Connee's Notes on the ABRAHAM Workshop,

Silver Spring, MDApril 18-19, 1998

  1. You never get it done and you cannot get it wrong.  
  2. Look at the manifestation and trace it back to your vibration.
  3. God force within you is the desire that summons energy.
  4. Your guidance system is connected in the now within you.
  5. What you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, taste and smell is your interpretation of vibration.
  6. Learn to be more sensitive to subtle vibrations.
  7. Your work as a creator is about utilizing the energy flow.
  8. Manic depressive equals "not in control of your beliefs."
  9. The definition of genius is focus!
  10. Goose up the power of imagination!
  11. Everything you look hat has all of it, pick the part of it to focus on that feels better.
  12. There is less resistance in general statements than specific statements.
  13. Focus Wheel:

  14. I understand the presence of Law of Attraction.
  15. More and More I am recognizing what I think and feel is a match.
  16. I believe there are people out there who are now doing well who at one time stood where I am standing.
  17. My logic tells me the Law of Attraction works with this subject as well as others.
  18. I'm beginning to understand all injustice is self-perpetuated.
  19. Life experience is teaching me.
  20. I know I'm a teacher.
  21. From injustice adds strong desire, shot like a rocket beyond that where I have ever gone before.
  22. "No" is the route of self-sabotage.
  23. Your mood is what the Universe is responding to.
  24. Freshness:  The Universe is not responding to the past, it is responding to where you are now.
  25. Take a fresh new position.
  26. What I now want is this Freshness
  27. Imagination is the key to creativity.  Take all the possibilities you've ever noticed and weave them together.
  28. You are interested in discovering the power of your being.
  29. Your physical body is a non-issue when the energy flows through you, for then your body thrives.
  30. We came with the intention of raising our vibration with no resistance.  We opened a vortex where we summoned the energy more like our Inner Being, exhilarated, clear and well.
  31. There are endless purposes, each time the contrast comes up you get a new vantage place to want from, and the purpose expands.
  32. Relax and enjoy the journey.
  33. When you vibrate on purpose, your power of influence is very strong.
  34. Creative tension causes that want to really feel powerful, magical.
  35. It's okay to briefly say no on your way to yes, for less than 17 seconds.
  36. They really want lovable neighbors but they're not lovable.  It's your fault I'm not loving!
  37. But they have to love them first, and then they will evoke from them lovability, "not by seeing what they are."  It's by seeing the beauty first that the beauty can come.
  38. A focus wheel takes you from where you are and builds from there to reach for thoughts that feel better.
  39. The way is not through action, the way is through imagery.
  40. If you take action first, you end up in a worse place.
  41. Line up energy, imagine it the way you want it to be.
  42. I would love having a business of my own with a good flow of dollars coming in.  I know there are lots of people who were standing where I am now, who are now where I want to be.  I put myself in a vibrational place where the idea can come.
  43. Everyone is on the brink right before something wonderful is happening.  That's where I am right now.
  44. You can skip over details, bounce across highlights.
  45. Reflect because the reflection feels good.  We're not quite there yet, but doesn't it feel good to talk about it!
  46. You don't have to explain nothing to nobody.  
  47. A vision that feels good will bring with it manifestation.  That feels good.
  48. We can hear you arguing for your limitations, speak for what you do want.
  49. Faith is belief in something unseen.  With Law of Attraction you see correlations of perfect vibrational matches.
  50. Knowledge of Law of Attraction gives faith in things not seen.  Just do 17 seconds.  You don't need faith.
  51. Energy is about anticipating.
  52. Do you have to maintain your connection all the time?  It's all ok once you know you can get back up any time you want.
  53. There is a very well-meaning thing behind every deception.
  54. We just have to stop asking our significant other to have what we want.
  55. Be vigilant about wanting to feel good.  It's easier to reach for a thought that feels good.
  56. Bunnies, clothes, garden, rainbows, then approach the other subject.
  57. Bridging -- Go to higher vibration before you approach the lower vibration and you will never be the same again.
  58. Writing is the strongest part of focus.
  59. Focus Wheel
  60. I know that he loves me. I know he loves his life.I know we love our family. I know we've grown a lot together. Much of what he does is in reflection of how I feel. We are all multi-dimensional beings, and he has lots of other parts to his life.  It feels good that we enhance each other's experience. I love how good we are together and I'm grateful for his other experiences.  We are right on track.  (In the middle:  I want to trust my man.)
