Conneeís interaction with Abraham, May 2003, Gaithersburg, MD


Connee: Good Morning, Abraham.


Abe:  It is.


Connee: The thing that gives me the greatest joy is great ideas.

[I started to go on, and they eagerly interrupted me.]


Abe:  You know why?  Because as you are connected to Source, as you are, and your time space reality is evoking the next idea, you are right there in the moment of feeling the expansion of the Universe!!!


Connee:  Yes!  Yes, that is what I want.  Iím finding more that my eruption of desire is coming from seeing something I want to be rather than from a negative experience.  I read a sentence that just gives me goose bumps all over.  I want to be able to write that, to think that, to do that, to be in that kind of catalyst place for other people as these authors are being for me.  And so I want to talk about the preciousness of the individual, the uniqueness of each person.  I feel so powerfully that every person is just held in this extraordinary, beautiful, nurturing spaceÖ

Abe:  Good words.


Connee:  A lot of people donít know that about themselves.  I would like to be able to communicate that more effectively.  Your words have been so powerful recently as youíve done your workshops youíve been talking about that part of the value of the individual and I would love for you to take that further.


Abe:  Well, there is something we want to say to you about this before we do, and that is:  The fact that you are there to hear what we are saying is to your credit more than it is to ours.  In other words, we are endlessly projecting the block of thought and Esther is endlessly translating the block of thought but the fact that you are there to receive it is about your vibration more than it is about whatís being said.


So we just want you to realize that what you say is already of value and those who are ready to hear it will hear it.  In other words, we donít want you to get off on this track that Iíve gotta come up with the best words in order to reach those people.  Because there are people not yet reachable.  When they are reachable, they will connect with your words.  And until thenÖ  So what we are saying is

We want you to offer the words for the joy you find in your discovery of them and let Law of Attraction bring to you people who are ready for them.


But donít try to write your words for them.  Thatís going about itÖ  Thatís like, we talk to musicians and we say, Write the music that thrills you and sing and perform the music that thrills you and Law of Attraction will bring your audience to you.  But if you are out there polling the audiences and trying to find out what they want and then you are trying to mold or modify yourself to please them, now you donít have any central standard from which you are exploding and it doesnít work very well.  You see how it works with the politicians.


Connee:  Or doesnít. 


Abe:  Or doesnít work for them.  Yes. <laughter>


Connee:  Long question about the words empersonalization of Spirit with all our biology and biography, expressing our precious sense of individuality, stand in wholeness and are able to be a blessing the planet.


Abe:  You are knowing that you are an extension of Source energy.  And you are knowing that as this extension of Source energy, you are worthy.  There is no proving in order to be worthy, your existence is worthiness enough.  And that here you stand on this leading edge place with the entire Universe having been established to put you here in this place where the environment will inspire in you in this moment the new idea that is instantly supported and that if you just knew that, you would be bathed in the wellbeing and there would beÖ


Itís such a delicious feeling to be in this place as you describe with the new desire being born, with no doubt that the thirst of the new desire can be easily quenched.  In the same moment understand that another thirst is going to come right up behind it.  That in fact, it is the thirst and quench, and the thirst and quench, and the thirst and quench, and the thirst and quench, that is what makes life so wonderful!


But when you get so thirsty that you croak before you quench, now there is something wrong in that.  And so maybe thatís what it is.  You are beginning to tap in, maybe for the first time really, consciously to your own worthiness about letting the thirst be quenched almost as fast as it comes.


Connee:  I am seeing that.  A couple of years ago you said to me, ďget out and mix it up more with people.Ē And I didÖ


Abe:  In response to what?  What were we giving you that in response to?


Connee: Creating more desire.

Abe:  You were bored.


Connee:  I was content. You were moving me up.


Abe: You were bored!


Connee: OK!  I have been more active, more interacting with people I donít agree withÖ


Abe:  Letís start in another place.  Hold that just for a moment. What happens to so many is, you are out there banging around with people, and you discover that you can align to Source energy.  And once you discover you can align to Source energy, then in the beginning they sort of annoy you because they havenít figured it out that they can align to Source energy and they almost feel like they threaten you because if you donít pay much attention to them, you can maintain your alignment, but if you do begin to pay attention to them, you kind of sometimes misalign and so then a conclusion commonly comes.  ďWell, I think Iím going to pull back from all of this and Iím just going to get into myself and Iím going to line up. Thatís where you were.  You were in that place of not wanting to mix it up so much, trying to find your own balance.  Then, once you found your balance, then we said, ďnow get out and mix it up some more.Ē Now you are in a position where you know how to align easily, you donít feel threatened by what others will do, you donít feel that thereís risk that they are going to take you out of alignment and so, now what?


