Conneeís Notes on Abraham, Gaithersburg, MD, 5/3/03

The Day of Mastery


  1. You are Source energy expression here.  You are old wise genius creators.  .
  2. We see this as the all time best ever platform for creating because you have a place in which you can focus through your personality, your selfish perspective.
  3. We like saying this, selfish, because you cannot help but see through the eyes of Self.  You are self observers, come to decide preferences and conclusions.
  4. You generate a vibration that speaks to preferences.  Your vibration is a request to Source that summons all manner of resources to you.  Ask and it is given.
  5. You are asking when you are perceiving.  You are asking when you are concluding.
  6. Every request is heard and answered.  So why are we here today?  What is the Art of Allowing about?  Itís about coming to conscious awareness of your desire, where you align moment by moment with your desire.  You reach for a thought with the singular intent of feeling good.  When you are doing it on purpose, you are a deliberate creator.  However, there is still lots of creating by default.
  7. Donít offer thought measured against something outside you.  Measure it against your own desire and how it makes you feel.  Your emotions let you know how you are doing.  The better you feel, the more aligned you are.
  8. Consider money.  If you feel it is helping you get fun things to do, have or be, you are aligned.  If you are worried, you are misaligned, you are not using your guidance.
  9. This is a progressive Universe.  Motion forward is natural.  You reach this new platform, and you birth a new desire.  You match that desire with statements that hold you in vibration with the new desire and it manifests.   You reach this new platform, and you birth a new desire.  You match that desire with statements that hold you in vibration with the new desire and it manifests.   You reach this new platform, and you birth a new desire.  You match that desire with statements that hold you in vibration with the new desire and it manifests.  
  10. Relax into the rhythm of there always being something more.
  11. We are really encouraging you to pay attention to the way you feel.  Learn to deliberately modify your attention.
  12. Watch what you are saying.  Learn to selectively sift, whether you are observing present, past or future.
  13. If the thought you are thinking feels good, you are a match to the desire you hold. 
  14. You will need to work at it, like any art.  As you focus you direct the thought.  But donít think of yourself as a deliberate thinker.  Think, Itís important to me that I FEEL good.  Allowing is easier if it is directed by feeling.
  15. If you just say, ďIím not going to think that thought.  That pile over there, Iím not going to think those thoughts.  Iím going to make a list of all the things Iím not going to think about these thoughts.  Iím going to form a club to keep others from thinking these things!Ē  You are then thinking all those things!!!  [laughter]
  16. In every moment, whatever you are paying attention to is included in your vibration.
  17. You tend to justify your wanting by fanning the flame of what you donít have.  Pleading a good case of need that you should get it, rather than saying that you just want it.  It worked with your mother!  [laughter]
  18. When you pray to God, you plead your case from need often to.
  19. Instead, pay attention to how you feel.  See life as an adventure.  This is going to be fun!
  20. If you feel worry, hopelessness, overwhelmed, you are fanning the flames of a desire you are not yet up to speed with.  You need to align the energy within you.
  21. Even if you had a committee of 100, and 99 were bickering.  You could ignore the committee, think about what you want and why you want it, while the others were still doing something different.  If you aligned your energy and didnít pay attention to them, youíd get what you want.
  22. If you worry about their stupid decisions, blaming them for what is unfolding, you are not a match to what you desire.  But you donít get it because of them, you donít get it because of you.  You are not letting in what you want.
  23. You each have a direct route to Source.  Anything you want flows to you easily.  But you canít be mad at people who have it, canít feel negative emotion and let it in.  You cannot be tuned to 98.6 if it is playing on 101 FM.
  24. By Law of Attraction, you have got to be on the same frequency to let it in.  If you get to the vibration of Source, ANY desire can come to you easily.
  25. You are driving in the car and your friend tells you they know better where you should go.  Although you follow their directions, you secretly want to get lost, just to show them.  In that case, the path of least resistance seems to be wanting to get lost, because you are disconnected.
  26. The true path of least resistance is about feeling your way through many choices a day to feel which thought feels better, not choosing which way to go in action.  Itís not an action path you are looking for, itís a choice of mind set path.
  27. Itís a ďchoose how you vibrateĒ path. 
  28. Start your day, awakening from sleep counting your blessings, and before you sleep, say, ďtomorrow is going to be a great day!Ē  Bask, meditate, consider the positive aspects of many things, notice whatís wonderful, peaceful and delicious.  These things line you up with who you are.  They put you in the rhythm of wellbeing.  Then poor choices will feel really terrible. 
  29. If you donít do those things, you start your day on the raw ragged edge.  Poor choices will feel pretty normal.  Remember it is a vibrational path.
