Connee's Notes on the Abraham Workshop

Chicago, IL, July 11-12, 1998

1. Ask yourself these questions: How much of the stream am I summoning?  And  how much am I allowing to flow?  Use a vibration meter with a scale of elation/excitement/passion at one end, contentment 1/3 over, frustration 1/3 over from there, and anger/depression at the far end.

2. Your emotions are your indicators of your summoning and allowing.  Strong emotion on either end means you are summing a lot of energy.  Mild emotion in the middle means you are summoning less energy.  The elation/contentment side means you are allowing the flow.  The frustration/anger side means you are not allowing it to flow.  Strong summoning of emotion on the frustration/anger side means you are creating a lot of what you don't want.  Strong emotion on the elation side means you are actively creating what you do want.

3. Summon energy, by thinking, visualizing, observing, and see how it feels.  Be as specific about what you want as you can be and still feel good.  Usually general statements feel better than very specific ones.

4. You must focus the energy by deciding what you want.  Action creates only on a mediocre scale.  Coupled with vision, action is mostly for enjoying the fruits of the decision.  Action is delicious.

5. You said to yourself before you were born, "I'll go forth and sift through the contrast and come to decision."

6. The asking in "ask and it shall be given" from the Bible, is the desire you feel in your belly.

7. Realize you never get it done and you cannot get it wrong.

8. Start reveling in the contrast.  Keep freshness of desire high.  Any justification of how you got there is a stale vibration.

9. If you could accept that you are magnificent, worthy, lovely, creative beings, you'd go a long way to be the being you came to be.

10. Things do not come into your experience unless you focus on them.

11. You cannot worry and love at the same time. When you worry about your children, you aren't loving them.  

12. Physical pain is strong asking in the midst of strong resistance.

13. Recognize that whatever you are feeling, consciously or unconsciously, is reflected in your vibration.

14. It's much easier to let others summon energy through you than to consciously do it for yourself.  Focus on allowing, relax as a conduit, and alloy the energy to flow through you on their behalf.  

15. Answering a question that hasn't been asked is like pushing a noodle.  Relax and understand that you can't give them anything they aren't asking.  Trust that Law of Attraction and the contrast of their lives are giving them the desire to ask questions.

16. Desire is beyond allowing.  If you want it enough, belief doesn't matter.

17. Use as a mantra, "All is well with me."  Lie in bed at night, pretending that your bed is a big sponge, absorbing you into it, picture yourself on a water floatation device in a swimming pool, thing thoughts of  release, willingness and relaxation.

18. Just relax.  It's up to you to not care what everyone else is worried about.

19. Let others have their bad day, and relax your self.  You are a free spirit who only wants to soar.  Don't let their not soaring bog you down.

20. All is well, things are in perfect balance, be easy going, and relaxed.

21. Feel your way through it.  You each have to massage the thoughts to get the relaxation into place.

22. Always choose the thought that feels better.  To think of your mother suffering, or a joyous memory?

23. Good things just come to us.  Contrast is the giver of life, it is what summons life force.

24. Nothing should take much time.  If you haven't manifested it, you're tuned to the wrong frequency.

25. If it is not coming about, either your desire isn't clear, or you're not in alignment.

26. Use fantasy and visualization.  The Universe will match your vibration.

27. Anytime you are giving attention to a subject you are creating.  Yes means yes and no means yes.

28. Genius = Focus

29. Memory is simply focusing long enough to receive the vibration.  Your memory is a receiver, not a storage device.  Esther remembered phone numbers of childhood friends recently when she went back with her sister to her hometown.  The longer she stayed there, the more she remembered.

30. Activate your memory by your attention to a subject.

31. As you remember one story and focus your attention on it for 17 seconds, you begin to remember other stories like it.  Associate something with a name for more than 17 seconds, and you will generate a vibration to allow you to remember it.