  61. Mentally play it out both ways and see how it feels.  Keep exaggerating it until you feel good.
  62. Art:  Technique is not nearly as important as self-approval.  It allows your Inner Being to flow through you.
  63. But you have to focus (Not contradicted).
  64. Critical of self and self creation.  
  65. Get into mode of appreciation.
  66. Energy is flowing through me.
  67. Get on mode of appreciation to creations that thrill you.
  68. Don't compare.
  69. Stand in fresh place.
  70. As you admire their work, you vibrate as their work vibrates.
  71. You don't have to want for them to be dead. (speaking of channaling artists and composers.)
  72. Combine things you like there and there and there!
  73. Genius is FOCUS.
  74. As soon as you formulate a  question, an answer comes.'Are you not always having a good time when you know that all is well?
  75. Set within you the passion.
  76. If the object is not there, practice good feeling.  Have satisfaction during the process.  It's always about the energy flowing.
  77. Freshness - place truly different than the place before, eagerness for manifestation.Ultra-sensitive, it's good you know what you don't want.
  78. In every situation, there is ease in finding something to focus on.
  79. It's about DECISION, about what you are wanting.
  80. Be a tenacious monitor of feelings and then choose a thought that brings you back up.
  81. When you offer a prayer, the whole universe responds.  That's one of the best things about having dead friends.
  82. Country Western music got Esther disconnected while she was getting dressed.
  83. To a question about security vs. freedom in relationship.
  84. Instead of seeing her insecure, imagine her secure.
  85. Team players bring the best from each other.  (It seems we sometimes take adversarial positions.)
  86. Everyone wants to be free, confident, empowered, self-directed.
  87. People become dependent on each other's connection when attention is other directed.  They feel disconnected.  The one who is most connected usually ends up dominant.  The other one is a bit submissive but then gets annoyed when someone tries to guide them.  Ideal is each gets own connection, and get together to co-create.  Your work is to teach that person about energy.
  88. Do not cater to insecurity.  Pay most attention when connected.
  89. Ride out the disconnection from new fresh place, regain balance, desire increases.
  90. You want to do your part in helping them be connected.  Love them in, imagine them in, expect them in.  Carve out a stream in your imagination.  
  91. BOPA favorite memories.
  92. Her desire for security is the same vibration as his desire for freedom.  The match is her insecurity and he's feeling bound. They feed each other's disconnection.  Seeing that person the way you want them to be is the way to become the uplifted partner you want to be.
  93. Make a decision:  I want to be joyful, to love. Decide you love them even when they are insecure.  You are providing the energy stream that is bouying them up.
  94. I know you're mad at me and I'm loving you anyway.  I love you, no matter what.
  95. And you're not going to feel better until you love you.
  96. My partner has found her connection and all is well within the relationship.
  97. Focus Wheel:
  98. My love loves to be love.  I love to love her. She's at her best when she's loving me. I love loving. I am becoming one who offers love unconditionally. I love because I choose to love. I'm a practiced lover. It's not my job to vibrate for another. I like choosing my vibration. I like feeling good no matter what. I like flooding PPE here. I look forward to the day when she knows all really is well. It is delicious to match the Universe's response to my vibration and my mate's. She has to learn to offer her own vibration. Fresher, more powerful place will see evidence of greater connection. Release blame and guilt. I love my wife because I am a lover.
  99. Only the guilty feeling when one gets caught (?).
  100. Universal Law of Attraction, many times more to Law of Gravity than Law of Gravity is to Law of Man.
  101. No consequence offered by physical action can buck your current if you are truly connected.
  102. You must only feel your passion for freedom.
  103. Gravitate to natural well-being.
  104. Practice doing what we really want. In the moment you let go of your cork, it floats.  It's natural.  
  105. If you had not learned the lower vibration, we would not be here, teaching you the higher vibration.
  106. Pressed down and running over is the result of aligned energy.  
  107. So much more how you believed that it could. The Universe orchestrates in ways we cannot begin to imagine.
  108. When you get in the place of allowing, it really flows purely and non-resistantly.
  109. Bowls us over!  Yes!  Powerful stream, abundance.
  110. The economy is only the exchange of human energy, as the ideas, desires come, the asking is answer, there is no sabotage. Just, am I in vibrational disharmony with what I'm asking for?
  111. Your unique perspective adds immeasurably to all that is.
  112. Your powerful focus, your participation is enormous.
  113. You play over in your mind more of what your mother said, more than what you know intellectually.  You are lazy, so you sit and observe or reconfigure it in your mind the way you want it to be.
