Abraham List Class 3

Content & Assignment:  Positive What Ifs

compiled by Connee Chandler

Theme quotes for the week:

"What else could reality be, if it wasn't what it is?" - Dr. Lee Gibson, 9/2/97

Positive What Ifs

Abraham has said that our ability to create is conditioned by two factors, our level of desire (wanting) and our level of resistance. Our resistance includes our negative habits of thought (beliefs.) The "positive what if" technique is one of the most powerful they have shared with us and is designed to reduce our resistance to the good that is natural to us. Abraham has sometimes summarized the creation process as "want it, and don`t resist it, and it is."

It is important, in learning to use positive what ifs, to be very aware of our guidance system. To notice and know if a statement we make to ourselves makes us feel better or worse. The what ifs are, by definition, positive, only if they make us feel GOOD! Or at least, better.

Think about how often people come up with negative what ifs - the Murphy's Law type thinking - if something bad can happen, it will! Well, we can train ourselves to think of the most positive outcomes that can happen instead, to use our imagination to create wonderful day dreams instead of fearful ones. Since Abraham says, and research confirms, that our mind cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined experience and a real one, our vibration reflects the result of our positive or negative flights of fancy. And we create our lives, based on the vibration we are resonating with in the moment.

Essentially, the positive what if process is designed to replace worry thoughts with delightful fantasy. In fact, the what ifs release us to fantasize wildly! They give us permission to think ANYTHING, no matter how untrue, that will make us feel better and lighten our vibration. What ifs let us roam entirely free of reality, and get truly creative, seeking that which makes us relax, and preferably, laugh about what has made us stressed. What a relief that is!

Hypothetical sample of positive what ifs:

What if you are feeling a bit jealous of someone who has a life you judge to be the kind of life you want? Here's all the steps to take to use positive what ifs to make it more possible for you to attract the prosperity you desire.

First, you must get yourself to the place where you believe and put out there that the only thing that matters is that you feel good. Until then, you are sending conflicting messages to the Universe, and your guidance will not be clear. So you start making "what if" statements to yourself, with the only intention that you leave yourself in a better vibratory place on the subject than where you started.

So you say, "what if I believe that he doesn't deserve that kind of life, I am the one who deserves it." Chances are that makes you feel bad, because your Inner Being knows that you both deserve it. So you say, "what if we both could have that kind of life, there is abundance for all, and no competition." That might make you feel a little better. Or not. Only you can find the feeling place of slightly purer vibration than before. Then you try "I know Abe says all is truly well, and I really am closer to a life like that than I sometimes think I am." That might feel better. What if something happens next Wednesday to shift my life in that direction in a big way? What if someone gives me a lottery ticket worth a million dollars? What if I get a check in the mail next week for $2500? What if I were wearing that gorgeous outfit that I saw at the mall last week when I go out on Friday night? What if I won an all expense paid trip to the Cannes Film Festival and my favorite movie star falls in love with me?

You see, positive what ifs don't have to be true, they only need to make you feel better. And what will make you feel better will be different than what would make anyone else feel better. So only you can really make up your what ifs. But every day for a month, when the resistance on the subject comes up, you can shift the vibration just a little with silly, fun, true or outrageous what ifs. At the end of the month, Abe says we can have reduced 90% of the resistance on the subject we have been carrying around for life. Then next month you can work on another subject. There is no end to the fun you can have.

Don't try to make the what ifs solve the problem. Just remember that the intent is to make you feel just a little better in the moment. And every day the vibration gets easier to shift, and the game gets to be a little more fun, until at the end of the month you are playing the game in every conversation you have! (If you are like me, that is...)

This is a real life example, I (Connee) had of using positive what ifs when I noticed some negative emotion:

"I had a wonderful experience in my favorite local park with a gimpy goose. He was a gosling from this year, young and unable to fly, and limping badly. All of the flock had crossed the big mowed field from the pond, and were feeding happily in the deep edge vegetation by the shady woods. This last gosling was having trouble walking across the mowed field, and it was taking him much longer than the others to get to the good food. He was alone.

I felt myself loving the lone goose, even though the healthy geese had blocked my entry (hissing and flapping) from the trail I first wanted to go on. I kept wondering as I walked, why it was so much easier to love the gimpy goose. I finally realized that that endearing sensation was my Inner Being's presence. So I started thinking about the gimpy goose. At first, it felt bad. I was thinking he was hurting and lonely. Then I started doing positive what ifs about the gimpy goose. What if he managed to live until his wings grew in and discovered that instead of hobbling, he could soar? What if all the extra work of compensating for the gimpy leg made him strong, and he found he was the strongest flyer of the geese, and often took his turn leading the flock in the air, and making it easier for the weaker geese to rest in his current? What if the limp was just an injury rather than a permanent problem, and he quickly healed and became a strong and healthy goose? What if the determination required to keep going under trying circumstances made him a wise goose in consciousness, and he turned into the goose flock shaman? What if he is the first goose to re-emerge into nonphysical from this flock, and all the other young geese, being tuned into pure positive energy, can feel the exhilaration and joy and wisdom conveyed from this goose's re-emergence? What if this goose is a cranky, gimpy goose in this lifetime, lonely and upset, but reemerges early and returns in a strong healthy goose body again? What if other geese, observing this cranky goose, make a more conscious decision from the contrast to be happy ducky geese? <grin>

Wow, I was soaring! My Inner Being was showing me how to use the loving attraction and resulting painful feelings of looking at the gimpy goose to expand my consciousness of the value of every life! And once I was soaring, I could see that the experience of this goose could be just fine for him, whether it was a triumphant or a disappointing experience in my opinion!"

Using the positive what ifs, in this case, took me from a position of feeling bad to a place of feeling good in just a couple of minutes. And permanently increased my vibration when I look at the lives of people around me who are "gimpy" in some way at this moment. I know now, from my goose what ifs, that I have no idea of the value of this experience for this person, and it is not up to me to judge them as broken, or needing my sympathy.

In fact, from this experience, I was able to deduce my favorite statement now, "I trust that my Inner Being always takes me from where I am now, by the shortest route, to where I most want to be. And the shortest route doesn't always go through the nicest neighborhood."

So when I see someone, like the gimpy goose, going through a bad neighborhood, I am more likely to remember that their Inner Being is right there guiding them through the experience. And I quickly remember back to times in my life of pain or injury or suffering, that I wouldn't trade for anything now because of all I learned from the experience. And I feel good, regardless of the current condition of the other person. This is what Abraham calls unconditional love. Seeing the truth, and staying connected, regardless of the conditions.

So, the road to unconditional love is paved with positive what ifs!


This week, notice a subject that is bothering you, even a little bit. Test your guidance system with a couple of negative what ifs, just to make sure you are in tune with noticing negative emotion. For example, suppose you think that what is bothering is that you are feeling lonely tonight. A negative what if might be, "What if I never again have good company in the evening!" Chances are, that will make you feel pretty bad! Then try a more positive what if, "What if, now that I am getting good at deliberate creation, I can create companionship for myself that is better than it has ever been before?" Test that out with your guidance system - does it feel a bit better, or not. If not, keep looking for statements that feel good. Some may feel really good, some just marginally better. Try to get sensitive to the degrees of feeling - some will be much worse, some a little worse, some pretty neutral, some just a bit better, some good, and others great! Allow yourself to experiment with expanding your thinking into the humorous and even bizarre. You get extra credit points if you can come up with what ifs that make you laugh. You get even more points if you share with your facilitator and make me laugh! Have fun with all of this!

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