  30. But if you align your energy in the morning, you are swooning in the energy of wellbeing.  You are in alignment, not on the bleeding edge.  [laughter]
  31. You are relaxed and knowing wellbeing flows.  When your friend suggests a different way, your response is different.  You canít make any wrong turns.  You say, OK, or No, this feels good to me.  Either way, you stay in alignment.
  32. Going on the new route, you may see something youíve been wanting to see.  Or find out later there was a traffic jam on the usual route.
  33. If you start your day by aligning your energy, the Path of Least Resistance (POLR) will be obvious to you.
  34. If you are out of alignment, your next choice is likely to take you farther out.  Thatís when it feels better to you for your friend to be wrong rather than right in correcting your choice.  It does feel a little better to blame someone else than feel guilty yourself.
  35. Take the time to line yourself up with what you want.  Then when you reach for your guidance about the path, you will get it.
  36. Often until then, your choice is, do I want to be right, or have wellbeing happen?
  37. The POLR is always the vibration that is ringing the loudest, itís the dominant vibration.  When you are out of alignment, it is easier to have a negative thought than a positive one.
  38. Meditate yourself into alignment, bask, rampage appreciation, look for positive aspects, and get in synch with who you really are.
  39. If you do this, you will become aware that life brings you compliments and anticipation instead of criticism and pushing against
  40. You are more electric beings than flesh and bone.  We wish you could know you as we know you.  You are really more like radio transmitters and receivers. 
  41. Everything ďrealĒ about your environment is really about vibrations. 
  42. You say, come to me energy, but I wonít let you in.  Come to me energy, but I wonít let you in.  Come to me energy, but I wonít let you in.  The current still comes.  The more you do that, the worse you feel.
  43. When you say, I love this energy!, the energy comes in with love, passion and fire.  When you say, ďwhy doesnít it come?Ē it sets up resistance.  Piddly, little, miniscule resistance, which gives you a headache.  A little resistance feels like wanting and doubting.  If you really want it and doubt it, it feels like frenzy, depression, anger, and physical decline.
  44. Everything is about your relationship with the energy stream.
  45. What happens to every other person is a unique experience.  You cannot be vulnerable because of them, unless you look at them.
  46. How you feel tells you about the energy you are summoning and how much you are letting it in.  You can control how you feel, thatís deliberate creation.
  47. Issues are about what you want that you are not allowing to flow.  The more background you give when you talk about it, is just more of where you are not wanting to go.  If you talk equally about what you love and donít love, nothing changes.  If you love 10 things and hate 20 today, but only talk about the 10 you love, tomorrow you will experience 10 more things to love.
  48. Be definitive in selective sifting.  Look for things you want to repeat.
  49. Find things about living you want to replicate and leave everything else aside.  The Universe is responding to the vibration of your being.
  50. Worrying about other people gives YOU more to worry about.
  51. Your dominant vibration comes from what you are feeling and thinking about.  It is not unconscious.  If you arenít having an emotional response, it is not affecting you.  But you may be numb to your negative emotion.  You need to feel your joy or discouragement.
  52. Q:  Can you want something too much?  Abe:  You can want something disproportionately to your current level of allowing.  You need to ratchet up your allowing.
  53. People say all the time, ďwhen I stopped wanting it, it came.Ē  It didnít come because you stopped wanting it,  it came because you stopped resisting it.  Itís about becoming a vibrational match to what you want.
  54. Abe to Questioner:  Did you hear yourself just say, ďBring to me a great job and all this stress???Ē  There is no such thing as no.
  55. Even if you arenít talking about what you donít want, if you are still observing it and feeling it, you are still attracting it.  You canít not notice something,  you have to notice something else.  You are listening to one or the other.
  56. Test the Law of Attraction.  Notice today what you are focusing on, and see what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow is predicated on what we activate today.
  57. Write about what you want.  Deliberately selecting your thoughts always leaves you in a better place.
  58. Get a journal and pick people or situations to write about where you can feel you are currently leaning toward the negative.  Write one sentence on every line about the positive aspects of something in your life.  2 or three sentences at a time.  You donít even need separate pages.  You are tipping the vibrational scale.
  59. Think of it as my way of aligning me with my future power.  Write things like, ďnice smile.  Left a big tip for extra attention.  Beautiful color, hope she wears it often.  Deeply appreciated thatÖĒ  Look for things to appreciate on every line.  Fill that journal Ė it will deliberately active something different for you.
  60. Donít say, ďthatís just the way she isÖĒ  Instead, goose up positive stuff, and watch how much good stuff that lets in.  Decide what you want to activate.  Then Go THERE, Go THERE, GO THERE, GO THERE!