Connee:  Well, now I listen to other people speak, other teachers, and they arenít as clear to me as you are.  And so I hear a brilliance in what they are saying, but I also hear blindness in what they are saying.  And so I have been playing with this feeling of:  in an ever expanding Universe thereís this horizen that each of us can see from our finite perspective, from our physical perspective, we see a certain part of it, and we donít see all of it.  Part of what we are seeing is clear and brilliant and part is not.  One of my questions is:  are you also in that same place?  Is there part of what you can see, or can you see everything?


Abe:  Hmmm..  Itís easy for us, because we understand the basic laws that make everything a clear view.  That doesnít mean that we think every thought that has ever been thought, but it does mean, from our stable understanding of the Laws, every thought that we think easily aligns.  And what you are discovering is that, thatís why, as you were talking about wanting to find the perfect words.  Sometimes, words are perfect, in the way they flow, or in the way they ring, or in the way they evoke, but they are not perfect from every stance.  Even when we use analogies, we always say the analogy isnít perfect.  Because while it makes the specific point weíre wanting to make, it may activate something within you that we didnít mean to activate within you.  And so, we think that what you are speaking to, and what you are feeling, is that you are beginning to recognizeÖ


Here are our words in back response to what you already very beautifully said.  Genius is attention to a subject, so as you meet this variety of people who have become genius relative to one thing or another, donít ask them individually to be genius about all things.  Instead, you be the point of attraction that attracts this piece of genius from them, and this piece from this one, and this piece from this one, and you become the culmination of what you are attracting.  Donít need them to know it all.


Connee:  Right.


Abe:  When Jerry & Esther first began, someone gave them a book from a very famous author at the time.  Everybody was talking about the book.  So Esther said, ďAbraham, would you take these two pages that were basic talking points from the book and would you tell us what you think about them?  So we sat with Esther at her electric typewriter, and she typed in the statement from the book, and then we wrote a paragraph that followed it.  And Esther was struck, so was Jerry, by our acknowledgement that a person who really believed point one could not possibly believe point 10.


They were pretty words, and they were things people were accustomed to saying, but if you believe that, you canít believe that.  If you believe that you cannot believe that.  And if you believe that you cannot believe that.  In other words, they donít go together.  And what we want you to realize is that you donít have to make things go together.  Donít ask everything that everyone has ever experienced to make sense in light of your world.  In other words, there is not one right answer, even to the same question.  There are so many different dynamics that are involved. 


We think that what you are feeling with us is that we are tapping into the vibration of the moment.  And because we understand the Laws of the Universe, the basic laws are present in everything.  Also, as you find them standing in the light, as you say, relative to one thing, and standing in the darkness relative to another thing, that place that they stand that does not feel so light, is evoking within you a question that may never have been asked anywhere in the Universe before.  And so now that it is being born within you, who can clearly receive the answer to that, they have benefited you dramatically by their momentary confusion or perspective.  Thatís why it is so much fun to mix it all up together.  When we come back from segment of refreshment, we will begin with you. 


Connee:  Thank you.


Abe:  Good time for it.  We are complete.


{Esther giggles and says, YES!]



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Abe: And are you refreshed?  Good.  And now what are you wanting to talk about.


Connee:  Jerry just alluded to learning from the masses.  Uh, from the mastersÖ [laughter]  And um, I perceive masses of masters. So I want to talk about peer mastery, the idea that we have the capacity to discern what is brilliant about each person that we encounter and mine that brilliance with every individual we meet.  Thatís where I want to come from.  How to get there is still unclear to me, how I evoke the mastery from the individual that I am encountering.


Abe:  We really like the word brilliance that you have chosen because when you think about a pure lightÖthere is a brilliance, a purity.  In other words, it is a little different use of the word brilliance than sometimes is offered.  But, the brilliance of a happy child, the brilliance of a tender moment, the purity. the non-diluted, non-resistance of that moment.  And so, when you decide that you want to feel good and you make a decision that whatever is holding your attention, you are going to look for that which lines up with who you are, you will find that brilliance, it will be easy for you to find. 


