Notes from the Hawaii Well-Being Cruise, 1/19---2/5/07

by Patricia Kuzela


Note:  Most of the questions have been paraphrased, as have Abraham’s answers, unless noted as direct quotes.


  1. Q: How do we connect NOW with our Vibrational Escrow?


A:  “As you APPRECIATE, the POWER of the headwaters pulls you into it” [Vibrational Escrow].


Q: What about negative thoughts and words?  Do they create negative VE?


A: “ Negative words resist the Stream.  It is not that they “negatively create,” per se.  The way you feel is always INVINCIBILITY.  WHERE I AM IS WHERE I AM AND I AM ON MY WAY TO WHERE I WANT TO BE.”


  1. Q: How can I help my whiny, negative elderly parent?


A:  “People who complain show you what they DO want.  Focus on THAT [when you think about or interact with them].


A:     “Don’t ‘be there’ for the negativity. Be sympathethic to their V. Escrow Being, not their [present] physical being.”


   A:     “Also, if you do pay attention to their negative physical being, it pulls you apart.” [from your connection to Spirit]


A:  Use this question: “WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP WITH MY INNER BEING DO I HAVE WHEN I THINK ABOUT YOU?”  “As your close YOUR gap, the circumstance will change.”

A:  FEEL GOOD NOW! Why?  Because Abe does! (I may be a slow learner,  but I am starting to realize that “Abraham” is actually a composite of all the Inner Beings, or all the Non-Physical aspects of the Pure Positive Energy of all of us present, who had gathered for this meeting.)


3.  Q:  What is the role of the Unconscious?  Is Abe the Unconscious?


A:  (Abe related the story of Jerry’s truck accident, where he went unconscious and later announced that he was not afraid of death because it was “nothing—just blacked out.”  He asked Abe and Abe said NO!!!!!!!  When you become Non-physical, you enter “SUPERconsciousness!”)




A:  Law of Attraction is NOT ATTRACTED TO THE SUBCONSCIOUS because there is NO EMOTIONAL PULL!!!!!


A:  Say:  “Every time I feel emotion, my thought is ACTIVE.   ACTIVE IS ATTRACTIVE.”


A:  When negative emotion comes up, find the thought that brings RELIEF.


A: (Abe said something here about the value of “breathing, “ but I didn’t catch it.)  [Thank you, Sabrina, for filling this in for me…breathing (deeply) allows us an instant alignment with source.  It's a great way to release resistance. ]


4.  Q:  What about certain foods that support Alignment? Studies on aboriginals who began to eat sugar and white flour indicated that their health declined.


A:  “There are no true studies that operate the same across the board” [due to the expectations of the ones conducting the study].


A:  “The negative health of the aboriginals was the result of their exposure to the circumstances they were experiencing under the influence of the intruders into their culture.”


A:  “As you are Tuned in-Tapped-in and Turned On, you will feel a ‘call’ to eat [whatever] and thrive.”  “Your body is a veritable chemical factory that can extract nourishment from just about anything IF you ‘line up’ with eating it.” [ By “lined up” Abe meant, feeling GOOD, feeling “downstream” emotionally when you sit down to eat the food, feeling gratitude for the elements that caused the food to grow, for those who make their livelihoods cultivating and harvesting and bringing it to market, etc. ]


A:  Ask yourself before you eat, “Am I fully here in the moment [thinking the above]???


A:  “Not one human in 100 is fully lined up with the food they eat because of the influence of mass consciousness.” 


A:  “As you are Tuned, Tapped, Turned on, THINKING downstream thoughts, you would feel a call to eat [you name it], and THRIVE.


A:  “Alignment with Source = Alignment with Well-Being.


A:  [How do you know when you are in Alignment with Source?]—“You consistently feel good; that is how you know you are Aligned.”


A:  “Most of what goes on with the physical body is the result of upstream thoughts that prevent connection to Pure Positive Thoughts.”


A:  “Every human has a [huge] model of VEscrow wellness.”


A:  Our [role], as we feel discomfort, FIND a feeling of relief.  “You can be well in less time than it takes to learn a new computer program.”


A:  “You have become so ‘ smart’ about what you ‘should not’ eat, that the cells of your body cannot thrive on it” [ the ‘should-not’ food]


5. Q:  Person works with teen offenders.  Uses drumming and connecting them with aspects of their African heritage.  How does the drumming work to support them? (Seems to be quite effective, and he would like to create a ‘teen offender program that can be replicated, etc.)


A:  “Drumming is focusing on a vibration and is a [distraction] from thoughts.”