  61. We know you want to feel good, yet we still see you feeling good/feeling bad.  Sometimes it feels better to you to be mad back.  Begin to notice that it really feels bad.  Negative emotion feels empty compared to positive emotion.
  62. If your brother feels bad, and you notice and go there with him, you are using him as your point of resistance.  Heís influencing you to decline rather than you influencing him to connection.  Find some things about him that donít feel like pain, or find something else to focus on for awhile.
  63. You cannot answer a question that hasnít been asked.  It causes a short circuit in their vibration.
  64. People can tell the difference between a sincere compliment and a motivated compliment.  Donít offer anything from a place of non-connection, they wonít respond well anyway.
  65. You thrive and get happy.  Stay lined up even when they donít.  Donít pick up a brick to throw back, donít even notice it.  Laugh when they cry, smile when they frown.  Donít be a responder, be lined up as a catalyst for each other when they are ready.
  66. If my happiness depends on what you do, my feelings arenít accurate.  Your joy must come from your focus.  Feel good anyway.  Your relationship is about you.  Donít tell him, ďIím writing about you in a book.Ē  Make it your secret book for alignment.
  67. Q:  How do I trust that it is safe to allow myself to have what I want.  Abe:  Try it!
  68. You are in a spiral of confusion.  I want to do that, but I donít trust that.  Instead, just fixate on things that feel good, and let the good flow in.
  69. Q:  Iím so sad because my dog died.  Abe: Get another dog.  Q:  Iím afraid to get another dog and be happy because maybe that dog will die!
  70. The biggest piece of resistance you all have is that you are afraid you will suffer more if you have what you want and then lose it than if you never have it.  You are afraid of the other shoe dropping, wanting too much.
  71. You canít stop desire.  You are leading edge beings.  You must learn to relax and roll with the energy.  Stop doubting your ability and your worthiness.  You are afraid to go too far in allowing wellbeing for fear that other people who want and arenít allowing wellbeing will criticize you.  You are afraid of being alone Ė not being up to speed with who you really are.
  72. There will always be those who push against those who have, from their feeling place of having now.  You have to learn how to not get caught up in other peopleís problems.
  73. When you get into the conscious flow of wellbeing, you will be less out of control, not stumbling into unpleasant situations.  You will live a more inspired life by Law of Attraction.  You will match with those of like vibration instead.  Itís what you do from obligation that creates the mismatches.
  74. J&E have observed in the campgrounds where they park the monster bus and wide variety of people together there.  Itís an interesting lifestyle which attracts people from the top of the economic pile to those living in their cars. Here we are, all together, how normal and natural it feels!
  75. The dominant vibration within us is the looking for freedom and adventure.
  76. All of life is in the eye of the beholder.  You only experience what you experience because of all the vibrations you hold.
  77. When you look at the Third World, you suffer on behalf of them far more than they are suffering, because you look through your perspective, not theirs.  You cannot understand other peopleís perspective, and it is a waste of time to try.
  78. Just figure out how YOU want to live, and live it.  Donít tell anyone what you know unless they ask.
  79. Along with your dollars and adventures, there is a lot involved in your world that works that others without dollars or adventure would not want.
  80. Our God Knowing is:  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS so much you donít care what otherís think.
  81. What you think of me is none of my business is exactly right.  If I try to understand how you are seeing me, I mess up my vantage point.
  82. Practice not observing.  Get very single minded.
  83. For years, Jerry wanted to make the world a better place, it really bothered him.  Heíd say, ďI wasnít really thinking that thought until I met them.Ē  But everyone who comes into your experience comes in response to your vibration through Law of Attraction. 
  84. Focus on your own view point, your selfish perspective.  People who call your selfishness inappropriate are being the most selfish of all.  They want YOU to see it THEIR way!
  85. Here is the basis of selfish-ism.  You cannot perceive other than through the eyes of Self.  You have a unique, individual perspective.  If you are not selfish enough to feel good, you are not a vibrational match to Source.  And when you are not a vibrational match to Source, you are not of value to anyone else.
  86. Everything has a selfish perspective, from the one celled amoeba in the ocean to each person.  You all conclude preferences and Source answers.  EVERY SINGLE preference is answered.  All selfish asking is answered.  There is an infinite pot that expands proportionally to your asking.  The basis of the Universe is asking Ė it is what expands everything!
  87. In resistance, asking doesnít seem to get answered, and you think you are being deprived.   Donít worry about the inaccurate reasoning of others.  Little by little, show them what is possible!  As you thrive in your clarity and abundance, you can let the clarity of your example show others how it works.
