Mediterranean Well-Being Cruise with ABRAHAM-HICKS

May 29-June 8 2008



Abraham on "Loving Co-creation":

"Stop being motivated by their need, and start being called by their desire - THAT'S a relationship!"

"When you are co-creating something, it's always YOU"

"Even the slightest shift in your vibration brings different manifestations"

"You've done enough step one'ing to last you 20 or 30 lifetimes!"

Step one: Ask (your job - you do it all the time even when you are not conscious of doing it)
Step two: It is given (Source's job, and It's DONE)
Step three: Allow (align, connect)

Spend more time in STEP THREE!! Step three is what living is all about!  Let go of step one and start allowing!  Recognize that it's done and just align. 

It isn't that you want the thing you desire so much as it's that you want the BECOMING experience that you have on the way to your desire.  It's not the manifestation we are living for - it's the EVOLUTION of desire and the becoming a match to that desire.  "Wanting is necessary for becoming!"  The MOVEMENT is life, not the getting there.

Beasts: "Devourer and devoured are in perfect alignment"

Q: Why would the deer put being lunch in his escrow?
A:  Because he put that into play before he came.  He was always in alignment with the food chain.  He knows there is no death.  "It's always just exactly right" [when death occurs]

"Your planet is not in peril.  It is evolving...[toward its highest good]"


.... but my lover left me....


...but my childhood...



Contrast is a good thing! It is what causes our desires, which are what cause our expansion.  When we identify what we don't want through the contrast, we in the same moment identify what we DO want, and a gap is formed between where we are and who we have become in the moment of forming that desire.  MANAGING that gap, MANAGING the contrast - that's what life is all about! 


Quotation marks mean direct Abe quote.  The rest is my paraphrasing of what was said, and/or my comments on what was said.
Q. Does prayer for someone else work?
A. YES. Activating something someone else wants from YOUR CONNECTED PLACE can uplift them - IF they are in the vibrational vicinity of receiving what they desire.  
On Co-creation: If you focus, with your own emotional response, on someone else's experience, you put that person's good into YOUR vibrational escrow.  It's not their job to be as you have asked them to be. It's your job to see them as you have asked them to be.
Do you like solutions? Yes? Then admit that you like problems!
Do you like eating? Then you like hunger!
"Life is all about MANAGING the contrast!"
"Things are always working out for you. Even if it doesn't seem that way."
"You don't croak because you got it done.  You croak because it's the next logical step"
Q. I'm holding myself back by pleasing people and not living my own truth.  I want freedom
A. Nobody can hold you back. Your thought that they can is what is holding you back. 
When you keep looking for something, you hold yourself in the vibration of not having that thing. Let it go, so that it can come to you!
"Line up vibrationally to your dream, and then you won't be able to stop its manifestation."
You don't have to ask for the same thing over and over again! Asking over and over means you don't know that IT IS DONE.  And until you know that, it can't manifest!
"Say – ' I've given in to the inevitable well-being of my experience"
"Stop looking for cures.  Start looking for vibrational causes."
"You can only tune in to one frequency at a time".  (I love this quote.  It means that you can't worry about someone because you love them.  Love and worry are two completely different vibrations…) Love, joy, bliss, appreciation – these are all different words for the same vibration.
"Love is the most misunderstood vibration" The word "love" is often used then no love is actually being felt.  (see above on love and worry)
We are too "hands on" – trying to get stuff to happen.
Jerry asked Abraham about the analogy of the seed.  He asked whether it's our nature to be well, and whether anything that is illness or unwell is just a resistance of the natural potential of wellness.  We can RESIST well-being, but well being is really the only force that exists!  And we always have the potential to "heal" by lining up and allowing the well-being that continues to flow to us.
"The seed is not setting intentions and doing affirmations.  It's a vortex of energy.  THE SEED IS IN ALIGNMENT"
On Desire:
Who you are and what you want precisely fit together.
Your "beingness" is tied in to your desire!
You will ALWAYS want! You INTENDED to want when you came.  Life continually calls new desires from you.  The infinite resources of Source flow in response to our desires.  The human leading edge perspective causes asking, and our lining up with our asking is what expands the universe. 
There is nothing greater than what we are.  Humility defeats the purpose of Source!
 We are interpreters of time/space reality, but Abraham wants us to be "alert to our vibrational basis - our emotional beingness."
You are at cause for your feelings due to your choice of what to look at. When you focus on something that feels bad, you have chosen to feel bad.  No one can make you think, vibrate, feel.   Seek "agreement" only with who you really are – not with any others.  "No matter where I am or what anyone else is doing, MY dominant intention is to notice things that feel good."
"Even if you stick your head in a hole in an effort not to see what you don't want to see, you'll find out there's stuff in the hole too!!"  Just stop focusing on that stuff!!!
Q. I was NOT thinking about a bully. So why did one beat me up?
A. You didn't recognize it, but your dominant vibration did match that of the bully
Perpetrators and victims have similar active vibrations.
Once you've focused enough on something, LOA will keep bringing you more 'evidence' of that.  Not because it's 'true', but rather because you've made it true for you/
If it feels like you are MAKING a decision, you are not vibrationally ready.  It should feel like the decision is making YOU!
The word "healing" is upstream.  It focuses on whatever you want to "heal" from. (I think this is the one and only time during the Med..Cruise workshops that Abraham talked about "upstream/downstream".
When someone is in the vibrational vicinity of your answer, it will flow out of you.
Animals that travel in groups (flocks) don't practice choreography.  Humans strive for individuality, but the beasts push against less contrast and are more in alignment with broader perspective.  Individual birds, because of lack of resistance, can cooperate in groups more easily than humans.

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