Phone Sessions with Connee Chandler

My life is really busy right now, with so many wonderful groups to lead and places to play and friends to love, that I am taking a break from taking on new clients. Iím happy to continue to serve my existing clients when I am in town and available. If you are a potential new client, and would like a referral to one of my friends who is taking new clients, please get in touch.

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My sessions are focused on relaxing into well being, celebrating your blessings and appreciating your life today. I believe working in this way moves us more easily to higher levels of joy. My practice focuses on expanding consciousness, reverence, appreciation and joy.

Every session with me is designed to be focused on your opportunity to live within the Heart of God in unconditional love. Periodically scheduled sessions of once per month, bimonthly or quarterly may be like getting a regular massage for your Spirit! These sessions are both relaxing and energizing, helping you move to a greater place of focus, ease and joy in all areas of your life.


Available Types of Sessions

Standard Practitioner Sessions

These 60 minute sessions begin and end with affirmative prayer. Connee will encourage a powerful focus on your desires in life from a positive, spiritually based perspective.

Peaceful Interlude

A Peaceful Interlude session is a 30 minutes session of prayer and individually inspired guided meditation. These sessions are usually focused on a spiritual objective, such as hearing divine guidance more clearly, or expanding the consciousness of Oneness with All of Life. They may also be simply a heavenly respite within a busy life, bringing a greater sense of loving openness, trust and ease.

Individual Teaching Sessions

30 or 60 minute sessions are available for one-on-one teaching of metaphysical principles. Connee helps with the application of using the Laws of the Universe in daily life. Some possible topics include:

  • The Law of Attraction/Metal Equivalents/Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Power of Appreciation
  • The Need for Battle is an Illusion
  • Mystical Relationships
  • The Meaning and Value of Our Negative Emotions
  • Feel free to suggest a topic for a session of your choosing.

Session Costs - Click here to pay securely online.

Charge is $1.00 per minute for sessions of any length

To make an appointment, call (703) 406-3427 or email

To pay by check, send to: Connee Chandler

46723 Hobblebush Terrace, Sterling, VA 20164