  88. Say things like:  ďI stopped worrying.  I started practicing paying attention of what feels good.  I counted my blessings.  I appreciated in my notebooks.  I meditated and cleared my mind.  I deliberately found thoughts that felt better.  The better it got, the better it felt.  I had to feel good before it got good.Ē
  89. Itís irritating when you are in a mess to be told, ďYou create your own Reality!Ē  Itís much better when you are on a winning streak to be told, ďYou create your own Reality!Ē      
  90. Q:  Some people come in with great passion.  They light up early and stay lit up.  Did they come with an intention?  Abe:  All came with the potential for being lighted up.  You picked up patterns of thought, resistance along the way.  The little ones are very allowing.
  91. Q:  What about the statement, Jack of All Trades, Master of None?  Abe:  We recommend, Jack of all Trades, Master of Fun!
  92. Be the master of how you feel.  Everything you turn your attention to will thrive as you feel good.  Genius is simply attention to a subject.  Law of Attraction will create a bigger experience around whatever you focus on.
  93. It is possible to focus on many things purely.  Mastery is about loving the moment in which you are participating.  Mastery in any moment is about being a vibrational match to my desire.
  94. Desire expands.  You have to keep up.  It is a never ending, unfolding experience.
  95. Comparison to others doesnít work.  You can only measure your guidance against your own desire.  You have to find a balance between desire and belief.
  96. Famous people always say, ďother people tried to discourage me, but I wouldnít listen.  I have wanted to do this as long as I can remember.Ē  They had unsquelchable desires.  They were incapable of being squelched, because their vibration was clear.
  97. Q:  When I was young, and the lightning hit the poplar trees in front of my house, the house got electrified and I would go into a state of bliss.  Abe:  Those electrical currents close to you became the dominant vibration Ė it providing a temporary clearing of the energy.  As you reclaim your feeling of alignment, align with the Source flowing through you with no resistance, you can have the same experience.  You feel the relief of knowing everything is all right.  Euphoria and wellbeing abounds.
  98. Several of Jerry & Estherís famous teacher friends have semi-retired to Hawaii.  There is a clarity of the energy there, because the ratio of population per mile is less.  Over the open sea, there is no thought being projected.  Esther feels free in New York City, too.  There is a rush from all the people asking so powerfully.  She notes that it is like that in Metro DC as well.  She feels great energy in the place, but everyone is not thinking in the same direction, so Esther can take a ride on the current set into motion by all those thinkers.  Itís harder for her to align in a smaller town, because itís more homogeneous.  She wants to think free, not get caught up in a specific current.
  99. You can feel good in any energy area if YOU align first.  Then no other frequencies matter.  You need to have more control of your focus first.
  100. Feeling is your reaction to your thought. 
  101. If you are co-creating, you just need to not push against the others to have things fall into place for you.
  102. Say things to yourself like, ďI am a blessed extension of Source energy.  I am in a clear space of getting whatever I am wanting.  I am loved and good things come to me.  I canít get it wrong.  Everyday, I get better at bringing myself into alignment.  Itís not a bad thing to be here for now.  I watch for evidence of manifestation everywhere.  The contrast helps me to identify what I want.  I feel my want into alignment.  I see it manifest and feel satisfaction.  Then I have a new vantage place for new desire.  Ah, it feels good to come into alignment again.  I see it beginning to manifestÖĒ
  103. All experience cannot stop expanding.  A better way to think of it is ďit canít not expand.Ē  Too many minds are reaching for too much energy.  You are not EVER going to be satisfied!
  104. Say, ďIíll go forth and choose the direction for Source to expand.  I am assisting with this expanding Universe!  Ahhhhhh, such a good day!!!Ē
  105. Q:  When it feels like I am dominating others, I back off.  Abe:  You wait until you feel good. 
  106. Q:  when I get into anotherís vibration, I do things I wouldnít want to do.  I wonder why I yelled at themÖ  Abe:  No one can take you to a place thatís not active in your vibration already.  As they chew negatively and you observe their negativity, they activate negativity within themselves and you. 
  107. You didnít set your intention, so you went with them.
  108. Two people who are not well connected gravitate toward becoming less connected.  Synergy happens, that vibration gets stronger through Law of Attraction.  Then you realize you went where you didnít want to go.  You cut yourself off from Source.  You get mad at yourself for hurting.  Pain is that you went where you donít want to go.
  109. Try this instead:  Bask, look for positive aspects, do rampages of appreciation, meditate.  Cultivate a clear mind, feel good on purpose.  You will discover you donít get sucked into as many things.
  110. Your guidance will get clearer.  If youíve meditated, at the first sign of a complainer you say, ďGotta go!Ē  If not, your Path of Least resistance will be straight into more complaining.