A:  “ ‘ Troubled youth’ ARE the Freedom and Power that their predecessors put into Vibrational Escrow!” (Much more conversation on this….Abe suggested that the best thing this man could do with his young men is to inform them of the above, so they would understand why they make others so uncomfortable, and in fact have compassion on the fear of them that society has, which causes them to be arrested, which causes more rockets of desire for freedom and power. )


6. Q:  What is intuition?:


A:  Intuition and Connection to Source are the same thing.


 Q:  What is the source of “impulse?” 


A:  “‘Impulse’ comes from connection to mass consciousness.”


A:  How the thought makes you FEEL is the way to discern the difference.


A:  INSPIRED ACTION.  “The precursor to Inspired Action is the expanded Being that comes from living the Contrast.


A:  “WE WANT YOU TO BE AT EASE WITH THE ENTIRE PROCESS.  ‘UPSTREAM’ THOUGHTS HELP THE DOWNSTREAM  CREATION.  From that standpoint, ALL action is Inspired.  The reason there is not more Inspired Action is YOU LIKE THE DRAMA.”


7. Q:  Person who created a fortune using Downstream thoughts.  Would like more clarity on how he accomplished it.


A:  Observing shortage….you get downstream thoughts. 

     [This questioner continued to have ever newer and newer] platforms for possibilities that previously “weren’t even in the realm of thought.”


A:  “In the same way you created your fortune (with imagery), this is how you maintain and expand it.” [with imagery]


A:  “Once you’ve made your choice, stick with it and line up with it.”


8. Q:  Woman feels she needs to take action on everything in her life.


A:  “Ask yourself: ‘On a daily basis at home, how do I learn to TRUST?’ “


A:  “’To trust’”== You don’t have to work hard.  You already did that, why is why you want [whatever].”


A:  “TRUST IN THE STREAM!  Work on a sensation of letting go of the oars. “




A: “Jerry and Esther say, ‘There is nothing serious going on here!’  You’ll feel this turn you downstream!”


A: FOCUS is the key to feeling good.


A:  Quiet the mind to stop resistant thoughts, so that you can move toward. Vib. Escrow.


A:  Vibrational Escrow in the NEXT Physical is those things you feel vivacious and powerful about.


9.  Q:  Man who has attained so many goals is looking for what he would enjoy next with the same pleasure that he enjoys paragliding.  When he paraglides, eagles fly with him!


A:  “Paragliding—the sensation is similar to the invincible feeling of well-being you had when coming into Physical.”


A:  [All that you want] “is set up from Where You Are.”


*****A:  Abe wants us to live “the Goldilocks Syndrome”:

i.e., looking to get it “just right.”  Allow >>>>> Focus (on new desire)>>>>Allow it>>>>>Focus (on new desire), etc, etc.


*****A: “Focus”:== Experience how you want to FEEL, then find the Inspired Action that matches the feeling.*****


A:  “It’s not about how “fast” you are going.  It’s about how it FEELS to you.”





Hawaii Well-Being Cruise Notes, Part II


     Q:  “Thank you for choosing me.”


A:  “You are always Chosen.”


 Q:  “Why do I not see the evidence?” [of what is wanted in my life]


A:  “You must maintain the Vibration of EXPECTATION.  Most people only believe WHEN they SEE.”  We must train ourselves out of that.


A:  Begin thinking about FEELING it.


A:  Move from “doubtful to less doubtful to less doubtful, to less doubtful to ANTICIPATING.” 


A: “ You must pay attention to how you feel, and have the attitude of positive expectation.  You can’t get sloppy about it.”


A:  “When you want something, you don’t have to keep asking. [That’s doubt!].  The U responds IMMEDIATELY!


A:  Say, “I WANT-SUCH-AND SUCH!” and look forward to it coming.  PERIOD!


A:  [The problem is] the attitude of its absence is more dominant than its presence.


A:****** “Think of it like a movie that you know has a positive outcome, even if in the middle, things aren’t going well.  Keep this feeling in mind!”******


10.       Q:  Do moon phases influence our behavior?  (Q. is being asked by a veterinarian who has observed more aberrant animal behaviors,(i.e. problems with animals acting up with owners) during the full moon.


A:  “Anything that you think might, can.”


A:  Regarding moon:  You accommodate to the rhythm of your planet, just as you have to this ship.


A:  The Beasts are not out of alignment unless they are affected by humans’ worry or abuse.


A:  [The questioner] can line up and heal the animal with his vibration, but after a few days at home, symptoms will reoccur.  Abraham says he could break new ground in his field of he started seeking the vibrational causes of the animals’ conditions.


      A:  Wild animals have well-being.