It is just a matter of determining how important it is that you feel good.  Because you see, the reason we like this approach so much that you are offering here is that every particle of the Universe has within in it that which you want and that which you donít want.  That which you want and lack of that which you want.  And every person that you interact with is the same way.  So, if you have taken the time to align with who you are, you have a much better chance of aligning with the part of them that matches the part that is you.  And making a decision that you are going to do that, there could not be a better plan.


Our only clarification is, understand that that brilliance, the brilliance in them, is maybe not necessarily the thing that they would most like show you, but it may very well be the thing you are most looking for.  And as long as you are looking for it with the idea of lining up, rather than looking for it to try to motivate it from them then you stay pure.


Connee:  My friend Margie says, and your friend Margie says, ďLife is in the details and there is something in every scene that sparkles.Ē  And then she went on to say, ďAnd the sparkle is in the eye of the beholder.Ē  So thatís the alignment with the Self, being in the place of being in vibrational harmony with brilliance, thatís what you are saying?


Abe:  Yes, good, yes, yes.


Connee:  I as a teacher am interested in other teachers and other teachings and so what IÖ

Abe:  Why?


Connee:  Because other people have brilliance that I want to learn from.  And the way other people teach, whether it is successful or not, teaches me about how teaching works.  And whatÖ


Abe:  But, if each of those teachers is tuned into who they are, so their method is inspired in the moment of their teaching, then can you not do the same thing?


Connee:  I do the same thing.


Abe:  We are not trying to discourage you from exploring the teachings of anything that is inspiring to you but we encourage, rather than picking a teaching style, that you intuitivelyÖ  Let us start in another place.  The power and value of a teacher is more about their understanding of where their student is than it is about imparting information that they know.  We already talked about that here. 


So by studying other teachers, if you have the opportunity to study them while they are in the teaching mode, then you can learn that valuable thing from them.  But thatís why we call ourselves, ďTeachers of Teachers.Ē  You have the opportunity to witness or feel the interaction with whatever is happening.  Where, if you are watching or learning from and teacher, and you are trying to replicate what they do, itís different than feeling your way through your teaching process.


Connee:  But if I watch how they do what they do, rather than what they are doing, then I can do it from an energetic level rather than a concrete level.


Abe:  Good words, that is the only distinction that we were wanting to make.  That you learn their energetic interaction.  Because without it, you are just regurgitating and not knowing why you are regurgitating, and then it is less effective.  Good.


Connee:  Which is what I wanted to talk about is the discernment of energy and learning to trust that what I am perceiving is accurate.  My sense is that there is a different teacher for every frequency, a different teaching that works at every frequency.  Is that accurate as a perception?


Abe:  Yes and no.  Actually, we already gave you the answer that we are going to give you again, and that is that in the actual mode of imparting information, the vibrational countenance of the one in the receiving mode matters much more than the countenance of the one in the offering mode.


Because, in other words, there are all kinds of people, even who sit in this chair, who have very pointed desire that is focused even as they sit here, but for whatever reason, they are the last to receive the answer.  Everyone in the room gets it and they cannot.  And it is often because they are so fixated on the energy or vibration of the question that it is later that they relax and receive the answer to their own question.  And so, you are right, it is all about energy.  But it is more about the reception of the one asking than anything else.


Sometimes we deliberately do not choose the person with the most powerful question, because in the power of their question, we know they are not likely to hear the answer.  So weíll select someone else who has a similar question to which we can give their answer.  And when they are not in the hot seat, they are much more likely to receive it.


Connee:  You said I should write about what brings me joy, and trust that the ideas that come for me to write about them are accurate.  That even though Iím writing for a magazine Iíve been contracted to write, that I should just trust my feelings and not worry about what the people there are wanting?


Abe:  Well, we assume that the reason they have asked you to write is that they are getting good feelings about what they are already reading.

Connee:  Thatís true.


Abe:  And if you have something that you want to say that comes from your place of desire, then you can feel when you are on or when you are off.  But if you are using some other criteria to guide yourself, then you canít tell if you are on or youíre off, and you find yourself jumping all around the place.  So we would do everything from the point of joy that it gives us to do it, and we would leave all other motivating factors out of the equation.


Connee:  I have one statement that talks about how I feel about my capacity to receive, and I want to see if you think this is accurate, or what needs to be corrected.  ďOne gentle step at a time, I expand the boundaries of my awareness to encompass more of my infinite perspective within my finite personality.Ē


Abe:  Good words.


Connee:  Thatís what we are doing?


Abe:  It is indeed.


Connee:  Thank you.


Abe: Yes, indeed.

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