  111. Itís good to feel good in thought, word and action.  Thatís all you need to know!
  112. Abe tells a story here.  Thereís people who had a lot of great stuff they really liked, and they lost it all in a fire.  They were very discouraged because they had worked up to a peak, and the fire took it all away.  It took them years to get there, and they donít have that many years to do it again.  What they donít realize is that they have become a differently vibrating being over those years. 
  113. To questioner:  Although you lost the big new contract, the experience of going for it puts you in the same vibrational place as if you had gotten it.  If it had unfolded, it would have consumed you, and you would not have been ready for the next one. 
  114. Hereís the OK from the dead guy Ė itís THE NEXT ONE! THE NEXT ONE!
  115. Say, ďI am an eternal being.  I have great things to discover and enjoy this time.  It feels like great comfort to me, I am eternal and everything is great!Ē
  116. Feel how great you are in this perspective.  Click into loving the journey.  Know that you are bathed in the sensation of endless chances to have what you want.
  117. The stream will never dry up.  You canít possibly use it all.  We wish we could transfer our knowing of you to you.
  118. Say, I am enough.  I am smart enough, wise enough, worthy enough, and there will always be more!!!
  119. Q:  Thanks for being here.  Abe:  We always areÖ  [laughter]
  120. Q:  How do you define music from a Universal perspective.  Abe:  Everything is a translation of vibration.  Music effects you.  Itís a vibration you focus in resonance with your Being that you might miss otherwise.
  121. It helps you focus for more than 17 seconds.  It multiplies exponentially as you spend more time focusing on aligning to a higher vibration.  Music is something more of you will focus on than most other things. 
  122. Music is the strongest catalyst we see that has connection to Source possibilities.
  123. When Jerry was doing the announcements, Esther was sitting at his seat focusing on loving him.  She drew a heart on his notes so he would be sure to know.  He might catch the thought, but if you speak it, it comes through more clearly.  If you arenít loving yourself, you wonít get it.  Music can lull you.
  124. Music that has no words is most aligning, then songs of love, unless your lover ran awayÖ  Music with words of alignment is as good as it gets.
  125. Q:  Iím a Native healer.  Advice to people on my path regarding mentors and spirit guides, how to protect yourself?  Abe:  The most important thing to remember is that EVERYONE has access to the stream that brings healing.  They go to a healer because everyone doesnít know that.  So going to a facilitator of access to the stream can be helpful.
  126. The sick one already has everything necessary, but their resistance keeps wellbeing away.  The healer is not harnessing energy.  They are helping the person release their resistance to the energy that is already there for them. 
  127. If you throw more energy at a block, you just have more blocked energy.  That is not helpful.  You need to gently help others to relax and allow wellbeing. 
  128. Donít tell them itís blocked.  Donít want to make them dependent on you.
  129. All ways are right Ė mind, medicine, massage, surgery.  Whatever feels most satisfying to you is right.  Thatís your most powerful intention. 
  130. Hereís a new label for you, Iím a vibrational tuner. 
  131. Say:  I will sing my music so clearly. I will tap into wellbeing and sing my song to you softly so you wonít resist it. 
  132. Massage is less direct and more distracting.  People donít go to massage therapists for brain surgery. ..  But theyíd do better if they did!!!
  133. The cells are always asking for wellbeing and being answered.
  134. Q:  how to keep my energy from being deplete?  Abe:  If you have no resistance, your energy isnít depleted.  The need to protect is resistance in itself.
  135. The client has a lot to do with how much resistance is present.  Sickness is evidence of resistance.  They donít know how to stop doing what they are doing.  Stress and tension is the result of thinking about what you donít want.  Thinking about what you do want lessons resistance.
  136. Stronger negative emotion, really not allowing, turns into pain.  As it gets bigger, it turns into a physical experience, like skin eruption, then full blown illness.  There is a ways to go, you donít get there instantly.
  137. A stronger clearer desire, focuses faster energy.  A little bit of allowing goes a long way. 
  138. Medicine can bring good results.
  139. True healer is someone who helps a person feel other vibrational signals.  Helps tune them to their emotions
  140. Q:  Are there particular colors of clothing or foods to eat that vibrate more positive energy?  Abe:  When you are in alignment, you naturally gravitate toward what will feel best.  If there is something that is better for you, you will feel it when you are in alignment.  Only good comes to you then.  Reach from the inside out, rather than impose from the outside in.
  141. As you think of your new big BMW, savor the idea of it.  Work it into place in your mind.  Have fun with the creation of it. 
