Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness.


If we look at love long enough, we shall become lovely, for this is the way of love.

--The Science of Mind, p. 491.

Learning to Be Kinder

My Mom told me a story about my childhood recently.  She said I would come in to her crying after my older brother hit me.  Although puzzled because my brother was usually peaceful, she punished him for his aggressive acts.  One day she was ironing nearby and able to hear our conversation.  She noted I was doing most of the talking.  She listened with growing distress as I used my greater verbal dexterity to goad and taunt him.  She marveled as he didnít put a stop to it.  Then, chagrined, it dawned on her that she had taken away the only tool he had Ė hitting me.

When he finally broke down, she didnít comfort me when I tattled.  She sent him out to play, and sat me down for a stern talk about using the Gifts God Gave Me with kindness and responsibility.  Looking back, I recognize her wisdom as my first exposure to the Law of Cause and Effect.  I could choose to increase love or decrease it, in our family and in the world.  My focus could attract the best in people, or provoke them into showing me the worst.  She gave me an early insight into the difference between amplifying anotherís mistakes or speaking the divine Truth to, or about, them.

Later Iím sure she also had a talk with my brother to suggest that getting up and walking out was a much better solution than using his fist to shut my mouth.  Looking back, I truly appreciate my Mom for the lesson she taught me that day.  Every gift we have comes with opportunities to share kindness and learn greater wisdom.

Today I give thanks for my gifts and talents.  I open to guidance for using them wisely and well, intending to bring out the best in myself and others.  Choosing kindness can make the world a more loving place.

Connee Chandler, RScP

Published August 14, 2002, page 52

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