Jody's Notes:

Fort Lauderdale Abraham Workshop

April 2, 2008

Source doesn't give us "warnings". We have guidance systems which tell us when Source disagrees with a thought we are having about a person or behavior or circumstance.

It isn't about getting anything done. It's about expansion!
There will always be another GAP!  You can't and don't want to close the gap forever. Whenever to you close the gap, it's temporary, until you launch another desire and then move to get up to speed with THAT. That is the continual expansion of LIFE.
Once you conceive of it [anything], IT'S DONE.  Now line up with it!
Moving in the direction of the New Idea is what LIFE is all about.
If you have a negative feeling when taking action, that is your guidance telling you that you are taking action too soon.  When are you LINED UP with an idea, the impulse to ACT is so powerful you can't help but take the action.
When your desire and your perspective about that desire are in alignment, you feel comfortable. It FEELS done. 
CREATION IS DONE in the moment you launch the desire! ACTION is enjoying the lining up part.
"The fastest way to get somewhere else is to focus positively on where you are."
When you worry about someone, you are not loving them.
It's not anybody's job to be lovable.  It's your job to LOVE.
How to best serve your children? Tend to your own alignment.
What about tithing? When you have a feeling of prosperity, a feeling of well-being, and you feel no shortage or lack, you breathe freely in and out.  You "breathe" money and abundance in and out.  It's that feeling of well-being that brings the benefit from tithing.
For the same reason, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  From a feeling of prosperity comes more prosperity. From a feeling of lack comes more lack. It's not the action that causes the result. It's the vibration. The feeling. Any action that is INSPIRED will be beneficial.  Action taken out of a feeling of obligation or "should" is not beneficial.
You may not make the correlation easily, but there always is one.
You've coped with negative emotion and you've accepted it as normal for so long that the indications just keep getting bigger, until the negative emotion is finally "indicated" by cancer.  CANCER IS AN INDICATION OF VIBRATION (just as is any other physical manifestation)
**Change the vibration – Change the indicator!"
Cancer is an indication of vibration.  If you change the vibration, you will get a different indication/manifestation.
[Note: At one point in the workshop, Abraham addressed a woman who had previously been in the hotseat and discussed her cancer.  They said that her present vibration would not have started the cancer. They meant that her vibration was now higher than the vibration needed to get cancer going as in indicator in her body. However, they also said that her present vibration could SUSTAIN the cancer, which meant that she still had some vibrational clean-up to do to stop the cancer.  I found this fascinating. To manifest a disease to begin with takes a lower and denser vibration (more negative emotion) than it takes to sustain a disease.  So this says to me that often we are carrying around manifestations that are "left over" from previous ways of vibrating, but that if we would move still higher on the emotional scale, we could make our vibrational environment unable to sustain the disease. Lots of food for thought here – Jody]
What might you have been thinking about chronically that caused the negative emotion, which was then ignored or tolerated so that a more "serious" indication was manifested?
When a person has a very fast moving stream (they've set lots of expansion into motion – they have launched a lot of rockets of desire…) their vibration can more easily go awry!
"Don't call it cancer.  Call it an indicator"
So what to do? Don't try to monitor your thoughts.  Cancer indicates chronic thoughts that don't match your source. Resentment. Feeling lack of freedom. 
When Abraham questioned the original hotseater with cancer, she said she felt herself to be a "Goddess", but that she had a chronic resentment of men and our "patriarchal" society.  A feeling of not being appreciated, not being free… to express the Goddess parts of her being. She said she felt she had to hide being a Goddess.
Abraham said: "Bingo!"
[The hotseater had cancer of her reproductive organs.  Abraham commented that it was not surprising, considering the source of her resentful thoughts, that the cancer presented in her "Goddess parts". – J.]
Abraham:[my paraphrase] It's not what they [men] are doing that is causing you to feel bad. YOUR thoughts of condemnation of them are what feel bad! Your inner being doesn't condemn men. 
"Nobody was born to serve you.  You were born to line up".
"We're not saying there are not things you don't like. We're saying don't look at them. Your Source doesn't!"
"Source will not look at what's "true".  Source doesn't look at the contrast that is causing the expansion, Source looks at the expansion!