  142. In any unhappiness you feel at incompletion, it cannot come.  Take joy from the dream, then it can manifest. 
  143. The question whatís taking so long is the reason itís taking so long!
  144. Feel happy and content while reaching for more.  Know itís coming Ė thatís feeling no resistance.  Hope itís coming Ė thereís a little resistance there.  Theirs came but mine didnít Ė much resistance there!
  145. The happier we are on the way to it, the faster its going to come. 
  146. Say things like, ďIím happy on my way to continuing joyful experience.  Whatever Iím wanting comes to me in perfect timing that matches my vibration.Ē
  147. The better you feel as you anticipate its coming, the faster it comes.  Find fun in the anticipation.  Anticipating provides less clutter Ė no cars to wash and insure.  Savor the ideas.  The Universe isnít piling in stuff Ė it is coming in alignment with our energy.
  148. Children hear Abraham and say, ďI want it and Abe says I should get it.  Therefore, you should give it to me!!!Ē
  149. When they are in alignment with what they want, it comes.  Point it out to them along the way.
  150. Identify what is really at the heart of your desires.  See how much is already in place in your life.
  151. If you want the new car because you want people to notice you and think of you differently, thatís a mixed vibration.  If you just want to romp in the luxury, thatís purer.
  152. Teachers like you want to manifest to demonstrate the power of what you know.  You want to show that you are walking the walk and living what you speak.  Donít take responsibility for the way otherís believe.  If it matters to you the way your success effects others, it complicates your vibration.
  153. Focus on elegance, beauty, the feeling of enhanced wellbeing.  It will help you align more easily.
  154. If you say, ďMy mother is not happy.  I cannot make her happy.  I cannot really be happy until sheís happy but I donít believe she will ever be happyĒ you cannot win.  Donít try too hard to make anyone else part of your equation.  Seek your own joy, things will line up.  You cannot factor other peopleís happiness into it.
  155. You cannot discontinue caring what others think.  Your life experience has taught you that being the object of someoneís positive attention feels good.  Yet it is entrapment.  You feel like a puppet if you cannot feel good when they are not attending to you.  Practice connection to Source on your own.  Bask, look for Positive Aspects.  The more you do that, the better off you are.
  156. The crevasse between where you are and where you want to be is shorter if you donít pay attention to others.  Just expect EVERYONEís dreams to come true.  Look at good coming everywhere and point it out.  Tell them, ďI saw how happy you were and how easily it came.Ē  When things donít work out, tell them, ďRemember how you felt about the other?  If you want this to come, you need to feel the same way.Ē
  157. We want you to not need the manifestation in order to feel joy.
  158. The manifestation is inevitable, the Universe will bring you whatever you align with.
  159. When you donít need it, thatís when it comes.  Be exhilarated about life!  Be satisfied where you are and eager for more.
  160. The desire is still fulfilling me!  I am still finding my place, still choosing my colors.  I am never done with the creating of it!  I am creating my new car in the middle of this one.  I am a never ending receiver.  I am reaching for the new.  It summons life force through me.
  161. The energy stream matters one million times more than the car.
  162. We know that all things material must come to you.  Thrill as if it is already done.  Get into the rhythm of being happy anyway.  Our confidence in your outcome is supreme.  We know they are coming in perfect timing.  And in the meantime, the rhythm is life giving to you.
  163. Q:  I hate my house!!!  Abe:  We donít want you to love the house you hate.  We want you not to give air time to the house you hate.  Practice the house stick so you can pick up the end that is a house you love.  Distract yourself by loving other things. 
  164. Q:  At first I had fun with the collage I made.  For the last 20 days, have been giving more thought to hateÖ  Abe:  Your rocket of desire blew out of all things you hate.  The complaining and hating part is the clarifying process.  The Universe picks up the bits and pieces and knows precisely what you want.  Now pet the cat, make love, go on a walk, work on another project, live the fullness of your life.
  165. Being positive right now means not thinking about it.  Thatís letting it in! 
  166. Nothing is more delicious than talking about what you want.  The Master Artist does it because it is just fun.  Be as specific as it is fun.  And if it is not fun, TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!
  167. If it bums you out, get more general. 
  168. When you say, ďI know this is big, but Iím not sure if I can let it inĒ you cannot.  Take the Ďbigí off it!
  169. There is HUGE GRACE!  You are all still standing!  The world is spinning in its orbit. 
  170. Moments of disconnection donít set you back a year.  Itís just a moment when youíre not letting it in.  In whatever way, you asked, it is now being answer.  You are the potential NOW receiver.  You potential may be muted by a negative now stance, thatís all.  Little by little, mold yourself into more conscious expectation of good.