11.       Q:  How can I be more sensitive to Guidance?  How can I know how I am feeling? [Questioner doesn’t usually know until manifestation shows up.  Questioner gets back home from cruise and upstream thoughts come in.]


A:  Upstream thoughts come in, feel familiar, and get really rolling along.  Don’t worry.  It will get bigger!  Do not beat up on yourself for not being sensitive.  That just compounds it.”


A:  Ask: “What is it about [whatever] that has me so separated from myself?”  If it’s not big enough that you’re not noticing it, it doesn’t matter very much.  If you do notice, now you do know!” 


A:  “If your general mood is one of playfulness, you should only be surrounded by playful feedback.”


12.       Q: (same person)..The questioner once had a joyous Tuned-in-Tapped-in-Turned on relationship with a beautiful movie actress several years ago, and has been seeking to reconnect.  (Wanted to know why this experience had been so powerful...)


A: “When you appreciate another, you are aligned, and you ‘fire on all stations’ at the same time.  The feeling is powerful when it’s both” [of the people involved areTTT]




13.       Q: ( I THINK the following was continued response to #13)----


             A:  “There is a myth…that I have to isolate and give my individual attention to ONE thing I want to create.  You DO need to keep your ear to the ground as to whether your thoughts are up- or down-stream.  “


A:  “When you focus in a way that feels good, other things come into place” [besides the ‘one’]


A:  *****”FEEL yourself into focus around a [good-feeling] emotion, then put your THOUGHTS into that EMOTION.”****


A:  “Have a pocketful of things [that give you good emotion] that are readily available.”


14.       Q:  How do you recognize Inspired Action?


A:  “IA FEELS like a solution.”


A: “It FEELS like AHA!!!!”


A:  “FEEL the inspiration, and then take action.”


15:  (Questioner was a comedienne on the cruise—very quick-witted and entertaining.  Question related to how expansive she feels, she can’t help sort of “bursting” into wherever she is, and calling attention to herself because of her joyous energy.  She feels like she could explode with it.  Don’t remember the question, but perhaps she was asking if she should tamp down the energy…)


A:  “When you’re ‘full of yourself’ in Alignment, you cause no trouble with anyone.”


A:  “When you seek out OTHERS to uplift, you run into trouble.”


15.       Q:  Dolphins—Are they smart?  (Q. wanted to develop a center of some kind to demonstrate to the public how smart dolphins are in order to generate public support for maintaining a good environment for dolphin life in general)

A:  “Dolphins are much more tuned in to Infinite Intelligence.”


A: [Abe’s definition of “smart”/ “intelligent”] = “Resistance-Free”


A:  “They WANT to deliberately expand.  Will find a way to expand, even in captivity.”


A: The human is more involved with deciphering data.  The human launches more VEscrow, but holds it away from themselves for most of their lives.


A:  (Abraham was not encouraging of taking away the dolphins’ freedom to “teach” something to humans.)


*****A point that Abraham consistently made on the cruise was that VE is not just for when we return to Non –physical.  We could reap the bounty of it NOW, in this lifetime, if we let go of the resistance.********


16.       Q: (Questioner had put some original material on the internet, and found that others were using it without crediting him.  He was not sure what position to take on it.)


A:  “Infinite Intelligence provides the inspiration.”


A:  “Infinite Intelligence = all the thoughts that have ever been thought, managed by LOA.”


A:  Internet is the closest thing to LOA [in our present experience.] The internet will be a better teacher of LOA than Abraham.


A:  It is not possible to control the uncontrollable.


A:  [Your problem is] judgments about something being ripped off.  They put you out of alignment, and your good can’t come to you.


!8:  Is there such a thing, really, as Time?


         A:  “Time is perceptual.  It looks different from every vantage point.  To Abe, it’s infinite.  Abe can see where we are in relation to where we want to be, [which is why] Abe’s words are towards transforming us to our VEscrow.”


A:  “It’s not about time; it’s about Vibrational Alignment.  The more you are in Alignment with Who You Are, the more expansive time becomes, because THE UNIVERSE DOES ALL THE WORK!!!!!


A:  “Always use the word ‘FOCUS’ in the same sentence as the word ‘TIME’.”


A:  The business of time is the business of Alignment.  LEVERAGE time by being in Vibrational Alignment with what you want, because YOU ARE INFINITE INTELLIGENCE THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE TIME!!!!!!


Hawaiian Well-Being Cruise Notes, Part III


Q??: (If there was a question here, I missed it!)







Q:  After manifestation, what becomes of the thought and thought form?  Do they exist independently?


A:  All thought is perceptual.  No thought exists without the thinker of the thought.


