But blessed are your eyes, for they see.

-Matthew 13:16

The mind within does the real seeing, the real interpreting of what the eyes look upon. 

-The Science of Mind, page 231

Exploring the Mystery

I was skimming quickly through Architectural Digest, impatiently collecting pictures for a treasure map project.  Although I rarely find time to read it, I order the magazine to help expand my prosperity consciousness.  Creating a collage of its exquisite images can be a lot of fun, a delightful path to dreaming bigger and living larger.

Occasionally I'd find an appealing image and cut it out.  Most I rejected with just a cursory glance.  On a few I thought, "What an ugly sofa," or "what a cluttered look."  Instead of expanding my appreciation for graceful living, I was actually reinforcing my negative judgment and criticism.  If I donít find beauty there, where will I find it?

I stopped and chose again.  On each page, I would ask myself, "what do I like about this?Ē  I began to see so many things I had missed earlier.  An inviting, open French door, a lovely, rich wood grain, lilacs and orchids, vivid colors, effective lighting, clean lines, luscious tomatoes in a shiny metal bowl.  Suddenly the pages lit up with beauty.  My shoulders relaxed and I smiled.

British floral designer Constance Spry once said, "China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires and bowls of  violets -- that is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon."  A vision of opulence, indeed.  But note, it is a mental picture.  Her imagination created a vision, a mosaic of pieces she had observed elsewhere. 

As I relax and focus on what I appreciate about magazine pictures, I practice discerning the good in everything I see.  Concurrently, I increase my collection of beautiful images from which to create my own mental collage of a gracious life.

I now choose to know there is something beautiful to appreciate in everything and everyone.  Today I relax and practice exploring the mystery of those things in life which do not so easily yield their secret exquisiteness.  I discover life is truly beautiful.

Connee Chandler, RScP

Published Thursday 5/31/2001, page 69

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