Abraham List Class 16:
(Compiled by Connee Chandler)

Theme Quote:
"We want to find a way to say it so that you can hear it without any question -
Well Being is beating your door down!  Beating all doors down!  Well Being is plummeting towards you, through you!  Well Being is your legacy!  Well Being is the way you're supposed to be!  Well Being is what should be!  Well Being is the basis of What Is!  Well Being is! And unless you've practiced resistant thoughts that aren't letting it in, Well Being is, you see.  Period.  What is the remedy?  To practice the virtual reality that lets it in."
Abraham - Silver Springs, MD  5/11/02
The Virtual Reality Process
Abrahamís introduced the idea of a process called Virtual Reality in December 2001.  They observed that Jerry had spent Thanksgiving weekend exploring plans for a new house he and Esther were having designed.  He lived in the virtual reality of the new house, eating meals there in his mind, and doing laundry and relaxing in the house.  He was so good at focusing there, Esther said to him, laughing, ďCome back to me! You are missing Thanksgiving.Ē  When Jerry was at the new house in the Virtual Reality of his imagination, he was experiencing the house as real. Shortly thereafter, Abraham introduced a new phrase, dominant vibration, indicating that the Universe responds to our dominant vibration on every subject.  Soon they tied in the thought of Virtual Reality to make a new process designed to help us begin to show the Universe a new dominant vibration by teaching us to creating new, delicious feelings at the creation of a scene. In order to do the Virtual Reality Process, you begin by imagining yourself in a scene.  You can choose to imagine you are anywhere in the world, at any time of day.  For just 30 seconds, you ask questions like the following.   Where am I? What time of day is it?  Where is the light coming from?  How does it smell, sound?  Who else is there with you?  How do you feel?  If you feel good,  THEN GET OUT!
 The point is to conjure images that help you create a new feeling.  Abraham says itís worth a little bit of effort.  In fact, they say that creating our dominant vibration is really the most important work we have.  We have creative control, we just havenít been exercising it.  As we stabilize our own dominant thoughts and no longer allow others to determine how we feel,  the Universe will respond to our vibration with situations that match the feeling we created in our Virtual Reality science.
Hereís a direct Abraham quote that explains the process even better:
How do you use your imagination?
Well, first of all, you put you in the picture and then you live as you would like to live from an inside feeling place. You feel how your body feels; that's a good place to start. Now this is your call, you are the architect, you are the creator, so you can be as vital and alive and youthful and flexible and good feeling and slender and eager and happy as you want to be.  And so, stand in your body, and put yourself anywhere that pleases you, on the golf course, in a swimming pool, on an airplane, in your motor coach.  Put yourself in any environment and feel how good your body feels.
Since it is a virtual reality, make the temperature exactly as you want it to be; make your clothing exactly appropriate to that and breath in the deliciousness of the air that it there. Make the sky blue, put clouds in it if you want, make it sunrise, make it sunset, make it the middle of the day. You get to do whatever you're wanting to do.
Be there by yourself, or bring your favorite person in. Take a look at your favorite person. Give that person the mood you would like that person to have.  Make that person playful, make that person beautiful, make that person happy. Make that person in perfect vibrational harmony with you and together go someplace you know the two of you would adore being. Have a conversation with that person; say what you would say under those conditions: bask, applaud, praise, appreciate, approve, listen, receive compliments, blush with them, return them, adore, be adored, move your body, see delightful things, have stimulation relative to the conversation, relative to anything that you care about.  Get on a subject that is really important to you.
Solve problems. Find solutions.  Sit with your president. Talk to anyone on the planet that you would like to talk to.  Bring them in, give them the mood, give them the attitude, give them ability to hear you, you get the sense of this.
Some say, "Too much work."
We say, "Itís your life."
You are walking into the future of whatever you do with your mind. So where is your mind?  Is it perusing the puzzles and problems of the past? Is it perusing the problems of the world?  Is it looking for reasons to feel good?  Is it looking for reasons to feel bad? In other words, you get to focus wherever you want to focus.
Orlando, FL  12/15/01, transcribed by:  Todd MacMillan todd@pioneercomputing.com
Using Virtual Reality, start by imagining yourself any place at all that you like.  There are no limitations.  Just pick a place that is easy to feel good when you go there.  And then imagine something happening while you are there that continues to feel good, for just 30 seconds.  And then get out, notice the good feeling, and pat yourself on the back, because you just send a wonderful vibration out to the Universe.

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