Q:  Her ex-husband died, but she feels he is enjoying the cruise with her.  He never would have gone on a cruise like this, but she feels he is enjoying it through her eyes.


A:  When a person dies,  vibration of the departed is activated.  They can add to every moment with their input.


Q:  (Didn’t record anything about the question, but it seemed to be about “guided meditation.”)


A:  The intense energy [felt] in guided meditation is because it has been held as an object of attention.  The vibration becomes vivid enough to attract.


Q: ????????  (Missed it!)


A:  The appetite for pathos is not benefiting the mass consciousness.  [Pathos = the negative emotions in movies, TV programs, etc.]


A:  People would rather feel strong negative emotion than NO emotion because they innately know that energy MOVING is…..[????Didn’t get this…, but probably Abe was saying that we know that energy MOVING is our natural state…?????]


A:  Movies “manage” your energy for you while you are sitting there. 


A: Abe notices that while children’s movies were once full of imagination of a positive nature, that there has been “a change in children’s movies.”  [The pathos is showing up there and now “children are developing an appetite for pathos.”]





Q:  What about endangered species?


A:  “Does the dinosaur miss being here?  The energy that WAS them is still here.” [in present species]


Q:  Person is a computer programmer who wants to be a full-time musician.  Only plays part-time now.


A:  “As you find a way to ENJOY computer programming …    Resistance would be released, and more creativity would come through and more and more openings in music could come through.”







I cannot recall how this segues in here, but Abraham told a charming story about Esther and the fly in the funeral home at her father’s viewing… Esther was quite perturbed that a very big, very noticeable fly was in the room where her father’s viewing was being held at the funeral home. 


She tried to shoo it away, and tried various means to get it out of the room, but it would not leave.  Finally, the fly landed right on her father’s body, and Esther was determined to get the fly out of the room!  She even asked for a flyswatter.


Within a very short time, Esther remembered that her father had once said, “I sure would like to be A FLY ON THE WALL at my own funeral!!”




Q:  A successful investment advisor would like to be more intuitive in picking stocks.


A:  The downstream thought is “What I have been doing is working.”


A:  “If you don’t feel you have the intuitive thing going, you don’t have to have it only 1 way.  Most of your intuition comes from the process of DEDUCING.” 


A:  “In the process of the activity, the intuitive comes forth.”


[The Questioner is actually doing  intuitive deducing!!!]


A: “ Prepare yourself like an athlete does, and get into Alignment”


      Maybe meditate first.

      Do some breathing first.

      Do something pleasing first.


A:  Think:  “I have ALWAYS been intuitive.  I have blocked it out with facts and figures.”






Q:  Is there an easy, intuitive way to eat appropriately?


A:  “It isn’t about what you do; it’s about how you feel as you do it.”


A:  “The action is far less important than the up-/down-stream vibration.


A:  It’s about Alignment of Vibration [how you’re thinking about it]


A:  When you associate [eating] with the results……[I didn’t get this part down…)


A:  Rework the statements….If you believe that certain foods or the amount of food produces the negative results……[didn’t get it all]


A:  Now—“There are things I’m willing to do to get results.  Diet?  Work out?  “


A:  “Do anything that makes you FEEL BETTER when you do it.”


A:  “You are diverting EMOTIONAL PLEASURE with your TASTE BUD PLEASURE.”


A:  “EMOTIONAL PLEASURE means KEEPING YOUR PROMISE TO YOURSELF. (But you say, ‘On the cruise, all the food……..’)”





Q:  (Person is a grape grower whose grapes are made into wine.  Wants to know how to make his grapes “better.”)

       What is our relationship with plants?


A:  “Plants naturally want to thrive.  Just like children, focus on their positive aspects and ignore the negative.


Q: This person feels he is doing what he was “meant to do.”  Is that so?


A:  “As you came forth, you had intention, and as you lived you added to your intention.”


A:  When you feel satisfied, you are Aligned, and have closed the gap.


Q:  Person feels time passing, but has not set out intentionality. “I have some desires that I have not allowed to be.”


A:  “The Vibrational Escrow is incredibly specific and when you attain Alignment, you feel it  popping.”


A:  “You can’t MAKE it happen.  You have to LET it happen.”




·        “There’s no rush.”

·        “I’ve got plenty of time.”

·        “I’m pretty good at this.”

·        “It’s natural for things to turn out well for me.”

·        “When I feel like doing it, it’s fine, when I don’t

      feel like it, it sucks.”

·        “LOA is the Manager, and I am the floating boat.”

·        “It’s fun to focus on Vibe. Alignment and focus on

what’s in Vib. Escrow.”


(“Only downstream affirmations work.”)


Q:  Sound Healing—such as subliminal brain waves—What is it about sound, toning, singing?


