Abraham List Class 9

Class Content & Assignment:  Creation Box

(compiled by Connee Chandler)

Theme quote for this week:

"Our strongest wanting for you is that you lighten up. In other words, spend more time looking for things to laugh about and play with. Play your way through this. When you follow your bliss -- it is always an easy journey." (Abraham Calendar, p. 427.)

To do the creation box process, Abraham suggests literally taking a large box: they recommend a banker's box with a cover. Then, write on the cover, "this is my creation box, it is my point of attraction." Look for things you want to put in the box, cutting out pictures, doodling on index cards, writing out what you want, finding photographs of how you want your body to look, etc. All of this you put into the box, and then leave it, knowing that as you vibrate with it and allow it, it will come to you without effort. Or at least your Inner Being will let you know when action needs to be taken.

Abraham also suggests that we go to our box periodically to play with our images, for the pleasure of the process, as a catalyst to daydream and imagine more clearly!

The creation box process has led to the often offered exclamation around my house - "now that's a funny thing to put in my/your box" when someone offers a negative thought. Then everyone laughs, and it's much more fun than "cancel, cancel," the previously offered exclamation around here!

Abraham tells many stories of the effectiveness of Esther's creation box, including the ever famous story of the Spurs tickets. She threw a brochure from the Spurs (the San Antonio basketball team) in her creation box, after speculating it would be nice to buy some tickets for her daughter. Within an hour, a woman in the grocery store line with her offered her some tickets!

Here`s a quote from a friend of mine about using her creation box:

"Last night I went through *all* my 'Town and Country' magazines and had a great time tearing out pictures. It hadn't occurred to me to put things into my creation box just because I like them. I thought the process was more powerful if each item was placed in with specific intent; but 'I like this!' seems to be specific enough."

Remember Abraham says that the Universe already knows what we want - everything we have ever praised, appreciated, thrilled at, is waiting to be delivered to you as soon as you will allow them in. They say that if you could see our lives from their perspective, things are piled up outside our door that we have been wanting, and our job is just to open the door! So our job is to remind ourselves what we want, and spend some time playing with our vibration so we are in harmony with our desires.

The value of the creation box playing is to lighten our vibration. To make it fun and delightful to play in the beauty and wonder of the physical world, and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. And to notice our point of attraction, and what we are putting in it.

One of My Creation Box Stories

I have had a pearl necklace in my creation box for a year or so. I knew what color, and what size and what length, and I knew what price I wanted to pay for it. I have looked at pearls in many places in this past year, and they have been too big or too short or too expensive or too yellow... Each viewing helped me get clearer on exactly what I wanted my strand to look like. And recently I was told that the pearl beds in Japan had a problem, and the price of pearls was going to soar again. Amid all the contrast, I have just been holding steady in my knowing that my pearls were going to be there one day. And last Saturday a friend I was having lunch with took me to a jeweler where I had never been before because she wanted to get her ring cleaned. And there, in the first case, the first necklace in the case, was a necklace of the size and length and color I was wanting. The price was good, but a bit more than I wanted to pay. I said to the owner, "And is this the price on the tag?" And he said, "No, they're on sale, 25% off!" So it was the right price, and I am now the proud owner of the perfect 30 inch strand of 6 mm. pearls that look fabulous against my skin!

I am enjoying the result of my deliberate creation as much as I will enjoy having the pearls. If I had just taken the money, (which I could have done) and bought the first strand I saw that were about the right length, size and color, regardless of price, it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. I love watching the fairies of the Universe orchestrating the perfect rendezvous between me and what it is I am wanting!

Remember though, it is an important part of the process to have a little faith in the power of the Universe to bring about your desire. During that year, I never doubted I would someday have my perfect pearls, or stomped my foot, demanding to know where they were. I know that sometimes, if what I put in the box has a lot of conditions, it takes a bit for the fairies to arrange the perfect rendezvous - in this case, with a tiny jewelry store in a town 15 miles from my home, which I had never heard of, and wouldn't ever have stumbled on without having lunch with my friend a mile from there, and having her want to get her ring cleaned.

Week 3 Assignment: Creation Box

If possible, find a friend to play creation box with. Find a box that speaks to you, and gather magazines with beautiful pictures and scissors. (I subscribe to several magazines like House & Garden and Travel & Leisure just for this reason!) Set aside a time to get together to cut up the magazines and play with all the wonderful words and images you find together. (If you can`t do it with a friend, then set aside some special time for yourself to do it.) This can be a child-like time, ooohing and ahhhing over beautiful images, lovely thoughts, mind-expanding ideas, gorgeous colors, if you allow yourself to really get into it. If it feels good, rip them out. Or if it feels better, be very orderly and neat in your cutting. If you can`t find a picture of something you know that you want, make a doodle, a drawing or write a description of it to add to your box.

Put anything you like into your box. It does not have to be serious, in fact, the lighter and more playful you make it, the more successful you are likely to be!

Then, if you would like to do a written assignment, choose two of the images you find most appealing from your playtime in your box, and write about them, finding the feeling place - what it would be like if you had them, or you were there in that scene - and express it to the Abraham List. (Email David Gordon, for instructions on how to subscribe to the list.)

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