  171. Stop beating yourself up for doing something wrong!  So you are not letting it in now.  So what!  Just let go of the past and future and LET IT IN NOW!
  172. Each thought leads to a thought leads to a thought.  Learn to tell the difference between the Path of Most Resistance and the Path of Least Resistance.  Get oriented toward which is which.
  173. It is nice you donít have instant manifestation.  It gives you a chance to get into the rhythm of what you are looking for. 
  174. Esther wakes up every hour, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 sometimes.  Now she has the time and temperature in the motor home in alignment. 
  175. Leaving San Antonio for Atlanta, the odometer read 11111.  Esther asked, does this represent alignment for coming or going.  Abe asked, when did you notice it?
  176. Itís all there for you to receive.  It just depends on if you see it or not.  Esther feels like she won the lottery when she sees 2:22.  She sees it as being inspired to rendezvous with what she wants.  It all unfolds in a magical way.  It just happens to you because it is supposed to happen to you.
  177. Let your heart sing.  Go skipping more.  Because you are happy.  Because you are happy.  Because you are happy.  Because you are happy.  Because you are happy.  Because you are happy. 
  178. Lady had a VW.  Day by day she was destroying it because she hated it.  She left the window open, the cat had kittens in it!  It was all a vibrational match to the contempt she had for it.  When you arenít letting it in, even what you have falls apart.
  179. Q:  I like my kitchenÖ  Abe:  Focus on the kitchen and within 3-4 days you will have cleaned up your vibration and be allowing your new house.  In two weeks, if it hasnít happened, just remind yourself to practice the kitchen feeling.
  180. Some folks are afraid to look at the positive aspects of where they are because they think it will hold them there.
  181. Instead, if you can get happy where you are, where you want to be will flow easily.  You cannot go backwards in desire, it is already in motion.  If you put money in the house you have and feel good about it, your new house will still comes.  People who adopt babies suddenly get pregnant.  The lack of a baby vibration goes and two babies come!
  182. Q:  Hi!  Abe:  We are!  [laughter]
  183. You are a vibrational tuner.  Everyone is a creator, comes forth to create.  Say, ďI am a changing being.  I like that about myself.Ē
  184. Isnít it nice you get to choose something different that thrills you now?
  185. Separate money from your lifeís work for a time.  Let the music thrill you again.  In time, they will merge together naturally.  Otherwise you tend to superimpose your negative feelings about money on the music or art.  The musician was negative about the music industry, which kept him from being purely positive about his music.
  186. Say, ďIím a central figure with many facets.  I love my lifeís work.  I love making money.  I love having fun.Ē  Focus on the most joyful aspect at the moment.  Say, ďDollars can flow to me anyway they want to flow to me!  Iím going to focus on what makes me happy.Ē
  187. Q:  Weíve always had enough even though my husband hasnít had any income for two years.  Should I get a job for predictable income?  Predictable income would feel good.  I want a process through which I just trust money to flow.Ē  Abe:  Goose up your faith in the laws as you know it.  Remember you are worthy beings who deserve wellbeing to manifest in all manners of things.
  188. You donít look at health as a limited bucket like you do abundance.  You demand the check have your name on it.  You do not demand the health certificate have your name on it.  You accept an unlimited flow of good ideas comes to you.  Say, ďI let money flow, just because I say so!Ē
  189. If you focus on what you donít want to do to earn money, and make lists of things you donít want to do, you keep the money from flowing.
  190. Recognize that the dollars flowing are not proportionate to the action flowing.  Jerry already had income flowing when he married Esther.  They mostly were just eating and shopping and working just a little.  Esther kept saying, ďLet me do this for you!Ē  She felt she had to take action to justify the wellbeing flowing.  Jerry was a millionaire before they were married.  Esther won a prize on the 10-key adding machine for speed, while Jerry was becoming a millionaire.  She realized she could never compute fast enough to justify his kind of income through her effort.  Jerry couldnít justify it either!  He just had not put a price tag on his value, he was happy living, spending and making money. 
  191. Athletes making millions of dollars are not being compensated for action.  Just let the money in!  Allow, laugh and love your way into alignment.  No work will ever get you there. 
  192. Say, ďIím loving this!  This brings me joy!  I am in love with the flow.Ē
  193. You are worth so much more than your action would ever imply.  The harder you try to justify your good, the worse it gets.  Lighten up and have fun!  Expect good things to flow. 
  194. The people in the next room were singing Happy Birthday.  Abe said:  Letís all SING!  So we did!  [laughter]
  195. Focus without resistance is heaven on earth.
  196. Negative emotion is static, itís not in alignment with the whole of who you really are.  Listen more to your feeling.  Step into complete alignment with your Core.  Use meditation and basking.  Your guidance works when you are attuned to what is really your core energy.