32. When you give your attention to anything, it is already vibration.  As you attend to it, you vibrate with it.

33. Everything that occurs is a combination of multiple vibrations. Law of Attraction is always in action, everything is a product of that.

34. All of the string pulling is done by Law of Attraction.  What comes to you is a combination of all the strings pulled.

35. Nonphysical doesn't push against anything.

36. We often say, "I wish that person would do such and such, and then I would feel better."  But it is like asking a cat to act like a dog.  Accept the differences in people.  When it comes to humans, you want them all to be the same.  They are all doing the best they know how to do.

37. Learn nonjudgment.  Accept who they are.  Don't try to change them.  

38. If someone is giving you negative feedback, see them as a cat you are trying to make into a dog, and laugh to yourself.

39. Rather than trying to fix them, get more interested in your own response.  "What you think of me is none of my business. "  If  I am just focused on what I think, I am setting my own tone.

40. What we want you to know about money is there is always enough.  Anybody who asks and allows receives.  There is an endlessly expanding stream.  Abundance is *created* by desire.

41. If the request is pure, the Universe will always fill it.

42. Children see you as keep of the gate, because you have been acting as that!  Encourage them instead to talk of what they want and why they want it.  Give your children an understanding of their own connection to source.

43. We would never interaction with anyone who is coming from a negative place.

44. Much of our action is based on the needs of others - the squeaky wheel getting the grease.  If you take action without the energy flow, it is hard.  If a child asks, "Will you give it to me?" say no.  And tell them it is your job to get the energy flow.

45. Allow the children to understand the process.  Forget the outcome for now.  Ask yourself, "Does my child understand he has access to infinite energy?"

46. When your child says he wants something, ask, "how big?  Where will you keep it?  Will you allow others to play with it?"  Evoke in them more details.  That will help them vibrate there.  Say, "I'm not sure how it will come, but as you keep your vibration pure, its manifestation is certain.

47. You can have anything you want.  I'm giving you this much you can count on (an allowance.)  If you want more than this, then you need to line up the energy.

48. The Universe is always giving all of us an allowance!  It is infinite!  You earn it through your vibrational harmony with it.

49. Don't get into that place where you have to judge anything about anyone.

50. Boredom is observing being bored.  The feeling is the opposite of eager.  It's because you have not focused long enough that Law of Attraction is working for you.

51. When the stuff is in the boring stage, focus on the details of what you want, and it will get more interesting all the time.

52. It is always more satisfying to do things you want to do.  Find something to focus on, and it expands.  Anything will do.  

53. You make your own vibrational roadway.  You make your own party, wherever you go.

54. Get into the realm of imagination.  Write a scenario, build a fantasy, choose some characters.

55. You are always in the fantasy.  Add three others: are they men or women?  Men.  Are they attached or unattached?  Unattached.  Are they beautiful or not attractive?  Beautiful.  Are they shy or confident?  Confident.  Are they articulate or tongue tied?  Articulate.  Are they prosperous or poor?  Prosperous.  Are they tall, medium or short?  One of each!  Are they serious or humorous?  Humorous.  Is their humor kind or cruel?  Kind.  Are they dissatisfied or fulfilled?  Fulfilled.   Are they bored or eager?  Eager.  Do they live far away or close by?  Close by.

56. Choose a setting: Is it somewhere familiar or not familiar?  Familiar.  Is it business or social?  Social.  Is there just three men, or do two other women join you?  Women join.  Is it playful or intellectual?  Intellectual.  It's a conversation around a dinner table, with music in the background, beautiful food, your heart is singing!

57. If you keep feeling negative emotion, at one point you say "No More!"  There is a threshold you are unwilling to cross.  And then a new desire is born, and then a new idea comes.  Get so involved in the fantasy that the fantasy becomes the vibration.  Do more of finding the feeling place of what you are wanting.  

58. You have beliefs, habits of thought.  The desire is to weigh 130, the reality is 170.  Fantasize being slender.  As you become more dissatisfied with the current reality, it causes discomfort.  A stronger desire results.  You believe that if you would do this thing, you would be slender.  If you did that thing, you would be slender.  But you also believe that you don't want to do that thing, which it more complicated.