**"You think you feel bad because THEY are judging YOU.  But actually, you feel bad because YOU ARE JUDGING THE FACT THAT THEY ARE JUDGING YOU"**
"I don't feel bad because you don't like me. I feel bad because I care whether you like me or not. It's all about me!"
"The further back you step, the better they all look".
LOA brings you more of what you don't want, if you keep looking at it.
[Abraham talked for a while about what I would term "jealousy", although I'm not at all sure they actually uttered that term.  It was fascinating.  It sounded like they were describing "jealousy" to a tee. And just the night before the workshop, I'd been discussing emotions with some of my friends on the A-H staff, and I had mentioned my feeling that jealousy is perhaps the strongest of human emotions. I remember my ex-husband (who happens to be quite wise in many ways) often "explaining" people's behavior in terms of jealousy, in an effort to get me to be more tolerant.  This was way before my Abe days, and I wasn't at all sure about the whole "emotion as guidance" thing, but I recognized the truth in his insight and it's served me well, and even years after being involved with the Abraham teachings, it makes a lot of sense. – Jody]
When you make the statement – aloud or to yourself: "I should be doing better", does your inner being agree? No. Your inner being says nothing like that.
Negative emotion indicates an "unnatural application of resistance".
Stop "beating the drum" of the negative thought.  There is no need to force a joyful thought  - just gently turn to a thought that feels a little bit better…
Stop and think "now that I'm aware of my thoughts that don't feel good, I can change them and feel better!"
Man on hotseat asked if the Universe gives "signs".  He gave an example from his experience.  He had been asking "Is Abraham the real deal" (or similar) and all of a sudden a car turned in front of him and had a license plate that read "Abraham". He asked Abraham if this was his "answer".  Abraham said, yes it was, but it wasn't a "sign" in the way he was meaning.  Rather it was a manifestation of what he had lined up with! Everything is always a vibrational match.  So you are rendezvousing with YOUR own reality.  You are experiencing that which is a vibrational match TO YOU.
On helping others:
"Line up with what feels best for you, and you're doing all that you can do, and it is plenty"
"When you hold someone as your object of attention in pure positive regard, they know their well-being in that moment too".
"You did not say: "I'll go forth and suffer myself into expansion"
"You did not plan the details.  Your intention was to live life in JOY"
"Love is what you feel when Source looks at what you are looking at in the same way you do"
"Source is discerning. It sees only Love"
Life is not for "getting rid of contrast".  Life is "Managing the Contrast".  Abraham paused for a moment and asked Esther if she would agree to let them "give away" the title of a future book that Abraham will write with Esther and Jerry.  Esther must have agreed, because they said the book will be called "Managing the Contrast".  Abraham then asked that none of us steal that title! Please…
"We don't want you to be in the absence of negative emotion.  It's GUIDANCE"
About "getting even". 
Revenge only feels good if you are somewhere in the emotional vicinity of it yourself.  If you are in an even more disconnected place than revenge (such as anger or disempowerment) then "getting even" will feel like relief.  If you find yourself seeking revenge over and over again, you are stuck there on the emotional scale. Reach higher. Keep moving up the scale.  How? By trying to change the subject, and by thinking thoughts different from your habitual ones.  Once you do reach the new platform of emotion (the new set point) you are forever changed!
If you've "staked your flag" at revenge, that only means it's where you've decided to stay temporarily.  You can pull up your flag and stake it in a new place!
There is NO END to moving up the emotional scale! Satisfaction or relief can exist at ANY place on the scale.  There is not end to the upward movement possible.  What matters: the frequency of feelings that feel like Source, relative to the frequency of lessor emotions.
About being a "healer":
A "healer" focuses on the vibration of your wellness so completely that your illness cannot abide their gaze.
The actual "modality" of healing doesn't matter. It's the vibration of the healer's countenance and the matching vibration of the "healee" [my word] that matter.
The only "cure" is "relief from negative emotion".
"We like the word teacher better than healer".
"Some of the most powerful healers on the planet are musicians.  They hold people in a spell of alignment".
When you croak, you don't remember anything bad. You only remember the parts of your experience which were a match to Pure Positive Energy.

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