A:  “When you are offering an audible sound, people find it easer to accept the awareness of Vibration.”


A:  “There are rhythms of the planet, the sea, your bloodstream [etc] and it is all the rhythm of Well-Being.”


A: “Tone yourself to the Vibration of your Source and the Vibration of Source will be your Reality.”



Closing comment for this session:



Notes from Hawaii Well-Being Cruise, Part IV


Q:  Identify “Abraham”


A:  “Over all time, man is always trying to quantify Nonphysical, and in doing so is distorting.”


A:  “You could say that Abraham is Esther’s Inner Being.”


A:  “A family of collective intent.”


A:  “Don’t try to quantify or identify where it comes from. FEEL your way through it.”




A:  “Once YOU are in Alignment with YOU, you won’t need words to define; you’ll have a KNOWING”.


Q: Person wants guidance on setting up a successful internet-based business.


A:  “Let LOAtraction carry you.”


A:  “First, establish your attitude.”


A:  “Next, establish your website.”


A: “TRUST---that those who are seeking will find their way to it.”


Q:  Can I connect with a loved one in a next life?


A:  The question is Upstream.  You want to have it all figured out.

(I recall more answer to this question, but basically it centered on the concept that once a relationship is made, that it is eternal.)


Q:  What is my “calling” in life?


A:  “All of that that is calling me forward to the choices I have made.”



Q:  Would like to teach children the Abraham concepts.


A:  In the socialization of children, it takes care of itself.  [As the children do not feel good with the society or circumstances or treatment they receive, they put out Rockets of Desire that creates their Vibrational Escrow of improved situation. (P.K. )]


A:  “There is 1 key ingredient:  ‘I want to be mindful of---being in Vibrational Alignment to remember Who I Am.”’


A:  “Be the catalyst of socializing downstream.” [Wish I had taken more notes on this part.]


A:  “The children are coming forth because they want to.”


A:  “They [the children] want to help you, desocialize YOU, get rid of all the clutter. 


Q:  What is channeling?


A: “ Channeling is coming into alignment with Self.”


Q:  Person had experience of someone apologizing for offending her, but questioner never had felt any offense!   How to respond without making the person offering the apology feel unimportant!


A:  “Deliberately see the friend as feeling better.”


A:  Say—“What I have found is I often notice that when someone is not feeling good, I automatically withdraw my attention.
But I have a list of your stunningly wonderful qualities, that when you’re being other than that, I don’t see you.”


[Whatever the question was that produced this, I did not get it—Maybe something like “Are there every any truly NEW thoughts?”]


*****A:  “There are no new thoughts, just thoughts that have your own spin.” *****


Q:  Does Abraham have an Abraham?


A:  “Inner Being has an Inner Being has an Inner Being, has an IB,,etc, etc, etc, etc..  As far back as you go into your Inner Being, there is a totally stable platform. 


Q:  His Significant Other has qualities he does not like.  Can he find a way to like the negative things?


A:  “Ignore them.  Decide what you DO want.  It’s the Power of Influence.  “


A:  “We would say, ‘I promise you I will never tell you anything bad about yourself, and you do the same.”


A:  “Show me your best; I’ll show you MY best.”


A:  “The sooner you disengage from an impending argument, the sooner you come into Alignment.  InnerBeing is not adversarial or justifying.”


A:  If you wait too long to work on your Alignment, and the other one is ready to fight…. [it becomes much more difficult to Align.]


A:  “When 2 people are in the ‘river’ feeling powerless, there is a need for the feeling of revenge.” [higher on the Emotional Scale than powerlessness!]


A:  Solve by when you are not in negative mode, be uplifting with each other.


A:  “WHAT IS AT THE BASIS OF ARGUMENTS—is realizing that I’M SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD, and it’s YOUR fault for hooking me in”: [this bad-feeling place].


(Q:  Same questioner:  “How do you say something you want to experience IS , while your Significant Other says ‘Where’s my stuff?’”


A:  “What happens in relationships is a radical departure from what Abe says.  ---  ‘I’M DOING MY BEST TO FEEL GOOD.  SO DEAL WITH IT.’”


A:  “Remember, they all want to feel good.  At some point they will ask” [how you keep yourself feeling good].


A:  “Wait until they ask.  Don’t give them the book—They just get defensive.  DON’T PUSH A NOODLE.  They are making their lives work.”


A:  “Only try to help someone when you are turned downstream. “




A:  “In relationships, we were on good behavior at first.” 


A:  “ ‘ I need you to be this way” steps on your toes of freedom.”


A:  Focus on the person’s Positive Aspects. 