59. It is sometimes easier to allow the beliefs and conform to them, rather than to insist on changing the beliefs.  You do modify your behavior to get what you want.

60. As you add the fantasy to this picture, though, you get more inspiration, energy, new ideas.  Your appetite will begin to conform to the vision.

61. Write a scenario.  You are your ideal weight and size.  You are active, graceful, taller, feel joy of movement, you see yourself socializing and deliberately creating, you have a tailored, neat wardrobe of clothes you love wearing.

62. You increase your fantasy, this is a woman who cares about the way she looks, she moves her body often.  She buys beautiful clothes in lovely department stores.  Everything she tries on fits just right.  The sales people know her, and put aside lovely clothes.  Her closet is gorgeous, spacious, and contains well chose, good looking, good feeling, very well tailored clothes.  She is going to the Lake Front for a cruise with a group of friends.  She is beautiful, lots of people are checking her out, giving her compliments, she is feeling great.

63. Click into the vibration of feeling slender, attractive, beautiful!  Have a mental party every day for the sake of the thrill of the imagery!

64. Once it gets rolling, let the main character (you) go into all kinds of pleasing situations in your fantasies.

65. You can either observe or fantasize.  Either causes you to offer a signal.  The Universe takes you at your word, and responds to the signal.

66. $1000 prosperity game.  Teaches you to fantasize far beyond your current income.  Spending the dollars mentally activates your imagination.  Esther started a checkbook in her computer.  Scanned a check, and printed some out.  Writes out deposit slips for each days amount, and writes out the check for what she decides to buy.  On the back of the check, she describes the scenario.  She makes up fun names to write the check to - Decorators par excellence, kitchens unlimited.

67. Feel the fun of the expansion of your ability to imagine what you will do with it.  Identify desires to summon life through you.  

68. Very few of you are imagining on purpose.  It's up to you to choose the pieces to put together.

69. Every game Abe has described causes you to vibrate in wonderful ways.  The more you play the games, the more you will be a match to your desires.  The games get you to change your habits of thought and have fun with all of this!

70. Have your dominant intention be to connect with the stream, to feel good.  Everyone must find the voice in vibrational harmony with who they are.

71. We (Abraham) are all about eternalness, all about difference.  Every one in the mix is important.

72. We can easily have a vibrational connection to those in nonphysical.  There is no death.  Just a change of focus.  You must raise your vibration to their pure positive one to feel them.

73. Your dearly departed cannot join you in being separate from source, in grief or sadness.  They are absorbed in Source.  You can ease your sense of separation from them by not allowing yourself to be separate from source.

74. To heal chronic depression: When something is habitual, Law of Attraction is very powerful.  There is a high probability that the next thought will be of the same vibration as the last one.  Find a way to think it is ok to be where you are for this moment, and talk about wanting to feel better.  Strong negative emotion, like depression is good, because it represents high desire.  Distract yourself when you are on a negative rampage, take a nap, and awaken with your cork floating.  Awaken and think a new thought.

75. In the beginning look first for distraction.  Ask some bright happy person for movie suggestions.  (Otherwise you will be in vibrational harmony with a depressing one!)  Go to a happy movie, and you will begin to vibrate as it is.

76. Say I want to feel good, I want to feel good, and soon you will be feeling a little better.

77. Healing implies sickness.  There is nothing to heal.  You just want to turn the light on a little.

78. Open lens and allow who you really are to flow though.

79. The earth changes are coming along just fine, have you noticed?  Nothing stands stills.  It is a natural, comfortable, perfectly lovely unfolding, and you are all doing very well within it.

80. There are 499 great stations, and 1 negative one.  If you focus on the station you want, you will not hear the rest of them.