  114. The present does not deserve the attention you give it.
  115. Paint your success, write your success, image with your thoughts.
  116. It's all about focusing energy.
  117. Passion -- contentment, strong energy, summons energy, you must send it somewhere, can't question your value or it cranks down the valve.
  118. Enough desire already!  Make a decision that you are going to direct this energy.
  119. Observe and imagine, weave a new picture.
  120. Prepare a path and let the fairies of the Universe inspire, guide, lead to pluck the berries on the trees.  Action is ahead of energy flow.  Imagine more and act less.
  121. Action is best part when it comes from aligned energy.
  122. Joyful bouncing down the path.
  123. Stand in fresh new perspective.
  124. "I'm a good painter!
  125. Great ideas come to me. I'm ready to rip."
  126. Universe is not asking for your resume.  The Universe only takes you as you are.
  127. We are students of excellence -- we came to shine a light on all of this.
  128.  Let me tell you where I'm going if they ask where you've been.  
  129.  Every day I'm more.  Ask who are we now and where can we go forward?
  130.  Regarding the Abe list on the Net:
  131. Allowing means setting your tone so it is in vibrational harmony with your core.
  132. Abe always works to modulate energy in workshops.
  133. Keep the vibration up.
  134. If you get out of balances, re: grievances, the group tends to fragment because people join groups.
  135. Tell them that Abe says that allowing is not about tolerating things not in vibrational harmony.
  136. All things are allowed, but be so clear about who you are and what you want that you set your tone.
  137. Speak on subject from broader perspective.
  138. Jerry and Esther found the list brought down their energy.  List should be about upliftment.
  139. Let law of attraction take care of it, free flowing.
  140. Don't have to monitor, keep reminding yourself about what law of attraction is about.  It's not about people airing their grievances, but joyous acclimation of success with laws of Universe.
  141. It will eventually be a whole lot bigger and more fun.
  142. If it isn't about joyous deliberate creation, take the Abraham Hicks name off it!!
  143. When you look at something that is making you feel bad, say "This was not a mistake, it was something really good."
  144. Make a declarative statement to the Universe:
  145. I am a joyful being, pleasurable to be with.
  146. I always do my part.
  147. I love willing happy participating people.
  148. I know it's a match to what I want.
  149. I am full of fun.
  150. I am such a happy woman.
  151. I want people like me to gravitate to me.
  152. Practice in your mind feeling more powerful. Imagine interviewing for next position. Interviewing with Mr. Universe.
  153. I think I'm perfect for this position because:
  154. Anything I need to know I find out. Eager, willing, revved up, ready to go, excited, delighted, Thrilled, energized.
  155. If you keep practicing that, you will not be fraudulent.
  156. Non-physical energies are surrounding you always, guiding and inspiring and helping you.  ANGELS are focused energy that comes forth from source.
  157. Take whatever form, birds are mobile and easy to inspire to get your intention, available to them, with us always, we are always calling them, we knew coming forth we would be guided and inspired.
  158. Why does it come?  Always comes with the asking!!!
  159. Expand your focus to satisfy your evolving appetite $1,000, $2,000 game, spend the energy because it is most natural to you.
  160. You have to give it to a place to go before it comes.
  161. Call the energy, call it, spend it, get the feeling of the energy running through you.  It's Life!
  162. Set a goal for energy flowing, imagining and flowing freely.
  163. See reality only enough to make a decision.
  164. Practice dreaming.  Let contrast help you to choose yes.  Then say yes, yes, yes!!
  165. Flowing:  remembering, musing, observing, thinking.
  166. How do I feel when I'm thinking?
  167. Does this feel good?  If not, change the thought.
  168. Power to reason allows focus.
  169. Creators utilizing energy through focus.
  170. Be more decisive.
  171. I want to feel good as I'm deciding.
  172. If you are trying to decide what to do and what you want to do isn't easy, then you aren't ready.
  173. Pool fills from pipeline, in and out.
  174. Debt is about getting your action ahead of vibration.
  175. Don't spend ahead of funds if funds aren't there yet.  Don't go ahead yet.
  176. It is a never ending flow, money, clarity, energy, wellness.
  177. Practice focusing.
  178. It's about the feeling, joyous expansion of energy, steady flow of gifts come to you, what a beautiful day!
  179. Appreciate opportunity to dabble and figure it out.
  180. Create uniquely, build off what others have done.
  181. Find relief, different degrees of desire, like learning to enjoy riding a bike.
  182. Becoming is on-going.  Enjoy the journey!

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