A: “Always reflect back absolute appreciation.”


A:  “When they find flaws in you----‘Oh, you little flaw-finder!’ “


Q: Person is an attorney, and she wants to shift into mediation, rather than litigation.


A: [In litigation] “The one with the most ‘justification’ gets the most paltry win.”


A:  [In litigation], you “sacrifice vibration for a miniscule material reward.”


A:  “There is more probability of finding Alignment in mediation rather than litigation.”


Q:  (Same questioner):  “How do I go about setting up [the practice]?  I want to help people bring out the best in themselves.”


A:  “You want to co create a solution.  You think you want to know all the data and the solutions going in.”


A:  You say—“I will help you discover your solutions (in a different way than you think…..(So they will get the true treasure they are due.)”


 A:  “In your heart—‘I’m going to listen for what they want, and guide them into downstream thought.  (You can’t get what you want until you come into alignment with Who You Are.”


Between questioners:  “Inner Being is always on your side, will never join you in your negative rant.  One who is connected to Source is more powerful than one who is not.”


Q: Was Aligned with idea of getting the root canal, but when she got to the office for the procedure, fear and panic took over and she could NOT get ANY downstream thoughts, despite using her breathing and other techniques that had helped before.  Suddenly the entire text, verbatim of pg. 14, of her “beloved” Ask and it is Given book came before her eyes, and she was instantly flooded with relief.


She felt overwhelmed with gratitude that all the machines, all the technology, all the people present, were just for HER Well-Being.  The procedure went very well, and when she came back to consciousness, she told the Dr. of her appreciation for all of it, and hugged him.  He said that never in his career had anyone said this to him.  He still sent her the bill.  It seemed like it only took a half hour, but actually it took several hours.


A:  “Time is perceptual.”


A:  You allowed the energy of who you really are to dominate the experience.”


A:  “The momentum of your prepaving is what served you.”




A: ****** The page coming to you was YOU BEING SOURCE.”*****


A: ****** “The loving energies around her were her support team…..God….They are around ALL of us all the time, but when we are not in Alignment, we are not aware of it.”******


Q:  After a lifetime of being Upstream, he learned about the Focus Wheel.  Business is now successful.  But—what to do when doubt comes in?


A:  “Now you know what to do.  Everything is perceptual and everything is relational.  So now you have a new vantage point.”


A:  “The Contrast now is not as great as it was then.  The days of that ‘edge’ are over for you.”


A:  “The ride Downstream feels slower because you are going with the flow.  New negative issues propel you forward.”


A:  “When the problem comes, the solution comes with it.  That’s the ride on the river!”


Q:  Wants to explore further the idea of being oblivious to slights.  How does one do this when sensitive to energies one wishes to avoid?


A:  “Appreciate the sensitivity,”


A:  “You bask in appreciation.”


A: “You [the Q.] writhe in discomfort at the negativity of others.”


A: “Assist them [the negative ones] in coming back into Alignment.  ALL PEOPLE WANT TO FEEL GOOD, and when they see you feel good….[they want you to join them in the negativity] –‘misery loves company.’” 

Notes from Hawaii Well-Being Cruise, Part V


Q:  Wants to attract the perfect man into her life. “My list is pretty detailed.  I’m almost there.”


A:  We want you to say, “I’m having fun enjoying the new perspective I get as I…….” [missed the rest.]


A: “The unfolding of life is the gift, the prize.  You can’t cease being specific.”


A:  “It isn’t the manifestation that brings the joy, it’s the energy moving forward.  It brings the joy.  All the processes are the Allowing.”


A:  “The process through which I thrill myself constantly, and Oh, Yeah, I get stuff, too!”


A:  ***Get in the mode of DEVOURING the Now.****


A:***”We want you to be in love with the process, not what the process is going to net you.”****


A:  “Stop looking for the kick you’re looking for through action, and start finding it through Alignment”.


Q:  Sometimes feels numb; wants to be more Downstream.


A:  When you say, “I have an issue,” it means you’ve been Upstream.  Use a different word than “issue.”  --“Subject” is a Downstream word.”


A:  “A change of terms brings Relief.”


A: “Struggling with”----replace with “Contemplating


A:  “Looking forward to good progress.”


A:  “If you look at any failure of anyone on the planet, [you learn ?] that your actions don’t mean diddley squat.  It’s the Thoughts and Vibrations.  THINK THE THOUGHT THAT FEELS BEST.”


Q:  What about persons whose bodily chemistry prevents Alignment (example --  depression, obsessive/compulsive disorder)




A:  “Depression is a vivid belief that ‘I don’t have the power to do the only thing that matters---to feel better.”