81. Say no just long enough to figure out what yes is, and then turn to yes.

82. Look at the good piles of stuff around, and let Law of Attraction do the sifting for you.

83. Extremes in emotions that are negative signify strong desires.  Things may look bad at the moment, but if you step back a little bit, you will see that all is really well.

84. It isn't always possible to find a positive thought, if you have let the negative ones combust.  You just don't vibrationally have access to a positive thought.  So you must get distracted, and thing of the subject later when you are more connected.

85. Otherwise you don't have access to anything but more and more negative thoughts.  As you continue, you keep going deeper and deeper and it gets worse and worse.

86. Law of Attraction is always perfectly vibrationally responsive.  If you don't like your life right now, it is because of your vibration.  Do anything to feel better, because then the manifestation will please you better.

87. Abe would rather see you in a place of strong negative emotion rather than limp emotion, because a strong desire is present.  If you want to get what you want, if there are things that really bother you, never think of them again!

88. As your resistance grows, your desire grows, until finally you say, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore," and you reach for a thought that feels better.

89. The Universe says blessed be all of the thoughts, and creates them.

90. The whole sum of what I am offering is what I'm getting back.

91. Good is always flowing to you, and you allow it or disallow it, according to your vibration.

92. No longer argue for the limitations of where you stand.  Look around and see what you can find.  Look around you to see how much good you can find.

93. Start with the easy ones, once you get the hang of it.

94. Appreciate, find the things that take you to a place of connection fastest.  So thoughts of appreciation come easy.

95. You are always asking, "What should I do?"  Because action is delicious, and action can inspire vibration.  If you are not sure what to do, get into the action of doing the Abe processes.

96. If you ask to help someone because you see them as needing fixing, you have no value.  You can only influence from a place of connection.

97. Highly sensitive means those with high wanting.

98. Ask the Universe to inspire you to the perfect moments, where you clearly see your loved ones connection to nonphysical.  

99. Your child who wants to fly is not going to defy gravity.   Don't tell him.  Just encourage him to enjoy his night flights.  That is as good as it gets.

100. Dreams are a wonderful part of you experience, and are themselves manifestations of your vibration.  They are byproducts of what you are thinking and feeling.  Observe their content, and if you aren't comfortable with the feeling, change your vibrational offering.

101. If you loved your dream, make a decision to dream it some more.  If it doesn't feel good, talk yourself in a better feeling place.  Use fantasy to imagine beyond dreams you enjoyed.

102. Facing reality only holds you where you are.

103. If you are not recalling your dreams, make a decision that you will remember anything that is important.

104. Then when you wake up, ask yourself if you dreamed.  The primary purpose of a dream is an advance announcement of your vibration.  It is valuable information to help you adjust your vibration.  Just like your life is!

105. The now is very short.  If it is not want you want, in your dream or your reality, stand in your fresh place and say what you want.

106. A recurrent dream is a dream that indicates a strong vibration about something.  

107. Your Inner Being has a wide overview of all things important to you, and is on your side.

108. God is an eternal and evolving collective consciousness, the energy of Source, liquid love.

109. Everyone has access to the whole.  Focus = Genius.  Summon the knowing through focus.

110. Everything leading edge continues to summon forth energy, so it continues to evolve.

111. Abe is aware of the probability of our conclusions.

112. We want you to learn to feel the energy.  If you feel eagerness, lighthearted, happy, enthusiastic, something you want is unfolding.  If you feel frustration, something you want is stuck.  If you feel anger something you don't want is unfolding.  If you feel terror, something important to you is in immediate jeopardy.

113. In birth, you decide what you want, the child decides, and the Universe makes the match.

114. Always give the other person the benefit of the doubt.  Try to understand where he is coming from.  Praise him for his own uniqueness.

115. Tell your student, "I've been a teacher for hundreds of thousands of years!  Well, no, he's probably not ready for that!"  Tell him, "As a teacher, I've come to understand that I am a builder of bridges.  I bridge from what you know and what I know.  Sometimes my students are way ahead of me.  I build different bridges for different students.  That's what makes it so fun.

