Abraham List Class 12:

Content and AssignmentProsperity Game

compiled by Connee Chandler

Theme quote from Ilana Goldman's letter to her son describing the game:

"Here is how it goes:

Every day when you wake up you fid an envelope under your pillow, or next to your bed, or in some other spot that you can see and reach easily. When you open the envelope, you find that it contains a deposit slip and a note. The note says -

"Dear {beloved child},

Since we love you so much, we have decided to give you an allowance for the rest of your life. Enclosed is your today's installment. We have already deposited it in the bank on your behalf. We ask that as you go through your day you will look for ideas of ways to use this money that would make your heart sing. When you think of an idea, go ahead and write a check for it. We ask that you aim to empty your account by the end of each day - our goal is for the money to be put to use as a means to facilitate your desires - there is no point in giving it to you if you are just going to let it rot in the bank! We do not mind if you miss a few days every once in a while and catch up later (we will continue to deposit every day anyway), but we prefer that you stay up to date with your spending as much as possible. As you know, you can count on the amount to increase by $1000 every day. We are looking forward to seeing you having plenty of fun with this.

Your secret admirers."

The reason that you will find this envelope under your pillow every morning is that you will put it there before you go to sleep... Copy this note or print it out to put in the envelope. Make up a deposit slip and start with $1000, and than increase the amount every day. You can make up your own checks and use them to spend the money. The more realistic you make it feel, the better. Whenever you write a check write a short note on the back to remind you what you were paying for, and what about it made your heart sing.

By the end of a year you will spend $67,000,000. By the end of 5 years you will be able to purchase Bill Gates' house, paying cash for it...

Let the magic flow :)"

Thanks, Ilana, for describing your version of the game so perfectly!


Abraham has offered us the prosperity game to get us to imagine bigger and become accustomed to flowing lots of energy.

Many people on the list have described other tools than the one Ilana used above. Some make up spreadsheets and use programs to track and write the checks. I have a journal that I put in the day's deposit in the left column, and describe how I spend it in the right column. I do not actually write the checks when I play the game, but many people do. Abraham says that Esther does!

Abraham has suggested that you do not just give the money away, but rather spend it on yourself and your dreams. They have noted that if we are here only to give it away, we might as well croak (their deliberately disrespectful word for death, since there is not death in nonphysical perspective) because we have ceased to flow the energy that allows life.

Several people on the list have described setting up foundations to offer Abraham classes or buy art for the public, acts they feel good about designed to uplift others. This seems to me to be within Abraham's guidelines. But family of teacher siblings like to break the rules, anyway!!!

Abraham also advises against giving the money away to individuals, except in limited amounts. They have pointed out that, In some cases, giving money away to an individual implies that, although we believe we are connected to this endless stream of pure positive energy represented by the endlessly increasing deposits, we believe this other one is not capable, or he does not have access himself. This belief can be disempowering to the other.

Therefore, when I think of buying a sports car for my husband, I can trust that he is taking care of purchasing that with his ever increasing daily allotment, and think again about what I want for myself. Except on his birthday, our anniversary, and other spontaneous occasions where it just brings me great joy to give something special away with love, and I ignore Abraham's rules myself!


Begin spending your $1,000 more per day. If $1,000 the first day, $2,000 the next day, and $3,000 the third day don't seem enough to get you excited, you may spend the first 15 days' allotment on the first day, to allow the total to get up in bigger numbers quicker.

Begin asking the Universe to give you information on what would thrill, surprise and delight you that day. And collect the delicious data that comes to you! Bask in the game. Play it because it is fun. If it feels hard, put it away for a few days, and come back to it when you have more ideas that make it fun again.

Ultimately, if it is work, it isn't doing you any good. Play it for fun, or set it aside! All is well, either way!

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