Abe List Net Class 15

Content and Assignment:  Dear Manager Letters

compiled by Connee Chandler

Theme quotes for the week: 

" Start delegating your requests to the manager in the sky called Law of Attraction.  Be the visionary, and then get out of your own way.  That's all you need to do."

Abraham -- St. Louis, MO, 7/18/00

The “Dear Manager Letter” stems from Abraham’s discussion of delegating all things to the Manager known as Law of Attraction.  For me, connection to Source feels best personalized, with a feeling of flowing love.  Inspired by the example of several friends, I extended what Abe said above to taking some time many mornings to begin expressing my appreciation for my Manager on a corner of my morning placemat. (See Class 7, written by Judee Pouncey, for more information on The Placemat Process.) Then it grew beyond the space on my placemat and became a process of its own.  The expression of appreciation in any way is a great way to get Source energy flowing.  So I always begin my dear Manager letters with an expression of how wonderful my life is already, and invite the flowing of more good things which I know my Manager is already busy arranging for my life.

Over time, using these principles, my life has gotten rather thrilling!  So for me, facing a good part of my reality is already an easy way to get connected.  Years ago, this would not have been true for me, and the gratitude part of my letters would have been much shorter.  It doesn’t matter, any gratitude is a great start!  If nothing else, being grateful for being alive and starting to know that there is a Manager who brings great things to us in vibrational harmony to our feeling good is a very good start.  That is the beginning of all other grand possibilities!

Below is a sample “Dear Manager” letter that reflects my gratitude for my life.  As you may be able to feel, with each 17 seconds spent in gratitude, my thoughts would combust and I would go off on another tangent of delight for something else wonderful in my life.  This is another Abe principle – as we spend 17 seconds of pure thought on anything, we attract more of the same.  That’s why I did not censor the flow when it was feeling yummy, and why this letter is so long.  A short letter would do just as well, but I wanted to demonstrate just how wonderful life has gotten for me through applying these principles.  When ever you get enough of my gushing, just skip down to the end for the assignment and do your own Manager letter that feels good to you.

My dear Manager,

Thank you for the incredible week I have had.  Such fun visiting with friends - so many synchronicities in our experience, so much love and laughter shared!  For the beautiful flower arrangement I made in my class, and the parting words of appreciation from the teacher that he enjoyed the letter I gave him which described how the love he demonstrates for his work inspired me.  For meeting someone new and having one of the most fun, leap-frogging conversations I've ever had in the first blush of meeting.

For the beauty of the Spring in Virginia.  For having a home that people comment on all the time when they come in about how great the energy feels there.  For having a husband who adores me, who I adore.  For getting my website reviewed and beautifully classified by Netscape’s reviewing program.

For having gorgeous flowers blooming in my garden and in four different rooms of my house. For Spring and the time of excitement that occurs between the planting of the gladioli and liatris bulbs and their coming up.  For new dance videos on order.  For the opportunity to teach a workshop tomorrow afternoon.  And for the opportunity to teach a workshop at the UCRS Eastern Conference in July.

For feeling physically better than I have in a long while.  For finding ways to eat that increase my energy.  For delighting in good friends to play with many days every week.  For prayer groups of many  kinds that inspire my soul and expand my capacity to love.  For  inspiration and great ideas for my writing.  For a beautiful, dynamic, healthy Mother who is independent and feisty.

For a great life that is ever expanding and filled with curiosity, learning and joy.  For wonderful friends who share my enthusiasm for life, who have wide open hearts, who are tapped in and turned on about their own lives.  For the Internet and the powerful connections I make through it, especially through the Abe list, which is over 670 members now!  For my computer and the great way it serves me.  For my car and the

beauty of my driving experience.  For the prosperous way I feel when I slide into my leather seats and tune in my CD player or an Abe tape and listen through the wonderful speakers all over the car.  For my sun roof which helps me enjoy the crystal beauty of our amazingly warm Spring weather. 

For the alternating rain and sun that has made my garden thrive.  For really getting a sense, driving through beautiful neighborhoods last night, how exquisite landscaping takes a lovely house and makes it extraordinary.  For truly valuing the beauty of the flowering trees of Virginia.  For the wonderful book with great stories and art that a friend brought me to read.  For the other wonderful books in different rooms of my house that I dip into when I have a brief moment to connect with terrific authors.  For the ever present "driftwood" in my life that allows me to see where my vibration is tending.

For being surrounded by amazing people who I admire and appreciate, who are my peers and friends.  For the opportunities to travel and to connect with new people who also delight my heart.  For the abundance which makes this life of freedom and ease so comfortable.  For an increasing ability to reach for a feeling of joy and have it flow.

Dear Manager, I love my life.  So much good is happening, and I trust that even more of all the things you know I want are, as we speak, flowing into my life with grace and wonder.  I choose to live in the innocence of the golden child within me, the part that feels reverence and curiosity about all life, who is trusting, open hearted and overflowing

with joy.  Who glows with the brilliance of the light within her and expresses her great love easily and gently to anyone who is a match who wants to listen and love in return.

Please accept my thanks for all I have already been given, and in advance for all the good that is on its way to me now.  Please allow all of this good, or something even better, to flow to my dear mate, to my family members, to my friends and various community members, to the people of the world and to all the life forms in the galaxy, to the essence

of the Universe expressed powerfully every where.  May the energy of my heart ground Heaven on Earth, for me and for others who are a vibrational match to it, today and every day!


Write a dear Manager letter, giving thanks and expressing your appreciation for anything in your life you can find to appreciate.  Feel free to make your Manager letter reflect the tone of your own relationship with your Manager, businesslike, familiar, personal, logical, caring, distant, free.  Whatever feels best to you is the perfect way to do it!

As you finish appreciating, invite your Manager to bring you whatever it is you want in your life.  Be as specific or as general as you like.  Abraham says that it is easiest to be pure in more general statements, like the ones I made in my letter, but if you can be pure and specific at the same time, more energy flows to fulfill the request.  Be as specific as you can and still feel good.  It is the feeling that counts!

If you are part of the TheAbeList@yahoogroups.com mailing list, feel free to post your Manager letter to the list.  The collective energy of hundreds of others reading your letter will give you a boost of energy.  Otherwise, know that even if no one else ever reads your letter, The Universe does!

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