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This Paths of Mastery Graphic is a re-visioning of Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Human Consciousness from his book, Power vs Force.  In meditation, I saw Dr. Hawkins’ Map superimposed on a rainbow medicine wheel.  My friend, David W. Gordon, created the graphic in PhotoDraw.  I particularly like the image, because it evokes the circle within a circle within a circle, a symbol of the feminine aspect of Spirit, compared to the linear presentation in Dr. Hawkins’ book. 


On one of his videotapes, Dr. Hawkins makes a sweeping gesture toward the Map of Human Consciousness, and says, “Of course, it’s all love.”  I believe this graphic indicates that in a way that the original linear scale in Power vs Force does not.  The green lines, which delineate the four quadrants, are labeled Love with an arrow toward Source, and Fear, with an arrow away from Source.  From any place in any quadrant, simply connecting with love will take you up toward Source.  This helps describe the “chutes and ladders” that I saw in a vision that run between all levels of consciousness.  Love is the ladder that takes us inward to Source, Fear is the chute that takes us into a deeper feeling of separation.


Dr. Hawkins’ original Map covers far more information than is contained in this image.  To order Power vs Force and read Dr. Hawkins’ brilliant explanation, and see the original Map of Human Consciousness, go to this website: