Caribbean Cruise with Abraham March 2008
Jody's Notes

My notes are the items that stood out for me, resonated with me, and/or seemed "noteworthy" in some way.  When I use quotation marks, I am as sure as I can be that I am quoting Abraham directly and exactly.  The rest is my comments, perhaps in my own words although usually I was writing quickly to try to get it down as accurately as possible.  Some of the things Abraham talked about I did not take notes on at all. I'd find my mind wandering, or the opposite – focusing so closely that I forgot to take notes! But most of what sang to me, is here.
The workshops were especially powerful and wonderful.  But… aren't ALL Abraham workshops like that?
March 24th, 2008
The economy follows vibrational escrow!
Nobody has the power to deprive YOU of ANYTHING.
Any lack you are living is caused by YOU.  You are doing all of it to you, by virtue of the thoughts you think. The thoughts you think ARE UNDER YOUR CONTROL.
You can cause yourself distress, but there does not exist a "personal distress factor" that is being "beamed in at you".
YOU have control of your patterns of thought and YOU create your reality by those patterns of thought.  You are in control of your alignment with Source because you control what you think about!
"Your power of attraction is mighty when you are in alignment with Source".
"The people you know walking around the planet are more dead than the people you have buried.  They've pinched themselves off from life."
In answer to the question as to why Abraham doesn't come back into physical, they said that we (physical beings) "toasters" need electricity!
Abraham is a collective consciousness of our inner beings.
In answer to that often-asked question about why anyone would choose to come to physical with a disease or handicap, Abraham gave the analogy they sometimes use of tennis.  If you are a really good tennis player, you don't always want to play an opponent that is easy to beat.  You want the challenge of a player that puts you to the test.  It's more fun that way.
THOUGHT CREATES EMOTION.  Emotion is the guidance system that indicates what kind of thoughts we are thinking.
"Let your life inspire you, and then line up with what you've been inspired to"
"Let Passion be the goal you are reaching for".
Passion is the outside swirling part of the vortex. When you get to KNOWING, you are in the center of the vortex, where it is calm.

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Part 2

Spirit (along with personality) enters the body and focuses at the time of  FIRST BREATH.
However, Source is always part of the cellular development of the physical body. 
When a child (or adult) is having a nightmare or is sleepwalking or otherwise "not awake", they are not available  or present to us for comforting.  We can't comfort someone who is focused in non-physical.  So best to WAKE THEM UP and then soothe them back into well-being. 

In response to questions about "children with special needs": Abraham said nobody comes into this life being "needy".  "See them as having come forth with great intention". For the most part, they live in frustration ONLY when they are being asked by us to do what they are not able to do.  They did not come to do those things. They came to be less influenced by other humans and what we are doing.  They came to be more "beast-like" (Abraham qualified that they really mean no disrespect in using the term "beast-like",).

When a man in the hot seat expressed regret that it had taken him until late in life to discover these truths, Abraham said: Don't regret not having closed the gap earlier.  Your regret only widens the gap!  Instead, focus on how you've always done your best, you've always had high ideals and you've found connection and been tuned in more than you know.  Don't be frustrated by thinking you should have "accomplished" more.  You HAVE become "more".  Now just LINE UP WITH THE YOU THAT YOU'VE BECOME.  When you feel frustrated or disappointed in yourself, it is because you are not allowing yourself to BE the YOU that you've put into your vibrational escrow!
Say: I believe I have the ability to think thoughts that will bring me into alignment.
Say: I believe I am Good
Say: I believe I am Source
Say: I believe there is more for me!
Say: I believe I have many things in escrow
Say: I believe I can trust my ability to allow
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Part 3
"Only your thoughts can bring you into vibrational balance"
"You CAN see things differently than you do now"
A person living his or her life for others is a person that has been trained away from their OWN GUIDANCE.  But your guidance never abandons you.  It's never too late to listen in.  You can start to change thoughts NOW.
"The entire Universe is conspiring for you".
Abraham said that this cruise workshop is LEADING EDGE and is going places we've never been before!

Part 4
In response to a guest who said "I'm stuck".
Abraham says that when your gap is very wide, you might feel "motivation", but as you move closer to your goal, INSPIRATION starts to be felt.
"If something feels like the deep end, don't jump in!"
If you are hesitating, do not jump into action.  Jump in only when "wild horses couldn't stop you".
 When you click into "knowing", the gap is small between "you and you", and your life experience has powerful momentum.
 About the Stock Market:
The current contrast is what is assuring the certainty of future markets.
Even when we don't form a specific request, we send out a request automatically, for the "essence" of what we want.  For example, when we see an accident, we sent a rocket of desire up for "more safety". 
In response to a guest who received manifestations they did not "design" or specifically request, Abraham said: Just chill out and let the Universe do it!
Q: What is our unifying purpose?
Q: Is it some people's purpose to help that joyful experience happen?
Abe: Everyone's no exception.
Q: What about Utopia – I want to help that happen.
Abe: That's fine… as long as you know that Utopia is "Individual Empowerment".
Without CONTRAST we would not be able to recognize joy!  Without experiencing the "not joy" we would not know joy.
If we tried to maintain joyous experience on the level that those in non-physical feel it, we'd "burn out our circuits"!
You can't stay constantly connected. If you did, you'd have no reason to send out rockets of desire and expansion would cease.  No desire can be launched in the absence of contrast.
Be grateful for the itch because without it you would never know the wonderful feeling of scratching it!
The art of allowing isn't about NOT having contrast, it's about MANAGING THE CONTRAST.  Being thirsty is wonderful as long as water is available.  And it is ALWAYS available! 
You don't need to consciously "goose up your vibration".  Just do the things that feel good as often as you can.
Tthe center of the Vortex where it's calm is the Source within you. But sometimes, you want to step into the swirling part!  Most of us like "pathos" because we want to validate our success with our struggle.

