desire  Now let’s do some work.  Now let’s say what you are living is frustration. Frustration launches limper desires than hate does.  Now there isn’t as much dynamism between frustration/no frustration.  Now you have to listen and feel with a more discerning awareness between frustration and hopefulness.  The other end of hopeful stick is optimism.  There isn’t much range.  You might even call yourself stuck in hopeful.  Now you have moved almost into believing.

Q: There is not as much motivation.

A: In the stronger, bad feeling emotion, there is much more motivation; Everything we are talking about is more subtle a more subtle feeling in your belly. Now you are in this place of believing. Believing/believing/ believing, but even in believing, “knowing “ is available.  When you click into that, you are now in that vortex where all things are coming to you.  Once you get there, you can feel the powerful momentum of your life experience.

You are doing better than you are verbalizing, but  you are not as keenly aware of the subtle differences as you would like to see it  Try to describe the emotion you are experiencing around different situations.  Say to yourself,  “Nothing is more important than that I feel good.”

Some people will say, “I don’t have any really vivid desire within me right now. “ They have not trained themselves into that high discernment of desire. They think when we are talking about desire or wanting, they think we are talking about things not already achieved.

Passion and joy.  You have to be able to practice your discernment of your emotion in a more keen way in order to keep yourselves riding that wave of joyful feeling.  The more keenly you can feel those subtle differences,  there is no ending to the vibrational movement you can have.  When you experience in an ongoing way, the passion the source that feels..... Do you know what gives source the energy stream for that energy stream of never ending joy and appreciation!!!!! ?????????

YOUR WILLINGNESS TO BANG AROUND AND EXPLORE CONTRAST IN ORDER TO EVOLVE ,TO CAUSE THE “BECOMING “OF SOURCE. IT IS THE JOY OF THE MOVEMENT TO THE NEXT THAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT.   It has never been about the destination, it has been about the journey.  Life cause you to want more and more destinations.

Same Questioner: Was a big boy, and never felt like he could express anger because he was concerned about others observations of him, that he could hurt someone with his larger body. [A concern about the response of others to him].

The benefit of feeling angry rather than feeling depressed…[was missed out on]

A: There is something else you are talking about here…when you evaluate your personal responses by how others may respond to them is very different from how they feel to you.  You have outgrown that concern about being the big guy,  but it is still active in your vibe, because you have trained yourself to be concerned.  The feeling of being stuck is because the motivating factor of your life is other people’s response to you.  But you haven’t quite kicked in to the inspirational part.

Almost all people who want to sell you something are motivating you by telling you for the negative repercussion  [burglar alarms, insurance, etc,]

 Inspired decision comes from getting swept into the vortex of VE, you feel the passion.  You are CALLED rather than being pushed.  This feeling of being stuck is because you haven’t gotten both feet in the world of being inspired.  But it is such a temporary place.  You can’t put your feet in both worlds.

Everything we ever talk about is about bringing you into vibrational alignment with who you have become. 

What a lot of you are reaching for is a new zest for life.  There are a lot of people who are talking about LOA in terms of getting what you want.  It isn’t until you morph this vantage point[ “you’] with this [“Inner Being’s] vantage part, ----that is what you are reaching for to [get your passion for life].

Q: I have a car that has a rep for being a mechanical wonder. ….I’m sure that a good part of it is my belief that it is a good car. 

A: We want you to realize that we want you to care about how you feel, the more you begin to see the world in the eyes of the connecting being that is who you are.  There are people who are consistently holding themselves in [awareness of who they are]…You call them a "master," because you see them deliberately holding themselves in a ..[?] of wellbeing.

Let’s say such a person is moving through life experience, and let's say there are all sorts of varieties of people. LOA will bring to them what is predominantly. Their vibration.

 Let's say this person who has decided to become a manufacturer of a product.  Because of their vibrational attraction, they attract managers that attract, the managers begin to attract (people to hire).  Jerry has said he can feel the reflection of  who is at the head of it , because there is this vibrational lineage.  There is nothing outside the power of LOA. When  you have the good fortune to come in the vibrational vicinity of someone who is TITITO,  you can be swept into the vortex of what they are about. 

Others who do not understand the LOA will say you are getting something …[from outside].

If you could divide all the wealth of the world, and divide it, in 10 years, it would be redistributed much as it is today. [due to LOA]

Am I expecting to be treated well, am I expecting my vehicles to perform for me, am I expecting my relationships to be fun for me?  Whatever is manifesting is perfect reflection of what you are expecting every single time.

You can do it relative to everything, in the privacy of your own bedroom, and you can tune yourself so precisely to what you want that you could cause a world shift in the world understanding.  That’s how powerful you are.

Q: Invests in stock market--- it has been a roller coaster, and many people like to ride a roller coaster because they enjoy the fear they get. The downs do get scary. At a point now where I try to follow my emotions, and I am anticipating the move down, and enjoy getting a little scared, and I go, “ Oh, my gosh, I am really scared now." So I have tried to go against my fear.  I have learned to move against my fear and buy in those times when the market is crazy.  But it is extremely uncomfortable.

A:  How do you discover in the midst of that fear what you want?

Q: I know that to do the opposite of what my fear tells me to  do.

A: Clever [sarcastic!]

Q: I am sort of at the point where things can be interpreted as scary.  I’m almost at the point where I amwaiting to get extremely scared to do so.  I realize this is a crazy way to try to think about this.  It is as you would say, “screwy.”  I haven’t quite “ the dots.”  Some clarity enhancing would be helpful.

A: Let’s recap some of the discoveries we have already applied today:  The fear that erupts within you when you focus on thoughts that are not what you want, about recessions, or even depression, about losing a lot of money.  Of course, you cannot think thoughts like that without feeling really, really, bad  Thinking about how we present it to you here, will bring you to a whole new understanding.

 Can you see how, in light of what we have been talking  about today, that..[did not get this].. Instability in the current financial market is the very upheaval that puts the value in future market.  It is really the contrast that is assuring the certainty of the positive future market.  You have come into the knowledge that contrast causes the desire that causes the Vibrational escrow that causes the votex to amass.

The reason is because of VEscrows that have made it so.  Become a vibrational match to the VE that matches this.  The volatility and instability of the current market.  Doesn’t that mean that the future market isn’t secure.  It is stable.  When someone is really, really sick, the part of them is sick is weller than it has ever been.  It is the same here.

Find your stability, then take the inspired action.  Don’t be responsive until you have come into vibrational alignment with your knowledge of the bigger picture.  Never act in the midst of fear.  Talk it down.  Talk about the big picture.  Talk about what the unstable market is doing for the future. 

End of Monday’s session

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