  197. Find thoughts that feel better when you are in good shape.
  198. If you have a problem with a specific subject, set it aside for now.  Start with easier things.
  199. Trust that dollars and joy will all show up somehow.  Donít worry.
  200. You exist in order to produce a new desire that hasnít been answered yet!  Itís for the fun, the joy of molding the energy. 
  201. Savor the BMW.  Itís sweet when it comes, for a minute. 
  202. Practice saying what you want.
  203. Q:  I had a court date Ė I worked at it, never entertained other options that I wouldnít win.  It fell apart.  I got a little less than I would have if Iíd taken the settlementÖ  Abe:  There is a lot less to do than most humans are attempting to do.  The outcome you wanted did come.  You did not have to get so involved.  Thereís still a part of you that wants to get into the trenches.  You donít have to work that hard for the outcome you want. 
  204. Q:  I want to buy a moped.  Abe:  Given the alignment you hold, it is too soon to take action.  All desire is appropriate, but wait until the energy is aligned.  If it is not flowing easily, itís an indication of resistance.  Donít take action about anything until you feel enthusiasm for it.  When wild horses couldnít keep you from it, then act!
  205. You donít have to make it happen.  Wait until you can hardly keep it from happening.
  206. Jerry & Esther always appreciated the land next to them, but whenever they would try to buy it, things got in the way.  It was way too expensive.  So they just looked at it as good.  No one would ever pay that much for land they didnít appreciate!  So they saw it as beautiful land that enhanced their land.  The woman who just inherited called and said, ďI want you to buy my land!Ē  Is giving them a very fair price.  Everything is unfolding easily.  They just sat back, appreciated and allowed.  Esther felt her breath was taken away.  It was exactly what she was wanting.
  207. When the timing isnít exactly right, donít try to force it.  Trust the Universe, relax and let it come in perfect timing.
  208. You often do this with relationships Ė You say, ďUniverse, never mind what I really want, just bring it to me now, Iíll cope!!!Ē
  209. Is now more important than perfect?  The Universe cannot bring you the perfect one before you are ready to recognize him.  Whatís the rush?  You will rendezvous when it is right.  There are so many other things to be joyful about.
  210. Just turn your focus to something else that feels good for now.  Thereís no big deal.  Everything is ok.  I just keep gaining clarity!
  211. In the best times, run rampant with appreciation.  In the worst times, distract yourself. 
  212. Visualize what you want.  Itís fine tuning.  Amend your decisions and add to them all the time.  Relax and realize your desires are expanding rapidly.
  213. You might start with a BMW, but end up wanting something entirely different.  Let joy in the dream become the purpose of the dream.
  214. Play down pain or illness, donít talk about it.  Sleep through times of not enough energy.  Make good use of NAPS!  Bask when you donít feel like doing anything.  This is a time for refreshment, take it anyway you can.
  215. Being alive is the greatest thing that every happened to you.
  216. Esther saw a young person bored at the airport, in contrast to a family fleeing for their lives in a war scene on the newspaper who looked wildly alive.  She knew she would prefer alive over bored.
  217. In the contrast, the desire is born that summons life.  It is worth so much!
  218. People who want far less may find great joy in far less.
  219. Joy is the alignment of desire and allowing.  Joy is the reward of all life.  It comes to those who focus, summon energy and allow, no matter what the allowing is.
  220. There is no high work and low work, good or bad desire.  There is just life.  Relax and allow.  Feel resources coming to support you.  Manifestation occurs.  The Universe benefits from the inception and conjuring of the idea and the manifestation of your desire.  We want to get you in on the benefit you bring by living!
  221. You are beginning to know your value, your power and the potential of where you stand.  The Universe is established for expansion.  Source, which is you, adores expansion.  You provide the direction for the expansion by your alignment.  It is thrilling to us!
  222. Become the most appreciative person youíve ever known.  Say, ďI am an expert appreciator, looking for good things everywhere!Ē
  223. Look for it, offer words of appreciation, remember there is no shortage of wellbeing.  The stream is bigger than ever before.
  224. What we wish for you is to relax and savor the rewards of now.  Feel appreciation for the lives you live the way Source appreciates your lives.  Notice the changing sky, flowers and nature. 
  225. Humans are perfectly poised for a ďweíre all in this togetherĒ moment.
  226. There is no reason to ever feel anything other than love and appreciation.  Look at the sky.  Say, ďAbraham, what do you think about that sky?Ē  Then listen.  Feel that unspeakable joy we feel in looking through your eyes!

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