A:  “You can bring them to understand they can have better-feeling thoughts.”


A:  [Train yourself to] “wake up in the morning and say:

·        ‘I like to feel good!

·        ‘I like to have interesting experiences, and I like to interact with interesting people!’ “


A: “The Law of Attraction raises the statistics of what      you want.”


********A:  “I LEARNED I CAN CONTROL HOW I FEEL! ( by focusing on what feels good off the buffet.)” ”*****



Q:  Talk about the origin of the human race.


A:  It isn’t easy to describe physical evolution to …”. [missed the rest here]


A:  “The intent is everything.” 


A:  Thought >>>>>>>>Thought form >>>>>>>>>Planet

       [The “Creation” in a nutshell!]


A:  “The intents of the fish, birds, humans, [etc] were different.  It is not a matter of ‘evolving’ “


A: ******* “WE ALL ARE AS WE ALL INTENDED TO BE.”*******


[I did not record the wording used, but what I got from Abraham in this part is that the different varieties of human species that have been “discovered” are actually examples of different variations of the human apparatus, which were different as a result of different intent as they came into Physical. 


Abraham went on to point out that humans did not evolve “from apes.”  Apes are still here.  Apes have come to Physical with different Intent from humans.]


In this segment, Abraham made an interesting point…Our science has not figured this out, and that there have been previous times on this planet when the science and technology have been more advanced that what we experience now.



A:  “The reality that seems so real—is just an extension of thought.” 


A:  “You don’t go behind the TV and look for little people.  You accept what you see on the screen.”



Q: Karma?


A:  “Inner Being does not join us in negative thoughts, so why would Inner Being ‘send us back in’ to recap some negative life experience?”


A:  Inner Being is not interested in ANY previous life.  THE BEST OF YOU IS WHAT IS ALWAYS COMING FORWARD.


Q  How to allow the Life Energy?


A:  “Stay with the magical journey in your mind.  It will soothe the angst you are feeling.”


A:  “You have learned to live with the frustration.”


A:  “As you create it in the ethers, you get into it.”


A: Say:  “ The absence of the physical manifestation doesn’t bother me.”


A: “Give over to it completely, and it will manifest.”


********A:  Use of emotion—“Create a vibrational tone.  Thoughts will come that match your emotions.”******


Q:  Squirrels eat up her garden.  Her husband shoots the squirrels.  She doesn’t want to hurt the squirrels, but she wants to have a beautiful garden. 


A:  APPRECIATE. “I am opening my garden to all who will benefit---people, clouds, soil, birds.  I am planting a Garden of Appreciation.  An offering of Appreciation.”


A:  “Anything that is out of synch with this appreciation will not [be attracted to the garden].


Q:  Wants to be a “Croaking Coach” [to assist the terminally ill to make their Transition].  Also wants to know why young people leave [Transition].


A:  “There is an invalid premise that life is good and death is bad.”


A:  [There is an]” assuming that there is a difference between Physical and Nonphysical.”


A:  “Death is Superconsciousness.”


A:  “The young people went on to Bigger and Bolder.”


A:  “The negative emotion that leads to pinching off Life Force leads to death, which is why death seems bad.”


A:  [Ill person says/thinks] “I feel abused, abandoned, etc, etc, etc.”  [Subtext]:  “I want, want, want, want—[the opposite!!!!!!!] BOOM!  [They go to Pure Positive Energy in Nonphysical]




·        Want >>>>  Allow  >>>> Want  >>>>>Allow [etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,] …………….THEN, at some point…………………..

·        “I think I can no longer find what stimulates me in my [present] environment, so I will focus on Who I Really Am and just GO!!!!”


Abraham encouraged the Questioner to help them [terminally ill ones] to understand Who They Really Are through careful dialog.  There are 2 possible outcomes:


  1. Activate Who They Really Are and RECOVER


  1. Facilitate them to move toward Who They Really Are and LEAVE.


Q:  How to envision the person’s ailing mother’s Vibrational Escrow?


A:  “Image her---- mobile, feeling good, eager to greet the day, quick-witted, complimenting me and others.”


A:  “The attention to struggling parents [as struggling] is what holds them there [in their struggle].


Q:  Why do we perceive traits as “male” or “female”? [My take on this was that the person was asking why there are gender identity confusions]


A:  “A lot that is evolving is evolving that which is NOT wanted.”


A:  “In the Vibrational World, the physical does not become that important.”


Q:  (Same questioner)  Why do some people have gender changes?


A:  “Gender changes are not Downstream.”


A:  “The sexual orientation [of those who made the gender changes was] misaligned energy that plays out that way”


Q:  (Same questioner) Hot flashes and pain associated with menopause.  Any suggestions?