116. Don't let anyone second guess your intuition about what you teach.

117. To live, to desire, to decide.  Heaven and hell is all right here.

118. You don't have to make a judgment about everything you see.  Release judgement.  Don't see grandma in pain, just see grandma.

119. Save up fun, delicious and uplifting stories.

120. You do reincarnate in groups.  You often come in clusters.  Dogs and humans often incarnate together, but the dogs don't become the humans, and the humans don't become the dogs.  Dogs are familiar because they have been with you as dogs before.

121. There is a different consciousness in dogs and humans.

122. To a question about negative circumstances for animals: There are 499 positive stations, and one negative one.  You are tuning into the unpleasant one!

123. Wellbeing is so predominate.  The balance of animals and humans, and the food chain, is perfectly balanced.  Animals in the wild are connected beasts.  They come with the intention to be part of the food chain.  If you think that death means something wrong, you don't understand death.

124. Domestic animals pick up on vibrations, not words, and they pick up on the vibrations of the humans they are with.  

125. It is difficult to see through the eyes of another.  It is not helpful to superimpose your beliefs on your beasts.  They are eagerness and enthusiasm.  They have strong desire, and no resistance.

126. You came forth as deliberate creators.  Reaching for the new and aligning energy.  The beast is contentment, not desire and passion.  The are food for humans and each other.  They are modulators of energy, energy vortexes on the planet.  They did not come forth to decide and focus.  Just see them as beasts that have different intentions in the balance.

127. Withdraw your attention for it, so you no longer draw it into your experience.  If you pay attention, you are shining a spotlight on it and making it more probable.

128. Beasts know how to withdraw their attention.  The gazelle releases consciousness before the lion kills it.

129. They come with different intentions than we do.  Do not use them as your excuse to disconnect.

130. Humanity can't begin to orchestrate things as well as nonphysical.  When you get involved, you screw it up!

131. Make a decision and then, make that decision right.

132. Regarding the death of your Mom, time will help that.  You will begin to feel the relationship in a new way, and that will supercede your old relationship.

133. The more you practice your own connection, the more you will have access to her.  It is in your joy you interact.  There is no separation from that which is physical and nonphysical.  There are no boundaries.  We are first and foremost vibrational beings.  Flesh, blood and bones gives you stability, focused energy.  We made agreements to give us this powerful jumping off place for creation.

134. You can win the lottery.  Spend via the prosperity game, and that brings you into vibrational harmony with it.  You must get your vibration in harmony with enormous abundance.

135. We'd like you to be in a place where you have no problems, a soft place of using the contrast for increasing desire and focus.

Here's a focus wheel for relationship: I believe Law of Attraction abounds

There are many people who come to fabulous relationships at my time of life.

It is pleasing to me that my life is already good, so I can take my time to allow my mate to come.

I have time to be selective and collect data.

It can be fun to collect data.

136. Sift your vibration and the Universe responds immediately.  All kinds of things you couldn`t orchestrate your yourself in millions of years begin to happen.

137. You can be particular about all things.  We want you to be nitpicky, greedy, selfish deliberate creators.  You cannot deprive someone else.  We want you to be very specific regarding relationships and all things.

138. Do more things that bring you joy.  Go to the theater, get flowers delivered.  Set aside some time every day to quit your mind (10-15 minutes, early in the day) to allow your cork to float.

139. Decide you don't have to make a judgement about so many things.  Allow some things to just be things.

140. Say "that's a very interesting way of looking at this."  Don't push at it and it's not so likely to push back.

141. Set your tone and look for things that match it.  Withdraw your opinions, relax and set your tone.

142. Evaluating the contrast effectively is saying yes to things you want.  Making judgements is shouting no to things you don't want.

143. Yes yourself there.

144. Instead of saying, "no thanks," when someone offers you something you don't want, Esther is learning to say, "I'm really fine where I am," or "what I really want is…"

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