Part 5
LONELINESS is not the absence of someone.  Loneliness is thinking thoughts that are not in agreement with your inner being.
Law of Attraction will line me up with exactly the parts or behaviors or times with a particular person that I am a vibrational match to.
If I clean up MY vibration, I'll match only that in the other person which is to my liking.
 **"You cannot bring someone into the light! And if you join them in the shadows, your own light goes out."
 I am in charge of my vibration and my vibration only.
There is a difference between actual death and "near – death" experience.  "Near death" can be likened to the dream state. It's a temporary, partial leaving of the physical realm.
Our Phil (Phlighty) on the hotseat, asked for advice on re-entry into our lives after experiencing the wonder of the cruise.
Abe: "be less interested in the manifestation and more interested in what feels good".
Then they went on a rampage of  repetition, telling us that the point of life is:
"The journey on the way to more" "The journey on the way to more" "The journey on the way to more" "The journey on the way to more" "The journey on the way to more"…
You can't change the immediate right now "what is" in time/space reality, but your FORWARD ATTENTION is what will improve your NOW.  If you consistently focus on where you are, you won't go anywhere! Tell the story of WHERE YOU ARE GOING!

Part 6
 You can't lie to Abraham. (Or to anyone who can be sensitive to vibration) The Universe reads your vibration, not your words.
"Get Real About How You Feel"
The details of what you are living are TEMPORARY!  The power of your vibrational escrow is HUGE.  Do you BELIEVE what's in your escrow? It's easy to believe what you are living now, but can you believe that everything starts with THOUGHT?
Tell yourself and others how it feels INSIDE YOUR ESCROW.  Talk about where you are GOING! Stop talking about WHAT IS. Train yourself to FEEL where you WANT to BE.
Don't keep noticing that other people don't get it.  If you are dealing with someone that has not yet come to an understanding of all of this, "IGNORE THEM." When they say things that bring you to your knees, say nothing.  Know that they are launching rockets and fixate on their VE and SEE THEM IN IT.  Fixate on their success.  See them as you know they ARE.  Shine the spotlight on their Vibrational Escrow and that will draw them in. 
Stay in your own light – that's the only place you have power of influence.  Don't join them in the shadows!

Part 7
Story Abraham tells about when Esther was given a windshield repair kit.  She was fascinated by it, and very shortly after receiving it, she actually needed it! Did the windshield get broken because of Esther's focusing on the kit? Or did her guidance tell her to focus on the kit because the windshield was about to be broken?
Similar story about Esther getting a hit to bring an extra hard drive on the cruise, and deciding against it even though the decision against was not good – feeling.  On the cruise, their computers seized.  Did Esther get guidance to bring the extra drive and/or did their drive seize up because she'd focused on that possibility?
I confess that although I listened very carefully to the discussion by Abraham of both of these stories, I was left a little baffled by what is guidance and what is resistance to contrast… I will be happy if other cruisers who had a clearer understanding of the message will pipe in here and give their insights. - Jody

Part 8
"Who we are and what we offer has always been available, everywhere."
Esther has tuned herself to Abraham.  Others tune themselves to the message in other ways.

Part 9
"Everything that happens to you is a vibrational indicator"
When someone throws a rock at you, it's not the thrower that created the experience. 
Source does not put little negative nudges in your path!  Everything that happens to you is your own creation.
When you are feeling wonderful, that's the time to think about what is in your escrow! Let it in!
Our Carol (CarolSmile) was on the hotseat. 
Hot Flashes are resistance to the "maturation" (aging) of the body.  Solution: Get your mind on where you are going.  The hot flashes denote blockage of the energy – what we want is freely moving energy without resistance.
"Make Peace With Where You Are"
You won't stay where you are by being satisfied with where you are. 
Blaming others never closes the gap.
What does close the gap:
-Self Love
-Give yourself a break
-Be satisfied where you are and eager for more
Your negative emotion is guidance telling you that the thoughts you are thinking are not in agreement with Source.
Focus on what you DO want, and your fears will dissipate. 
Be guided by your POSITIVE EMOTION! It is telling you that you are on your path! Negative emotion is "your mother"!
There is a difference between "stopping resistance" and "allowing allowance".  One is pushing against, which is the opposite of allowing.

Part 10
Your inner being takes a LONG RANGE VIEW.  It looks from higher perspective, from a distance.  With long enough range anything looks great!
Be only as specific as you can be and STILL FEEL GOOD!
"The IB always adjusts the lens to LOVE"

Part 11


Just because you haven't articulated the details doesn't mean you haven't been asking.
Creation is DONE the moment you ask. All that is left is the sifting through the contrast and the lining up with what you have become.
 It's DONE!

It's DONE! It's DONE!

It's DONE!

The Vision Board isn't for creating! That's DONE. IT'S DONE!!  The vision board is for LINING UP! So put images that make you FEEL GOOD.  Feeling good will line you up with what has already been created, so that you can experience the manifestation of it.


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