A:  “Relax into it and appreciate it and it leaves.”  



Hawaiian Well-Being Cruise Notes, Part VI


Abraham:  “When you get in the frequency that your solutions show up as soon as you are aware of the problem, you are living as you intended to live.”


Q:  I have one paddle still in the water, so I’m going around in circles.


A:  “There is no competition as to who is the most Downstream-iest!!!!!  It is only for each individual.”


A:  “Even for the same person, the same things don’t bring Relief.” 


A:  “After time, you stabilize on a platform, see more Contrasts, then find a way to stabilize.” [repeat-repeat-repeat-repeat]


A: *****I’m going to mind my own business!****




Q: Why do we create dreams?


A:  “You do it the same as you create ‘real’ life.  All are products of vibrational interpretation. “


A:  [Both are demonstrations of] “the Vibration you offer.”


A:  [Say:] “I have something dominant going on in my Vibration that I can do something about.” 



Q:  Where did the First Intention come from?


A:  “Once you Vibrate (think) a Vibration, it must be perceived by someone.  There must be a Perceiver.  It’s the ‘tree in the forest’ thing.  There really is NOT the Vibration without the Hearer.”


A:  [This question] “is not a thought that we go with because it is moving backwards.  [We are] everything that moves forward.”


A:  “Humans think thought depends on language.  [Yet] cells communicate.  No language is involved.”


A: “You’ll have a KNOWING” [of the answer to this question].


A:  “The smallest particle is beyond the capacity of the human intellect to understand.”


Q:  Person has liver and thyroid conditions --- how to overcome this?


A:  “The Body knows what to do.”  [To allow it, it’s necessary for you to]:


·        Fell less frustrated

·        Feel less resentful


A:  “You don’t have to ferret out the thought” [that produced the above feelings]


A:  “Even the word ‘healing’ is Upstream!  ‘I want to ALLOW Well-Being.”


A:  “My Body knows what to do.”


Q:  Channeling and Resistance:  Person is not sure she is getting clear information.


A:  [Clear information] “comes when you get in Alignment.”


A:  “When Esther first began channeling Abraham she said


                        ‘Abraham, I want to speak clearly your words.’


                        ‘Abraham, I want the Energy that is You to

                  dominate my Being.’


A: “Now,  [very recently this understanding came to Esther] it is turning and flowing into Abraham and infusing into Abraham.”


Q:  Questioner has his own blind spots, yet can see another person’s Gap between where they are and Who They Really Are, and can find the words to help.


A:  “That [in and of itself!] is a good way to help.”


Q:  Question involved a concern about the “bad things.” 


A:  “They are only bad as they FEEL bad to you.  The Contrast is so dramatic because people get separated from their own Guidance System.”


A:  [In regard to the above]—“Look for the point where others influence you.”


A:  [Say]—“I reorient myself to the standards I set when I came into this Physical Life..”

A:  “You can not have a steady stream of joy without connection to Source. “


A:  “You must have both sides of the equation and----- become infatuated with Alignment.”



[Abraham mentioned several times that the usual pattern is for the Rockets of Desire to be shot off, and it may take one, two, three, four, five, or more generations before humans allow themselves to have a benefit.]




A:  “Your torture over torture offers more torture.”


Q:  Questioner wants to end wars.


A:  “War—Some people prepare for it (like) football players.”


A:  “Acknowledge that they are Co-creating.”


A:  “More are NOT involved than ARE involved.”


A:  “You see in all the places you look, overall, things are going well all over the planet.”




A:  “And in MY world, what am I doing to bring this about?”




Q: Ego—the teachings from India, etc., are that we should “transcend the Ego.”


A:  “Those teachings were the precursors of these teachings.”


A:  “Ego—is [required for] the Physical Body.”


A:  “[Are the teachings you are studying, saying that] you came forth from Spirit, became Ego, then you become Spirit [again?]—


[Abraham was clarifying the questioner’s question]…


A:  “We say, we don’t want you to separate You from What You Are. “


A:  “Train it [Ego] into Alignment.”


A: ********* We want you to be GUT-FEELING, EGOTISTCAL   BEINGS ON THE WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT!!!!********


Q: Questioner asked about the quote from Matthew, “Be ye perfect, even as the Father [i.e. Source] is perfect.”


[Abraham and this questioner were so perfectly in Alignment, that there was sort of a mutual Rampage of Appreciation going on in which Abraham stated that this is highly Downstream statement …. 

”The words correctly translated are:


 ‘BE the evolutionary entities that you are….[participating in] the cosmic Allowing of All-That-Is’ ” 





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